• Galevik
      Hey everyone, I’m the OP, this has been pinned on my acc for months. Just wanted to slide in and take credit since edit requests are what pay my bills and since I’m only barely scraping by, I think I deserve credit for my hard work. So whassup y’all
      Galevik 12d
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    • mrlubster
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    • Picklz_Boi
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    • Its_pretty_funny_
      Yeah im so glad bullets from a handgun are so slow. Makes them easy to dodge..
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    • WiseFox
      Don’t really want any of my teachers having guns. Like bitch, you fucking snapped when little Timmy had some chips in class. Imagine if Timmy started to leave when the bell went off? Gonna hit him with that “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do” then pull a glock?
      WiseFox 10d
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    • scoooze
      scoooze 10d
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    • LizardStick
      I hate how now days people are trying to pull the argument that AR15s are overpowered and cause an excessive amount of damage that other guns dont, and they are too deadly to be legal. Every gun can be as equally deadly as another.
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    • Excellector
      Im so glad ifunny webt republican :)
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    • lenzoe
      If you know literally anything about guns, everyone who argues against them sounds absolutely retarded
      lenzoe 12d
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    • MeowWow72
      3x faster isnt gonna matter in most any stand off instance lmao. They're not fucking nerf guns, in the space of an average classroom it's basically, pull the trigger, they're down, either way. Just get teachers to play cod to train reflex time and boom
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    • bdksnnz
      bdksnnz 12d
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    • Captain_Obvious
      Just arm teachers with AR 15’s
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    • MapPorn
      Mad4Bacon unpin this from your profile. Galevik put in work and created this content himself and it's been pinned on his wall for months
      MapPorn 12d
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    • DaddyDarko
      For arguments sake, let’s pretend that there are no guns at all. Do you really think that it will halt mass killings or school shootings? Now imagine the headline reading, “25 children hacked to death with a machete at school”. the problem has never been weapons. the problem is shitty people
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    • SDRE
      Look, I’m for better background checks and shit on guns and all but D A M N is this some blatant misinformation. Not sure if its stupidity or lies but either way it’s very irresponsible journalism!
      SDRE 12d
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    • CounterLiberalismNow
      Liberal gun logic always hurt my brain. It is almost as if they dont actually THINK and and are solely ruled by emotion.
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    • elijah_or_nah
      It's hard to be liberal when my fellow liberals are so ignorant....
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    • NickFerrum
      The only qualifications you need to work at MSNBC apparently is to be an absolute dumbass
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    • MapPorn
      Stolen from Galevik
      MapPorn 12d
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    • Eye_Hay_Chew
      Bro is msnbc really tht fucking retarded??? So theyre pro-not allowing teachers to have a form of protection. “Its not as affective, so lets just forget it” okay then arm the teacher with a AR-15 too. Imagine ur teacher whippin that shit out
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    • LeftistDemocrat
      Shooting people is against the law so school shooters can't even hurt us even if they wanted to.
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    • ImNotFeaturedNeverWillBe
      Niggga i’ll take the chance of a school shooter over my teachers having guns. Two of mine were pushed to mental breakdown lmfao i’d be dead if they had guns
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    • SirJTM
      SirJTM 11d
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    • HotHoney
      People compare weapons but don't apply the human factor
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    • BcWhyNot
      Not to mention a very small percent of gun crimes including mass shootings are done with ARs
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    • TSB_JustAnAverageB24
      God, I love how punishing iFunny is to liberals and gun-hater.
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    • No_uploads
      Ok, I'm liberal and that's actually dumb. That's like saying ostriches are the fastest two legged animal but cheetahs run twice as fast so they're slow.
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    • OrangeBucket_
      Imagine being this retarded to be the journalist who made this shitty headline
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    • Solar_Gaming_dusK
      Honestly the only arguement I could see being used against arming teachers is the emotional strain that they would be under if they ever had to be the one shoot one of their students, even though it would be to defend the rest of them
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    • MIHELICH111
      The real problem in America isn’t guns and school shootings it’s the people asking what song this is.
