• This is adorable :)

    • Yo that’s Steve from Hill House
      ElonSucc 6 dec
      3K 79
    • What is this from
      2.2K 183
    • Doesn’t need a permit as he’s soliciting on his private property. The female cop’s just a bitch.
      135 7
    • "Is this extortion?" "Nah, *describes extortion"
      108 2
    • No, I do not have a permit. but as this is private property, I do not need a permit to sell Items. Further more, your haassing a child. I will choose to persue legal action if you do not stop this act of injustice
      Skeleton_ 6 dec
      19 10
    • It’s funny because female cops always have to over compensate.
      Baker11 6 dec
    • idiot 6 dec
    • Damn, so that’s what Cayde-6 was like before he was an exo huh?
      12 4
    • He doesn’t need a permit he’s on private property
      147tacocat 7 dec
      12 4
    • He doesnt need a permit. He isnt on the sidewalk, he is on private property.
    • He’s extorting cops she’s shaking down a 12 year old
      12 1
    • “You gotta permit to be a bitch?”
      bigdad1135 6 dec
    • content not available more
      SaberChan 6 dec
      13 3
    • You don’t need a permit if it’s on your land
      G4vin 8 dec
      11 5
    • But... why was it thick..
      BeMyChair 8 dec
    • Pulls out a permit
      MajorZeal 7 dec
      11 1
    • It's on his property he doesn't need a permit for small money transactions
      D_pression 8 dec
      10 1
    • Kid: do you have a permit to be on my property? Female cop: Fine *buys another drink* tell us what you know kiddo. Kid: his “thing” is a meth and weed factory down by 5th and Bartha street.
    • Why the fuck was the lemonade thick. Did he put his nut inside of it
    • What a bitch. It’s a fucking dollar just buy the fucking lemonade
    • He doesn't need a permit, he's not making enough, nor is it impacting the immediate market
      Laplace 7 dec
    • You got a permit for that permit
      BCTTF 6 dec
      9 6
    • You got a permit for that question about my permit for this lemonade stand?
      Hexsus 6 dec
    • “Last time I checked there were no federal legislations on stalls placed on private property”
      Stormfang 6 dec
      9 2
    • So she couldn’t just give him an extra dollar? Instead gotta threaten the mans whole business
      Tornatto 6 dec
      9 2
    • What a shitty bitch just give the kid a dollar 😂
    • Except you can't write him a citation because he's on the grass and therefore private property. In which case he can sell whatever the fuck he wants to as long g as it isn't an illegal substance
      9 4
    • Notice that the brown chick hates American values and the white guy doesn't?
      knowaspear 9 dec
      11 4
    • It's on private property, he doesn't need a permit
      8 3
    • Bitch it’s a dollar calm down
      Tankchanka 8 dec
    • its on his mothers property and i bet she gave him consent to place this lemonade stand here
      9 2
    • Oi you got a permit for that permit?
      BeckAndy 7 dec
    • It's a fucking dollar you bitch
      superuser 6 dec
    • Nate Fillion is the one man I'd go gay for
    • The Rookie is actually a pretty decent show
      marfish 6 dec
    • Im very bothered by that thick lemonade
      QualmBalm 6 dec
    • Too bad you dont need a permit if it's on his yard. Dumbass kid, can't believe you fell for that.
      Scootyy 8 dec
    • Edit: Prime example of woman USING the law for power. Especially on a little kid. She technically threatened his ass for throwing big facts at her
    • Its on his property. Is it not legal?
      7 2
    • They can’t ask him for a permit he’s white
    • "No and everything I told you is a lie and admissible in court. I'm a pathological liar, i cant help it" scott fuckin free
    • It’s called free enterprise, bitch, now pay up
      SirSkitter 6 dec
    • I'd give him $5 just on principle. He's got a brain. And he uses it correctly.
      7 1
    • At least the kid understands capitalism
    • Really bitch, you can’t give the kid another dollar?
      8 2
    • The fact that permits are required by law for any type of business is literally fucking tyranny.
