• TacticalTemplar
      Imagine being that much of a pussy
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    • PanicMiracle
      Pathetic lol
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    • Da_waiter
      Apparently everyone on this app works 24/7 in an iron factory inside an active volcano forced to wear winter jackets for uniform and are forced boiling water up their noses
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    • exgemini
      Here comes all the people bragging about how they work 10+ hours with no breaks. Let the over dramatic comments begin!!
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    • RiasG
      Pathetic. I’m 8 months old, been working at the same Broken Glass Factory for 16 years, work 9 hour shifts 4 times a day and only get lunch breaks every other Thursday
      RiasG 4d
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    • JockyJ
      Imagine thinking 6 hours is over the top
      JockyJ 4d
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    • thebestestest
      I’m in the military and I don’t shit on people’s jobs. 90% of y’all can’t even stand up for 2 hours without needing to sit or bend your knees. 6 hours of standing with no break in a hot kitchen while doing mindless tasks is tiring.... so much hate
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    • icameinlikeawreckingbowl
      Anyways if you've never had to work a crappy minimum wage job where you're on your feet for several hours at a time, stfu about people being a "pussy" for wanting a fucking break (especially in states where it's illegal to not give your employees a break)
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    • JarJarJamal
      You’re such a pussy bro I work 72 hours a day and don’t even fucking blink.
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    • Kirito_Level_96
      Incoming “I work 72 hours straight without a break and I lift 700 lbs of equipment every second and I haven’t slept in 4 weeks” comments coming in
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    • waisehell
      Y’all trying to brag about your shit shifts when most of you are violating basic health and safety regulations as if it’s something to be proud of. Working 6+ hours with no breaks IS a big deal because it’s a H&S violation you Americans dumbasses that don’t give a shit about basic rules...
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      6 hours? I'm 16 years old and I can work 8 hours straight at mcdonalds without a single break
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    • problematicus
      Everybody in the comments suddenly a coal miner with black lung
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    • BFGDivision
      Yeah I work 172 hours in a week(they make me work in the hyperbolic time chamber sometimes) and my workplace is always -700 degrees and there's also a guy constantly plunging a sword into my chest over and over again. What a pussy amirite?
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    • doug_dimmadork
      Why do conservatives act like you have to work 15 hours without a break otherwise you're a pussy. It's not a contest, not everyone has the same level of work ability or condition. It's required by law in most places that you get a break after working 6 hours because it's almost like work is tiring
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    • hudjabear
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    • justttip
      He is entitled to a 15 min brake after 4 and a half hours it jumps to 30 min after 6 hours i feel like i need to put this on here with how many people are calling him a pussy. Yes he did it a stupid way but just like everyone in America he should be geting a 15 min brake if he chooses to take it
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    • figisaac
      Y’all are fuckin pussies! “Why don’t you try a 12 hour no break shift” I use to do 22 hour shifts 7 days a week as a park ranger, all while I had squirrels constantly grabbing my nuts and spikes inside my shoes and I also wasn’t allowed food and I also lived in texas so it was like 200 degrees
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    • LadyRomana22
      In coming everyone’s story about how they worked for 43hours inside a volcano in a winter jacket with hitler.
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    • Szturm
      Imagine being this much of a bitch made by 12 hour no break gang
      Szturm 5d
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    • starlings
      Yeah nobody cares if you guys worked a 12 hour shift one time 3 years ago lol you can all shut the fuck up
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    • allyouknow
      All these fucks in the comments trying to have a dick measuring contest
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    • dendrobatez
      I do 12-14hr days running a kitchen and don't sit down til the last hour to do my ordering but ya I guess 6hrs frying is rough....
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    • Probably_Retarded
      Wow must be a big boy working 6 whole hours
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    • yeezyslides
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    • legendarynut_432
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    • AppleInc
      And they want $15/hr lololololol
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    • Jim_Pickens
      Imagine thinking 6 hours without a break is tiring
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    • Slipstream
      6 hours? Pussy. Try being a real man and working 23 hours and 59 minutes with no breaks or lunch like I do. Eventually I just gave up on eating food and have transcended to the next level of existence.
