• Evilsquirrel0573
      That is not a safe place for baby!!!
      smile 5.4K reply 89
    • HenbaneDeputy
      Is that a new car mod?
      smile 2.5K reply 39
    • R3GR3T1NGL1FE
      Imagine the air bag going off and launching a fur missile at your face
      smile 8 reply 3
    • sanzcharlitte
      I wish they could stay that cute and tiny forever 😭 now mine just eats all my headphones like a dick! I'm talking to you Nuna you goddamn thundercunt headphone eating monster
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Wepwop
      Till you get in a fucking car accident
      Wepwop 4d
      smile 7
    • Dustyright
      left hand on the steering wheel right hand on that pussy
      smile 6
    • NetherHailey
      Currently going 65 mews per hour
      smile 6
    • _Volunteer_
      Kitter does a violate road safety laws
      smile 6
    • mommy2
      Don't you dare fucking crash
      mommy2 5d
      smile 6
    • AngieBerk
      My vehicle doesn’t have one of those. Is this something I can special order coz seriously, I need one in my life.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • MannyQuinn
      I took my cat to the vet to get neutered yesterday and it died from the anastasia shot 3 minutes after the injection.......RIP Castro
      smile 5 reply 5
    • Zachthefrog
      Get in a car crash and I'll only go to the kittens funeral
      smile 5
    • ManBearThing
      Cop: do you know how fast you where going driver: no there is a kitten blocking my speedometer. Cop: oh... Nevermind carry on
      smile 5
    • RepubRepo
      This could turn into a cat-tastrophe real quick
      smile 5
    • MrCasualBanana
      Probably the least safe place for a small kitten but ok
      smile 5
    • shreck_iz_life_
      If I fits, I sits
      smile 5
    • parm89
      That's animal cruelty. Making the cat ride around in a Dodge.
      parm89 2d
      smile 5
    • Rarifag
      Cats > dogs
      smile 4 reply 1
    • DrPepper420
      Officer: Ma’am do you know how fast you were going? Driver: Oh you gotta be kitten me... BaHAhAHahaHA ....Yh I’m sorry, I’ll show myself out.
      smile 4
    • skyeshane
      that cat is in a crumple zone if she got hit head on the cat would die
      smile 4
    • CosmicPineapple
      If I fits, I sits.
      smile 4
    • shuck_mike_hawk
      Woman goes for a drive and rubs her Pusey
      smile 4
    • the_wock
      Just waiting for him to turn on his right blinker
      smile 4 reply 3
    • tristanshippey
      MPH miles purr hour
      smile 4
    • lovelife19
      Until he falls and winds up under the brake pedal and you have that decision to make.
      smile 4
    • BrooklynZoo
      The homie is all cute and cuddly until a car crash and young boy flys out the damn window
      smile 4
    • probably_a_communist
      If they crash that cat bouta become squished between the display and the steering wheel
      smile 4
    • JayJayAG
      That cat is so chill
      smile 4
    • endIessfun
      Hit a bump
      smile 4
    • Coyotl
      Until it slips and falls behind the brake pedal
      Coyotl 5d
      smile 4
    • MisterSoftOwl
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Alexthewolf69
      They're evolving past the keyboard sitting, nobody's safe anymore
      smile 4
    • SchizophrenicNinjaTurtle
      That adds an extra 500 kitten power at least
      smile 4
    • The_Masked_Man_
      Until he changes the gear shift mid drive and all of a sudden you’re driving in reverse
      smile 4 reply 5
    • JRR_the_balrog_of_morgoth
      Comfy cat, comfy cat, does whatever a comfy cat does
      smile 4
    • theflyboy
      Cute until it’s tail or paw gets caught in the steering wheel then it’ll be “oh the humanity” when this bitch plows through a playground.
      smile 4
    • jaybaby08
      I wish my cat was this comfortable riding in a car. All she does is cry the whole time
      smile 4
    • porcelainvanity
      So that’s what they mean by distracted driving. Here I thought they was talking about cell phones. Makes total sense now.
      smile 4
    • Heroditus
      A friend of mine was driving with her dog in the car and she got in a crash and her dog died. Please don't put pets in your car unless they are in a crate or a special seat to protect those precious babies!
      smile 6 reply 3
    • Braden2001
      It’s all fun and games until he gets launched through the windshield
      smile 5
    • funny_account0
      Hot teen plays with pussy while driving
      smile 4
    • kimberly_sue
      If he fits...
