• CatSack47
      One of the most, if not THE most, iconic missions in call of duty history: “All Ghillied Up”
      CatSack47 3 dec
    • Jack_Meov
      Am I the only one who crawled under the tank everytime?
      Jack_Meov 6 dec
    • Aldu
      On my first attempt I didn’t know where to go prone and panicked so I shoved myself right up Capt. MacMillan’s ass and when he started to move I just stayed in his butt and I never changed my strat no matter how many times I played that bomb ass mission.
      Aldu 7 dec
    • Padenn
      *me when I accidentally stood up*
      Padenn 7 dec
    • thadbone
      Ya know I'm pretty sure that they were half blind in that mission cuz how tf could u not see a big ass humanoid shaped patch of grass moving like hmmm
      thadbone 6 dec
    • ElNino_Chuy
      This is one of those game moments where it’s unrealistic as hell but I dont care because it’s badass
    • frenchThoughts
      At the moment, this was awesome. Now I can't help but wonder how you weren't spotted crawling in an inch of grass.
    • Midnight_Dusk
      It’s funny because no one freaked out when they saw a fucking bush crawl on the ground between them. Imagine being the new guy on that task force and one guy says to you *horrible Russian accent* “Calm down Ivan, it’s just radioactive bush. Don’t worry.” Like bitch, wtf?
    • TravieC
      I always stayed right behind cpt Macmillan with my rifle pointed right up his asshole just to be safe and not get seen.
      TravieC 7 dec
    • ABCfamily
      This is why it disgusts me that so many people like Fortnite. I remember when I was in my early teens, COD is what we all got together and played
      ABCfamily 7 dec
    • evanfarley
      Am I the only one wondering how the flying fuck they weren't noticed in the short ass grass
      evanfarley 7 dec
    • DoXavierAFavor
      I think it was harder trying to snipe 100000000 dudes coming at you while trying to protect an injured MacMilan at a Ferris wheel while waiting for the slowest chopper pick up in the world.
    • GeneralPooh
      Spent this entire level with my head planted firmly up MacMillan’s ass
    • Tuberculosis_disease
      One time when I was 16 my gf missed her period for 4 months. That’s almost as stressful as this part of COD 4
    • Buttsauced
      I just crawled into macmillan's asshole for real worked every time
      Buttsauced 8 dec
    • SomeFag__
      First time I played this I practically shoved my head up Macmillan's ass to be safe during this part.
      SomeFag__ 7 dec
    • YummyGumUndies
      CoD will never be the same again
    • Swordbreaker925
      All Ghillied up in MW1 and Vendetta in WaW are the best singleplayer missions in any shooter ever
    • aylmao21
      Isn’t that the mission where if you kill the dog you get blasted by like 20 of them?
      aylmao21 7 dec
    • vikings28pete
      wE’vE bEeN cOmPrOmISeD
    • my_dad_is_a_cop
      I would literally be inside his ass to not get caught
    • lynx_lee
      Honestly, whoever wrote the call of duty modern warfare, mw2 and other legendary campaigns should deserve a fucking medal cuz these games have 100 times more interesting stories and missions than the new shit call of dutys
      lynx_lee 6 dec
    • TheDankKnight
      Wouldnt they see you just crawling across the ground? Doesn't seem stressful to me just seems funny.
    • De__Trtle
      Anyone else just stay right up his butt?
      De__Trtle 8 dec
    • WTFTGhillies
      I loved this mission, but I can’t help but notice that none of the people question the moving bush underneath them
    • Da_Soviet_Union
      My technique in this was crawling up in Macmillan’s ass. It worked. Remastered version fixed that tho.
    • IvanOoze
      Hey I know it doesn't matter to a lot of you, but I started cod 4 when I was young after my parents split. I'm 21 now and just wanted to say I beat this on veteran. I was super proud. Thanks all.
      IvanOoze 7 dec
    • TheCursedWeeb
      Don't actual snipers move like 2 inches a day or some ridiculously small amount?
    • ThisAccountHasBeenBanned
      Modern Warfare 2 is the best COD, change my mind.
    • LateNiteMemes
      Fifty thousand people used to live here, now its a ghost town.
    • Masterblaster2
      I still think the hardest color duty mission of all time is the one right after this or you have to carry that wounded son of a bitch while getting followed by hundreds of bad guys
    • redhedraz
      As someone who has participated in sniper training, I'll tell you right now both of them are dead moving that close to enemies in that light of foliage. As someone who also loves video games. Fuck yeah that mission was dope!
      redhedraz 6 dec
    • 9DedAlive
      That grass looks like it’s 5 in tall how tf did they not see them
      9DedAlive 6 dec
    • Squidsmasher
      Modern warfare 2 > any other cod
    • talking_teddy
      Two words: "No Russian"
    • StixSis
      You cannot tell me an army of experienced soldiers would no see a 200+ lbs mound of shrubs crawling across the ground literally 2 feet away from them?
      StixSis 6 dec
    • lightnin636
      I hated and loved this mission at the same time!
    • QuantumAlias
      Great mission, but, how the fuck can they not see a moving pile of grass 2 feet away? It makes more sense to sit still.
    • worrell
      I licked mcmillans ass all the way to safety
      worrell 8 dec
    • RegiumDraco
      Bruh this mission was so stressful the whole way through, the dogs attacking you while you had to carry your buddy had me stressed so bad
    • CaptainMarkD
      Taking me back to when all I ever did was play campaign on repeat for like years. 😂
    • Firearms_Failures_EMT
      i basically just stared into mcmillans butthole the first time i actually got through this. this action of buttfuckery was preceded by 30 minutes of getting shot by russians
    • Credible_Hulk_
      Has anyone else tried to just take them all on and failed miserably?
