• Y’all ever notice when you lose the remote you lose trust in everyone? "Are you sitting on the remote?“
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    • Zemat_Racso
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    • Captain_knuckles
      A family civil war
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    • LewdThing
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    • GrimDeath13
      Whys there a picture of Tupac
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    • 22jammawamma
      Is that pac yelling at his hoes
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    • R3D_M3NACE
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    • Mitchybitch
      Legend has it this joke has been passed down since the beginning of time, on the ancient scrolls of unfunny
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    • PinheadIarry
      "Where's my mtn dew? did you drink my mtn dew? Lemme smell your breath"
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    • Justin_Spankdaddy
      Grab your cocks when you see tupac
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    • FoxMcQuiet
      Because they're always too lazy to even look. It's usually right under them in the cushion
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    • LeVerneGrames
      I, too, hate it when Tupac sits on my remote.
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    • MosesBrowning
      Can we talk about tupac losing his remote
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    • NatCat24
      Damn they didn’t play the song for spongebob it was just a little clip
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    • meatbomb56
      Oh my god we're gonna make tupac meme of feburary
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    • FozzyBear98
      i to turn into tupac when i want to know where the remote is
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      Y’all ever notice the same jokes just getting reused with different pictures for the last 8 years
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    • i_took_an_L
      Is that 2pac?
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    • Luxray
      Rip 2Pac
      Luxray 13d
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    • lizliz
      I see them check but I literally have to check for myself to see if it’s really not there
      lizliz 7d
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    • opiip
      And nobody is offended by being called a liar over this.
      opiip 8d
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    • hotpocketrocket13
      Why Tupac tho?
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    • TG1097
      If you lost your only remote, just go buy a Tupac so you can have an extra one
      TG1097 10d
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    • LLY401
      LLY401 11d
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    • Nightmared
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    • BrandonLucus
      why did you use a picture of Tupac
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    • Nekokoneko
      It's not losing trust. Its knowing people are fucking stupid
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      Biggie. Where’s the mote shawty????
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    • Chumbis
      I just think they can’t feel it.
      Chumbis 12d
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    • vangrahamage
      It's the same when you loose money or drugs. The difference between a pothead and a crackhead though, is the pothead won't steal your shit, but the crackhead will not only steal your shit, but they'll also help you look for it once they've stolen it.
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    • jessthedragon1006
      Usually they are in fact sitting on it too
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    • Soklex
      I too turn into Tupac when I lose my remote control
      Soklex 12d
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    • StonerCharm
      Because when I ask it means "get your ass up and look" not just say no without checking
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    • Boomer22z
      That dude was buried in pussy. And every time he dug his self out another boat load of pussy was dropped on him .
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    • budderball6464
      It’s cause they say no out of laziness or ignorance but in reality it’s rare to be able to feel a remote under your nice ass.
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    • yonc
      yonc 13d
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    • BilbroSwaggins
      2 pac was like, a really fuckin cute dude. Like he’s literally just fuckin cute
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    • _ellie__
      Rip Tupac
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    • Tuesday
      It’s not that they were deceiving you, the bitch just slides in undetected
      Tuesday 13d
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      Ok so we know there’s a top comment, BUT is there a bottom comment for the most disliked comment?
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    • SethieBones
      It's sad because we are always right
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    • Team3Star
      Then you have to go to family counseling like Goku and Vegeta
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      Dumbasses on this app don’t even recognize pac
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    • Spruce_Block
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    • Aye_rockLord
      And then you find it under their ass
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    • essqusmeh2
      Cause some people dumb as fuck dont realize they are sittin on it
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    • PetLife
      I almost murdered my friends once. I jokingly steal stuff a lot. But one day at lunch I was trying really hard to do homework. All of the sudden I'm accused of stealing a friend's phone. They literally have me go through my jacket, pants, and backpack. They accused me for like the 7th time and I
      PetLife 11d
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    • Poke420
      Poke420 12d
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    • Tyranid
      Tyranid 12d
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    • Obsessed_and_Gay
      Dude I lost an rubber earbud peice and started accusing my friends of stealing it
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    • jjjackson1986
      Lets recycle this joke on a new picture. No one will notice.
