• Rebelord01
      Nikola Tesla was a fuck legend the dude was working on wireless electricity, built a earth quake machine, and was working on a ducking death ray
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    • No0bz
      No0bz 5d
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    • theaverageasain
      A protareail of the good boi
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    • PurplePicklePerson
      Thomas Edison was a big ol Bitch boi who made Tesla look bad and caused him to die alone and poor.
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    • Hello5777
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    • teenporn
      nikolai tesla: *has idea* thomas edison:
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    • Immortal_300
      We’d be wirelessly charging our Tesla phones in Mars City if we hadn’t back Edison (credit chainsawsuit)
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    • thefuckdidijustlookat
      Thomas edisson was a bitch boy
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    • a_homosapien
      Thomas edison actually stole a lot of inventions because the inventors were too poor to get their things patented, or just didnt live near enough to a patent office and didnt have the necessary transportation
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    • Lucii
      Apparently Tesla’s invention was better than Edison’s. The whole ac/dc thing. So... I think Edison sued Tesla or just made it to where everyone used his current or sumthin, and Tesla died a poor man. ):
      Lucii 4d
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    • TheGreatProfessorSad
      Look it up. Edison was a dick.
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    • revov
      Switching it would make more sense. The actual dog in that pose came before the portrait. Nikola tesla’s ideas occurred first before edison copied them. Portrait = edison, actual dog = tesla
      revov 5d
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    • BabyDullFace
      Thomas Edison was such a horrible person
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    • KingOfInsanity
      Nikola Telsa invented the alternating current, which ever house uses (except those in Washington D.C. if I remember correctly) and Edison invented direct current. In other words this is fucking wrong.
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    • OnlyShittyRepubs
      Thomas Edison is a fucking thief and deserves to be shamed by history.
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    • TheWigglyJello
      Edison was a thief and stole Tesla’s ideas for the light bulb and got a patent for it. Edison just stole ideas and never invented actually invented them.
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    • Traw99
      The more you read about Thomas Edison the less you like him as a human being
      Traw99 5d
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    • EndofaneraADTR
      The easiest and shortest way for me to say this: Edison is a piece of fucking shit. Tesla for the win.
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    • Lorence_Suckington
      Thomas Edison took credit for things he didn't invent and was/is a scumbag. Tesla>Edison
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    • Metal__Monger
      Edison was a bitch
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    • iVader
      Tesla could throw lightning like a sith lord
      iVader 4d
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    • EasyBakeOrphan
      Edison is a hack and a thief all he did was steal from Nikolai Tesla
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    • TheNoPFPGod
      Shouldn't they be reversed, since the painting is a portrayal of the actual dog
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    • NotJosephStalin
      When Tesla came to America he was amazed and surprised by the things he saw. Which was Edison’s lamp. Though Edison was a self taught genius and Tesla was a European educated man. Edison was an asshole. He lied to Tesla that he’ll give him 50000 dollars if he succeeded.
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    • PabloEscobar
      Fuck Edison All Hail Nikola Tesla
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    • Chef_Bobbyardee
      and that one guy who made the first motion picture camera. he straight boonk ganged that shit too
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      Edison is a piece of shit. Change my mind
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    • dcpally
      Edison was such a douchey piece of shit
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    • Zenog
      Tesla invented; Edison tinkered
      Zenog 5d
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    • Crazy80Box
      My computer wallpaper is a picture of Tesla that says "I don't care that they stole my idea, I care that they don't have any of their own"
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    • Gradam5
      Common misconception that Edison didn’t do anything but steal ideas. I wrote a few papers on him, I remember thinking I’d write about how he was an unoriginal skank but he built himself up from his inventions and contributed to almost all research his employees were doing.
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    • GoddamitRoss
      Didn't Thomas Edison electricute an elephant because he wanted to make Tesla look bad?
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    • supersaiyangodx10
      Tesla: has idea to power the world at a very cost efficient price. Edison: but we can be rich with "capitalism".
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    • IceQuasar
      The person reading this deserves to have a good day 😀
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    • teenporn
      nikolai tesla: *has idea* thomas edison:
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    • Nehkoin
      remember when Edison tried to become president
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    • classiccarman
      Yet, when I was in school, we learned about Edison, and not Tesla. I hope it's different now.
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    • pisser
      I’ve done plenty of research on Edison. He improved on previous inventions with the help of his colleagues. Tesla was a visionary who thought above and beyond Edison.
      pisser 4d
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    • BoBandy
      Edison the ultimate bitch. I’m glad that’s his legacy now
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    • dooganosandler
      Edison was an asshole.
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    • MoistRobertRuffleShirt
      Bruh. If Edison was *really* a genius, there’d be a unit named after him, the way Tesla does.
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    • DeadWords
      Many people forget, as much as Edison stole many inventions, he was a smart man. The reason he grew to the height he did was due to the naivety of the inventors under his employ. He could promise them the world with no legal obligation to fulfil those promises. A crook, but a hell of a businessman.
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    • Sombrero_Main
      Sure Tesla was kind of weird but he definitely didn’t deserve the fate Edison gave him and taking his place
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    • PancakeSlayerX
      Other way around.
