• DaPretzelBoi
      These bois are the funniest shit on this hellhole of a platform.
      smile 7.9K reply 353
    • GoodGuyFitz
      smile 7K reply 456
    • BigFork
      BigFork 12d
      smile 1.9K reply 141
    • DrPotatoSkins
      You either absolutely.love these or fucking hate them no inbetween I'm a fan
      smile 1.1K reply 24
    • Phoenix_Blue
      They are becoming self aware
      smile 283 reply 2
    • dwswegmen
      The fact this is featured is a fat middle finger to all those who bitched about the swaggersouls features
      smile 136 reply 3
    • BigFork
      BigFork 12d
      smile 32 reply 3
    • BigFork
      the fuck are knee gears
      BigFork 12d
      smile 22 reply 10
    • BigFork
      BigFork 12d
      smile 15 reply 9
    • DarnUGay
      I dont get people saying "tHIs IsNt fUnnY". Let people enjoy stuff, AKA stop being a little bitch about everything.
      smile 15 reply 1
    • AceDarkmoon
      Everyone suckin up now cause we were exposed lol
      smile 14 reply 2
    • NickFerrum
      I love how the people who complain about swagger souls and Fitz, are also the type of people to laugh their ass off at E and Chungas, nothing of actual substance to either of them, and then they complain about these people who have actual jokes, it’s all improv, so of course it’ll be hit or miss
      smile 14 reply 8
    • MinisterMiller
      I found out about these guys from iFunny, and honestly I’d rather watch them then be on this bland ass app
      smile 13
    • hatemylife123
      I mean I find these funny
      smile 13 reply 2
    • BiscuitGod24v3
      I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining about these, I genuinely enjoy most of them, what the fuck iFunny, I am so disappointed in this community
      smile 13 reply 1
    • KenLaw2019
      Fitz, Swagger, Kryoz, Racc, and all of them are really funny you need a sense of humor if you don’t think so
      smile 17 reply 2
    • SwitchbladeKillings
      smile 17
    • Zeref742
      Imagine getting on IFunny just to see you get roasted By Smi77y, Swaggersouls and Grizzy
      smile 12 reply 1
    • Scan
      Scan 11d
      smile 14
    • LiamSteeper
      The memes are funny on this app but my god most of the people that use it are absolute fucking cretins
      smile 12
    • LaCookieMonster
      When memes become self aware
      smile 12
    • SplurgeGod
      Swagger is funnier than Ifunny, change my mind
      smile 12 reply 2
    • GolD_Roger
      Really? Deep voice CS guy? That's what you fuckers are calling him? It's fucking SwaggerSouls you uncultured swines.
      smile 13 reply 6
    • BigFork
      i finally get it knee gears=the n word
      BigFork 12d
      smile 13 reply 6
    • MCalzada
      Unpopular opinion, I actually like these memes over some of the trash iFunny puts on featured
      smile 13 reply 2
    • fuckboi6669
      These guys are so funny fitz swagger souls john on the radio grizzy zuckles they are all so funny and I love them to death they make my days 100% better and their "occasional" racism is the best
      smile 12 reply 3
    • GoosesGaming
      Okay i don’t care what anyone says these guys are funnier than 80% of content featured.. so get over following trends, if you find this funny it’s okay to admit to it
      smile 14 reply 1
    • Apple_Juice_
      I think these are actually pretty funny in a breaking the fourth wall kinda way
      smile 11
    • Snoopfish
      Some people just can’t appreciate good comedy anymore, good content creators like Fitz are shadowed by TaCo BeLl SeNiOr PhOtoS
      smile 11
    • SalamamderSlumLord
      These dudes are great fuck you guys
      smile 11 reply 1
    • MelanieTheDashingHorse
      I find the vids funny everyone who complains is just butthurt that there version of comedy isn’t the only thing featured
      smile 11
    • ZeroKnight9
      I have no idea why everyone says these guys aren’t funny but had no problem with big chungus
      smile 11 reply 7
    • Bensirpent07
      I think they're hilarious
      smile 12 reply 2
    • bellak
      I actually like them tho :(
      bellak 12d
      smile 11 reply 1
    • CNC2326
      The misfits and friends are actually funny u guys just hate laughing
      CNC2326 12d
      smile 12
    • Wolf_girl117
      They are actually funny, it's just people like fake comedy instead of real comedy
      smile 11 reply 3
    • TheFascistWyomingSoviet
      Self aware meme.
