• You had a few typos. I fixed it. "Millennials Are So Motivated They're Taking Classes to Learn The Skills Older Generations Failed to Teach Them" MHlenmals Are So Help‘ess They‘re Taking ‘Adultmg Classes‘ Tn Learn How To Do Things Like Sew A Butlon muangADaHy
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    • Fatal_Fister
      It’s pretty fucked up that they are shitting on people for trying to better themselves
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    • 1234567890cats
      Fucking boomers
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    • wongdongnoodles
      But that’s just a theory
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    • Corynthius
      Those damn kids and their *shuffles cards* willingness to learn how to live on their own
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    • BasicChigga
      I think classes about filing taxes, jury duty, etc. should be taught in high school classes.
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    • George_Bush_43rdPresident
      Stupid millennials and their *ruffling through cards" motivation to learn more!
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    • the_caillou_worshiper
      There used to be classes for this in school, but obviously it's more important to learn one of five different languages instead.
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    • reinoh
      That’s like making fun of the fat guy at a gym or homeless guy at a job convention
      reinoh 10d
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    • wlw777
      Millennials are going to "adulting classes" because the school systems don't teach you how to be an adult.
      wlw777 9d
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    • delaney_7
      Remember how there used to be a home economics class
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    • ClickHoIe
      I’m sorry but the word “adulting” is just absolutely the gayest shit
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    • SatisfyingScience
      That's like making fun of a fat guy at the gym trying to lose weight
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    • Asian_Headass
      Yes because I guess babies are supposed to come out of the womb already knowing how to sew
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    • Spike_13
      The older generation tried, the millennials had no interest. ok, learn the hard way...
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    • DankMemeCentral
      Or maybe it’s the fact that your bitch asses absorbed all the liberal propaganda that increasingly got worse and rejected the upbringings and teachings of your parents
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    • i_Grim
      Financial management should be a mandatory curriculum
      i_Grim 9d
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    • dupeed
      I think that's the problem with society. We dont teach then call them retards because we were taught and they had to self learn. Weird
      dupeed 9d
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    • reposetion
      Honestly most old people are just jealous of the new generation for being in a worst spot than them and still having more fun and being more intelligent. Old pricks
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      *Millennial goes to class full time for 6 hours a day every week-day, and works five 6 hour shifts a week* *Old person sees millennial on their phone* Old person: “You lazy kids don’t do nothing but stare at your phones!”
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    • Wes_Willis
      yo if no one showed you how to do something, are you just supposed to know when you hit a certain age? Thats not how learning works
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    • UnHolyAndroid
      These fuckers expect us to know the basics when we're taught shit like cosine and Pythagorean's theorem but not how to do our own fucking taxes like gtfo
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    • Cool999
      Parents are responsible for making their children not useless to society. Individuals are responsible for not being worthless regardless of their excuses. Both failed.
      Cool999 10d
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    • NopeItsJustDan
      Damn Millennials and their *spins wheel* curiosity
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    • yeetboisucc
      Mat pat taking one for the team
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    • Urinal
      Boomer generation: "invents smart phones" Boomer generation: "ya'll never get off those damn things"
      Urinal 8d
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    • Meme___Man
      MatPat is a modern-day hero
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    • Hipdysplasia
      Baby boomers are so retarded they’re taking classes on how to use new tech like the fuck asses they are
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    • NobodyImportant03
      Damn. Mat Pat said that!? Fuckin’ legend
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    • ThatGuyWithALostAccount
      At least we know how to reformat 2x=5y-7 into y=mx+b
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    • DorkVader97
      Baby boomers are so helpless they ask their grandson to show them how to use a phone. There, how's that sound?
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    • planefreak
      Boomers had classes like shop, vehicle tec., and home ec. Their choices took these classes out of public schools by cutting funding for education. Yeah millenials take classes for menial things, but why is this an issue.
