• yo i hate honors college boys ijust asked this guy ”hey why aren't koalas considered bears?" and he hits me with ”they’re marsupials" shut up nerd the answer to the joke is ”they don’t have the koalafications”
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    • Nachtmara1911
      I hate people who judge people for being smart.
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    • Paganus_Magnum
      Not my fault you a dumb ass bitch
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    • Manda_O
      I was arrested the other day for stealing people's electrons. I was charged heavily, despite my victims saying it was an overall positive experience.
      Manda_O 10d
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    • Stallord
      Probably because women aren’t funny so he wasn’t expecting it to be a joke
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    • BrattyChingona
      If she knows he's going to be smart about it, at least let him know it's going to be a joke so he wouldn't be so serious with it.
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    • Lawles
      Lawles 10d
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    • magicbean
      Why do people think being into facts and education is lame? It’s not my thing but I think it’s cool when people have a passion like that, you a basic bitch get more interesting
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    • AutomaticAutist
      White people and their *shuffles deck* Intellect
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    • HonestlyThough
      If this was a boy bashing a girl for being smart the world would pop.
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    • creepsy
      This translates to "I'm insecure about my intelligence so I make fun of smart people"
      creepsy 10d
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    • meymeyer
      Why is everyone taking this so seriously?😂 it’s just a joke, calm ya tiddies
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    • CyanideAndTrashiness
      OK, honestly a predominant portion of the people that "hate" smart people are subconsciously pissed off that they aren't as intelligent as them and the smart people seemingly flaunt it, even though most of the time they don't know they're doing it. If a football player did it, you wouldn't care
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    • ThatOneGuy231
      I havent heard anyone seriously call another person "nerd" in so long
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    • foodstamp420
      And that joke leads to your minimum wage and short lifespan
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    • gibitty
      Maybe you should make your joke sound more like a joke instead of an actual question lol
      gibitty 10d
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    • GlobalDokkanDaily
      "Haha you're smart you fuckin idiot"
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    • Jeffdeekiller
      Karen, If you’re reading this, please, just let me see the fucking kids
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    • angrykitten121
      He probably didn't realize you were joking. There are many stupid people in this world
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    • daneielle
      Random girl:"Hey what's 2+2" me:"4" ransome girl:"wow you didnt even get the joke 4 eyes"
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    • xWinterSolstice
      She probably didn't make it obvious she was telling a joke. If you're a bio major you're going to naturally take these questions literally and answer accordingly.
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    • Joshyago
      Depending on your tone, it probably wasn't obvious it was a joke, dumbass
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    • GasSnake
      Dude imagine taking this at face value and thinking that she actually believes this
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    • ZooUniverse
      Ask a question, get an answer.
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    • 1996
      i mean i don’t blame him, it’s a retarded joke
      1996 10d
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    • Manda_O
      Manda_O 10d
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    • YaBoiPyxis
      Proper classification and taxonomy is not a joke Claire
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    • Laska
      Fucking boys and their *shuffles deck* trivia knowledge
      Laska 10d
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    • Milesperhour101
      Next time make it actually sound like a joke and dont get offended by the answer
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    • skankhunt4_2_
      *asks a random question not letting the other person know it's going to be a joke* "fuck you and your...... Knowledge"
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    • Victorscreedxx
      No It's because they don't have the right to bear arms
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    • Nuclear_touch
      *dates dumb thug and is confused why she’s poor, abused,and a single mother*
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    • ironface53
      And by honnors college boys you mean that one kid in your advanced science class that you always copy notes from?
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    • thatguy4real
      I too hate it when people answer my questions
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    • Wiliam
      Well geez if you ask someone a question how can you get mad for them answering
      Wiliam 9d
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    • mcs3
      ur koalafications r irrelephant don't listen to him he's lion this argument is becoming unbearable indeed its making my voice horse horse please when do u ever say something smart dont worry owl wait ouch haward im out of here u all r giraffing me crazy alpaca your things let minnow when u get there
      mcs3 10d
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    • Nowahn
      She cant even use commas guys, dont be so offended.
      Nowahn 10d
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    • Bossman1166
      Fucking thot
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    • HeyoAlex
      Seems like everyone in this comment section is an honors student at killjoy university....
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    • Quazerty
      Yeah I also hate it when I ask someone a question and they give me an honest fucking answer
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    • Ficto10
      How do you think he feels talking to a dumbass
      Ficto10 10d
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    • Wubalubadubdub97
      2 of my co workers are really short and are best friends, I asked one of them if it's a short person thing, he replied "yeah bro, we just see eye to eye" my respect for that man is level 100.
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    • SlipperyPancake
      Shitting out random facts doesn’t make you smart...
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    • BigCrispyChicken
      That's not even that nerdy of a thing
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    • mentibruhh
      Lmao y’all realize she was trying to joke around with him? Not being a dumbass?
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    • SolidDucky9
      Sounds like r/iamverysmart
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    • CountryCharm
      Smart people usually enjoy darker humor
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    • brandileigh
      Claire with her basic ass bitch jokes. Fuck off Claire.
