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Oh, to be a Society Ne in a Ne Society... (Cover made by my dad BigChickenBoss)
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Anonymous (ID: ) No.332150668 >>332151147 >>332153536 >>332159673 >>332153811 >>332153820 >>332154054 File: cwe.jpg (15 KB, 250x250) This whole scenario is so fucking dark for both parties. Absolutely lonely mentally impaired man child who is basically schizophrenic with no one who probably loves him, lives basically alone and believes in a different dimension of his creation, surrounded by his hoarding in his filthy house which is probably dead quiet considering barb is basically not even a person at this point. There is a dying soul sharing the house with you, it's quiet, it doesnt speak unless spoken to. You can sit down and play a video game while she sits somewhere in the house, staring at something, doing nothing. just staring. No one likes you, no one loves you, you become more and more insane, you're too far gone, there's no fixing it. You're basically famous but absolutely not in a good way. Everyone knows about your life, no one wants anything positive to do with you. You might not even be able to comprehend the emptiness you live in, maybe that's for the best, to live in ignorance. Then there's barb, not in control of her life anymore, it's being controlied by this monster she helped create, she can't form a coherent sentence, looks on the verge of death every time she shows up, is being eaten alive by dementia and god knows what else. Then suddenly one day your monster mentally disturbed son who is your only caretaker crawis through the debris of your quiet, dark, filthy, smelly, disgusting house and begins to com" onto you, mumbling and fumbling over your old decrepit disintegrating body andes you. And he you every three days, you become his girlfriend, and he releases all of his urges on you, There's nothing you can do, you're not fit to do literally anything. You probably don't even know what's happening half the time, you might even completely forget the events the next day due to the dementia and re-experience it anew three days later, not even allowing you to get