      smile 4 reply 1
    • akanthony
      Do u know how fast you were going .... ah 55 meows per hour
      smile 4
    • McThickems
      This video would have been ok if that bitch would have not talked at all
      smile 4
    • DrJewFro4
      "Left hand on the steering wheel right hand on the pu$$y"
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Testicleez
      The only acceptable excuse not to use your turn signal
      smile 4 reply 2
    • ZeroTwoMemes
      It's all fun and games until you get into a collision and the steering column retracts into the body of the car (so your face doesnt hit the wheel) and the cat gets fucking crunched.
      smile 4
    • MidoriJordan
      Can confirm, cats love laying in the weirdest/most inconvenient places of cars while traveling
      smile 3
    • Varia31
      Cats can use just about anything as a bed, I swear.
      smile 3 reply 3
    • WhatsherName
      Thats so cute
      smile 3
    • Gwby
      It's all fun and games until it moves it into park and yall fling forward
      Gwby 4d
      smile 3
    • HaveName
      In the wise words of my friends taking me out for my 21st b-day "Buckle up, pussy"
      smile 3
    • Crusader1998
      Cops pulls her over
      smile 3
    • lowqualityshitposts
      I'd crash tryna pet
      smile 3
    • BrassFlyer
      >Car gets into accident >airbag goes off >Cat gets fucking launched >bruh sound effect #2
      smile 3
    • FrostyMadMan135
      Better keep an eye on the purrdometer
      smile 3
    • anotveryfunnyacount
      *falls and lands on gas pedal*
      smile 3
    • JonChristopher
      This has only been a problem ever since cats learned of computers in cars
      smile 3
    • _I_IZ_KITTY_
      I want a cat, I want one so bad.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • billnyeurmomsaguy
      Just wait till it puts it in reverse. Y'all gonna die
      smile 3
    • finalsora
      If it fits it sits
      smile 3
    • Enderdog22
      So cute
      smile 3
    • The_Ramen_Seal
      "No officer I had no idea how fast I was going... cat was behind the steering wheel"
      smile 3
    • harrisonbob
      smile 3
    • DocMiller77
      I work in a level 1 trauma center. Do you know how many accidents I see caused by unsecured pets...... it's stupid
      smile 3
    • Endlesspriapism
      She crashes and cat becomes a deadly projectile.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Sarcassdick
      Did he just finger that pussy?
      smile 3
    • Thancred
      Weird place to store your snack
      smile 5
    • Fangwood
      That cat would fucking die if you get in a wreck
      smile 3 reply 4
    • FordRaptor1869
      It's all fun and games until it falls on the brake peddle and you have to choose between stepping on a kitten or running over a few children.
      smile 3 reply 3
    • Awacsslauter
      cats are better than dogs and you can’t change my mind about it
      smile 3
    • Melissa_Marie18
      don’t crash w the kitty 😭😭😭
      smile 4 reply 1
    • 11Butters
      Those people are the dumbest on the earth. What happens when your going fast and the cat crawls under your brake pedal? Do you still hit the brakes or slam into the car in front of you?
      smile 4 reply 3
    • _Emilyyyy_
      That is the cutest fucking thing
      smile 3 reply 1
    • bbaker28050_
      That's the last thing I'd do no matter how much I loved them. What happens if he falls under a pedal?
      smile 3
    • Blizzards
      and then comes a giant fist!!!
      smile 3
    • LadyRomana22
      That kittens gonna fucking explode if you crash
      smile 3
    • matman34
      smile 3
    • GrendalSmith
      If you get in a wreck, you're going to have kitten all over the fucking place.
      smile 4
    • Enderp_izza
      I kinda like this womans voice its soothing
      smile 3
    • GmanTEM02
      The cat is just like “How in the ever loving fuck did I get here?!?!?”
      smile 3
    • 52Hz
      if they get in a crash that thing is gonna turn into a pancake
      52Hz 5d
      smile 3 reply 1
    • DoughnutReject
      This is cat in its liquid form
      smile 3
    • AIwaysFunnyInPhiladelphia
      This is it, chief
      smile 3
    • shadow5678910
      If i fits i sits
      smile 3
    • Orgasmos
      Man i love kittens
      smile 3
    • TrippyEyes
      smile 3
    • The_cannibalistic_potato
      Purs like a kitten
      smile 3
    • MrMercy
      What are the features of this car? Uhh there's a kitten on the steering wheel. I will take it.
      smile 3
    • zackman200
      Aww that the cutest GPS I've ever seen turn right meow
      smile 3
    • AmDuck
      Why yall so dark and morbid and thinking up ways the kitten will be killed? It's a kitten chilling and watching the world go by
      AmDuck 5d
      smile 3
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