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    • NoHomoPolice
      I WoRkeD 25 HouRs WitH a LoT of Poo PoO in my butt whiLe WeLdiNg JELLY BEANS TogEther in the HoT SuN while My FAT NUTS got cAuGht in My Zipper of my jeAnS!!!111 (This comment section rn)
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    • zielinskiwerdna
      Haha only 6 hours? Real life is going to kick him in the ass
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    • DadV9
      6 hours is fucking nothing though that's not even a full work day tf
      DadV9 4d
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    • ArmenianRat
      Pathetic. I work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week carrying up hot lava up a mile long chimney carrying 5 oxygen tanks on my back to breath, and we only get a 5 second break every 25 hours.
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    • iLoveAr15
      Prob his first job welcome to the real world 🌎
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    • montez
      I work 1,299 hours per day 8 days a week with only 1, 2 second lunch break grow up kiddo
      montez 4d
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    • BurningTires
      6 hours with no break? Oh you poor child you haven’t even lived yet
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    • knowaspear
      Gen Z is going to be the last one humanity has.
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    • Sp33dy
      Fuck you dude, you work in a restaurant, if you work in a restaurant you know that there are times you’re gonna work 8-10 hours with no breaks
      Sp33dy 4d
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    • LateNightMemeHour
      Seems like everyone in the comment section is competing to see who is the toughest in regards to their shift hours. Lmao
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    • CaptTokken
      Bitch try 11 hour shift and no breaks
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    • A_SauerKraut
      You don't get a break in most places unless you work a 7-8 hour shift minimum. 4-6 hour shifts aren't that physically taxing, and you will not survive an actual career if you can't handle that.
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    • meme_queen06
      Try working a 12 hour nursing shift in the ER on New Years.
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    • I_am_Beowolf
      6 hours? I bet you make your mother peel and cut your grapes
      smile 7 reply 2
    • a43gallaher
      Wow six whole hours ! And let me guess rich people are evil
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    • JokerzHitman
      Yeah I get that six hours doesn't sound like a lot. But like, fast food is fucking crazy sometimes. I've done worse and been fine. But in the right conditions, like sleep deprivation, dehydration, sickness, any combination of things like that. I could see that happening for sure
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    • Gannicus_
      Look at all these people posting how many hours they work like anyone cares.
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    • keiome
      Everyone in the comments bragging about not getting breaks at work like that's somehow a good thing?? No, Steven, working 10 hours with no breaks is not something to brag about. Stop acting like shitty work conditions are a badge of honor. You're being taken advantage of.
      keiome 5d
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    • JorahTarth
      Oh my god 6 whole hours, how did you keep the sand out of your vagina the entire time.
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    • Verteidiger
      Incoming butthurt niggas sayin they work 30 hour days with no breaks
      smile 8 reply 1
    • muzzard105
      I work 10-13 hours no break
      smile 7 reply 9
    • HeyItsShea
      smile 7
    • zombiebagels
      How about 12 hour swing shifts? 16 hours as a CO? you make burgers kid.
      smile 7 reply 3
    • riverapena77
      Bitch, work in an actual restaurant where you're there for 10 hours with no possible hope of a break only to start another 10 hour shift in 6 hours cause you gotta open.
      smile 7 reply 1
    • lil_weezycrowbar
      Look at all these big strong mans in this comment section. My panties are soaked through.
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    • Atomic_
      Everyone bragging about how much they work "Oh I work 1469 hours straight in -50°C weather with no breaks blah blah blah." Every consider he may be a full time student as well? At least he is working, and not at home playing video games on state benefits. Seriously, stop being so pretentious.
      smile 10 reply 2
    • Rexgoliath54
      This comment section is equivalent to who’s bag was heavier in elementary.
