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    • Ricardo time
      UndeadSlav 15 jan
      5.6K 34
    • Why you gotta Ricardo me like that
      4.8K 45
    • Every single one of those anime girls are ready to tie me up and torture my cock and balls, but Ricardo? He's torture my cock and heart. 😍😘
      Minoritized 21 jan
      530 49
    • Nico_Nico 20 jan
      289 6
    • The actual animation part of the vid is by anartist named Panstu Shot [NyR] the video is called "U Got That | FULL VERSION [MMV]". And the song is U Got That by Halogen
      87 24
    • SimpleToast 18 jan
      61 10
    • 53
    • At first I was like “why is this featured” and I dont think Ive ever been blindsided so hard by a meme
      AnaIogy 20 jan
    • "It's not gay to watch Ricardo dance" - Albert Einstein, 1946
      Hoosky 18 jan
      49 1
    • DerBloody 18 jan
    • Yandare and sadistic girls got something to them that make niggas
      39 1
    • Listen I’m not gay but this is oddly satisfying with all the music and movement
      DrugsNotHugs 23 jan
      33 6
    • Bustos 18 jan
    • I like all the shit saying like “weeb” or “collective leak” because you know they didn’t watch the whole thing
      Wining 17 jan
      26 5
    • GreasyWeenis 18 jan
    • No homo but that’s gotta be like peak male performance right there. Dude gotta nice body, good for him
      22 1
    • I don’t like how impressively made this is
      Renz_Draws 23 jan
    • Only real men watch till the end
      110011 21 jan
    • u_ultra_gay 18 jan
    • This meme is so addictive. Think i might turn gay for this man
      CherryWood 24 jan
    • Am i the only one who likes pyshco girls in anime?
      16 5
    • Thighfu 21 jan
    • SONG NAME IS THIS: U got that - halogen
    • Is this....THE MODERN RICK ROLL!!!?
      12 1
    • Idk what happened but I just kept watching....its like I got hypnotized. Anyone else?
    • This is gesugao it means a warped facial expression to show a characters evil (also I think the ones shown are from the kantai collection)
      TentaQueen 22 jan
      11 5
    • Japanese 18 jan
      11 1
    • Rio_Kenway_ 18 jan
    • I need to see more of his ass. No homo
      bigburgers 24 jan
    • Was getting mad but then Ricardo showed up to save the day
      Dispatcher 21 jan
    • content not available more
      Volbeat23579 20 jan
    • Ricardo is the sexiest being to ever step foot in this universe we are so blessed to live in the same timeline as him
      Caramels 18 jan
      11 1
    • HulkMyHogan 18 jan
    • In conclusion, my dick hard
      nibbaname 20 jan
    • How dare you turn me gay in the middle of my weebfest
      AkioFurukawa 20 jan
    • Hiroshima is my favorite anime
      9 1
    • I watched that for way longer than I should've
      OhPieIsGood 18 jan
    • Damn I was about to nut then the girls popped up again
    • It’s great when baby boomers say collective leak without watching the full video
      scorching 21 jan
    • Ricardo is the only man you can love and not be gay for
      Lawful_God 19 jan
    • Am i terrified? Yes. Am I still gonna beat my meat? Yes.
    • Halogen - U Got That
      Sh1ft 18 jan
    • At first I was like eww and then I was like eyy
      icantrn 18 jan
    • Yanderes seem cool if you like the idea of a muderous monster fawning over you and threatening destruction
      suavagerex 18 jan
      8 4
    • I was just about to say "why is this bullshit featured" but then my eyes were blessed by that brown angel
    • I CANT LOOK AWAY HELP im turning gay
      Xayuh 18 jan
    • I mean that editing is dope tho
      PulsePSN 18 jan
    • bet nobody know that all the girls are from kancolle.
      ToniTheZ 18 jan
    • The sauce for the original video with the girls is a Kantai collection video that, if you search “gesugao” in google, you’ll find
      friskykind 18 jan
    • Finally featured after like 5 years
      Wining 17 jan
      8 3
    • I knew there was no way just plain anime could be featured
      FurryB0I 22 jan
    • Hiddthie 19 jan
    • No homo but Ricardo is mighty aesthetic
      PaVikingtokt 19 jan
      7 2
    • I love this, only because of the psycho girls
      Doom_Maryne 19 jan
    • What the fuck did I just watch
    • Lowrinse 18 jan
    • For folks saying it's smug anime girls, let's get some facts straight. The expression isn't smug, but "gesugao" which is similar to "ahegao" but means "twisted evil smile". It's usually expressed by characters who are actually nice and never evil.
      VertigoBlue 18 jan
      9 1
    • Fishtime22 18 jan
    • The song is Halogen - U Got That, the link to the artist should also be in the description of the videos with this artwork, like so people can see
      NeoAeon 18 jan
    • Not going to lie. They had us in the first half
      Mac_32 18 jan
    • content not available more
      Exxxample 18 jan
    • JohnKimble 17 jan
      7 1
    • I thought this feature was trash until Ricardo blessed us with his presence
      FrizzleFry 17 jan
    • I thought it was some weebo trash but no it got so much gayier
      zamirW 17 jan
      8 5
    • Can3lo 17 jan
    • Ya know... as a straight guy, I’ve gotta say, he has a hell of a smile
      soloboi 27 jan
      6 1
    • My chidren shall see this video
      Dims 25 jan
    • Day 2 of my no fap challenge and this shit pops up
    • Get some of that yandere juice
    • I genuinely wish I could be as smug as him
      wurmuhsliper 22 jan
    • Can we just talk about this fucking beautiful editing done
      GodlySass 21 jan
      6 1
    • This is the most 4chan thing I’ve ever seen posted on this app
      Ricardo21 20 jan
    • Just here for my daily dose of Ricardo husbando. Music is fire and so is the edit
      NagaseEdge 20 jan
    • Why do my eyes actually hurt now lol
      tyrch12 20 jan
    • Gravimavy 20 jan
    • Ricardo Milos is his name
      LePenguino 20 jan
    • Jesus, how long does this go on for?
    • snevz 19 jan
      7 3
    • The art style is called gesugao
      AgedLikeMilk 19 jan
    • Flawless transition. Quality meme. 10/10 would watch again.
      GIPHY 19 jan
      6 1
    • This shit is fucking hypnotic I KEEP COMING BACK
      EverEternity 19 jan
      6 1
    • Sadistic yanderes are not sexy or cute
      Gavintacular 19 jan
      6 9
    • You know if a real woman made these faces, weebs wouldn’t be so inclined to fuck them and know they’re insane. I mean look at em. Cringe overload
      6 1
    • Artist: Halogen- U got that
    • Not ganna lie I have no idea what I just watched but that drop was hard
    • I swear I was straight a minute ago
      SimpleToast 19 jan
    • Im sure so many people saw anime and left this post, but those people fucked up. This is gold
    • I actually want to know the manga
      imathinkerr 18 jan
      6 2
    • fat_sal 18 jan
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