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    • allyouknow
      It's not about Gun control, it's about misinformation and stripping you of your rights
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    • clay555
      This was actually made and posted by Galevik months ago
      clay555 12d
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    • southern_comfort
      To all those saying that arming teachers is a bad idea and wont work consider this. Teachers wanting to carry during school hours are mandated to take a firearms safety and handling class most upwards of a 240 hour class. This is more than most law enforcement officers take.
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    • The_Conservative_Minority
      Its funny because handguns account for 97% of all gun deaths in the United States. God these people calling for gun control have no fucking idea what they're even talking about.
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    • UltimateBaiter
      It doesn’t even matter how fast a bullet travels. It’s not like you can dodge bullets you stupid fucks so how is that even important? Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how stupid liberals are.
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    • MNBoy0331
      I understand everyone can have an opinion, but I would like to think if you have a large audience you would maybe educate a little bit on the topic before posting it so you don't sound like a complete idiot.
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    • the_Mother_of_Dragons
      How do you even get shot? Just get out of the way tf??? 😂😂
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    • 0Gods
      0Gods 12d
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    • ColonelSargeXD
      Handguns are actually used for far more shootings than assault rifles
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    • Classic50s
      Remember kids 97.8% of all mass murder since the 1950s has occurred in gun free zones. They obviously do not work and should be deemed unconstitutional.
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    • endIessfun
      Why is liberal news trying to arm the students with balls of paper literally instead of giving responsible teachers an emergency gun
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    • KKoner
      Would you try to shoot up a school if you knew your teacher was armed? Yeah, I think not.
      KKoner 12d
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    • tylertree98
      Honestly a rifle is the worst thing to have for indoor shooting, yes rifles can do more damage to one person but you can do more with a handgun because you can easily handle it around corners
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    • DonHernandez
      That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard
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    • logba
      logba 12d
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    • spenkilla1337leet
      Poor libtards don’t get how life works
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    • QuotedRapier36
      Usually I dont like political features but this one was damn good.
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    • AmazinBacon22
      This is a work of art
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    • HyenaOfHouston
      The real anti gun protesters all have no fucking clue at all how guns work and how a situation like that may go, I think in most of our state's our gun laws are mostly fine, besides some non-NFA items that are ridiculous that if someone were planning to break the law would already have something
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    • Infobroker
      If it travels faster than there’s less chance of it getting fragments in someone technically making it more manageable than a pistol wound
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    • SeryphGaming
      I am convinced that meme lords have unused potential to rally small armies in a relatively short time period
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    • Nix_Powers
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    • Uncle_Lumbago
      Giving guns to teachers is a stupid idea, I make a petition to end high schools, that will end school shooting for sure
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    • onlyrepubscauseimathief
      I love the internet
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    • twizzlerfizzler
      School shooter:You idiot you a absolute bafoon you think that a measly 556mph bullet will stop me
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    • MotorTrend
      I have a little more faith im America knowing that people arent as dumb and will call you out. If youre of voting age do not vote democrat
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    • Jibbyfromicarly
      I love when the media gets called out for their bullshit
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    • Gunwayrob
      Cause then they’ll dodge handguns 3x faster.
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    • Cactus_1549
      Credit goes to Galevik
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    • Victorx
      1: Great song choice. 2: People should not be allowed to argue or report news unless they have actual facts to back them up
      Victorx 12d
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    • HughJass1369
      This is how you deal with tyranny. Meme the fuck out of them
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    • SuperTumor
      Gun control lobbyists are the most retarded excuse for human beings besides trannies. What're you gonna do take my guns? Ok. I'll just start manufacturing my own in my garage for free.
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    • iisryannniggaaa
      Bruhhh I’m definitely more liberal (no I don’t want to take ur guns) but this is the dumbest shit ever hahahahaha that ducking pictures killing me
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    • Zaluke
      Regardless of what side of the arming teachers with guns debate you’re on you have to admit this is a stupid assessment
      Zaluke 12d
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    • Phalingo
      I dunno if this is even some kind of argument that some nutjob liberal sees as actually relevant in the gun debate. Like wtf
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    • MrKrabsMrDabs
      They actually travel at like 1700 mph but ok
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    • ragingkajen
      I think hes right. We should give all teachers ar-15s
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    • CreamiestBoy
      Galevik OG creator, also I was part of this raid
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    • fish992
      So is MSNBC saying teachers should have AR15s? 🤔🤔
      fish992 12d
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