      smile 10
    • bdog1069
      These guys are amazing shout out to their podcast on Spotify and iTunes Misfitz
      smile 11 reply 4
    • Griesyboy
      They are in fact quite funny, but isn’t funny when iFunnyChef features that “if your depressed and you know it clap your hands” THIRTY FUCKING TIMES
      smile 10
    • BigFork
      what the fuck my tc is gone
      BigFork 11d
      smile 12 reply 8
    • Mar_theGnar
      Gets featured for talking about not wanting to be featured
      smile 10 reply 1
    • Gsellers
      The people who don’t find the misfitz gang funny are the same people who like marvel memes and doge memes
      smile 10 reply 4
    • SulfuricCheese
      Disappointed BigFork isn’t top comment reacting to this.
      smile 10 reply 3
    • Graystar_Reborn
      Who tf doesn't like Fitz, Swagger, Smit7y, or Raccoon? The fuck?
      smile 10 reply 4
    • Your_waifu_is_gr8
      They've become self aware
      smile 10
    • Reedboy6
      They’re funnier than 75% of the stuff on here honestly
      smile 10
    • Omeganigma
      His stuff is funny yall just think it's more funny to see the words Big Chungus written in bold.
      smile 10 reply 1
    • stevefkdhh
      These videos r fucking hilarious change my mind
      smile 10 reply 1
    • the1eftnut
      I think the funniest part is that a lot of the people criticizing it are pathetic trash porn accounts. Dorkpie
      smile 9
    • KaityKat41
      SwaggerSouls And Fitz are the best Change my mind
      smile 9
    • The_FlamminGroudon
      Wait... they check Ifunny?? ZOINKZ!
      smile 9
    • RainingDeer
      ive always found these funny. not sure why people get legit mad when theyre featured lmao
      smile 9
    • Gammey
      Woohoo I can’t find a single shit talker now!!
      Gammey 10d
      smile 10 reply 1
    • That___Guy__
      These guys are way funnier than “uncle” or that talk show with Andy, so I don’t wanna hear anymore complaining
      smile 10
    • PussyPosse
      I like to think of these guys to be the actual embodiment of ifunny users
      smile 9 reply 1
    • Innercancer
      Now suddenly everyone’s saying they’re great. What a double edge sword we’ve gone and used.
      smile 9
    • TitanPicture
      These guys just roasted every one of you pansy fucks who try to dis them lmao what're you gonna do now
      smile 11 reply 54
    • DevilishAdvocate
      Youtubers: *talk shit about iFunny and it's users* iFunny: *features it*
      smile 9 reply 5
    • iamthedragon666
      These guys are the fucking best😂
      smile 9
    • figtreez
      Hmmm.... Now that they have acknowledged the constant whiners on here, they all seem to have changed their tune. "Oh, well, they're ok... I just don't like most of their stuff." Cowards behind a keyboard.
      smile 9
    • Aceinyourhole27
      Wow, it’s like a mirror to see how trash the general iFunny community is
      smile 9
    • Shmooglydoop
      The funniest part about this whole thing is the fact that people really only hate "deep voice csgo guy" aka RaccoonEggs, but they're going after SwaggerSouls because doing a little bit of research would give them a stroke.
      smile 9
    • tom_the_robot
      They’re just a group of friends joking with each other. Do you really think they’re trying to please anyone?
      smile 9
    • drakon867
      They have become self aware.
      smile 9
    • PictureCommentDealer
      They are very funny, but the feature team just picks the shit moments to feature
      smile 9
    • aDrunkSquid
      These fucking idiots are funnier than anyone on this stupid app.
