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    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds like falling in lava in Minecraft
      PapCorn 6 dec
      5.6K 132
    • Black homies love making fun of everyone and everything, including disabilities. But as soon as you accidentally say nigga in a rap song it over
      5K 525
    • Was he short of money
      M1c5k3y 6 dec
      2K 28
    • 1.8K 93
    • That's a quick 10 bucks 👍
    • Dude laughs like he fell into lava on Minecraft
      187 7
    • Wow haha so funny I love watching people be assholes for no reason
      mcbiccin 7 dec
      18 3
    • I'm all for a good laugh. But that was mean. That lady probably gets people who are disrespectful and stair every day. This man went out of his way for a laugh at her expense. That coulda really hurt her feelings. I'm no super liberal, but that was being a ass and a bully.
      Arlaul 7 dec
      14 6
    • That's just fucking disrespectful.
      13 2
    • That’s not right, man
      Diloon123 7 dec
      13 7
    • That’s fucked. Rude ass people.
    • Black people, "stop harassing us cause we're black." Also black people, "harasses someone for being short."
      14 2
    • That’s honestly terrible.
      Dawdle 7 dec
      12 2
    • That poor person, they must have felt so degraded.
    • His laugh sounds like when you are trying to turn on your car while having a dead battery
    • Niggas laugh sounds like he hit the turn signal
      Isac 7 dec
      12 2
    • Also why does he sound like a turn signal
      graven 6 dec
      13 1
    • His laugh sounds like the turn signal
      11 1
    • That’s so disrespectful
      ghlove 7 dec
      11 2
    • That’s kinda fucked up man
      Suicune 7 dec
    • His laugh sounds like my turn signal
    • Ugh. You never know what impact you’re going to have by doing something like that to someone. Please don’t go out of your way to do nasty things to others!
      11 3
    • Disappointed that this got featured
    • Too bad the little person didn't reach up and punch the dude in the nuts
      ShiftyEye 7 dec
      10 1
    • It’s funny and fucked up at the same time
      SuperMe537 7 dec
    • Thats seriously fucked up
      10 3
    • But if midgets gave em some fried chicken And watermelon and grape soda and welfare checks y'all be crying racist
      blazedabs 7 dec
      10 4
    • laugh like roblox walk sound
    • His laugh sounds like a sprinkler
      Daskerei 6 dec
    • Honestly that is so disrespectful
    • Was that a laugh or the turn signal 😂
    • It’s ok everyone, he’s black he can do whatever he wants
    • Thats just direspectful bro...
      usianbolt_ 7 dec
    • Imagine someone making fun of a disability you can’t do anything about because it’s genetic. Humans are so annoyingly mean to one another.
      12 1
    • Laugh sounds like a turn signal
    • I used to have a better sense of humor but now I just can’t see shit like this. That person didn’t ask to be like that, why do people always have to treat others with disabilities like they are amusement? I find it sad, hopefully someone agrees with me
      13 4
    • Was that a laugh or turn signal at the end?
    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds like a cars turning signal 💀
    • Do people really not understand the psychological effect they can have on others? Little people already struggle enough in life and now this girl is going to sleep thinking about how some right had a laugh by jumping over her while she was having a conversation... rights
      Sephiroth 6 dec
      14 7
    • His laugh sounds like like the sword impact noise from minecraft
      Borracho 6 dec
    • Dudes laugh sounds like a car blinker
    • Whys his laugh sound like a blinker
      8 1
    • Why his laugh sound like the blinker is on
    • Gollito 7 dec
    • dudes kinda just being a dick to be honest idk how funny that really is
    • So disrespectful. Ghetto trash.
    • Wow what a horrible disrespectful thing to do
    • It's not an inanimate object, it's a person.
      8 3
    • What an asshole
    • his laugh sounds like what happens when you pour water out of a water bottle too quickly and it does that weird sputtering thing
      8 1
    • Highly disrespectful
      11 5
    • That’s so rude
      9 1
    • tkTkTkTkTkTkTket
      graven 6 dec
    • Hitmarker laugh
      _Keith 6 dec
    • His laugh sounds like when you fall in to lava on Minecraft
      Dedrater 9 dec
    • Next up, watch me trip this blind guy for a waffle.
      Feculent1 8 dec
      7 1
    • Kakakakakakakakaka turn signal ass laugh
      DosDev 8 dec
    • laugh sounds like a fucking turn signal
    • I thought his turn signal was on
    • Black people be making fun of other people, but as soon as you mention their race, they get all sensitive and shit and they just cry about BLM
      vinzanity 7 dec
    • That’s fucked up, poor little person.
      papawolf1 7 dec
    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds Ike you’re switching lanes
      namem 7 dec
    • Is he laughing or did his blinker turn on?
    • There are two types of people those who make fun of the dudes laugh and those who are offended that someone jumped over a midget
    • This is not funny
      iWhimsical 7 dec
      8 3
    • Im sick of these blacks jumping people
      colco 7 dec
      7 1
    • so its ok for black people to be offensive, but when a white person does or says anything remotely “offensive” people start freaking out
      10 8
    • Fucking bully imagine what she goes through every day smh your mother is very proud
      7 1
    • Congratulations on being a disgusting asshole
      9 1
    • If you don’t respect others you will never have self respect.
      nomadamon 7 dec
    • Imagine having a laugh like a hitmarker
    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds like the chain on a roller coaster as you’re getting pulled upward
    • Tell me why that laugh sounds like a turn signal
      ATru10 7 dec
    • I found this funny, but shit like this is way so many middle aged white conservatives are lowkey racist. Because young adults and teens act like fucking apes sometimes
      fgggfd5 7 dec
      9 1
    • Imagine being a midget and some ghetto black dude running at you out of nowhere??
      Advokit 12 dec
    • Nope, not funny
      Akame 10 dec
    • That’s just disrespectful.
      RonnieM96 8 dec
    • Never say nigga if you're white, but jump over people with disabilities and laugh at them I guess
      6 1
    • That dudes laugh sounds like he turned on the turn signal
    • How rude and awful
      samiam3 7 dec
    • Yea let's make someone with a disability feel like crap about themselves, sounds like a great idea
      fuckthyt 7 dec
    • Should have punched him in the balls tbh.
      rocker30 7 dec
      6 2
    • Does he laugh whenever they turn? That dude laugh like a turn signal
      OscAvi 7 dec
    • Why does that dudes laugh sound like a turn signal inside the car❓💀
      7 1
    • thats just wrong honestly. dude was just trying to live his life
      ytys45 7 dec
    • Black people, "stop harassing us cause we're black." Also black people, "harasses someone for being short."
      6 2
    • He needs his ass beat. Disrespectful little punk
      6 3
    • this app loves dark and edgy humor 247 but a black person does something offensive and you all become hippies...
      bharles 7 dec
      8 4
    • Black people doing shit to undermine another minority. Insert Spiderman meme
      6 10
    • Was that his turn signal, was he hitting the dashboard, or is that his actual fucking laugh?
    • Why his laugh sound like his turn signal tryna tell him his tail lights out
    • Its funny but at the same time rude as hell.
      Kathilaiya 7 dec
    • Disrespectful as fuckkk
      8 5
    • Disrespect 100
      cgribb 7 dec
    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds like your cheeks are getting clapped
      adventwolf 7 dec
      6 1
    • Imagine having a laugh that sounds like a car turning signal.
      beeeess 7 dec
    • What a dick.
    • Niggas laugh sounded like the blinker
      Thebabyfox 7 dec
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