• edomedo
      I think it's a wall smashing wheel prototype.
      edomedo 11d
      smile 9.6K reply 69
    • Twitch_1cyB3ast_Official
      They are going to do that until its so fast they fly over the wall
      smile 8.8K reply 129
    • whuut
      White moms: don't go near that thing! I'm calling the parks department to have that removed!
      whuut 10d
      smile 13
    • RedRaven05
      Why people gotta drag politics into neat shit like this, these kids just having a good time, and it looks fun as hell lol...
      smile 10 reply 4
    • MoonsOutGoonsOut
      That's actually how they power their house. No wonder they have so many kids
      smile 7
    • AlongSandwitch
      that looks fun and scary af at the same tine
      smile 7
    • DasTiger
      We don’t have this in America cause of the overprotective fucking parents
      smile 7 reply 1
    • TheOneTruePika25
      Yea cuz we don't raise them to be gluten fearing little bitches
      smile 7
    • bumpinace
      honestly this is what kids SHOULD be doing on playgrounds, not wearing leashes & helmets everywhere
      smile 7
    • iFrostyFlakes
      If they all dab at the same time they’d form a swastika mid air
      smile 6
    • mrcrzy
      Trying to explain why I have a “Mexican powered home”
      mrcrzy 8d
      smile 6
    • SlimShady103
      See this is what recess used to be like, then stupid ass Billy had to fall off it and get it taken away
      smile 6
    • Joshkashi
      Yo where tf was this at when I was a kid 😮
      smile 6
    • LilDolphin69
      But have you seen us Russians? We’re fucking crazy man
      smile 6 reply 1
    • littlebro661
      Yeah they aint no pussy ass kids like American kids are becoming these days
      smile 7 reply 1
    • the_Clock_from_Bully
      Mexican space program
      smile 6
    • SoyBoyBokChoy
      Imagine finding out you're juuuussssttt too tall for that ride
      smile 6
    • FormulaFunny
      This would be destroyed so fucking fast in America, parents would outrage at the safety
      smile 6
    • rye_kennedy
      Here in america parents are scared of gluton
      smile 6
    • HintoLime
      Man that shit would get audited by insurance so fast in the us. We used to have fun shit now all the playgrounds suck
      smile 6
    • thetrashpanda
      This is called the Wheel of Mothers Anxiety
      smile 6
    • Mikey_The_Husky
      (Mini rant, call me a Liberal I don’t care) why is it that every time there’s minorities or women or gays featured, y’all always gotta point it out and make racist/sexist/homophobic comments about it. Like I’m deadass serious. If the post ain’t about a straight white man, the comments are cancerous.
      smile 6 reply 8
    • ChrisBiggs
      It's how Mexicans get free electricity
      smile 6
    • RandomMinority705
      We really are. When we're too broke to go to actually amusement park, we usually do stuff like that. My cousins are I played a "game" where one of us got on a trampoline and the rest of us try to hit them with whatever ball was around. If you hit them, you go in trampoline next.
      smile 6
      I want this contraption soooo bad
      smile 6
    • 20221
      That's how they power the school
      20221 11d
      smile 6
    • xyz0808
      Meanwhile in America we yell at kids for going up a slide
      xyz0808 11d
      smile 6
    • PhantomKnight114
      I'm a Mexican. And I can assure you that we are actually capable of doing crazier shit than that
      smile 6 reply 2
    • alamandr
      Mexican recess looks more fun than the recess I had growing up. They’d have never let me do that because it looks like someone could easily get hurt.
      smile 6
    • The_Third_Eye_of_The_Slav
      Why don’t American schools have these
      smile 5 reply 1
    • MadamePeanut
      That looks fun as fuck though
      smile 5
    • bobross420lmao
      So this is how Mexico generates power
      smile 5
    • FranciscoPineda
      Who needs six flags when you have this contraption to throw you to your death?
      smile 5
    • EnterForFreeSlapInTheNuts
      " TrumpSupporter2020" is typing...
      smile 6
    • radia7
      It’s because of over protected american parents suing everyone when their kid gets a splinter
      radia7 9d
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Phantam
      That looks fun as hell
      smile 5
      Y'all can't say this ain't fun
      smile 5
    • Gunslinger1769
      Mexican wind turbine
      smile 5
    • ChillyDre
      Wish he had something like that when I younger , that seems fun af
      smile 5
    • sparknation
      I think they are going to find ways across this wall whether we like it or not.
      smile 5
    • mememaster15
      This is why I love my race....btw I didn't cross over the border my blood line was here in Texas before anyting else....also there was a lot of states in america that belong to mexico(disclaimer \ history lesson)
      smile 5 reply 3
    • abravo12
      i can here a white mom calling cps
      smile 5
    • SirIzalot
      This looks like the most lit shit of all time and I now feel incomplete for growing up without it.
      smile 5
    • NeglectedMind
      That's why Mexican parents are badass. Not us bitch American born kids, we can't do shit.
