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    • I feel personally offended
      Godfather 23 dec
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    • You guys wanna hear sicko mode or mo bamba?
      morph 24 dec
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    • imagine being such a soyboy you can’t put together 8 parts
      Singles 25 dec
    • Anyone who knows anything about computers will tell you that
      TheSkeptist 25 dec
    • Ah yes, let's go hate on people wishing to save money
      Xylotex 25 dec
    • Its honestly as easy as legos, too. Just put shit together if it looks like it goes together.
      10 1
    • It’s surprisingly simple to build a computer. Cost effective, too
      BlackHatGuy 25 dec
      11 2
    • This meme is just a gateway to make fun of people that hurt you
      Gumn 25 dec
    • But it is tho
      Zarinari 25 dec
    • Its really easy to build a pc and it saves hundreds of dollars.. Millions of people do it every year. You just have double digit IQ if you refuse to build your own
      MoneyShift 25 dec
    • This meme was made by some retard who spent $2000 for a $1000 computer.
      10 3
    • How is this even argued about. It literally is cheaper lmao
      10 3
    • You damn right lil nigga
      Pockettbeta 24 dec
    • If you want a desktop: Yes. If you want a laptop: No. If you want a phone: obviously not.
      9 1
    • Building a pc is legit just electric legos.
      9 7
    • The point isn’t that it’s cheap, the point is that it costs less than a prebuilt
      9 7
    • BattleBlitz 24 dec
    • It is though... like it’s just good advice
      gamerlover12 25 dec
      8 1
    • Why would you want to spend 1600 bucks on a Walmart PC when you get the same stuff for 700-800 and put it together yourself with a 15 minute YouTube tutorial. It doesn't fucking make sense
      Monstrosity1 25 dec
      10 26
    • I mean... It is, so excuse me for trying to stop someone spending $1200 on a $700 pre-built
      9 1
    • People think this is funny because they’re too lazy to look up the simple task of building a pc
      Zentuno 25 dec
      10 2
    • It is tho
      8 2
    • Seriously though this is annoying as hell. I asked what the best computer I should buy in my price range and 100% of the comments were “BuiLD YoUr oWn IT’s chEaPEr”
      9 4
    • But it's like more than 25% cheaper for your average PC and for "gaming" PCs it can get as much as 70% less expensive for the same specs
    • monday____ 28 dec
    • He's not wrong. You could build an $800 PC that will literally destroy all laptops and consoles. Nearly every store overprices computers to sell cheap shit for more money.
      Freeway206 27 dec
      7 6
    • I litterally just built a pc. I take offense to this
      Brunsos 25 dec
      7 1
    • Seriously tho. If you want a pc and you have any inclination to build one, or have a friend who knows how. Build one. You won’t regret it.
      roadEgg 25 dec
      8 5
    • i love it when people complain that computers are super expensive but they bought a prebuilt with parts from 2011 for 800 lmao
      misfitAK 25 dec
      7 3
    • Just trying to help you save money man think about the long run
      buymeairpods 25 dec
    • Yeah, that's actually correct.
    • But that’s absolutely true. Prebuilts will have shitty PSU’s or shitty mobos in them and will only advertise the GPU, CPU, and maybe RAM so they can save on production while jacking up the price for purchase.
      TypicalJack 24 dec
    • It is, if you buy a pc you’re an idiot. Buying a good laptop is reasonable though.
      AceyRady 24 dec
      8 10
    • It is, and you'll get a better longer lasting computer, and youll get the joy and sense of accomplishment while building.
      Manda_O 24 dec
    • Alienware is overpriced by more than $300 ur only paying for the brand name not the parts change my mind
      DrakkoRekt 24 dec
      7 2
    • Console is better because it’s cheaper to buy a console, don’t forget to renew your $60-$120 a year subscription
      wojakgeneral 24 dec
      8 7
    • Everybody who agrees is "that guy"
    • This was probably made by somebody too retarded to build their own pc
      Molasses 24 dec
    • Nigga when we say that, we are legit trying to help your dumbasses.
    • It's cheaper to do every thing yourself if you have the knowledge
      fryedpotatoe 28 dec
    • I mean if you do it right you can save a couple hundred bucks
      Meatal_Hatty 26 dec
    • I mean... It is
      7 3
    • Because its true retard
      Rupee 26 dec
      8 3
    • It is, I can build a pc that cost 900 for 600
      6 4
    • Because it is...? I hate saving money fuck those self build people 😡😡😡
      Cymbal 25 dec
    • It is tho...