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    • solidchainss
      Awwwwww 6 hours no break let's try 12 to 14 hours you lil bitch
      smile 7 reply 3
    • DatUnfunnyDudeWithAutism
      boo hoo 6 hours with no breaks
      smile 8
    • Demigod_of_Poseidon_13
      I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve a break I’m just saying he’s a pussy ass drama queen for doing that dumb shit. Grow up man. Work sucks we all know that
      smile 7
    • DeezNutsWasAlreadyTaken
      6 hours isnt shit
      smile 6
    • ShadowLord562
      Yeah, everyone, you are required to take a break. People sue companies over like that and to avoid it, they've made rules. You either were not told about it or choose not to. As far as i know, by law, you should be taking 2, 10 min paid and 30 unpaid. Luckily my company gives an hour and an extra 10
      smile 6 reply 3
    • ExRequiem
      All these people bragging about having their rights violated because it makes them "real men". Fucking lmao.
      smile 7
    • Ecofash
      “Yeah I work in a coal mine 19 hours no breaks, you’re basically a pussy” how about shut the fuck up, 6 hours without a break sucks no matter how much of a badass y’all think you are
      smile 6
    • Raphtalia_lewds
      Mate 6 hours is normal.
      smile 6
    • wtbwhi
      What a pussy, I’ve jammed concrete up a chute to keep our curbing machine going for 8 hours with no food or water in 90 degree weather
      wtbwhi 4d
      smile 6 reply 4
    • LordDND
      I work in Industrial X-ray. I can go 10-15 hours without a break because of what my job entails. This boy a little bitch.
      smile 6 reply 8
    • Theprayingmantis
      I once fake fainted at work just because Taco Bell's AC was down in August and I worked grill. It wasn't the reason though, I just knew I could blame that so I took my opportunity. I was 16, it was Saturday, I wanted to be playing football with the boys at the field. I was a little shit.. Worked tho
      smile 6
    • RepublicaMexicana
      The comment section is literally just a measuring contest of who’s minimum wage job can take advantage them the most.
      smile 6
    • Shoto_Brodoroki
      Apparently the comments are gatekeeping stress and exhaustion now
      smile 6
    • oOSilentOReverieOo
      The people making fun of him have clearly never seen a whataburger line.
      smile 6
    • KingOedipus
      6 hours? Jesus christ, I'm a chef working 12-15 hours daily
      smile 6 reply 3
    • PoIiceOfficer
      Self employed, I sit in sweatpants and a hoodie in an ice cold room at my desk. yes. yES. YESS. UH-YEA-EEEEEEEEEES
      smile 6 reply 3
    • Legalize_Cocaine
      Haha try working construction for 10 plus hours
      smile 7
    • Rocksalter
      Lmao fuckin pussy. I work 8 years a day shoveling hot coals with a plastic spoon with 6 barbels hanging from my nutsack. Grow up.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • MrYolo420JDM
      Some of y’all have never worked a 10 hour day and it shows
      smile 6
    • AverageCitizenNo37
      Wow, 6 whole hours. Wuss.
      smile 6
    • BootieInspectuh
      These are the people who demand a higher wage
      smile 6
    • ProfesorJirafales
      6 hours u kidding me? No one is forcing you at gunpoint to keep this job. If you cant handle it just quit and don’t be a lil bitch!
      smile 7 reply 2
    • tuwanda_the_avenger
      All these dumbasses playing the " my shift is longer with no breaks, so I win " game ... Nice way of bragging about being taken advantage of, you might call this guy a pussy, but at least he fights for his labor rights
      smile 7 reply 4
    • LibertyPrime__
      6 hours? This kid is a bitch
      smile 6
    • Meoo
      Y'all dumbasses don't know your rights. They can't work you that many hours with no breaks.
      Meoo 5d
      smile 6 reply 22
    • Holdupallthehaters101
      Bitch, I’ve worked at a fry station for 12 hours with only a 10 minute break at chick fil a on a busy Saturday. You shut your whining ass up
      smile 6
    • lordfadooboo
      Isn’t the regular time 4 hours for one break?.... so you worked two extra hours..... such a great work ethic. I’d be on your side if it was say 8 hours with no break because I’m pretty sure they are required to give you 15 minute breaks every 4 hours and a 30 minute unpaid lunch break for 8 hours.