      7 1
    • I’m not gay but Nathan fillion is daddy material
      _Orin_ 6 dec
      7 1
    • This is what he’s doing instead of being cayde-6? Smh
      TehCupcake 9 dec
    • The Rookie, like so others can see
      Abadd0n 9 dec
    • Still wondering why the lemonade was thick
      zavianx 7 dec
    • There is always that one bitch..
      Krim3 7 dec
      7 2
    • Oi bruv, you got loicence for this free speech?
      Xacto 7 dec
      6 1
    • She was annoying asf
      nigganight 7 dec
    • Female cops are always the least chill.
      JagSwag97 7 dec
      8 2
    • moral of the story dont be a dick cause there is always a bigger fish
      6 1
    • The police officer must be a jew if she cant give up a dollar lol
      iKarmaJ 6 dec
    • Judge would throw that shit right out the door. You can tell the cool one on the right is a city cop
      rcs3807 6 dec
    • Yea because you can face time for running an unlicensed lemonade stand. Maybe a fine or be shut down which is taking the table inside.
    • Fun fact. If you are operating a business like that in front of your home/on your property its up to the local government to determine if you need a permit or not to operate. Perks of majoring in Admin of Justice.
      Trace117 6 dec
    • All female cops are rights
      Diefunny 6 dec
    • I low key did not want that bitch to win that argument.
    • You shouldn't need a permit for a stand unless you are over 18.
      EnderArmy 6 dec
    • Why the fuck was the lemonade "thick"
      yaboitutu 6 dec
      6 1
    • Damn kid...almost had that shit
      _Risa 6 dec
    • Nathan Fillion is a legend
    • I'm just amazed that in California they're not just teaching this poor child communism
      bgbgiesbg 6 dec
      6 3
    • Nathan Fillion and Buck from Halo 3 ODST are the same ppl, just different universes
    • Nathan Fillion is awesome
    • Ye got a permit for that question
    • Child actors in shows with lines written by adults to make the kid sound way beyond their age are cringey as fuck, and has gotten stale after the first 400 times its been used in movies and shows. Change my mind.
      CodyBill 6 dec
      8 3
    • Thats a good as show. Its called The Rookie and its on hulu. Like so others can see
    • Fuck the police coming straight from the underground
      PHOTO_PHATOM 10 dec
      5 1
    • That ain’t sugar in the lemonade, the neighbor is the supplier
      Aiden24330 9 dec
    • If he knows and doesn’t tell the officer he’s an accomplice.
    • Can’t they just put him in ODST armor
      5 1
    • Rip Cayde 6
      JR_Riddle 7 dec
      5 1
    • Don’t ever try to extort a cop, that’s the real life lesson right there.
      Allzure 7 dec
    • Its on his property so he doesn't need a permit
      Bread_Milk 7 dec
      6 1
    • Thick lemonade? Wtf did he jizz in it?
      binnyboi 7 dec
      5 1
    • For all you Destiny fans out there the guy is Cayde-6
      6 2
    • Authoritarian right vs libertarian right
    • I honestly knew she was gonna say something about having a permit for owning a lemonade stand
    • This was a case years ago. In the US, u don’t need a permit to run a lemonade stand. I don’t know what the full law says, but I know that the case set the precedent for lemonade stands ever since.
    • Oi! You got a loicense for dat sass m8??
    • Girls always screwing up boys
    • Nathan Fillion amazing actor
    • *pulls out gun*
    • *Whips out a permit*
    • That is when he pulls a permit out of his back pocket
    • The permit bitch has come back as a cop, run niggas!!
      5 2
    • Pretty sure you don’t need a permit if it’s being sold on your own land. Correct me if I’m wrong
      AhHellYah 6 dec
      5 3
    • What a right. Just give the kid a dollar, jesus christ.
      5 1
    • You got a permit to be such a bitch?
    • That moment when you would rather throw in a kid in jail than spend $20 yo catch a drug dealer
      infidelNo1 6 dec
      6 4
    • Why tf do you need permit for bissness government can even get anything right the only Barrier of entry should be your ability to run a business and the demand of your product
      6 5
    • What a fucking bitch
    • Oi you got a permit for that permit
      Deodus 6 dec
      5 2
    • You got a license for that permit?
    • Ah Nolan North. R.i.p Cayde-6 ;-;
      5 3
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