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    • 1800anonymous
      Honestly school taught me everything but nothing I’d actually use in the real world 75 % of the information was useless 25% of it I use everyday school should teach stuff you’ll actually need
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    • Flicker474
      MatPat my man coming through with the FACTS
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    • beaudoin
      These fucking people are making fun of millennials for trying to better themselves.
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    • JamesTheFailure
      I honestly hate how boomers think they are so much better than us like they ruined the economy and expect us to do everything
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    • teslashock
      It's almost like we were trained to be mindless husks made to regurgitate facts without incentive to invest into real world skills.
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    • areukiddingmemynamewontfi
      Its almost like when home ec and shop were removed from schools for "progressive reasons", the next generation was never taught all of those skills that can come in pretty handy in the real world
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    • fuckifiknow
      Why would anyone shame someone for taking a class to better their lives? That’s the most ignorant shit I’ve seen today.
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    • BatusiTheSlasher
      Criticizing someone for learning or asking questions is one of the most snide and toxic things you can do to another person. They are simply trying to get better. Articles like this is why being apathetic is such a viable option socially for young people.
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    • Metatron127
      Yeah you see there used to be this class they taught in school called "Home Economics" but apparently teaching children valuable life lessons like cooking and sewing and doing taxes is too expensive so somewhere in the 2000s they just stopped teaching it
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      We don’t know how to sew a button but at least I know the Pythagorean theorem right?
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    • so_sogerific
      Wtf youtube literally has everything available to learn. There's no excuse for being helpless in this day and age.
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    • AnotherRepublishAccount
      Thank you matpat giving back what little you took
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    • Chuss11
      Better than shit like liberal studies
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    • Omnitionist
      Im almost certain the writer doesnt even know how to sow a button
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    • humor_loading
      I knew there was a reason I love this man
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    • EarthKKun
      Our educational system focuses too much on the stuff you don’t need and not enough on the stuff that’s actually useful. Like teaching you how to do taxes.
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    • Baiit
      This is like shitting on fat people for going to the gym, same shitty energy.
      Baiit 10d
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    • xXPrestigeWorldwideXx
      I don’t understand why writers are taking such hard stances against an entire generation guess what when the fucking boomers die out you lose all credibility
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    • MosleyGang
      "Millenials are so helpless they're taking classes to better themselves"
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    • FloatinPineapple
      Correction: y’all just had shitty parents who didn’t teach you shit
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    • meashakitty
      Um schools Use to have a class to show you to do things like sew called home ECT. Now they have classes to learn 5 different languages.
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    • WhatIsntIrrelevant
      It's like they raised us to be helpless so they could make fun of us
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    • Doodlederp
      "These millennials don't know things? And they're trying to educate themselves in order to know it?! What the fuck is wrong with this generation?!"
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    • Fuckstupidpost
      Just remember California is making students learn about trans and gender curiosity.
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    • DeadWords
      Honestly, life skills classes need to be mandatory in school.
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    • allyouknow
      Cause the modern education system would rather teach me how to do theoretical mathematics and how to be nice to people who don't want to be a boy or girl anymore rather then teach me about taxes, or purchasing property, or how to learn how to save for a retirement at a early age
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    • bigesmalz
      Boomers should be nicer to us considering we get to decide when to take them off life support
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    • GayLesbianOctopus
      Well considering I don’t live in a world that needs to sew on buttons anymore, I’d say I’m fine, besides, i can understand the current technological world unlike some old people who can’t find a power button
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    • Lampini
      “We were such pathetic role models that millennials are learning things we should’ve taught them ourselves”
      Lampini 10d
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    • xFreSh78
      It's sad when YouTube has taught me more about personal finance and stuff like that more than school has.
