• Hahah yeah i get emails from colleges like harvard ahah relatable
      1.9K 143
    • Exist if you can relate
      894 19
    • I have thousands from damn Hofstra, so desperate
    • Hofstra emails everyone with a 0.1 GPA or higher
    • hofstra really emails everyone and their grandmother
    • “Emily, I’m outside your door”
    • Emily is away
    • Emily, we can see you.
    • It's creepy, I get them too
    • Once you actually enroll into a college they all stop, just for you to get a million more from your university
    • I wanted to go to Hofstra
    • I always got spammed by Hofstra, Northern Vermont University, some Rhode Island college and it was terrible
    • Princeton Gang™️
      Roska 10d
    • Emily, we’re outside.
    • Give us $30,000 for your $4,000 tuition
    • So many fucking emails from hofstra like bitch if i wanted to go to hofstra i wouldve applied or not ignored ur 200 previous emails
      imajoo 10d
      3 1
    • Emily,
    • Bitch is complaining about colleges wanting to recruit her mean while I’m over here with my thumb up my uneducated ass
    • Hofstra are spam lords supreme
    • Hofstra baby!
      realJC 11d
    • Ah yes the time when Juniors and Seniors get letters from colleges they never even heard of before yet are still as good as the bigger names
    • I remember those days...
    • Whaat
    • I get Hofstra emails daily it’s mad annoying
    • Hofstra is a bitch and won’t leave me alone. I’m literally a premed student at a different college and I get the Hofstra emails at least once a week
      _Sam_ 11d
    • Shit
    • My brother signed up for the program where colleges send him mail and he gets around 10 letters and 3 emails every day it was I good thing i didn’t sign up
    • I got about 1000 emails from Hofstra, I thought I was basically guaranteed to get in, then when I applied they denied me...
      CNR5K 11d
    • Ha Albright got beat 96-0 in a football game last season
    • Hey Albright is around where I live
    • I litteraly got one the other day from Montana university and it said, "We want you..." but all it fucking was was a survey fillout request and now I'm sending haitmail to college board.
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    • It’s better than no emails
    • Wtf is hofstra
      Spastik 11d
    • I’m applying to MIT next year send help
    • You seriously might be a polar bear, that was the best one I ever got
      thadude 11d
    • Emily, I know where you live
    • People out here really talking up Hofstra? 😂 They spammed me with emails and I only got a 1240
    • A kid in the grade above me is going to hofstra
    • I got an email from Tulane asking “Are you a doggo or a pupper?” It was cringey as hell
    • They all sound stalkerish
    • Hey I live right near Albright college!!!
      anathem 11d
    • I get those too they try to clickbait you with bot emails
    • Emily we’re in your house
    • Lmao I live right down the street from Albright
    • Like once you become a senior, you get so many emails from colleges. On my gmail front page like 45/50 are from colleges
    • Brown U tried to recruit me but didn't offer anything an we ain't got money so I'm going to WVU
    • I got a porn spam email and they made the subject sound like I was put on a hit list
    • I keep getting emails from the United States Naval Academy
      Macro_ 11d
    • Hofstra sends one to many emails
    • Emily, we are EVERYWHERE
    • One of the admissions people at Hofstra sent me a personal letter and I felt all special but these comments shattered that
      1 1
    • I get emails from Harvard Extension School, which is Harvard's liberal arts campus, and my degree is not even in liberal arts, it is in computer science.
    • We’re coming to teach you a lesson.
    • Hey Albright is near where I live
      Vazlek 11d
    • LI niggas
      Glokk9 11d
    • Hofstra,Iona, and, of course, bard college at simon’s rock
      Jebward 11d
      1 2
    • Teas hoes and hair? Or Tea shoes and hair.
    • Do these emails ever end? I've been in college for 2 years and still get those
      1 1
    • Fuck Hofstra and fuck their emails
    • iNut 11d
    • Amy from George Mason
    • This meme is cancer fuck that bitch
      gifmun 11d
    • That shits fucking annoying
    • Bruh Pace and Hofstra have been up my ass
    • "Emily you look better in the light blue dress."
    • Hofstra can suck my balls
      Jayjuj 11d
    • Emily you have to run. Emily it's not safe anymore. Emily they know where you are
    • I read her name as, "teas hoes and hair." Intead of, "tea shoes and hair"
    • Teas hoes and hair
    • College emails are so annoying
    • Bruh Hofstra never lets up I swear
    • For real i didn't check my email for a month and got 343 emails from colleges
    • Brazzers University:...
    • I get ones from all those Ivy League summer camps that cost a shit ton of money. Miss me with that shit.
    • Yo same for both of those colleges. They would be like “This is your LAST chance” then follow up with a “we’ve extended the deadline just for you”
    • Ew Hofstra
    • I get a million emails from tons of colleges and I AM ANNOYED
    • I get these too they are actually creepy
    • Gotta love Hofstra!
    • Roses are red. Violets are blue. I keep getting terrifying messages from colleges. Emily, we're coming for you.
    • Ayyy hofstra
    • ouch.
    • Hofstra tryna get everyone
    • Hofstra blows up my emails it’s ridiculous
      Riqster 11d
      3 2
    • Emily, there’s no escape from us
      jjjx33 11d
    • Hofstra university is so fucking annoying, they send so much shit
    • Don’t get excited if you get emails from top tier schools. They just want your applications for the fees and to pad their selectivity stats. Doesn’t mean they actually want you
    • I remember getting calls from colleges around the country after I got my associates. It gets annoying quick
    • I got one that said “(My Name), I like Ice Cream” no joke. Forget which school it was
    • I read that as colleagues haha
    • Lucky, I got a letter from a college that misspelled my name really badly.
    • Omg I got thousands of emails like this every week my senior year of high school. That's when I gave up on deleting emails. It's obnoxious.
    • There is one that isn’t. Pump University
      cT_xT 11d
    • I got those too, they were after I took my SAT and colleges were sending me emails until I graduated and started college
    • I got one from Gannon University that just said “We know your name, Cole”
    • Emily, we're considering you
    • Holy fuck, Hofstra does send stuff to everyone
      Memori 11d
    • Emily, we're watching you
    • Cum for me 😩
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