      smile 7 reply 5
    • WanderingDogmeat
      Lmao I’ve done a 12 hour kitchen shift in actual restaurant with only a few minute smoke break like once or twice. These pussy ass kids in fast food need to grow up and work a real restaurant job for once
      smile 6 reply 1
    • thelegend505
      smile 6 reply 1
    • capnkickass
      6 hours??? no break??? Welcome to life bitch
      smile 6
    • GigaChip
      Ooooh wow 6 hours what a sweatshop poor widdle you
      smile 6
    • BiggestL
      To those of y’all saying he’s a pussy, the law requires a break every 6 hours
      smile 7 reply 11
    • EyesOfTheGuardsmen
      Alright guys, we get it. All of y'all be out there like little Tae, layin bricks since y'all was seven, we get it. Let the pussy be a pussy cause fast food places suck cock and are essentially more dramatic high schools.
      smile 6 reply 2
    • E100
      Thats why they pay whinny fags like you minimum wage, boohoo i am teen full of energy and i cant function 6 straight hours with no breaks
      E100 5d
      smile 6
    • Sausage
      every big tough boy commenting their super hard job to get online gratification rn
      smile 6 reply 1
    • the_dildozer76
      “I want $15 an hour but faint if I work more than 6 hours without a break.” Iconic.
      smile 6
    • UnexpectedOtter
      When you post a video thinking it's funny then anyone that has worked hard puts you on blast for being a pussy
      smile 6
    • Billothy
      Ok I understand being tired and upset they didn't give you a break but honestly thats taking it too far. Grow up and do your work, and if it's a common occurrence that they dont give you breaks then either talk to them or quit.
      smile 6 reply 4
    • Skeletor_EvilLord
      That’s actually so pathetic, I’m 15 and I’d be grateful if I was being paid to be there even if it was for 6 hours which isn’t much
      smile 5
    • FlubbyNippleTwist
      This generation is turning into a bunch of fucking pussies
      smile 5
    • That13guy
      Obviously you’ve never worked at McDonald’s.
      smile 5
    • thejrg4
      Pussy try 12 hour shifts with no brakes while saving lives and dealing with crazy fucks and that’s on the lower end
      smile 7
    • TheNegativeguy
      Guess you cant get a real job then because you're a little bitch
      smile 5
    • Revelator
      Lmao I work 27 hours 9 days a week without a break and this kid can't work 6 hours straight? Pathetic.
      smile 8
    • Alex_Valdez_
      Pussy. Can’t handle a 6 hour shift lol
      smile 5
    • torgthegreat
      Great work ethic, kid
      smile 5
    • StoryGiver
      All these people in the comments bragging about how they let their employers violate their rights as workers like its a good thing smdh
      smile 5 reply 6
    • spank_me_grandma
      Wow, I can’t imagine standing and taking frys out the fryer for six hours. You poor thing!
      smile 7
    • Aziatsky
      let me tell u about the army...
      smile 5 reply 1
    • BananaMam
      6 hours ? Lol I went 9 hours and they decided to give me a 5 minute break... I clocked out and never came back
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Hoover2
      Try being deployed, 12 hours in 120 degree heat is not fun. Especially when you work every single day.
      smile 5
    • autisticdankmemes420
      I’ve literally never even slept in my life what a pussy lol
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Sunshiny_Person
      I work at a pharmacy and we do 13 hours without breaks... 🤷🏻‍♀️
      smile 5 reply 5
    • unknownintheeyes
      You don’t get breaks the often in the food industry, if the restaurant busy you busy, if you want breaks work in retail or at a grocery store.
