• This
called about two kids
with a BB gun

    • The police do more to protect the Black community than BLM.
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    • I appreciate that he said "11 year old man" and not kid. It gives the situation more weight somehow
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    • *cop shoots someone* white people: "I'm sure it was an accident" Police report: "The officer walked into his home drunk and shot him, believing it was her own home" white people: "I don't know what you're talking about. Blah blah blah"
      1999s 5d
    • Guess that makes me an 18 year old elderly
    • We need more cops like this
    • People talk about how bad police but do you really think a bad person would risk their lives and get paid about 60,000 a year
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    • Kid
    • I will take my rights to remain silence, thanks.
    • “The last thing i would want to do is shoot a 11 year old man” but those women... don’t get me started about the women
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    • I work at dominos and at 8-9 pm i parked out front of the store to clock out and put my car top away, i was in the building for at most 3 minutes, and when i came back out a cop was there waiting to give me a warning for parking on a yellow curb, when people stop there and wait for someone in store
    • Good stuff
    • That Cop: “Is never shoot a kid” Me as a cop: “Watch this 360 no-scope”
    • Wait hold on. Now this actually likes cops now?
    • Boys and girls, i have a plethora of potent psychoactive substances, all of which are available for discrete delivery, check my account out
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    • Grrr fuc whitey
    • I bought a BB gun once, my dad found it and got upset. Looking back, I'm like, boy I'm stupid. I'm glad I never got caught with it outside
    • This is the type of police officer the Media doesn't show you
    • They need better parenting . There should be fines for being a horrible parent
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    • I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I had to end a child’s life even if the child was a big threat
      3 2
    • "11 year old man"
      2 2
    • Tbh they maybe should look into making the toy guns or B.B. guns into a different colour than black. Perhaps that would help a bit in differentiating the two between a two gun and a real one. I’ve seen some of the B.B. guns and they look so real it’s easy to mistake them if you just paint the tip.
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    • Guns aren't fucking toys. BB gun or real fire arm. Act with some responsibility. Only a racist bitch will think the boys were contacted because of color. You simply don't play around in public with any gun in this day and age. And if an armed citizen would have intervened someone woulda been shot.
      4 2
    • 11 year old man? What like Benjamin Buttons
      Denph 7d
      1 2
    • An American with a gun, Send the police , it's 2 kids with bbguns, send the police, police see 11 year old kid n points real gun. Are people dumb, this is not ok, this is not a cop being good, wtf is wrong with people
      2 4
    • Ya, I mean, an American with a gun,
    • Yet if it were a couple of white kids no one would've cared
      2 1
    • "You cant play with toy guns in today's world" I better not find out it had the orange cap on it
      2 1
    • “An 11 year old man” 😂😂
      5 1
    • I'd gun a kid down in a heartbeat world is overpopulated as it is
      1 6
    • Now if the niggas were 22 and 30
    • God damn $&@?&$@!
    • Guarantee if they were black he would’ve shot them
      4 5
    • Correction: SOME cops care, not all.
      6 3
    • Whatever
    • Fuck that. Some cops are good some are bad. I lost a friend because he a cop pulled him over asked for his license and when he went to get his wallet. The cop shot him saying he pulled a. Gun on him and that he panicked. There was no gun in the vehicle. Some just abuse the power
      8 10
    • "The last thing i want to do is shoot an 11 year old man" jewish -2 years
    • Back in the day a kid could pull one of those real looking roll cap six shooters on cop and be like pop pop pop and the cop would pretend to get shot. How the times have changed.
      4 2
    • Its all blurred bruh
    • Damn 12
    • Thank and amen in the comments. Thank you.
    • 11 year old man?
    • This is policing. This is what it means to be a cop. There are hundreds of thousands of men and women in the force that do their best to enforce the law and they go unappreciated because one of them makes a bad choice
    • 11 year old man
    • I would love every last cop to be like this
      2 2
    • No way this is a NowThis video😂😂😂 they're so antiPolice
      7 8
    • Fuckin. Respect.