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    • MichaeLemon
      Thomas Edison didn't create the lightbulb
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    • 80HDAaron
      Edison = businessman. Tesla = inventor. Tesla lost the game of business because that’s how the world works. And before you say Edison is a dumbass, look at his battery patents. That shit was cutting edge.
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    • Dovahnime
      Good boi, and I'm on tesla's side
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    • KingShakalakaLikeMemes
      Except Nikola Tesla was insane and was sexually attracted to pigeons
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    • IAmCornFlak3
      Other way around there cowboy, Tesla was the original, Edison was the copy
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    • lordfrontbunt
      Telsa invented/discovered the radio, remote control, alternating current, and electric motor and generator. Telsa basically invented half of what out civilization relies on. Yet Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Who deserves the fame
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    • CryptidGirl
      Fuck Thomas Edison
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    • Starter03
      Now we have to pay for electricity
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    • MtPrestonJr
      This seems pretty accurate, because Tesla was shit at making his ideas come fruition and Edison made other ideas into market success.
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    • NothingToLiveFor
      Edison was a good businessman but he wasn't a real scientist. He just knew how to take credit for other peoples ideas. Tesla was a true genius.
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    • nignard
      Edison stole from damn near everyone
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    • Rowb
      Can someone get an "i made this" meme with Tesla and Edison???
      Rowb 4d
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    • btash96
      History is written by the winners
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    • ToP_EcchiResearcherGroup
      Get it? Because life imitates art.
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    • thompsonbilly010gmailcomt
      Fuck you Tomas Edison
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    • lapis_life
      Edison stole 90+% of everything he did
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    • chaka134
      You can do that with all of Edison’s “inventions”
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    • elm46
      Look it up Edison was a dick one of my favorite song bits from family guy
      elm46 5d
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    • TheOfficialFboy
      Literally doing a Nikola Tesla paper that covers this
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    • negligence
      Edison was a thieving bastard that couldn't think of an original idea if his life depended on it
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    • parzival223
      Government stole Tesla’s ideas
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    • FlatsTheFish
      Tesla should of kicked Edison’s butt
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    • Flakko26
      Thomas Edison was a cunt
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    • _y0_
      Both were good boys, one was just a thieving good boy
      _y0_ 5d
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    • Notoffensivenoor
      If you don't like this comment. Doggo in the pic will die.
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    • Lexycakes
      You have this meme backwards
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    • Da_EnderDragon
      False. Tesla invented the lightbulb first, but and attempted to patent. Edison visited Tesla, used the design, and submitted his own patent request. Using his fortune for lawyers and bribes, Edison was able to get his request accepted instead of Tesla. So, Edison is credited, but Tesla invented it.
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    • DaveTheSnake
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    • FoodOverPeople
      Check me for foodporn. You’re welcome
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    • kamiseizure
      This shit is ignorant af
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    • Big_Fella
      You could say “thomas edition”
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    • FuckingGenius
      Edison was good at stealing and marketing a lotta folks inventions
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    • randyrocksman
      That's perfect.. Edison was a ruthless tyrant and was a idea stealing asshole.
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    • PinionGear
      Fun fact, musk is team Edison and ironically popularizing tesla's name
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    • Name62
      Tf happen to that wall down there
      Name62 5d
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    • Bilbo_Gamers
      This "Nikola Tesla was a victim" meme needs to fucking stop. He was a prestigious inventor alongside Tesla and they both had their place as important innovators for early modern American industry.
      smile 4 reply 7
    • Thatschutzstaffelguy115
      Tesla was the fucking G
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    • EclipsaQueenOfDarkness
      It should say everyone’s ideas. Edison bought people’s inventions and patented them under his own name.
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Chomuggaacapri
      Ehhhhhh it’s more complex than that but okay.
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    • TypeUsernameHere_
      An American stealing and using an immigrant? No way
      smile 2
    • ohboyohboysomeyaoi
      Remember Tesla was Edison’s apprentice. Oh and Edison made the electric chair so.
      smile 2 reply 1
      Edison was a thief. how can one man get that many patents?
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    • Get_a_load_of_this_guy
      Yeah you can actually do some studying on this, Tesla made the current we all use, Edison just took it over after his death
      smile 2
    • SonofJimmy
      DC current is for fuckin pussies
      smile 2
    • MemeBigBoiii
      Edison is a bitch for screwing over Tesla
      smile 3
    • AdamF
      Imagine the world we'd be in if they had worked together
      AdamF 5d
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    • Uberwatch
      Thomas Edison was a cunt
      smile 4
    • EthanRS
      Don’t compare a good boi to a thief
      smile 2
    • ElijahDaniel
      Are you implying the dog is a copy of the painting?
      smile 2 reply 1
    • EcoFascist
      I'm going to beat the shit out of you
      smile 2
    • teenporn
      edison was a real big dick if you ever actually learn about him lmao
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    • FlashR538
      And Tesla worked for Edison for a while where his boss was told by Edison who was visiting that location of the Edison company that he “was a damn good man”
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