      smile 5
    • NCBuckets
      That thing looks so fun but could you imagine if that showed up at a playground somewhere? God the fucking overprotective moms who freak out every time their kid gets a scrape would fucking go ballistic just seeing it
      smile 5
    • jessthedragon1006
      That looks fun
      smile 5
    • Ajddude1
      That looks fucking fun actually
      smile 5
    • Jokerknows
      Y'all know why Mexico does not have an Olympic team?? It is because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already here in the USA!!!
      smile 6 reply 1
    • CGTitan
      I’m not even going to look at the comments and I already know I’m going to see “build a wall”, “your racist”, “ Americans are fat” “your government sucks, no your sucks”
      CGTitan 10d
      smile 5 reply 3
    • bammartin888888
      You don’t play at recess, you survive at recess.
      smile 5
    • JulioXII
      and y’all think a wall will stop them
      smile 5
    • Waduanasian
      It’s all fun and games til it breaks and one kid is gonna end up on that thing like Jesus on a cross
      smile 5
    • skittlefactory
      Anybody else having to touch the screen every two seconds so your phone doesn't fall asleep and you have to restart the gif/video all over again? -.-
      smile 5
    • LordProtectorCorvo
      This is why a wall won't work... They're too powerful to be contained
      smile 6
    • A_Godz_Ego
      I may be a grown ass man but that shit looks fun
      smile 5
    • residentcynic
      That looks fucking fun.
      smile 5
    • missamerica_slh
      smile 5
    • Legoguy505
      I read “different kind of bread”
      smile 5
    • eSMOOTH
      And they said a perpetual motion machine was impossible
      eSMOOTH 10d
      smile 5
    • 0w0_M_E_M_E_S
      Pretty soon Mexicans will be our source of power
      smile 6
    • therealhypnotoad
      This is how they power houses in Mexico
      smile 5 reply 1
    • CaffeineAndHate
      (Wall joke)
      smile 5
    • Swedishman
      Then we over here in america where mokey bars have been labled too dangerous to have
      smile 5
    • Cooler_Jesus
      Meanwhile here in America they're taking away seesaws and merry-go-rounds. It's bullshit
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Luciana
      All the comments about “the wall” are stupid, that looks fun as heck.
      Luciana 11d
      smile 5
    • latika01
      Yea a fukin breed of awesome. Why didn't I think of this! My childhood was so boring.
      smile 5
    • TKDankMemes
      Are we just going to undermine how the little boy at the bottom is holding them all in the beginning
      smile 4
    • ItsYeKat
      They living at 2040 while we at 2019
      smile 4
    • killakilla808
      Looks fun as shit
      smile 4
    • Hi_Everyone_Spidey
      As a Mexican, I don't know what the fuck is this
      smile 4 reply 1
    • BadPokemonEdits
      So that's where they get their electricity from...
      smile 5
    • MemerExtremer2018
      Imagine being a border guard and seeing the Mexicans roll up in this thing
      smile 6
      It’s a Mexican catapult, it launches Mexicans over trumps wall.
      smile 4
    • MorPANda
      I’m sorry, but that’s skill.
      smile 4
    • thisisjames10
      Is that a swastika of children
      smile 4 reply 2
    • logandw31
      They're training to climb the wall
      smile 4
    • privatepartsarefunny
      As a Mexican I can confirm this
      smile 4
    • IronChancellor
      My God the Mexicans have discovered perpetual energy also they could a use for all of their children
      smile 4
    • Princess_Opal
      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
      smile 4
    • Pheo01
      How do you get off
      Pheo01 9d
      smile 4
    • R493
      Someone make an edit of this where it keeps spinning faster until they reach a higher level of being
      R493 9d
      smile 4
    • 4skiners
      Have kids play on those but attach them to generators to generate energy, boom
      smile 4
    • FeatureCommenter
      Laws of thermodynamics can suck my ass, we have Mexican children.
      smile 4
    • nothing_but69
      Why the fuck is there a woman yelling do all Mexican women yell all fucking day like why?
      smile 4 reply 3
    • thre3dizzle
      Where was this when I was a kid?
      smile 4
    • HelpBotAI
      Looks like a good way to generate electricity..
      smile 4
    • MemeChan
      How do you stop
      smile 4 reply 1
    • AverageFuckinWeaboo
      For a billion dollars we should just pay mexicans to stand at the border and not let people through
      smile 4
    • syncbus
      This wouldn’t work in America, can’t find 4 kids the same weight.
      syncbus 10d
      smile 4
    • metalmeme21
      Why don’t we have this shit in America
      smile 4 reply 3
    • DN13
      With these upgrades, the wall doesn't stand a chance.
      DN13 10d
      smile 4
    • BronzeGoddess
      They have the most fun, because people over there aren't quivering pussies.
      smile 4
    • extra_small_condoms_r_in
      Why is it that all the under developed countries have the best and funnest looking play sets
      smile 4 reply 1
    • UnitedKingdom
      Oh my god they have discovered unlimited power...
      smile 4
    • squirrelygirl
      That’s how they power the town
      smile 4
    • ColeSnyder95
      Who the fuck designed that jungle gym?
      smile 4
    • boifrogman
      This is whats inside a steamboat
      smile 4
    • ThotAgent786628
      So how the fuck they get off
      smile 4 reply 2
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