• Big_Real74
      They're raising that kid right
      smile 8.7K reply 135
    • Lamest_Ever
      I want to fight that kid
      smile 5.6K reply 723
    • tangowithmymangos
      The fact that she can remember all those lyrics so accurately at a young age astounds me
      smile 814 reply 16
    • _lit
      Girls don’t make Freddy Mercury smile.
      _lit 11d
      smile 15 reply 6
    • Koinobori
      She’s getting the pitches right better than 95% of the people who actually try to sing this song 😂
      smile 12
    • gtfu
      She head banged we’re good
      gtfu 10d
      smile 12
    • beautiful_memeiness
      There are two kinds of people in top comment
      smile 12
    • chickmail
      Whoever is raising this kid is giving me hope for the future generation.
      smile 12
    • Legend_Of_Jojo
      When this post is beautiful
      smile 11
    • Nigerianprinternt
      To anyone who says shes annoying or "how to identify an autist"... shes fucking 2 or 3. Shes singing a song she likes??? Shes the at the most innocent and oure time of her life.. why are you bashing on a kid who can sing better than you? Lmao
      smile 11 reply 2
    • syntieniel
      100% that kid is British bc of her teeth
      smile 11
    • Tehflooosh
      👆🏾 two different types of People
      smile 10
    • ______hh
      I really hate how this app dickrides Freddy Mercury. Stop. You fuck with good things so much to the point where they're annoying. Example: Marvel is ruined partially because of this app.
      smile 10 reply 1
    • SaltyDogYT
      Why does it say police
      smile 9 reply 1
    • Spongebob0
      This isn’t cute... It’s annoying.
      smile 12 reply 3
    • ElPsyCongro0
      smile 9
    • Craigisepic420
      Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to dis
      smile 9
    • CCR777
      Too bad Freddie Mercury had fucking AIDs
      CCR777 10d
      smile 9
    • fartmonster6
      Okay cool but can she play through the fire and the flames on expert 100%?
      smile 9
    • RussianSpy1098
      She’s more cultured on music than the majority of the kids in my school
      smile 9 reply 1
    • little_green_boi
      yall r gay for hating some random 3 year old for singing a fuckin song jesus christ
      smile 11 reply 2
    • MyEyeess
      She looks familiar🧐
      smile 8
    • voot
      voot 8d
      smile 8
    • AviKaplan
      I thought the title said “this girl has a smile that looks like Freddie Mercury’s” and I immediately looked at her teeth.
      smile 8
    • R6S_RecruitLips
      Something about her teeth makes me uncomfortable, I feel like I'm going to wake up with sleep paralysis one night and she's gonna slither out of the darkness and start eating me alive and I won't be able to do anything to stop it oh god someone please help me
      smile 8 reply 1
    • mistieria
      She knew more of that song by heart than when I was her age, all I sang was the Galileo part...cute
      smile 8
    • nosimaj4
      Already calling she's gonna be on Ellen
      smile 8 reply 1
    • _Beep_Beep_Lettuce
      The two top comments are very different
      smile 8
    • UrGEIVXX
      That girl knows the words to the song better than me what a champion.
      smile 8 reply 2
    • EthnicPickle
      those are 2 very contrasting top comments
      smile 8
    • BiGcHu
      The best part was when the kid started head banging
      BiGcHu 10d
      smile 8
    • PetMeImFluffy
      Honestly that was impressive for someone that young
      smile 8
    • Cute_Flowers_And_Stuff
      To all the people hating on a 3 year old... You're making fun of a 3 year old
      smile 8 reply 2
    • Damaged_Tomato
      *sniff* Theres still hope in this world
      smile 8
    • yopert
      they are doing that child right having her listen to real music instead of today’s filth
      yopert 11d
      smile 11 reply 2
    • adrianbob
      Two very strong different opinions
      smile 7
    • nrios2208
      The fact that a kid that doesn’t know how to read but still knows all of bohemian rhapsody has restored my faith in humanity
      smile 7
    • got_any_grapes
      two types of people^
      smile 7
    • Grassclippings
      I imagine Freddie mercury would say something like: "well shes got heart but her voice is bloody dreadful isnt it"
      smile 7 reply 1
    • RazoTation
      I kinda skimmed the words and thought it said Freddy crouger. To say the least i was very confused
      smile 7
    • AshCat
      Honestly tho, if that kid is only that age and can say the words super clear like that, with a gist for the right tones and pitches, she's gonna be one hell of a singer as she gets older. Smart kid.
