• Diiojasijodasjj
      Cleans itself for good luck 👍
      smile 7.2K reply 27
    • GaunterODimm
      Your life must suck if this made up the best 2 minutes...
      smile 5.6K reply 336
    • Zxtern
      My fucking fatass hamster just climbed over walls like a fucking Mexican. That bitch died years ago tho lol rip my homie lulu
      Zxtern 10d
      smile 13
    • The_Meme_Corps_2
      Little fucker cheated by looking over the wall.
      smile 12
    • SomeDrunkDoggo
      He cheated he was looking over the walls
      smile 11
    • kristen_meoww
      Just a friendly reminder self care is important, take it from this little fella who stops to clean himself amidst the stress
      smile 10
    • PaperPonies
      I love how even though he peeks he doesn't cheat & jump the walls
      smile 9
    • TheBigChungus
      Hamsters are so sad. You make them all sorts of things and then they just decide to die.
      smile 10
    • blackthundaaaa
      Little fucking cheating bastard looking over walls and shit smh 🤦‍♂️
      smile 9
    • Cheeserules22
      My hamster would have got his fatass stuck in one of those tubes then give up
      smile 8
    • Triggernometry
      “I’m not watching this for two fucking minutes.” *watches*
      smile 8
    • ParappaTheTrappa
      Like if you stayed for the entire 2 minutes and 26 seconds
      smile 8
    • Afuckingweebo
      Fucker cheated so many damn times
      smile 8
    • ded_batteriezzz_404
      Just fucking devours his trophy
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Cute_Flowers_And_Stuff
      Me and my friend had a sleepover, and she was pet sitting a hamster. So we spent 2-3 hours making a maze for it with nothing but a shoebox, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a bag of popsicles. We used strawberries as bait, and that hamster climbed over every wall, reached the end, and then took a shit
      smile 8 reply 3
    • the_erect_fetus
      On level 3 that mother fucker literally counts when he looks over to see how many fake corners he has to pass before reaching the turn
      smile 8
    • 4theGumbo
      For some reason the longer i watched, the more entertaining it became- level 3 was a doosey
      smile 8 reply 2
    • _I_I_I_
      I enjoy the fact that even though it could’ve just climbed over it respected the rules of the maze enough to stay inside the walls
      _I_I_I_ 11d
      smile 8
    • RiasGremoryWaifu
      That's a weird looking dog
      smile 7
    • Ivyyvi
      This fuck face was cheating looking over walls and what not
      Ivyyvi 10d
      smile 8
      The hamster got a trophy at the end made outta a carrot. Wholesome. 👌
      smile 7
    • Ghandler_Gunther
      Lmao, he cheated on level 3 smh
      smile 7 reply 3
    • hi1sup
      That little cheater looked over the walls.
      hi1sup 10d
      smile 7
    • BapeShorts
      Cheater he fuckin looked on the third level
      smile 7 reply 1
    • VC64PRO
      This man was abouta wall glitch on level 3
      VC64PRO 11d
      smile 7
    • ASAP_Tablecloth
      If that little fucker didn’t get a treat at the end, then iFunny was getting deleted
      smile 6
    • Waters_of_Ain
      The way he falls into the holes is the best
      smile 6
    • Noorth
      It was cheating. It kept looking over the top!!
      Noorth 10d
      smile 6
    • panicpop
      I have the exact same breed of hamster but mine doesn’t do shit except sleep, eat, and run on his wheel. And if you even slightly touch him he will scream. Literally. Scream.
      smile 6 reply 2
    • KingJamesVersion
      He cheated on level 3. He looked over the wall
      smile 6 reply 1
    • MyHapinessIsDying
      It's a fucking carrot trophy, I'm in love
      smile 6
    • The_Actual_Morgan_Freeman
      He peaked over the edge. Fucking cheater
      smile 6
    • nyke62
      Who read "2 minutes" and said fuck that shit
      nyke62 10d
      smile 6
    • Ayrab
      isnt it weird to think that us humans have evolved so much to the point where we test the intelligence of other species other than our own?
      Ayrab 10d
      smile 6
    • ContextualLaughs
      I like how he had several opportunities to cheat but he didn’t and stayed true to his morals. What a stand up guy
      smile 6
    • fartmouth6969420swagblaze
      I was about to be pissed if he didn’t get some nibbles at the end
      smile 6
    • Sinoce
      For everyone who doesn’t know, this is what it looks like on your way to get a college degree. Except for every time he cleaned his face, that’s you crying
      Sinoce 11d
      smile 7
    • Kyle737
      Little bastard cheated on level 3
      Kyle737 11d
      smile 6
    • Alfred_da_buttler
      Maze Runner (2014)
      smile 6
    • TeIl
      This is one of the cutest things every, i had the biggest smile and was audibly at awe at it it was the best
      TeIl 11d
      smile 6
    • Fuzzylumps
      He's so polite! He looks over the edge and knows he can escape. Yet he stays, knowing his owner put alot of hard work into a little maze for him. 10/10 I love him
      smile 5
    • Jigglypuff22XD
      I love making things for my hamster. After I create a little house in cardboard I will recreate it in thin wood using a jigsaw to cut it. And finally color it with food coloring cuz my hamster will whittle the wood with his teefies
      smile 5
    • SingleButNotReadyToMingle
      Who else narrated it like a sports announcer in their head
      smile 5
    • StephanieSalmon
      *Stress cleans* what he is thinking “ fuck fuck fuck fuck”
      smile 5
    • Xenomorph_King
      Fuckin imagining a moustrap at the end
      smile 5 reply 1
    • iAtomAnt
      i was about to be severely upset if he hadn’t given him anything to eat for that man i would’ve given him a fat ass block of cheese congrats ya lil cheater i saw peak over the wall to see if that where the hole was.. but here you’ve earned it lmao.