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    • Trnipp
      Fuck yeah MATPAT FTWWWW
      Trnipp 10d
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    • emufasa
      “Drug addicts are so helpless and idiotic that they have to go to “rehabilitation” to stop taking drugs”
      emufasa 10d
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    • TeshinDax
      Schools: remove most student organization classes _________Students: don’t know how to do things taught in those classes ___________________________Schools: *surprised pikachu meme*
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    • coixdy
      Gen z is ready to flatten all you fuckers
      coixdy 10d
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    • EarthBender
      You have to love matpat
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    • MemeStark
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    • UncleGazpacho
      No one taught me how to do that, I’m just not a complete fucking retard. Plus the internet exist. If you use “adult” as a verb, you should be crucified and burned at the same time
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    • BigMacwCheese
      It’s cause boomers were too busy asking how to use the computer
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    • RighteousTrashPanda
      God forbid anyone learn something
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    • NotSoFun
      How dare we focus on advancing technology and medicine when we should be learning how to bake cookies and knit sweaters.
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      I have an idea, lets build a society, lets make it suit us, and then not teach others how to play in it. Then, we say its their fault its broken.
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    • Real_Satan
      Holy shit people are learning what they dont know so that they know? What fucking idiots. In my day we just consumed knowledge from thin air!
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    • BLiZaRd
      Idc if this seems harsh - fuck the entire generation of people 60 & up right now
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    • EnderVoltz480
      I just thought this was some normal person that said this... then I realized that it was matpat... this post just got 10x better...
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    • hyperzombieRS
      Why do people act like the internet isnt a real tool to use?
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    • RotsiRots
      The only thing you need to be taught is how to learn and think for yourself. Then you can actually figure things out on your own. Everything else just falls into place. But maybe that's just me. Aside from basic arithmetic and language/grammar school is pretty useless.
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    • tacticleloadoshit2
      Who needs to learn to sew when we got gooks in sweatshops earning a wage of 1 dollar?
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    • OofSpice
      Now here me out guys.. Imagine if people took classes to learn. What a suprise!
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    • Swiss_Boy
      Ok but if I hand someone older than 40 an I pad they look like they’re banging sticks and rocks
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    • Aye_rockLord
      Ok so if you dont try to be a better person you get shit on and if you do you also get shit on?
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    • _MYOB_
      Or the things school failed to teach them
      _MYOB_ 10d
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    • Ratt54
      Y'all boomers act like this shit is intuitive. Your parents had to teach you all this shit. It's not our fault that an entire generation are shitty fucking teachers.
      Ratt54 10d
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    • thememesyoudeserve
      To see an entire generation fail at teaching lessons and than moch them for not knowing is despicable
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    • Furfag_Supreme2
      Nigga you can look that shit up for free on YouTube
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    • BrennenGoff
      Wait, please tell me mattpat actually did this
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    • TheChromeYeti
      You do realize the "Millennials" gen. Started in 1981 right? I was born in 92 and I took home ec. You all ever stop to think maybe it's the schools failing the younger kids?
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    • TheMidnightNightmare
      Teach better, it's literally all these old fucks on the brink of death's fault our entire planet is in the shitter.
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    • ahab52
      Im 17, Gen Z nigga, and I honestly do not give a flying fuck about older generations and how they hate each other or failed to help each other.
      ahab52 10d
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    • RealityPosts
      Bless you Mat Pat
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    • DeeplyDisturbed
      Why do so many humans hate other humans for being humans that exist in a different time period with different values and ideology’s
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    • ElectricWhip
      Ah yes, we’re helpless, and yet, here we are, fixing you’re fucking mistakes.
      smile 5 reply 8
    • uhthatsclassified
      “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men.”
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    • Spiderkisses
      I like millennials, I made 2 of them personally and I’m tired of people talking shit. Honestly, the worst generation are the baby boomers next to the “greatest generation!” 🤮
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    • MIG_15
      Who read it in MatPats voice
      MIG_15 10d
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    • s4pph1r3
      Honestly tho, I was never taught how to properly treat people, not from school or home, just kinda grew up watching everyone hit each other so I think kids should learn how to be a decent human beings and in romantic relationships, I'm learning now and its hard to change my ways, but I learned how..
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    • OutspokenAsshole
      Making fun of someone trying to better themselves and learn is like making fun of a homeless person trying to get a job
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