      AshCat 10d
      smile 8 reply 1
    • ExCubic
      Mamaaaa just killed a man, put my gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he’s Deeaaad, Mamaaaa life has juuuust begun.. but now I’ve thrown it all awaaayy.. MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
      ExCubic 10d
      smile 7
    • samsam05
      Very good ?! That s*** was on point she was awesome
      smile 7
    • VitaminWhy
      Honestly very impressive just for memorization
      smile 7
    • BadMeyMeys
      in 14 years that’s gonna be the funniest shit ever for the parents
      smile 7
    • napper2
      She knew the words better than I did
      napper2 11d
      smile 7
    • BroccoliHeadAss
      You can tell she can hear it in her head tho
      smile 7
    • AlphaSomething
      *Uncocks gun* "Very good"
      smile 7
    • prestone222
      Anyone else start fuckin head banging with her
      smile 7
    • dharris92
      This is nice...maybe ifunny should make an iwholesome app.
      smile 6
    • PlatinumWyatt
      Yeah too bad he died from AIDS
      smile 6
    • DaRealJakePaul
      Just saying, she was mumbling most of the time and the subtitles were just aides
      smile 7 reply 1
    • PhattyBallz
      I bet that mom played that song for like 5 years straight just so she could say her little kid knows the song
      smile 6
    • 5arah
      And the world grew quiet. Those who had lost faith shivered in shame, “How could we be so blind?” From the savages rose a savant. From the savant rose new hope.
      5arah 9d
      smile 7 reply 3
    • Little_Greenis
      Mom can we listen to another song pls?!? Hailey, NO!! You are going to learn this song so we can put it online dammit. Now sing it!
      smile 6
    • RobADobBobDaSlob
      The Bohemian Rhapsody Kids Bop Edition
      smile 6 reply 1
    • DrunkenChild
      The fuck’d you just say to me you little shit
      smile 6 reply 2
    • Bongo
      too bad he died of having too much gay in his veins
      Bongo 10d
      smile 6 reply 4
    • LilPeepAndDepression
      This kids taste in music is going to be lit when she grows up
      smile 6
    • AmpleEggplant
      I think a needle full of heroin and a guys asshole would have made him smile more
      smile 6
    • BatsyBatsyBatsy
      This child will go places. Well done to the parents.
      smile 6 reply 5
    • Thickgirllover
      Wow she fucking killed it
      smile 6
    • NegroFagray
      Gotta love the head banging
      smile 6
    • mtb1126
      TC’s are neutral good and chaotic evil respectively
      mtb1126 10d
      smile 7
    • Shoelacy
      For her age I'm impressed. Most kids her age can't remember songs that well.
      smile 6
    • SubTyper6969
      Bruhhh I read Freddy Kruger wtffffffffff it’s morning time
      smile 6
    • xSPADED_Julian
      I know 18 year olds that have never even heard of queen and I’m like what in the literal fuck is wrong with you. It’s honestly amazing especially with the recent spike in queen’s popularity
      smile 7
    • Fluffy_the_Reaper
      faith in the next generation is restored^^ also, i totally heard the original in my head while watching this
      smile 7
    • JohnBonhamsRightFoot
      Stairway to heaven > bohemian rhapsody. Don’t @ me
      smile 7 reply 1
    • eugenethewoman
      I’m a huge queen fan. But I cannot listen to this song without wanting to shove chopsticks in my ears to deafen myself. The sheer ptsd of freshmen year where hundreds of my peers sang this song at a level which could and should only be classified as a CIA torture tactic causes my heart to race.
      smile 6
    • Ranch_Dubois
      Retard fucked up the lyrics
      smile 9
    • Yanny19
      This kid knows the lyrics better than me
      Yanny19 10d
      smile 6
    • jacobHawes
      Damn she has a bigger vocabulary than most people
      smile 6
    • stupidguywithstupidname
      if the movie bohemian rhapsody taught me anything.... fuck paul
      smile 6 reply 2
    • TheDallasFuel
      She even got the head bang 😭
      smile 6
    • bigdickderyl
      This is why we have kids listen to bohemian rhapsody and not wheels on the bus
      smile 6
      My heart is SCREAMING.
      smile 6
    • cesarc5
      Damn she remembers all the lyrics and I can't even remember what I was told 5 minutes ago
      cesarc5 11d
      smile 6
    • DeathMetal54
      She knows more lyrics than I do OOF
      smile 6 reply 1
    • mannyf209
      Our country future is save
      smile 6
    • Ask_Detective127
      That head bang tho
      smile 5
    • Philip___Fry
      Honestly her understanding of pitch isn’t nearly as bad as I’d expect from someone that young. She might have a decent chance of being a good singer if she gets proper training
      smile 5
    • jayzk
      The fact she could memorize those words at a young age makes me feel like a pleb
      jayzk 6d
      smile 5
    • RushBVadim
      I hate kids and this put a smile on my face, such a little legend.
      smile 5
    • harriboi
      they got the same teeth
      smile 5
    • thepriceHepaid
      My wife is pregnant with our first baby girl, and I am so excited to meet her and watch her discover the world around her. I love videos like these
      smile 6 reply 7
    • volleyballer08
      Y’all notice the thing she holding says police? She an undercover cop.
      smile 5
    • bassmasster95
      Raising her on good music
      smile 5
    • Johnathan_Marston
      Smart kid. Ik she's repeating a song but she's repeating GOOD VOCABULARY
      smile 5
    • MrPostman64
      Freddie didn't like girls though
      smile 6
    • Birdmaskgamer
      First time seeing this
      smile 5
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