      smile 5 reply 4
    • Okay_now_im_triggered
      Here comes: “I wOrk 17 hOuRs a dAy sO stOp cOmPlaiNiNg”
      smile 6
    • HawkeyeKills
      smile 7
    • the__crow
      Oh no! Poor baby working for 6 hours in a row! Grow up
      smile 5 reply 3
    • afronash
      I just worked 8 hours without breaks. Is that worse than 6 hours? Yes. Is 6 hours without breaks still unnacceptable and shitty becuase you need to give your employees breaks? Yes. Just because its worse for you doesnt mean its not bad for them. Dont shit on the employee shit on the employer
      smile 6
    • A7XDrummer
      Oh no, 6 straight hours? Wow. And I though my 12 hour no-break shift was bad
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Cinabonn
      And these mfs are wanting $15 an hour
      smile 5
    • Ororo_Munroe
      Everyone in this comment section is having a competition of who’s boss is worse
      smile 5
    • grizzy_63
      Lol dude people work 12+ without a break
      smile 5
    • Shad0w_Hunter
      Everyone calling this guy a pussy I hope you guys enjoy those long as shifts with no breaks working for people who don't care about you, making shit money, having little impact on other and feeling unfulfilled...a job like that isn't worth it for me personally
      smile 5 reply 4
    • Marksmen244
      Nigga I just worked a 9 hour shift with one 3 minute smoke break I dont wanna hear it
      smile 5 reply 1
    • CirceDeVeaux
      Ok, y’all laugh, but I’ve been 6 hours into a 10 hour shift with nothing other than a two minute bathroom break, and I just wanted to drop dead. No food, no water, Plus if it’s summer and he’s at the fry station he’s probably sweating his ass off.
      smile 5
    • MikisaTakanawa
      I one worked a 17hr shift that was from 2pm to 7am then next morning. I only had one 30 minute break in the middle. I also had a shift that started from 10pm and ended 4pm the next day. This was when I worked at McDonald’s inside Walmart. We we short staffed quite often.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • DankMemeCentral
      Doctors working for 10-20 hours at a time: “really nigga?”
      smile 5
    • Lucifer_Bishop
      I've been in the military and worked night shift and 50 hour and 60 hour work weeks, and all I have to say is this comment section is cancerous
      smile 5 reply 2
    • tail
      Literally everyone in this comment section thinks they're hot shit for working 14+ fucking hours without a break. Lmao most o' y'all are kids, you haven't even gotten your first job. I can smell all that bullshit
      tail 5d
      smile 5 reply 10
    • Thatguy120
      A lot of you might be complaining on how much of a sissy he is but he looks young like if he’s 15 or 16 or so, so technically it’s illegal to let a minor work that long without breaks
      smile 5
    • 9ElevendidBush
      Breaks? Hahaha what a fucking pussy i work 10 hour shifts with no breaks ever on my feet the entire time
      smile 6 reply 3
    • Moonflash95
      Try 18 hours of Construction without a break then talk to everyone
      smile 5
    • SwollenHoleEmptyBag
      Lmao at all these people acting tough cause they think it’s “unmanly” to take breaks
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Kermit2020
      Six hours? You poor fucking thing.
      smile 5
    • doug_dimmadork
      Conservatives be like: wow what a pussy I worked 17 hours outside digging dirt with my fingernails I sure love being raped by my company that underpays me and subjects me to horrible working conditions. I'm such a hero and an intellect
      smile 8 reply 8
    • youknowmarcos8
      Y’all never done construction before .
      smile 5
    • Porch_Monkey69
      I thought you get banned for showing your pussy on iFunny?
      smile 5
    • ayehugo
      everyone complaining about the person complaining for getting no break is just as dumb. so you'd rather go in and work like a slave for a place that probably doesn't give a shit about you when there are laws (depending on your state) that give you the right to get breaks and lunch?
      smile 6 reply 14
    • stfuandsleep
      6 hours?! Omg, don’t be such a pussy.
      smile 5
    • demonassassin52
      I've done 12 hour shifts at a factory manager without a break. Imagine being this weak.
      smile 5
    • Im_aquaman
      Why do people always flex their financial struggles on people, like no one cares that you have to work 12 hours to scrape by. Or that you’re so broke you took a nap for dinner. Or whatever dumb shot y’all say.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • ksubijeans
      6 hours no break thats nothing
      smile 5
    • StarChampion
      6 hours? Dude, some people who work at restaurants have gone 14 hours
      smile 5
    • lNFlNITY
      10 hour shift gang amiright fellas?