      smile 6
    • EclipseCosmoem
      Deserved nothing less than a block of carrot. Can you give me one of his children? I love smart hams
      smile 5
    • memeAnalyser
      Level 1 was kinda disappointing. I had my hopes up for a more challenging maze.
      smile 5
    • IdontevenKaren
      The maze runner looks fantastic
      smile 5
    • wholsome_hours
      So when is maze hamster getting into smash??
      smile 5
    • eldeecho16
      I like how the trophy was made out of carrots
      smile 5
    • cence_less
      Watchin it eat its 🏆 was my prize
      smile 5
    • locokittycolors
      When he falls to the next layer and he leggies n wittle bum up uwu ~~~ so cute ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
      smile 5 reply 1
    • TakumiAE86
      He fucking cheated on level 3.
      smile 5
    • ultracheesepuffe
      his trophy was made of CARROT i cannot
      smile 5 reply 1
    • cyan_bunny
      Disappointed in the comment section. I come here to smile y’all that little hammy was cute af
      smile 5 reply 1
    • madcat51
      Why is that hamster smarter than literally 90% of the people at my school
      smile 5 reply 1
    • FingerLickinThots
      I wish I could watch the end where he chomps tf down on his little trophy over and over again.
      smile 5
    • that1guy123
      I love that everytime he cleaned himself the camera would zoom in lol
      smile 5
    • AndreTyquoferJamalHarris
      Fucking cheater peaking over the walls
      smile 5
    • thugrocky
      I need ozzie man to voice over this!
      smile 5
    • MargeCrossingSteph
      Ma boi was cheating
      smile 5 reply 1
    • DaddyDaizy
      I used to have a hamster like that her name was pebbles. She committed suicide by drowning herself in her water bowl
      smile 5 reply 3
    • kakokapolei
      I love how he knows he can cheat and just climb over the walls, but chooses not to cuz he’s a good boy
      smile 5
    • 82nd
      That little cocksucker was cheating on level three.
      82nd 11d
      smile 5
    • magix18
      Did anyone claustrofucked when he was in the plastic tube?
      magix18 11d
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Tired_US_Marine
      I’m proud of the fucker
      smile 5
    • Ninjalino
      A Mexican hamster would've jumped the walls and cut that time in half.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Fusion56
      Level 5? That mouse is at least a level 65 Mafia Boss
      smile 5
    • yourlefthand
      thIS iS aNImAl aBUsE bECaUsE cArDboArD cOnTaInS a HaZordOus chEmICal thAt yoU neVeR heaRd oF tHaTs haRmFul tO hAmStErs
      smile 4
    • beebmon15
      Wow that’s a really smart dog
      smile 4
    • random_fandom
      Just ate it's trophy
      smile 4 reply 1
    • iThotSheWas18
      Meanwhile my hamster shits/pisses in the same corner he stores his food
      smile 4
    • Dr_NiraCain
      I can jack off 3 times in 2 minutes. That is the best 2 minutes of my life
      smile 4
    • NonCensored
      When you’re blind and trying to find the restroom at IKEA.
      smile 4
    • _goblins_
      Who else got scared at level 2
      smile 4
    • BrianBowen
      Boom a danger noodle kills him
      smile 4
    • jesustriedtoeatmyass
      They should add traps, like pressure plates that launch them
      smile 4 reply 1
    • MinaMMounir
      Patch Notes: fixed the symmetry on level 1 to make it harder - added traps - added cheese around levels as health items
      smile 4
    • dappers0uls
      My stupid ass brain went “oh he cheated” when he looked over the wall
      smile 4
    • WillDaBomb4
      Cheers if you watched the whole thing
      smile 4
    • PunCake1995
      So god damned motherfucking cute
      smile 4
    • frogernet
      Bitch cheated on floor 3
      smile 4 reply 1
    • spe3ch100
      smile 4
    • Doge_Charger
      The new Maze Runner movie looks good
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Coro_low_key
      Nah he cheated on 3, looking over the walls and shit. But he was so cute doing it.
      smile 5
    • Scarlett_OHara
      Go little guy go!
      smile 4
    • huluy
      Doctor: you only have a few minutes to live. Man: I want to watch a tiny dog in a maze. Doctor: *shows him this* Man: Its a really really small dog but its perfect.
      huluy 10d
      smile 4
    • XxAngelFromHellOgxX
      Id have had a panic attack going through them tubes
      smile 4
    • RABB1DM0NK3Y
      Him rubbing his snoot on the final level was him charging his energy. He got a speed boost right after he was do e
      smile 4
    • elhartista_
      Level 1 sucks
      smile 4
    • Hilariol
      Those Action Replays man, Epic
      smile 4
    • ClevelandBrown
      The fucking little shit looks over the wall like a god damn cheater god I’m shaking...
      smile 5
    • Spacebars
      Yo this guineea pig fucking sucks id absolutely crush that time. What an amateur.
      smile 4
    • Dranogan
      His ass was cheating the whole time looking over the wood
      smile 4
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