• your relationship stronger, according
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    • Perfecting
      Then why did my girlfriend break up with me when I called her a no-good worthless whore?
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    • iliterallydontcare
      Playful teasing is the best part of friendships/relationships
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    • TRUMP2020_MAGA
      My gf does the same thing! She always makes remarks about how small my dick is.
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    • blademiss
      Making fun of someone and insulting someone is not the same thing.
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    • Conbro114
      Husband: YOUR A FUCKING PEICE OF NO GOOD CHEATING BITCH ASS SHIT WAD. Wife: wtf Harold we’re done. Husband: wait no iFunny told me this makes us like each other more
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    • _Raccoonz
      Me with friends: hey guys how you doing? Me with best friends: whats up you stupid fucking idiots?
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    • Leviathan488
      The best kind of teasing it the kind that’s leads to sex. Idk how many times me or my girlfriend said “make me” to the other just to have all the sheets ripped off the bed 45 mins later.
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    • MadSnailDisease
      I wonder if this works for aspiring relationships too. Cause my crush once made fun of me when I was talking about a comic book and said “I don’t speak nerd.” And then months later when she was talking comics I was like “I thought you said you don’t speak nerd” and it caused the CUTEST nervous laugh
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    • Quantum_Sync
      If y'all can't outright insult someone else without either of you finding it somewhat funny then y'all are still strangers
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    • JustBananakin
      I don't have a girlfriend to make fun of so I just double the insults at myself
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    • WhatIsIt06
      Ryan reynolds is a fucking treasure 😂
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    • JuuzousJason
      Well one of those relationships is fictional
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    • razorboy00
      only if you both do it to each other and in a joking friendly manner
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    • DirectorOrsonKrennic
      All res usernames are communist
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    • darksabrr
      Why are you using a fiction couple and then Pam and Jim for this?
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    • PresidentElmo
      My boyfriend literally just ate an orange peel because he was too lazy and I still don’t let him live it down
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    • PervyScarlet
      Ryan and Blake are such a wholesome couple
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    • davemaja
      They do know that Pam and Jim aren’t reeeeeaaaaaally together... right?
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    • shrk69
      Question, is the office good?
      shrk69 17d
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    • phuckingbeeschurger
      There are friends who you should never do that to though. I have a friend who tries to take all of it seriously. He's a good guy, but it can just get irritating sometimes
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    • TheDailyDon
      “You like that, you fucking retard?”
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    • HiImKevin
      My uncle always jokes about how he can win in an oil wrestling match lol
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    • chubbygaydude
      If you don’t degrade and emotionally abuse each other to ensure you stay in an unhealthy codependent relationship founded on low self esteem are you even in a relationship?
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    • Butters__Stotch
      Let’s not forget that Deadpool fucked Black Widow for years
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    • DJQuesoFresco
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    • MostLikelyHomo
      There’s nothing wrong with messing around, it’s fun.
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    • EmoBiaatch
      I love Ryan and Blake together they are so cute
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    • The_Dapper_Gamer
      Ryan Reynolds is a national fucking treasure and I love him whole heartily
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    • GmanPostsMemes
      Well no shit. In a healthy relationship you should be able to goof around and mess with your partner a bit
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    • bigduke10
      That was pretty weak for Reynolds.
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    • DachiePlush
      Blake Lively went to a high school in my hometown.
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    • AppleAss
      Me and my boyfriend take the piss out of each other all the time and laugh about it. And we've only been together 5 years but we've never argued
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    • koolkid313
      i miss season 5 Jim 😪😪
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    • DeputyDuck
      My girl has long toes. Her name in my phone is Long Toes McGee
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    • ROLFsonofSHEPERD
      Please don’t give these two top comments
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    • Shadowdarkhunter_15
      Listen here u tc fucker
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    • LumieretheFireKnight
      I think that's just having a sense of humor
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    • wowsersinmytrousers
      My ex got upset with me cause she said I kept making a joke out of everything and I was like nothing is ever that serious cause nothing matters. You can change the circumstances. And she did and got another cat
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    • Packers_Astros_Spurs
      My wife and I talk shit to each other all the time. It has gotten so bad that we just laugh instead of getting upset. The sex is amazing!