    • 11 year old man
    • Accurate representation of how most cops are, just nice people that are trying to do there jobs. If people weren't so stupid there wouldnt be all these incidents that people cause in the first place
      10 2
    • Wow, he really cared for those big pixel blurbs
      6 1
    • The media says nobody wants to here about the good cops, people click on the articles about the shitty ones. Even if there are millions more great cops compared to shitty ones.
      R3LYKS 7d
      1 4
    • Why doesn’t the media show this?
      Light0 7d
      3 6
    • 11 year old man.
    • whats the point of a video if it is all censored
      1 2
    • Gets shot anyway
    • Kinda crazy that now this published a pro cop video
    • Now that is a good cop
    • Duuuude
      pxgv 7d
    • “The last thing I’d ever want to do is shoot an 11 year old MAN”
    • #ReachonSteam
    • The purge should be a thing
    • There’s bad cops out there. It’s bound to happen. There’s just bad people out there everywhere but for every one bad one, there’s countless great cops out there. Some of em may seem like dicks, but they’re putting their life on the line for you every day. A little decency and respect goes a long way
    • You want some ketchup with that boot
      Lexus 8d
      2 2
    • This, is everything
      blisss 8d
    • My hometown!!!
    • Imagine if it were legal and they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong? Oh wait.
      2 7
    • Second tc is better
      2 1
    • That's the perfect way that should've ended let's get more cops with this kind of sensitivity
    • Thos is nice because that cop COULD'VE killed both those kids as he got there and it WOULD have been called a good shooting.
    • Wholesum as fuq
    • I’ve never felt so much feeling before AHHhHhhHhHhhHhHhHh
    • Bootlicker
      3 3
    • "Racism is justified because im waving my gun at you and not putting it away and explaining why you cant be black, wear red or blue, or have a bb gun."
      6 6
    • *11 year old man*
      11 1
    • Woah for once Now This isn’t spewing bullshit.
      10 1
    • For me its legal to carry a bb gun as long as u shoot it 100m from any house and in areas where u can hunt
      swofto 8d
    • If your gun policy wouldn't be so fucked up you wouldn't have this problem
      6 5
    • The last thing I want is to shoot an 11 year old MAN
      9 4
    • He drove 1 kid home, he left the other for dead.
      13 3
    • Also what happened to the orange tip policy?
      1 4
    • Show this to black people
    • Did Now This just go against their own narrative?
      8 2
    • This is the exact reason a lot of people BLM protest about got shot. For flashing a fake gun
    • And they had to post this shit, i find it funny how he filmed all this just so people think he cares....tbh he might do but not all do
    • This is 100% true they need to make a new color for bb guns.
    • He doesn’t want to shoot an 11 year old MAN. That means he would shoot an 11 year old girl. Smh this guy is sexist
      10 5
    • This is the only good Now This video
    • Dumb asses flashing it around deserve what comes from it. You play hood games you get hood prizes.
    • The fact that he pointed out the fact that they’re black is an issue
      2 50
    • Not all of you care
    • 530 5
    • Met some really nice cops, and met some really horrible cops.
    • Bro not the police in my city. They do not give a shit cause they get paid shit
      2 2
    • Because when one bad cop does a bad, it gets all over the news, but when the rest of the cops do their jobs like normal, no one ever hears about it.
      166 14
    • The same thing happened to me I’m white I was with all black friends and we were shooting plastic BB guns at the school park. We left and blocks away cops stopped us and took us home. Cop said when he was a kid he would carry around his .22
    • What about 11 year old women? HMMMMMM
      1 1
    • I bet if those kids were white that person driving would think anything like that
      1 4
    • Lowkey tho the cop is right. This is how black kids get shot nowadays with a fake gun
    • Or here’s an idea, don’t kill everyone that is carrying a BB gun
      2 11
    • Cop ran a red light to give me a ticket for no front plate
      5 8
    • Fuck just the other day I was walking to our schools track for a meet and these 2 kids that came from the middle school had a shell of a BB gun or something and were flashing it to people and yelling “bang bang”
    • 11 year old man
      1 1
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