      smile 9
    • Gomezwolfpac
      I love Fitz and Swagger. You guys don't like it don't comment and just move on. 🙃
      smile 10 reply 1
    • DrillmanDC
      I think they are hilarious to watch. I don't see the problem with them on here. Alot better then the alot of the overused s*** I see on here
      smile 10
    • here_for_one_reason
      So lemme get this straight, this is trash but big chungus and tik tok is okay?
      smile 9 reply 2
    • fairygoo
      Idk what’s the probably for people. I think these are hilarious. What’s wrong with some friends having a good laugh on a game. Not your cup of tea? Don’t like it, keep scrolling.
      smile 9 reply 1
    • BriskyJpeg
      smile 9 reply 1
    • TrevorH3
      I fucking love these guys. No homo
      smile 10
    • ewzzie
      he's self aware now :0
      ewzzie 11d
      smile 8
    • EpicHoneybadger
      He's kinda funny. I smile when i see these. Don't laugh, just kinda smirk like "heh, funny."
      smile 8 reply 1
    • TitanGamerZ
      Don't let them say shit. Y'all are funny as fuck.
      smile 9
    • excalibur57
      Fitz and Swagger are funny as shit, people just like to hate popular stuff or dont like it anymore because it got shared too much. Dont change my mind
      smile 10 reply 1
    • mvod
      Woah.... They're self aware 😲
      mvod 12d
      smile 8
    • 6lvc
      SwaggerSouls, Fitz and RacconEggs are gifts from God.
      6lvc 12d
      smile 9 reply 1
    • Drklion
      Don't stop featuring these they're funny
      Drklion 12d
      smile 8
    • SirFlubbernubs
      Idk how people dislike the crazy people. They’re freaking hilarious.
      smile 8
    • TheDoctorFoxy
      They’re becoming self aware
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Westoneian
      These guys are funny tho
      smile 8
    • PrestonNeko
      Anyone who hates fits doesnt know comedy if it hit them with a train
      smile 8
    • wurmuhsliper
      I actually like these guys, better than those cringey marvel tumblr posts
      smile 8
    • Pimpin_Chimp
      "I DoNt LiKe ThEm BeCaUsE tHeY wRiTe DoWn ThEiR jOkEs" you know who else does that? Stand up comics. Are you saying you've never found a stand up comedian funny?
      smile 8
    • Ebie_Voices
      See the ones who hate them are the ones who have like 8 memes posted, no pfp, 6 subs, and they follow furry accounts.
      smile 8 reply 3
    • lthe_devils_brotherl
      Its not like they arent funny though. I actually discovered the Misfits from iFunny and they are so much more hilarious than Vanoss crew, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, the newer Markiplier, etc. I love these guys and idk why so many people are throwin shade like that
      smile 8 reply 4
    • malibuward
      You also have to realize they're not trying to be featured they just get featured
      smile 8
    • Denbu
      They have funnier content than most of what’s always featured on this shitty app lmao. I think they’re a bit too busy being popular af on YouTube to really care about y’all comedy wizards lmao. Half y’all sound mad that they’re popular
      Denbu 12d
      smile 9
    • PurgatoryPandax
      They are becoming self aware
      smile 8
    • HebrewHammer5
      They called you fuckers out. How does it feel to be btfo by actual comedians?
      smile 11 reply 8
    • A_Fuck_Mothering_Vampire
      My bro And I were just watching this video thinking "I bet this ends up on ifunny"
      smile 8
    • You_not_special
      Ifunny is two opposites trying to outdo each other for no reason even though both sides are retarded
      smile 8
    • VexDoubloon
      I mean, if yo don’t like it then don’t watch it man
      smile 8
    • Apock
      I don’t know why people hate these guys. I find it hilarious
      Apock 12d
      smile 8
    • Groog
      Groog 12d
      smile 8
    • Donblue22
      I really enjoy these idk why people hate them so much.
      smile 8 reply 1
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