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    • nickisgreat2
      In preschool my older brothers watched South Park and I cud hear it from other room. I told ginger kid in my class he had no soul. Not joking, had nobody else to tell but this app
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    • Rannoch
      You learn your limits over the course of a relationship, honestly if were teasing each other thats great, it means you're paying attention
      Rannoch 18d
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    • Celephaith
      Teasing is a great bonding tool for any relationship, but it can backfire if you don't know what the person you're teasing is sensitive about. That's the kind of shit that leads to school and workplace shootings.
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    • MiniTimTim
      BitchZone .❤️
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    • PineDragon
      Well, light ribbing is okay, but full on verbal skull fucking is too much
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    • ProbablyNotDanny
      If you can't verbally and sometimes physically destroy your friend on an Earth shattering level, you're not friends
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    • Setsu
      Doesn’t that apply to friendships too? Me and my friend Resa have been friends since 1st grade and all we do is insult eachother but we’re so fucking close
      Setsu 18d
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    • A_Conspiracy_Theory
      If she can't take high levels of brutal sarcasm and jokes, and then give it right back to you, she isn't the one.
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    • byAnyMemesNecessary
      My parents poke fun at each other constantly and they've been happily married for more than 20 years.
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    • DigitalDopeFiend
      Of course it can. All bonds exist and are strengthened by making fun, especially a bromance
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    • Magicks
      Etrigan hey dumb dumb
      Magicks 18d
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    • MrNoodleandhisbro
      My boyfriend and I make fun of each other all the time. I playfully called him out for it and he said “I only do it because I’m jealous that you’re prettier than me >:( “
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    • David69999
      I absolutely love this man. He seems to have found the right person to tolerate his personality
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    • SkySkeleton
      This works for best friends as well
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    • lapis_life
      That explains why my mom can't form any kind of meaningful relationship with anyone
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    • Nostalgics
      Ryan is hilarious. That aside, him and Blake are adorable together
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    • LewdGirlie
      TC and everyone who liked gets my nudes also sub to waddlegolfer69 on youtube
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    • PiggyMillions
      There is a difference between playful teasing and straight up making fun of your partner. A bond cannot go so far to the point that you can basically bully each other. That's just obsurd
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    • yamemethief
      Lmao I do that all the time
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    • Fahkeet
      If you do something stupid and i cant jokingly call you a dumb bitch without you getting angry then youre not for me
      Fahkeet 16d
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    • YunoWhatIMean
      My bf and I must be so strong now. lol
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    • Beas_Knees09
      Lad bible is one of the worst news sources out there. Don’t do their research just posts shit full of clickbait
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    • Cifer
      Every time I did something cute my ex called me gay or some shit and then had the dumbest smile. Always made me laugh.
      Cifer 18d
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    • AntiVaxBlyat
      No wonder every black woman I match with on tinder hates me
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    • emptywalletboi
      I love Ryan Reynolds
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    • 7gCelica
      Honestly tho when my boyfriend is going in the shower i tell him to be careful cuz he cant swim
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    • RealRowleyJefferson
      It’s like friends. I’m a way bigger jerk to them then my worst enemies.
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    • phireritz
      You say their head big and then all of a sudden she says that's why you were bullied in kindergarten
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    • ChooPlusChooEqualsTrain
      My boyfriend and I flame eachother all the time when we play games and it is the best
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    • bilu
      How come she killed herself when I told her to kill her self?
      bilu 18d
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    • Apple_Juice_
      Me and my girlfriend tease each other all the time- like if she shows me a cursed image I’d say something like “stop that’s my thing” and she goes “make me” and I reply “ok, bottom.” “Shut up top” do straight people do that? Like decide the top/bottom thing?
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    • shonores862
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    • jimmy_d121322
      I go to school with Blake livelys cousin
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    • Idekm8haha
      Love my girl Serena
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    • Jonnyboii_98
      My girlfriend like to physically abuse me.
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    • Omelette_Du_Fromage
      Are we looking at the twig or the berries?
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    • Assent
      Assent 18d
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    • benjfrog99
      Why can't TC be something normal like cat girl hentai
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    • Crippling_Intoxication
      Then why am I single?
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    • lonelygirlmati
      Or literally any relationship...
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    • Lemondilla
      Give me tc instead of InternetExplorer2
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    • DanTheAnimalMan
      Ok so my sort of crush teases me like alllll the time, but I’m not very good at doing it back bc I’m too analytical. Tips?
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    • Kinkajou
      Ryan is a gem
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