      6 2
    • lmao all the ppl in the comments perfectly exemplifying what this feature is trying to say
      C418 25 dec
    • Specs: i9-9900k, 1080 FE, 16gb RAM, 2tb SSD, asus z390 motherboard, etc.....
      6 7
    • When you try to make yourself look cool for wasting money on a prebuilt
      Okamikaze 25 dec
    • But it is cheaper. Also most pre built pc companies are borderline scam artists
      TheShibeLord 25 dec
      7 1
    • It actually is better value though.
    • If one race can say it everyone should be able to
    • The meme becomes unfunny when you use it to state basic facts
      SpoodlyDoopR 24 dec
      7 1
    • I mean it's not wrong in pre builds you'll get some cheap psu motherboard or ram that will cost you 2000 while you can build it yourself with all good and high top stuff for 500 or more less
    • “Pc is superior to you broke console peasants”
      6 8
    • Well it is lmao
    • It really is, though. Why waste thousands on a prebuilt?
    • I just wish the general person was more computer literate. Straight up most people have a grade school equivalent understanding of computers and how to do anything on them.
      theRealOGGod 24 dec
    • Imagine buying prebuilt computers lmao
      DaveChingus 24 dec
      8 5
    • _Lasagna_ 24 dec
    • Wait, but it really is though, and it’s really not that hard.
    • I mean.....it is
      AidsRKool 24 dec
    • I feel like these memes are just people that don’t know anything trying to make fun of people who know more than them.
    • Building a computer is so simple. If you can put together a LEGO set, you can put together a computer.
      KKoner 28 dec
    • "You know he's right" -Triggered virgins
      Chkntree4 27 dec
      5 1
    • Yeah its cheaper until you accidentally fuck something up
      Frenchcore 27 dec
      6 3
    • It is true though. So many youtube videos too. You have no excuse
      PoseidonArt 25 dec
    • its fucking true though
      Red_User 25 dec
    • It is cheaper, but it’s a heck of a lot more convenient to have a Best Buy employe life to ur ass about how “this baby can fit so many frames on it” only to find out you spent 700$ on 400$ worth of goods
    • You don't have to be a smartass to build a tower
      CinnaBlaze 25 dec
    • Building a PC is easy as fuck
      Darkr 25 dec
      5 2
    • go ahead buy a prebuilt and waste your money lmao
      ooooffff 25 dec
    • Everyone bragging about their watercooled monstrosities ignoring the fact that sometimes you want to take your computer with you.. my laptop is just as good as your average PC build but I can still throw it in a bag and take it anywhere with me.
      5 2
    • Not only cheaper, but the quality will be better too.
      6 1
    • He speaks the truth tho
      6 1
    • It is tho lol
      Zarinari 25 dec
    • It is
      Ax1218 25 dec
    • You wanna listen to Sicko mode or mo bamba
    • Why is this a meme, he’s absolutely right
      quidlad 25 dec
      5 25
    • y'know it actually is though if you're smart with your tech
      wead 25 dec
    • Legit it costs <1200 to build one starting with nothing (this includes all peripherals) that will exceed the tower at Best Buy for 1450. If you can’t handle putting 1 peg in another and installing parts, probs just stick to console
      _W_W_ 25 dec
      9 3
    • This one's kinda dumb, why would you pay like $3-5k for some shitty best buy pc when you can buy the parts (and even pay someone to build it) for way less and a way better system
      mitzuha 25 dec
      5 1
    • He looks like linus, just with glasses
      UltraNibba 25 dec
      5 1
    • Pc is the best gaming platform out there tho
    • Oh!! My brother just built my dad a computer for Christmas and a bunch of my family chipped in and my dads gonna love it!!!
    • *snort* what are your specs?
    • But it is, it also gives you good tech experience
      5 16
    • I feel bullied, I'm trying to spread the good word and not let people waste their moms money
      leet_ 25 dec
    • But...it's true
    • But it is :(
      6 3
    • Ok but like, he ain’t wrong
      Zegop 25 dec
    • It costs about the same but you get a way better product. It takes an insane ammount of research to do tho
      highashell 24 dec
      6 5
    • He’s not wrong though
      LoogersMemes 24 dec
    • It literally is...
      1NV1Z18L3 24 dec
    • He ain't wrong y'all
      R34s4life 24 dec
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