    • Dougie711
      Remember when, we were excited for the story campaigns
      Dougie711 7 dec
    • sempron9000
      Back when call of duty was great and actually had a story mode
    • ih8denim
      This shit got me sweating every time
      ih8denim 7 dec
    • dukkesilvver
      I miss doing the actual campaign in CoDs I haven't finished one since MW3
    • Minn0w
      Minn0w 6 dec
    • superuser
      This mission made my controller really sweaty
      superuser 6 dec
    • LumberDiesel
      There are probably people out there that claim PTSD after playing these video games.
    • Gollito
      Back when Call of Duty was still good..
      Gollito 6 dec
    • cheesewiz
      Half the people on this app never played this. On the hardest difficulty this level was a bitch!
      cheesewiz 6 dec
    • Stealmemes101
      I stayed on prices asshole that whole convoy
    • Lippitudee
      “Your actions got Cpt McMillan killed.”
      Lippitudee 6 dec
    • MajorLamb
      Playing any mission on that game on veteran is stressful
      MajorLamb 6 dec
    • BinkieMcFartNugget
      They must be blind to not see two guys on the ground
    • NipCoyote
      Back when Call of Duty was a gold pillar.
      NipCoyote 6 dec
    • SoaapySliide
      This mission gave me anxiety levels through the fucking roof
    • ramsay822
      If you ain’t try at least once to take them all on then you’re a bitch
      ramsay822 6 dec
    • MoAkashi
      God, this and the room with all of the TVs when you hunted for Alasad was they HARDEST for 9 yr old me. And the difficulty was recruit/regular, I believe. Jeez, now cod single player campaigns are so repetitive now (and dying?)
      MoAkashi 6 dec
    • ChronicLaugh
      Cod4 best campaign mw2 best multiplayer
    • TTGLKamina
      The best mission ever made in any game
      TTGLKamina 6 dec
    • animegoddess8
      Looking back at this legendary game and then seeing garbage ass black ops 4 with no campaign it’s like wtf
    • JinSeon
      I think MWR is amazing by adding the new trophy for older fans "Changing History" or "Time Paradox" when you shoot makarov
      JinSeon 10 dec
    • da_babadook
    • bergpunch
      This was the best mission ever made. Kinda recreated in spec ops in mw2 but this still took the cake
      bergpunch 9 dec
    • Nico_Boco
      Nico_Boco 9 dec
    • Frnky
      I bet his dick felt great as the tank rolled by
      Frnky 8 dec
    • lildodger23
      How come as a little kid I passed this mission like nothing but now when I replay it it’s a pain in the ass
    • TheSawtoothNomad
      Ok, so apart from the fact those soldier literally have the perceptiveness of a potato, am I the only one who still looks up this mission on YouTube just to get relive nostalgia? This mission and Vendetta from COD:WaW?
    • DarthBob
      Who only sat behind the other guy and follow him bc you too much of a pussy to pick another spot?
      DarthBob 7 dec
    • Akuda
      Holy shit, this game has honestly made me love guns as a kid
      Akuda 7 dec
    • Rootlo
      I remember thinking I could crawl to the edge and getting yelled at "Are you Daft???"
      Rootlo 7 dec
    • MrMemeDeany
      *flashbacks intensify*
    • Spagettiman69
      I failed that shit some many times
    • BigBoiSuccc
      Id sniff his ass all the time
    • CaptainChloroform
      I would always lay down behind one of the trees to the left
    • Shyrug
      What about trying not to go off the road on Mario kart
      Shyrug 7 dec
    • Funkmaster_P
      50,000 people used to live here... now it’s a ghost town
    • dont_subscribe_to_me
      Kids today will not understand how mind blowing was seeing this at e3 for the first time.
    • tydodson13
      Best call of duty ever
      tydodson13 6 dec
    • HarlieGreay
      I sneezed once during this mission and my guy jumped up and then got blown up
    • Nothintoseeheremovealong
      It annoys me that hes moving forward during this
    • Testsubject276
      So are we gonna ignore the fact that the guy in front of him disappeared when he saw his dick.
    • PissedOffWeaboo
      Playing all ghillied up on veteran
    • lewdwaifu_is_subhuman
      This is one instance where real life is way cooler. Real snipers in those scenarios actually measure their movements in inches per hour.
    • ThatNativeKid
      Best COD ever made
    • endmerightnow
      This was a bitch on veteran
    • TheOriginalBlueJacket
      That mission was so stressful the first time you played it
    • Easy_Tech
      The part where you have to hold out for like 5 mins until the heli arrives was a bitch on veteran
      Easy_Tech 6 dec
    • _Reap_
      Oh fuck I’m having PTSD holy shit, my anxiety skyrocketed.
      _Reap_ 6 dec
    • Enlightened_Renegade
      For real. This shit. It took me 4 hours to figure out you could just lay behind the tree on the left.
    • Stumbo
      Back when call of duty was good
      Stumbo 6 dec
    • SpaceBall_1
      Unpopular opinion: all of the call of duty campaigns are fun.
    • __Richtofen__
      Back when call of duty actually tried
    • TeenzHavingFun
      This shit was so unrealistic tho, like irl they would’ve killed you 😂😂
    • EnigmaOmega
      All I remember from that mission is how fucked you'd be if you were spotted
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