• Strong Ferro Magnets

    • Was hoping his hands would get crushed between them
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    • Cool Tesla coil under the table unless it’s just a prank bulb with a battery and a button
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    • I used to like magnets until the day I was ringing someone out at my store and after I used my big ass magnet to remove the security lock I tried to put it back in its magnetized holder and some of the skin of my hand got caught between. I still have the scar where the skin was torn off.
    • Ok but what about using magnets to turn turbines who then generate electricity
    • Wait you forgot the funny
    • What is that supposed to be magnetic current
    • To people saying it's fake: it might be but this phenomenon is entirely possible and he shouldn't have faked it.
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    • so, wheres the energy loss here, I got to know otherwise we would have limitless energy by now
      666lmao 11d
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    • Won’t the current only be there for a few seconds?
    • Explain that atheists
    • Wtt
    • I wanted it to go like this: he sets up experiment, as soon as he puts bulb down, the explosion from dog sneezing video happens.
    • I feel like there’s a black leather couch in that room.
      Wmyrick 11d
    • Ah, good old tesco bulbs
    • Pretty basic stuff
    • As a physics major lemme just day that this isn’t how it works...
    • Fake
    • Proof that there are infinite power sources out there but big oil doesn't want you to now about them
      999q00q 11d
      2 9
    • What is this sorcery
    • Oh man hesa magic man
    • He’s using the magnets and copper beams to create a magnetic field. When you put something conductive inside the field it will create electricity. The bulb is conductor and created electricity making it light up
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    • Why are we using wires still?????????
    • Gake and fay
    • He is creating an electromagnetic field. When there is a strong magnetic force combined with small amounts of electricity in the air. You can turn on a floresent bulb, because in a floresent bulb there is a mercury vapor when exited it creates UV light that reacts with the coating on the inside.
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    • Real or not, it's still kinda cool.
    • Fake
    • And that’s how wireless charging works
      rok10 12d
    • Never pay for electricity again with this one simple trick...
    • It's like a real life out 4 hack. Right down to the Tesla coil under the table.
      Xoni 12d
    • Electric companies hate him
    • When you know science & something doesn’t seem right
    • It looks like the start of a gay porno
    • Neat
      PI77A 12d
    • That ain’t how magnets work you fucking Neanderthal
    • Wow! Look! Bullshit!
    • This is why the vid is fake. A stationary magnetic field doesn’t do anything
      MLG2000 12d
      8 7
    • How to watch porn with your friends without being gay
      Kays 12d
    • Put your dick in it
    • I thought this was goingt to be ear rape
    • Wireless Electricity = 0 Likes Boneless Electricty = 👍🏻👍🏻
    • This really turns me on.
    • Because magnetic fields can induce a current
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    • I thought he was going to smash his fingers
    • If I see one more gosh darn comment saying this is real I'm gonna eat a table
    • Sick in a pussy
    • Say it with me, There is NO free energy.
    • With this particular type of bulb this works because of the chemicals reaction to the magnetic field. Does not work with light bulbs that conduct electricity across a wire
    • Magnetic fields induce currents in conducting metals so this is 100% real. Look up Lenz’s law.
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    • Fake,..
    • But...but...with electromagentism how will the rich people stay rich by charging us to use electricity?
    • Electromagnetic fields are the common effect with electricity and magnetism
    • Electromagnetism is a real thing. The charge of the field causes the gas inside the bulb to illuminate. This doesn't work with incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs.
    • Basic magnetic fields....
    • Why would u feature something this fake
    • What's with the inspirational music
    • So your saying.. we could use magenta to power lights instead of paying hundreds for power
      1 2
    • That’s pretty cool
    • This is definitely possible to anybody that says it’s not. Happens in most high school and college physics classes 😑 magnets hold positive and negative charges which is exactly what electricity is made of although without research I’m pretty sure useable electricity is only negative...? 🧐
      achappy 12d
      2 4
    • Where's the funny?
    • Induced current caused by the magnetic field and the metal.
      datigre 12d
    • How can magnetism create electrons from nothing? I call bs
    • Fake and gay in case anyone was wondering
      Reyzed 12d
    • Yo
    • Send this to electro boom
      1 3
    • I had a friend who had these and he brought them on the bus and put one in each pocket without thinking about it and they squished together
    • vsauce on DONG did a video on this, something about copper and magnets creating energy
      OmCom 13d
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    • Look up ElectroBoom, he debunks all this shit and is funny at the same time.
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    • Here we see two ferro magnets sitting 5 feet apart, because they aren't gay.
    • Fake and gay
      Upex 13d
    • FBI OPEN UP!!!
    • You have not enough pylons.
    • This works because of science.
    • Magnets can't provide new energy
    • Magnetic induction
    • Fully automatic tactical assault light.
    • Bluetooth power will be a thing
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    • What the fuck is that lightbulb
    • The entire video explains how this works. It’s not fake.
      1 14
    • It’s fake end of story
    • Bitch what the fuck
      DontSub 13d
    • That's not how this works
    • Why aren't we funding this
      Time54 13d
    • Electromagnetic fields are awesome and it's basically how all your wireless stuff charges
      1 8
    • There is a switch in the middle of the bulb that triggers
      LDove 13d
    • Fucking magnets how do they work
      1 4
    • There’s a battery in the cap where you twist it in to the light socket
    • The passing of a magnet over a coil is how you make ac energy
    • This isn’t real you can’t take magnetic energy and turn it into electricity
    • That's...that's not at all how that works
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    • If the electromagnetic lines of force you’re cutting are strong enough than yes
      5 3
    • There has to be motion for an electric field to generate, and even so there's no coil to transfer it wirelessly.
    • Flux Capacitor
    • Shit. That's part of the whole F
    • The amount of reasons that this is fake outweighs the amount of possibilities that this is real
      2 1
    • Yeah thats bullshit all you idiots that believe this shit need to do actual research
    • Copper isn’t even magnetic wtf
    • I have an unreasonable amount of doubt, otherwise he just solved earths energy crisis
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