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Freakshow116
      I worked a 21 hour shift with no breaks once. Ate 3 chicken biscuit meals when I got off, then slept for 10 hours
      smile 5
    • deepfrybanana
      6 hours? So lazy. I’ve gone 8 without fapping we all suffer to ctfd
      smile 5
    • RubberDuckyTF2
      I worked 10 hours before and didn't take any breaks
      smile 6 reply 2
    • Triggify
      Am I the only one who usually tries to skip their break so they get paid more? I mean it's not like minimum wage jobs are very demanding
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Godzchozen02
      If you’re under 16, you can’t work longer than 4 hours without a break. You can press charges if they force you to work longer.
      smile 5 reply 5
    • Sydviciousness
      Wait until you have a 12 hour holiday shift at Amazon
      smile 5
    • AnxiousNarcissist
      Only 6? Bruh I've done 12 hour shifts outside in the summer with a 15 minute water break and I'm a little girl, man the fuck up.
      smile 8
    • hollyduck
      Oh come on. I was 7 months pregnant and working 10 hour shifts with no breaks on my feet all day 🤷🏻‍♀️
      smile 5 reply 2
    • DontYouHaveALife
      Let's be honest, this guy is smart. I bet whataburger has a policy on break times. So let's say he does fall out without his break, he could probably get a pretty hefty settlement.
      smile 5
    • fingham1
      You’re that lazy? 6 hours? You do realize that a normal work day is 8, right?
      smile 5
    • SatiricalTree_
      You can never mention anything about work without some loser commenting how he works 80 hours a week with 25 hour days
      smile 6 reply 4
    • HumorousDailyy
      some of you are dumb as fuck. you NEED to have a break if you work over 6 hours. ITS ILLEGAL if you don’t give them one, get that thru your thick skull. and it’s still a job working there, he’s making money, THATS CALLED A JOB
      smile 7 reply 17
    • HereToTriggerYou
      "6 hrs is weak!" -Says people I can probably guess are unemployed by these comments
      smile 5 reply 5
    • kagami45
      ...6 hours? Bitch try 12 and 13
      smile 5
    • Sygnious
      "bro I have it way worse than you so that means you can't complain about hating your job. U don't even know what it's like to be me. Listen to me. Feel my pain." Grow the fuck up guys😂
      smile 6 reply 5
    • creepsy
      Six hours? Six fucking hours? Try 16 ya fast food BITCH
      smile 5 reply 2
    • SlaughterSquad
      What a little bitch
      smile 5
    • FuckinBuck
      I’m actually just barely getting done with an 18 and a half hour shift with no breaks. . . Granted it’s at a residential treatment center and not a fast food place but still, fake fainting over 6 hours of work is a pussy move
      smile 7
    • Gotha
      Imagine getting mad at someone for wanting a break (that they’re entitled to by labor laws) and calling them a pussy because they want to eat lunch lmao
      Gotha 5d
      smile 5 reply 8
    • FalafelWaffle
      Everyone flexing their long ass shifts. You know what’s really impressive? Making that same money in a normal 8-5 or 9-5 so you still have time to yourself. Overworking isn’t impressive, it’s just sad.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • JasonGauss
      I work for 10 hours a day for 5 days and on Friday I work 8 hours. This guy is a fucking pussy.
      smile 5 reply 7
    • Delta07
      6 hours without a break is not hard lmao
      smile 5
    • NotMyFault97
      May the "1 Up" fest begin
      smile 5
    • Juan_IsHigh
      you’re a failure of a human
      smile 5
    • Member__berries
      I've done 8 and 10 hour block shifts
      smile 5
    • kbellavm
      Try 14 with no breaks and no ac and then talk to me
      smile 5 reply 2
    • cykablyat16
      I don’t think he was actually tired, I think he’s fucking with them because they broke the law.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • LadyRomana22
      Everyone rn: I worked 14 years non-stop fighting keeping the gates of hell closed with just my penis ..PuSsY !
      smile 6 reply 1
    • The_Christmas_Chad
      No one seems to realise being over a grill for over 6 hours no breaks can cause dehydration or Idk actually make you weak and/or pass out. It is just a basic fact. Sometimes the human body poops out on ya
      smile 5 reply 2
    • RasinBranFetish
      This comment section is just douche macho bros bragging about having abhorrent jobs
      smile 6
    • BananaHammmock
      If you can’t handle 6 hours w/o a break in an entry level job then you’re doomed if you get a real job
      smile 5
    • Mr_biscuits
      6 hours isn’t even that long
      smile 5
    • PeachesAndHeroin
      “This isn’t that bad!” Says the child that’s never had to work
      smile 5 reply 1
    • xRumbleKidx
      Please don’t let this reflect all of Texas. This is clearly a yuppie who needs a refresher on the ranch. Ha.