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    • Sciencegeek1
      Honors college is literally pointless you all get the same degree in the end it’s just a lot of extra work.
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    • thetony444
      It seems that a lot of retards here hate smart people for the smallest things
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    • ClassicMoviesAndAnimation
      Sorry, Claire. Some of us would like to be intelligent you fucking bitch
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    • The_Autistic_Spoon
      Ain’t his fault you’re fuckin stupid
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    • imtoooldforthisapp
      To be fair...that joke sucks
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    • KillerKoolKat
      Yo i hate people who think they can change their gender
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    • thedarkone222
      It’s funny that people are responding to this like she didn’t just make this up for a joke
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    • VertugaLevel7
      He's smart, but he's too preoccupied to have a sense of humor. Such a shame.
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    • Ethereal_Estrus
      This is what's wrong with Americans, they shun intelligence
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    • _carlpoppa
      Yes I too hate people are smarter than me. Stfu dumb bitch
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    • Jinxzy
      Don’t ask stupid questions if you don’t want smart answers
      Jinxzy 10d
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    • coolcat_tom
      Pretty low koalaty meme but acceptable
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    • craig9274
      That's not how a joke works. The person you're telling the joke to isn't supposed to have the punchline. You ask the question, they say whatever they say (either "why?" or something like what this guy said) and then you say the punchline either way. This guy did literally nothing wrong.
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    • King_Melon
      I mean maybe he through you were asking a serious question
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    • Cute_Flowers_And_Stuff
      I can get it when people hate the "r/iamverysmart" dudes, but this guy obviously didn't get that it was a joke and there's no reason to be all toxic.
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    • ufunny10
      If she sounds like she’s saying a joke then yeah that’s our fault, but if she doesn’t they gave them the correct answer wtf
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    • Amatthew1234
      Maybe you don't belong in college. I find it fucking hilarious to watch people do Jack shit on class and then end up dropping out next semester
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    • Spy_Fox
      Well she’s obviously not a scholar nor a comedian.
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    • byronboss777
      I hate all the type A personalities in honors college. Like it's okay to have fun sometimes.
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    • itchybumholebitch420
      The best part of being in honors classes is that people dont make fun of you for doing good
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    • yamemieboi
      They don’t have the kolafications, because they’re marsupials
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    • SnoopFissh
      Just because you’re in honors doesn’t mean you’re smart btw
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    • Daftlampshade
      This was not funny.
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    • beeitchesBtrippin
      “Why can’t boys be smart”
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    • BlackBarbarianthethird
      Nigga it aint my fault your dumbass didnt get into IB and honors classes
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    • Sassaphrass
      I hate honors students because the freshmen register for upper level classes - that happen to not have an official precursor - and take the spot away from some who needs it just so that freshmen can drop the class three weeks in when they realize they have no idea what to do.
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    • ThePugness
      I feel personally attacked
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    • LaserX
      Ok, well enjoy working at McDonalds after graduating college
      LaserX 10d
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    • Manda_O
      A paleontologist asked if I knew what a velociraptor is. I told him "of course! It's the derivative of a positionraptor!"
      Manda_O 10d
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    • DonutBoy808
      Hey don’t call someone a nerd just because they’re smart
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    • Manda_O
      A police officer pulled over heisenberg and asked "do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg said "no but I can tell you exactly where I was!"
      Manda_O 10d
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    • klayworld
      Yeah well most of the time u super smart people are socially awkward as hell so
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    • NaGGer_figgot
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    • Jack_Skellinton
      Hey I'm not even in honor's college and I would've given the same answer.....bitch
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    • Harry117
      So many dumbass hoes nowadays it’s ridiculous
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      Wow, how dare people be knowledgeable.
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    • Psychiatric
      you should have learned about fauna classification in high school biology.
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    • noah98
      People who do this are often insecure, they know just a tiny bit about a subject area but need to sound smart so they proceed to talk about it like they're an expert (even at the expense of a good joke).
      noah98 10d
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    • Grandmas_virginity
      Dude honers collage is so easy to qualify for but only the pretentious do it, thats the point guyzzz
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    • Jedi_Master_Itachi
      What a very Thotful answer from her
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    • Dant3J0n3s
      But... But they're called koala bears... Right...?
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    • blaze4700
      Top comments actin like they both made the deans list
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    • justbanana_andfrens
      I hate bitches that are in college but somehow just seem to get dumber
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    • justcase
      Arent they called koala bears? have i been lied to my whole life
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    • NorthKoreanSpy
      Wow a bunch of angry nerds here
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    • NaulafeinHasrov
      It’s not even an honors thing, it’s a common sense and not knowing you’re trying to set up a random pun
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    • Whoa__Dude
      These comments are cringeworthy
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    • Vladdy__Daddy
      When you’re dumb so you hate anyone with a brain
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    • Cherriys
      If someone responds to a joke with the punchline there's no fun in that. It's like 2 people fucking each other with soft cockcs
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