• 'Yo Anon! Get your ass over here why dontcha? need some help this blaster dont rot your fuckin eyes, you Row bad am at this Kinds fingers cant of do yours delicate are Wark good to that save'my so darn ust fe ana thse dainty already fingers help of yours woutd are good at that st so ust that uf complaint our already roam that help eep woutd ya? How abeutI as finally move that dresser our roam have you that eep complain "our about toe onthat as damn repayment? How many times have you stubbes Your
"our toe onthat damn thing? You really oughta be more sware Your surrounaings.
'An shut up ya pansy! You cite never see that happenin' me now, do ya?
Thaugh of yours gets bulled Malt {he meto move moved ater was use of yours gets that Malt pouting {he reasan face havert your moved by strong yt was use wanted somethir fo se for yo, tht pouting honesty face swear your Be bi strong iend without me todo somethit for yo, honesily. swear youd Be usetess without me found. rate you should just fr bea manual hause abor husband or because I's not
Tike ylire good fr manual abor anythin
hey, god you know dit good mean anythin' by tight? L meant. mean.
god say was. no good Not be uh stt at you Wewnat know, was meani physical say was. that you may Not be uh good at you to know, manly or physical things a-and thats ts okayt Net everyoody hae to be good Staff at that stu good anything better tobe betYer atthe kinds Staff youre good ya know ike othering be real sinarto-or haw ya how always ya elways Manage koow when make me something fel othering someone way haw ya always Manage to make me stop fel speci or way managing Beier than good. abie can do ig stop reer or managing kind and adorable and good. Anjbody and can do that Bul youre W-what special and hivd at and adorable here that and tatented Love you just and the wonderlan- way you W-what and yi get at here about that you. Tove Not you Just the way you are and would but ctinge anything about you. Not just because ike Ravi yu around but the worl woud be worse place
what'd tll cant ya go calli me that eute! mean i's not that doit ke it cant attack one of jost go saya that wear not nowhere! Gonna get give me heat
'attack one ofthest dayarI swear its not fair that you get cll me ter just get done sayi al that sappy shit ..'m supposed tobe the one mee YOU biueh
You ya just dork mean this fuck with dumb, me right, never Anon? Right? say what's mean gett ya donk mean m kinda dumb, never realy say what's actualy
'mlnd know Tm bitchy sometimes and kl people people not me regular bass.
dont gots ie fa mem used to people not kin me ike much
Teaiy. bed. tke Just. ya gotta prsse me ust me because these ike ye ana we
'shate a bed. Just. your please dort ook me be with these eyes. me deserve your love- Not ane bit You be better off wihaut me
ya ceally mean it, dont you? But wh? Ive done such awful things and many peopie etish and hate and
Thanks, 'mean uh, dump got of itte hat outa on ie there, Sory Bout that to go and
'mean dump burt of my hat on ou tike that. St realy must eiant seem mean pretty to go and ust burt out my dumb feelings like that. must con seem pretty eraty Hight
Big strang Mangalarien gi tat con bencipress times your
bodyweight 'his oughta is avi' the a breakdown way in your around, arms ike But some sort ike of schaolgi. Makes
'his oughta be the other feel way sate, around, even ykow. from But thnk thoughts. ike Makes
feel sate, even from my own thoughts.
'Ya mind Makes it me we fee stay ike like this worth bit longer? and just that really have like holdin' reason to you keep
Makes me fee ike 'm worth sometiin and that reason to keep
going, ya know? Wnat's the word youd use? Grounded or some shi Aight?
"Yeah, makes me fel grounded, think
'wnat m alright? about been to say might think' seem about this a ite crazy but just hear need me out, your alright? figuring Ive this been out. think' Lately about this fora while Kinda need shout your really heip be out figuring this there out. Lately constantly Ive Deen starting mean, to wonder that shout really wanna be retake out there constantly fighting mean, that dont wanaa Fetake
Mandotore give damn aboutus have again our planet badly it back and hurts. have Not as the some galany actuaiy 'war mongering give a damn aboutus again who so badly took it hurts. the Not as some ot
'war mongering 'some big bad seary mercs people who almost took next ovr the paycheck, gatany ut just ot
'some big of bad seary mercs looking out there the next paycheck, ut just galaxy. dont care how of people tke anyother out there nthe galany. dont care how lmportant we ae afterwards truly or how longi and takes to get there, [just want place fo truly call home and fee like Belong.
But whenever of I get that burring The first desire now, I can think about you
Instend ot Mandatore, The fist thing that comes tomy mind fs Watking through that door me to see your get cite shot gtin that and have you with out my around
\wounds, telling me that get shot there again that yout how stop many help Blaster out around holes are
put in And yet No matter always there no matter takes how to many get Blaster back, no holes are put in me, No matter am, matter Teng takes much of my to shit get you back, no mater ow
Beat fo shit am, leave And matter how much of my can shit call you gotta put up with you what rever teave And aint tata thing you can call home? No matter what
happens well my always be less. Waiting for one anather, found" home ight? that So then that means belong
Youre then my bather less. Andi fe found" know home that that be fel ting tke the belong others to down
then why bather uth Mandare? know that be ting the others down
nd all fm if retaking getinat Mandalore you means think (osing You, dont to think maybe want settle that.
Wwhat with fm you getinat instead fe, of you fighting think all its the good ted to maybe we settle dovn even with you instead of fighting all the time fr something we may nat even
'Bamn Anon, expect yout be more serous about this than am,
Someane wo doesnt even havem great feason to care ls showin more
huge than am right God now, damn but? Wel I Blame just you for coming me me what ust huge softy, asshole! God what damn the t hell now did you just coming make to me What that shit
saat Arrrggggahinn what to the hell did you my make me say alla that shit one siting, this to i's reveal to my deepest secrets to youn one siting, this aint how you supposed to sigh But yea, net ike AS
Usual Hell b-but ve stl got you you bastard -sigh supporting me But then yea, there think youre ight. AS Usual Hell ve retake got you supporting Mandatore! me youre then there cheerin me at no way means retake come Mandatore! back to Cuz youre you and tat cheerin means me no on then that means hereon ot,
sgatta come the back home to you and tat means With Grest no syngl From Has hereon ving ot, the Unkilable Pretty soon all the Chick With Grest Reck be Has led nce ving to oh
Pretty soon all the bounty hunter afices be led with my face oh
'thelr holterminals!
{Bvahahahaha that's good one! could just imagine them get alt confused and after thinking that they just ar into whore house! geting Phew ned
Sreather ut. You after that ane. warn Took more ar outa you say some geting shit punched in Hey the but
'ut. You really gota warn me before al you of say some an shit tke that! Hey it but seviously, thonke for listenin ot al now? of my an you supporting could me. it ot now? Mate than you could
'On emere you lovable ttle ehit Youre the not night gettin now=! outta my arms fr the of the night now=!
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