      smile 6
    • Belles_etoiles
      Everybody saying 6?? Like it isn't the law or something. Not everybody needs a break if they work 6 hours but if you work over that and want one and they don't give it to you they're breaking the law
      smile 5 reply 3
    • AlwaysTiredClub
      Me big man. Me work longer hours. You pussy.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • KingPeasant
      It was Friday and I had a hot date later on. It was before shift turnover when my relief called in sick. Manager said I had to stay over to cover the grill. Yeah right! Got fired the next day. Owners loved me, hired me back! Date went well, married her.
      smile 6 reply 3
    • meganmurray77
      Omg I’m a nurse and I do 16 hour shifts. Pussy
      smile 5
    • Micro_World
      Try working 36 hours a day with no bathroom or lunch breaks 9 day a week.
      smile 5 reply 3
    • SugarValencia
      its illegal to work more than 5 hours without a break in food service and illegal to work more than 8 hours without a break in any other job so either all yall are liars with ya 12 hour no break shifts or ya employers be breakin the law
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Belfry
      idk why everyone’s calling this man a pussy. He did wrong and it was a bitch move to his coworkers but everyone getting their dicks sweaty because “I work 19 hrs at the steel mill fuck this guy” sounds more annoying
      Belfry 5d
      smile 5
    • Hardcore_Gaming
      What a bunch of tryhards in this chat
      smile 5
    • LughSamildanach
      Wow, imagine thinking that six hours is a long time to work.
      smile 5
    • angelusmortis745
      Yeah there are plenty of people that work way harder jobs with no breaks. Hell I work 12-14 hr shifts. Now most of the days I do get some breaks. But a lot of times we don't. But there are much worse. Nurses, ER docs and such. Glad they don't fake faint like a pussy
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Mordake
      I love how the comments became a competition about who works harder
      smile 5
    • SomeSoap
      I pulled 16 at McDonald’s with no break, 0/10 don’t be a pussy
      smile 6
    • Can3lo
      6 hours no break? Pussy
      Can3lo 5d
      smile 5
    • BlueGreenGlue
      Yeah flipping those burgers must have really taken it out of you
      smile 5
    • EmmanuelRojas99
      Wow more than 6 hours...
      smile 4
    • DroppinWoesOnYa
      I have officially lost all hope for these kids...
      smile 4
    • T_W_D__fan
      Worked at McDonald’s and can say fry duty is by far the easiest job and the only time that is someone’s only job is when they’re new or we are over staffed
      smile 4
    • Umidkwhatimdoing
      Why does everyone keep calling him a snowflake, it's policy to receive a break after 6 hours, plus he faked a faint it wasn't real but it'll really look bad if osha saw it
      smile 4
    • logantheawesome
      Boohoo I can’t have a break from standing for 6 hours, I work non stop all 8 hours I’m at work and often work up to 12 hours when needed, people need to grow the fuck up and stop being such bitches
      smile 4
    • OneOfTwoGenders
      I'm from Wisconsin whats a Whataburger
      smile 4 reply 6
    • Squidwards_hopes_n_dreams
      You’re a pussy if you pass out at 6 hours of work.
      smile 5
    • DOTC_RedActual
      Fake fainting at Whataburger? Whatabitch
      smile 4
    • gsxstigtr
      Hahahahaha, what a pussy. Try the military. 24hr CQ shift, No break, if you didn't bring food, that's on your dumb ass.
      smile 4 reply 5
    • NerdExpress
      Its not like he is doing anything important. Just helping fat people stuff their fat faces. Let the kid have a break. The lard bodies can wait.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Rustypug
      I have 7-8 hour shifts and half the time i choose not to take breaks because i hate how backed up shit can get
      smile 4 reply 2
    • theDeadDice
      First of all you work at Whataburger
      smile 5
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