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    • Commie fucker
      Bt72742 12d
      smile 2.7K 596
    • Trump played them so hard at The SOTU he said a bunch of great things he did like cut down on sex trafficking and they didn’t clap, they only clapped when it was about them being In congress like it was a great accomplishment they look retarded
      smile 1.3K 209
    • I have a legitimate hatred and distain for the absolute stupidity she spews without being checked or pointed out as the sociopathic maniac she is.
      smile 1.2K 227
    • Why the fuck they wearing white? Didnt they get the memo the parties switched
      smile 1.2K 272
    • I honestly hope they keep Cortez around and the face of the Democratic Party for as long as physically possible so that when people see that crazy bitch they will vote red and it will make elections very easy
      smile 288 34
    • When you're wearing white for women but forget to clap when Trump announces that sex trafficking has been crippled by his administration
      smile 251 13
    • In all honesty, that women takes retardation to a whole new level by mixing it with socialism.
      smile 23 8
    • AOC is the dumbest politician at this time if not just behind Bernie. Neither of them understand a 3rd grade level of economics. Also AOC constantly contradicts herself. If she is the future of the DNC holy shit are they in trouble.
      smile 23 18
    • AOC is such a bitch. The Green new deal is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read
      smile 19
    • I haven’t seen so many democrats in white since the republicans freed their slaves
      smile 16 7
    • Ocasio Cortez needs to die.
      smile 16
    • I gotta say, if you want a good harty laugh, read her green new deal proposal and think about the fact that she claims to have studied economics.
      smile 14 20
    • She’s very incompetent has nothing to do with politics it’s just the truth she has no idea how the government or the economy works I read her NewGreenDeal and it’s probably the most incomprehensible thing I’ve ever seen it felt like a 5 year old wrote it she’s not qualified to say the least.
      smile 14 8
    • Last time so many Democrats were grouped together in white, they had hoods too.
      smile 14
    • Haven't seen that many Democrats wear white since they created the KKK
      smile 14 12
    • _Mango 11d
      smile 17 41
    • She's painfully stupid, I don't know how anyone can be supporting this women
      smile 13 13
    • The dumbest bitch in congress
      smile 15
    • She's retarded, but I'd still stick it in her ass 👌
      smile 12
    • The dem party is a embarrassment
      smile 14 1
    • You know it’s bad when people say peolosi is moderate compared to you. How can someone outright say they want to pay people unwilling to work
      smile 12 1
    • Finally, we all have a similar political standpoint. She’s a fucking idiot.
      smile 12 1
    • shes a fucking idiot and doesnt know how government nor how the world works
      smile 12
    • I mean the funniest part is that she is so concerned with being angry and defiant until she realizes some behind are standing...then she gets up and cheers herself...shes not allowed to think for herself
      smile 13
    • Can we all agree she’s a bitch commie?
      Bobbsby 12d
      smile 12 2
    • She says she stands for womens rights but refused to clap when the president said that ICE had taken down sex traffickers and saved little girls. She only stood when the president spoke about women in congress. Think about that. She only cares about the issues that affect her
      smile 14 2
    • Democrats are absolutely against the American people. Republican 2020.
      smile 14 1
    • Everyone stands up and claps, for that little girl with that life threatening disease, except her
      smile 11
    • Haven’t seen that many Democrats in white since they founded the kkk
      smile 11 2
    • alexandria ocasio-cortez for people who don’t know her. she’s a new socialist congresswomen who’s introduced this ‘new green deal’. she’s a fucking dolt.
      smile 13
    • Trump said something about stopping rapist and helping women and she didn't stand. Btw shes wearing white for women. This bitch is actually mentally disabled and should not be in government
      smile 11 1
    • The green new deal. How to destroy the global economy in 10 easy steps.
      smile 10
    • She got where she is because she’s a woman not bc she’s the most qualified, always remember
      smile 11 7
    • Trump: we are gonna end human trafficking into the us. Cortez: *sits*
      smile 10
    • Fuck that cunt
      smile 11
    • The bitch wants to stop women getting raped and shit and doesn’t clap or stand up when trump announces that rape is down
      ccghdxc 12d
      smile 11 4
    • New York is autistic for choosing her
      smile 10 9
    • iFappy 12d
      smile 10
    • smile 10 1
    • Her Green New Deal is a socialist Trojan horse. It literally says it’ll provide income to individuals who are unwilling to work. What the fuck does that have to do with the environment? Would still smash tho
      smile 10 1
    • I haven't seen that many Democrats in white since they started the KKK.
