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    • What’s this called? Imma get one
      Shoeman256 12 jan
      6.1K 567
      Fred1337 13 jan
      4.8K 78
    • Cool I need this for a school project
      wmoros 16 jan
      224 9
    • Demolition Ranch went over this gun on YouTube check him out
    • A Glock and a 1911 went to a bar. The 1911 says to the Glock "I bet I can out drink you." The Glock goes "You fool! You wouldn't make it past 8 rounds!"
      18 1
    • Jeffy_SML 13 jan
    • cursedthings 13 jan
    • Fucking hate back to school commercials
    • Liking guns doesn’t make you a school shooter. Y’all are just severely pussified by the media and liberals.
      MarioSoda 13 jan
      13 1
    • Valenkryst 13 jan
    • iMarxism 13 jan
    • It’s already school shopping season?
      Milk_Tea 14 jan
      10 1
    • Can people stop jokeing about shooting a school, as a proud gun owner, criminals who do this put a bad rep on us, and the law abiding gun owners have to pay the price for some insane maniac
      Sparkman84 21 jan
      9 4
    • Cute, but not too practical as a gun you’d carry concealed to protect yourself. I’d much rather have a pocket 380 that could be firing shots at your attacker much quicker than having to pull it out, unfold it, rack the slide and then aim. Dummies will think it’s cool, until they actually need it.
      11 7
    • I saw this on demo ranch
      yeetman22 15 jan
      8 1
    • Full conceal glocks are a waste of 1400 bucks don’t be fooled
      abignut 14 jan
      8 1
    • Demolition ranch made a video about these recently. There’s also this thing you can put it into to make it into a carbine that still folds up real small
      8 1
    • I love when they make it easier for school use ☺☺
    • Demolition ranch has an entire video of this glock
      8 2
    • content not available more
    • This is a gun for people who don’t know shit about guns.
      CAV1234 13 jan
    • Coming to a school near you
      11 2
    • Demolition ranch showed a couple of these and an attachment you can get for them, recommend watching
      8 2
    • Pocket pop n lockit glocket
    • Matt already reviewed this AND its smg conversion kit on demo ranch.....SO GO CHECK IT OUT!
    • Hey people check this guy on YouTube called demolition ranch. He bought a couple of them and reviewed somewhat.
      bud56190 13 jan
    • You know how much hate this gun is getting from actual gun people? Its alot
      MTgrizzly224 13 jan
    • Who else saw this in demolition ranch's video
      Linear 13 jan
    • *assailant approaches* GIVE ME A SEC WHILE I UNFOLD MY GUN
      ThekingKawng 13 jan
    • Drostan 13 jan
    • Imagine if you got your skin pinched by one of the mechanisms
      _Ursus 17 jan
    • This thing is made by “full conceal” and is the mockery of the gun industry right now
      BTheWo1f 15 jan
    • Seen first on demolition ranch (YouTube)
      unicorn_bro 14 jan
      6 1
    • Now itll be easier for people to sneak pistols into school
      8 6
    • hold on let me flip my gun real quick before I shoot you criminal
    • Demo ranch already did one on this
      6 3
    • *screeches in freedom*
      Samsung9S 13 jan
    • Demolition ranch on YouTube did a full review on this gun and another one that has the same folding mechanism
      BuzzShmeed 13 jan
      6 3
    • Cant wait to show people at school
    • You’ve heard of butterfly knives now get ready for butterfly guns
    • Well that’ll be easy to tAkE tO scHoOl
    • why is iFunny featuring school supplies
      Skeletor44 13 jan
    • I saw this on Demolition Ranch
    • folding stock more like folding glock amirite fellas
      Asstek 13 jan
    • Its cool and all but not good for concealed carry you'd be dead by the time you put it together
      zanelane1_jf 13 jan
      6 5
    • Demolition ranch already showed me
    • *America intensifies*
      Pyromaster02 13 jan
    • Delete this before CNN and Buzzfeed find out
    • That's not even their actual production model, that's a prototype. The ones they sell are all black
      johnfacts 18 jan
    • Anti liberal weapon
    • Saw this on demolitionranch
      orange7541 14 jan
    • Demolition ranch want to know your location
      Jeremy424 14 jan
      5 1
    • “Never carry without a round chambered” *has to unfold gun when attacked
      5 1
    • I hate how there's no longer any memes, their all just video clips
    • Demo ranch beat you to it
      cronchysalad 14 jan
    • Demolition Ranch did an amazing vid on this gun. Check em out on YouTube.
    • If I move to America first thing I would do is to get a handgun.
      lanoo 13 jan
      6 9
    • FettyGamer 13 jan
    • Just a foldable glock. Retailed at about $900-$1200 depending on where you go.
      TheCalebGuy 13 jan
    • A man was recently killed because of the red flag law that is starting to go around, please stop it from spreading
      ThatDamnGoat 13 jan
      6 5
    • Reminder that the folding glock frame is a fad and the only people who buy it are guys who would never actually use it for it's intended purpose
      BIacksmith 13 jan
    • I’ve seen the reviews on these they are shitty according to 70% of reviewers
      TheAnimeBean 13 jan
    • I would shoot you twice before you had that ready to go. Neat, but not fast.
      CybrDuke 13 jan
      5 4
    • All these people with their fancy guns and I'm over here with my mosin, like,"blyat"
      Gordon90sG 13 jan
      5 1
    • Can’t wait to show and tell this to all my classmates at school...
      insearch 13 jan
      5 2
    • Niggas gonna get shot before he can properly get it into firing position
      PolandBall 13 jan
      5 3
    • Demolition ranch anybody?
      CARTER14 13 jan
    • On one hand, you could have the same firepower in a smaller holster, but on the other, it would take much, much longer to draw. It’s a cool gimmick but not really practical and probably price-gouged to hell.
      Asstek 13 jan
      5 6
    • Demo Ranch had a video on these as well as an adapter to turn it into a PDW. Pretty good video.
    • Can't wait to assemble the bionicle when I'm getting shot at
      Neofix 13 jan
    • OH because he had sex without a condom, I get it now
      HoRnY 13 jan
      6 1
    • That moment when demolition ranch showed this gun first
      MemeTimeBoi 13 jan
    • That's actually really impractical. Why not just carry a regular glock with a decent holster? The only use I could see is storing it in a small case or bag. Folding it up really doesn't make it much smaller
      5 3
    • Cool as a novelty, terrible idea for actual carry, too much to have to fiddle around with in stressful situations
    • Rex44 13 jan
    • I can't wait till I'm 18 to get a firearm and go to the range
      MateoLOC 13 jan
      5 5
    • God I love America
      Lazybones1 13 jan
    • FgtWeebMk2 13 jan
    • They still showing back to school commercials?
    • I honestly think this gun is fucking amazing. But I find it really interesting as a millennial, to see how many gen Z kids are against guns oh, and how many are that its split equally. Considering how this app is usually right wing leaning. Because I'm a liberal, and I find it really interesting to
      CNN_News 13 jan
      8 9
    • You'd be better off just having a normal Glock in a holster. This just adds more moving parts for it to malfunction.
      5 7
    • Not interested
    • Xacto 13 jan
    • When you have it apart like that its not considered a complete gun by law. That's why they did it. Seen the article
      IJWTGH 13 jan
    • Demolition Ranch already made a video on this gun. There's 2 versions. A Glock 43 and a Glock 17 I THINK
      5 3
    • Niche piece of garbage
    • Mass Shooters: I’ll take your entire stock
      AsianCaillou 15 jan
    • Full conceal pistols are a waste of money
      itsHK 15 jan
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