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    • manglaze
      PAC be at a sorority mixer in the Hills
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    • HondaLover_GHIF
      I always will hate this joke
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    • Cerata
      Because their fatasses dont feel it till they decide to get up
      Cerata 12d
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    • Laxboy9913
      This is so true!!!! My parents yell at each other over this!!!
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    • TheLastRedEye
      Stand up joke you stole and made a meme
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    • DetectivePika
      That's not trust though... trust would imply they're knowingly sitting on the remote and lieing to you, when in fact they don't know
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    • Eileen_the_Lewd_Hoonter
      My sister was so stubborn, I’d go 10 minutes without finding until she got up to reveal she was sitting on it
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    • more_homo_please
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    • user1tom
      God I wish that remote was my dick
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    • KEVlN_
      I’m booking a flight to Cuba to visit Tupac
      KEVlN_ 12d
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    • ActualFuckingIdiot
      Snoop dog looked so cool when he was younger in this pic
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    • PornGif
      PornGif 12d
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    • swagmonkey123
      Everyone know that’s what Tupac is nutritious for
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    • ZohanDaIrish
      Is that fuckin tupac
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    • BiffBurns
      In addition to the hot dog contest there should be a follow up with the contestants to see who can shit out the hot dogs in the fewest restroom visits. Only caveot is that no toilit paper is provided, this will make it more exciting for both the contestant and the viewer at home.
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    • LordTimur
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    • benp555
      Rest in peace my nigga Tupac
      benp555 12d
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    • LoveAnime
      All boundaries are broken when the remotes gone
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    • SSTOCK
      It’s cause the dude who said no was sitting on it the last time
      SSTOCK 12d
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    • BiffBurns
      Of course being shot seems to prove to create more distrust, but in these days it seems a remote is valued just as much as a dildo.
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    • RandomWaterfall
      Ayyyy, to my nigga Pac. So much trouble in the world nigga, ain’t nobody feel ya pain.
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    • mrman369
      looks like he's yelling at them for not using a coaster like I told you 3 fuckin time Karen USE THE DAMN COASTER
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    • Zaquelio
      Bold of you to assume i trust anyone
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    • 1_more
      I guarantee you that’s not what’s happening
      1_more 12d
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    • artic50000
      Yeah but 3/4 the time someone is sitting on the remote.
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    • Tupac
      oh yeah that’s me
      Tupac 13d
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    • PapaSquat1
      “I bet your ass swallowed it.”
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    • MemesThatKeepMeAlive
      My recent
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    • DuckyDucks
      Tupac tellin bitchs what's up
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    • spicycar
      "oh I must've accidentally sat on it "
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    • wifi15
      wifi15 13d
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    • Joyner
      is that tupac
      Joyner 13d
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    • gentlemanrobit
      Wow, talk about the long game. Haven't seen that joke since the early 2000s
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    • ArmyRanger28
      My dam wife always does shit like that!
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    • Daretti_Reborn
      Not so much lack of trust, but doubting the person's awareness.
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    • Triangle_Earth
      Stop being sheep and rise up to the occasion. The time is now to declare our true triangle earth! Don’t follow blindly to this nonsense of a round earth!
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    • kussImmak
      First off fuck your bitch and the clique you claim!
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    • UseFormerlyKnownAsGarfnic
      I bet half the people here didn't recognize 2pac
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    • MyBad
      It’s because the remote has the magical ability to make it so you don’t feel it when you sit on it, even if you could feel a single grain of sand if you sat on it. Somehow the remote feels like nothing, it’s even quite comfortable.
      MyBad 13d
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    • danezilla8989
      The idea that this is a pic of Tupac yelling "STAND UP" at that woman in search of the remote is priceless
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    • Apparition
      Your gay friend is always sitting on the remote
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    • UncleGazpacho
      Haha le funny decade old meme
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