      smile 9
    • Yeah lets tax the richest Americans a crazy amount to fund the fight against global warming ( which American is the number 1 spot for lowering emissions) im sure they wont leave like they did in France destroying there economy... oh wait
      smile 9
    • Hmm why do a bunch of democrats dressed in white remind me of something 🤔
      BossDog 12d
      smile 9 1
    • Only time she clapped all night is when she was congratulating herself for being a part of the most women in congress
      smile 9
    • Fuck Cortez
      smile 9
    • Havn't seen Democrats in white since they started the kkk.
      smile 9
    • Cortez is that person in PE who gets mad when nobody is following the class rules of a game
      smile 8
    • Im still completely shocked about how big of a moron she is, and then i remember people actually voted for her. So needless to say ive lost some fath in humanity.
      smile 10 2
    • I’m not American but the fact the left didnt clap for almost anything is horrific.
      smile 8 1
    • I hated how all those woman in white waited for their leader to tell them when to agree with what Trump was saying. They are all just puppets who need to learn to have their own opinions
      smile 9
    • What a cunt
      smile 8
    • Waste of oxygen
      Jinx122 12d
      smile 8
    • She just might be one of the dumbest people alive
      smile 8
    • "don't even approach me if you are not at least 6'4"
      BD101 12d
      smile 8 1
    • the klan was in full force that night
      apq88 12d
      smile 9
    • She's so dumb that it's painful to me
      smile 8
    • Well the democrats are wearing all white again, my black friends better start hiding
      smile 9
    • I loved the part when they were condemning human traffickers and rapists and she asked if she was suppose to stand.
      smile 8
    • She's genuinely retarded and dangerously stupid
      smile 10 1
    • Fuck AOC
      shlob 12d
      smile 10 6
    • Fucking bitch, just a bartender playing politics
      smile 9
      smile 8
    • I've never heard this commie bitch say anything even close to coherent.
      smile 9 2
    • Props to the Camera man for zooming in on Bernie after Trump said “The US will never be a socialist country”.
      smile 8
    • AOC is literally the dumbest politician ever
      smile 10
    • She is legit, a fucking nutcase
      smile 8
    • Ahhhhhhh, Cortez, the crazy bitch that democrats just, praise. The democrats gave Trump the LARGEST gift that night, they've paved a nice, smooth and level road for Trump in 2020.
      smile 9
    • Woman is a fucking moron
      smile 7 1
    • Send her to Venezuela and make that fuck live in a socialist country
      smile 9
    • She's so ignorant, she doesn't know when to stand haha
      smile 7
    • Trump has done a pretty good job so far
      smile 7 5
    • I want to know who honestly supports this dumb bitch and why
      smile 9 29
    • America will never be a socialist country
      smile 8 3
    • Yeah, so Fuck A.O.C.
      smile 7
    • Ladies and gentlemen I give you the most stuck up, snobby, and uneducated democrat they have.....god why was she voted into office?
      smile 7 33
    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's plan Step 1: Green New Deal Step 2: ?????? Step 3: Clean Earth and nobody has to work anymore
      smile 8 2
    • This women is nuts. And only in 2019 would she ever have a platform.
      smile 7 1
    • God I hate this bitch. She unironically called the branches of the u.s. government the “chambers of government”. Christ on a stick.
      smile 7 1
    • Socialist bitch
      smile 8 1
    • Don’t forget that this was her reaction to trump talking about how many sex traffickers were arrested and children freed from captivity. Don’t let the media fool you she’s insane!
      smile 7 4
    • *Democrats Cheering U.S.A.* AOC:” How do I spell that again?”
      smile 7
    • Her brain is still figuring out What was said
      smile 8
    • The pettiness of the leftist at the speech annoyed me so much if a rightist did that too I would be mad at them
      Igp1000 10d
      smile 8
    • If she is the future of the democratic party, have fun losing elections for eternity, liberals.
      LBMummy 10d
      smile 7
    • God she's such a bitch
      smile 7
    • Correrrrrrrrrrrtex. Crowder fans understand
      smile 6 2
    • Stupid fucking cunt bitch I hope she becomes a quadraplaegic
      smile 8
    • She’s such an ugly, disgusting communist pig.
      smile 7
    • "Financial security for those who are unable or unwilling to work"
      smile 6 1
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