• YeetYeetSkreet
      There’s actually a thing where people are much better able to notice differences between members of their own race than members of other races
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    • Bulbaguy
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    • ScentedCrayon
      You have to pick 5 specific white guys wearing similar suits to get this effect, pick 10 Asian males and 10 white males off ths street and I guarantee this gets proven wrong instantly
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    • okie
      Yes these 6 people look alike. That totally matches the 3 billion look alikes in China.
      okie 8d
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    • waywardgriff
      Wow five white people that look alike, I can find a whole continent of Asians that look alike
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    • GiveOneWickedSmile
      Yes humans look alike when they are the same breed i can put two spotted geckos beside each other and not be able to tell the difference we are animals its not racist to point that out
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    • DetSebastianCastellanos
      My favorite part is I have no clue who the fuck any of these people are
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    • ElGringoGrande
      *specifically selects men with brown hair and blue eyes rather than collects a random sample that would demonstrate real and verifiable variability because that would undercut their point.
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    • YeetMasterFlex000
      Well yea... when you specifically find people who look the same of course they’ll look the same. What about blondes, or red heads, people with freckles, curly hair, straight, long , short, round face, long face. NOPE Asians looks the same in every aspect
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    • Desmond_TheMooningBear
      You could prove any race looks the same by picking a few people from said race who look alike. Its just trendy to talk shit about white people. But im not gonna blame institutional racism blah blah, its quite clear that we are all to blame for taking such polarised views on racism.
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    • WholesomeMemeIsBestMeme
      Good job. You found 5 white guys that looked the same. I found a continent of Asians that look he same.
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    • flooff
      We just not gonna mention that one Chinese lady who sued apple because her friend could unlock her iPhone X?
      flooff 10d
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    • SwiggitySwag
      I mean yeah, those 5 white people look the same but that's not comparable to literally all of Asia having 3 faces to choose from
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    • psyneur
      everyone looks the same it's just how it works
      psyneur 11d
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    • Garbagedayproductions
      Five whites vs all asians
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    • Memefiasco
      It's funny because every race looks a bit like people if their own race. That's because they are all part of the same race and have greater similarities between each other. That's how races work
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    • GAMeO
      All of these guys just have the same hair. They do look different
      GAMeO 10d
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    • Valusha
      "Look at these 5 almost identical men I've curated to prove a point."
      Valusha 10d
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    • itsreality
      That’s interesting because they specifically put in 5 guys with the same eye and hair color (like Asians) but exclude the fact that white people have the most diverse amount of color traits in all of humanity. A white person can have any hair color or eye color. Any non white person can only have 1
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    • impulsecrash
      So we just talking about the cast of American Horror Story?
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    • _SpicyMeme_
      White people are honestly the most diverse of all races. All the other races have nearly exclusively brown eyes and black hair, but white peoples have all that and more. Just sayin
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    • the_Red_Aaron
      I agree with the joke, but white people can be blond, ginger, burnet, have black hair, and like four different shades of eye color
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    • Asshole_Sailor
      Yeah but you can find white people with different naturally colored hair and eyes.
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    • iguessgavin
      I mean I guess when you take people with the same facial structure then you have a point. But we all know that white people have more structural differences in a face than Asians which is why that was a joke in the first place
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    • SosoBenon
      Isn't it crazy how people who have the same racial background have similar facial features. Wack man
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    • madcat51
      I like that all of them are in American horror story
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      At least we all don’t look like apes.
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    • durrrrrr
      When you argue against racial stereotypes by reenforcing racial stereotypes
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    • bazukab0y
      Literally 4 of them make AHS a nightmare trying to tell apart!!
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    • Bearify
      Ahh cherry picking similar looking people of the same race and saying thats the majority. Such racism very bias
      Bearify 10d
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    • Dorikatt
      4 out of 5 of these white guys have made appearances on American Horror Story IN THE SAME SEASON
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    • jcks2236
      Hair colors of white people : black brown red blonde Eye colors of white people: brown hazel green blue. Hair colors of Asians: black. Eye color of Asians: brown “AlL wHiTe PeOpLe LoOk ThE sAmE”
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    • theeshyguy
      It’s cool to be racist as long as it’s towards white people, since they were the only ones that were racist before, right?
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      Something tells me they deliberately chose a set of ppl who look similar but what do I know
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    • Lord_Elvan
      You have to be selective with whites still, with asians you just grab them off the street and they look alike
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      White people have multitudes of hair and eye color for other races it's just brown eyes and black hair
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    • BullMooseParty
      What's 5 people compared to an entire race
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    • Zenieth2
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    • luis_t1832
      American Horror Story
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    • TheKrustyEdge
      Chads all look the same yes
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    • XDontworryboutitX
      Asians look all the same because they have mostly a pure race. White people differ a lot because they are made up of so many different races
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    • kilroy046
      Who tf is matt bomer
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    • apocalypticdisco
      This is the main male cast in AHS Hotel
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    • burgerkingfootlettuce_
      It doesn’t work when you intentionally pick people that look the same. You don’t need to try with Asian people..
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    • lolaughoutloud
      There’s over 2 billion white people and they picked 5 that looked the same
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    • SIipperyBanana
      But with those pictures you specifically took out people who look alike. If you walk down a street full of random Asians, they all look the same
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    • OFFICE_quotes
      If anybody cares every single one of these actors are in American horror story
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    • Wubbzi
      Wubbzi 10d
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    • sydbin
      My favorite thing is they are all in American horror story except for one
      sydbin 10d
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    • RedRabb1t
      You can do this with any race, so stop acting like a special snowflake because you’re realizing that people can look similar
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    • PoorKyle
      I don't even know if I know these guys. They all look like their names are Bruce and Chad.
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    • RIPthisgeneration
      Ok but all Asians are born with black hair
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    • futureboss420
      You can make anyone look similar when you raise the brightness of the picture and choose people with the same color hair and eyes. At least our entire country isn’t made of black haired pan-faces
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    • JimothyMButtlicker
      The thing is.. white people, biologically, have different features. i.e eye shape, hair color, and skin color. While Asian people have the same eye shape and color, hair color, and skin color. This post doesn’t prove anything because they chose the same out of billions of white people
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    • NoRemorse135
      Maybe if I knew any of them I could see a difference
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    • Recycle_
      i dont know any of these people
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    • BestMomentCoubs
      White people are most diverse. Naturally different body types, hair wavy/straight/curly, hair and eye color. Just facts
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    • UnenthusiasticBlueStar
      I’m white and they all look the same
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    • jtnumber8
      Yeah, except you worked hard to find 5 actors that sort of look a like. Where asia everyone looks the fucking same
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    • sovietfluff
      White people do have the most diverse appearances though. This is due to our array of hair and eyes colors not naturally seen in other races
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    • SeablueSapphire
      asians look the same, whites look the same, blacks look the same, Mexicans look the same, people of the same race look the same
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    • ashleyb271995
      I love that all of them but one have been in American Horror Story
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    • HumanMale
      I'll take "Cherry Picking" for 500
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    • LukeSky649
      Damn, I'm white and I think it's hard to tell the difference
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    • Sultan_of_Stupid
      My favorite part is that I know none of these fuckers
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    • Ear2Ear
      look at all these snowflake white people
      Ear2Ear 11d
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    • candiddz
      This would be funnier if i knew wbich was matt bomer
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    • weirdcameraangle
      Tumblr :Hur dur white people look da same. Asain people: Literally unlock each other's iPhones facial recognition software.
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    • weedmom
      what is this the american horror story line up?
      weedmom 11d
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    • JotaroJoestar
      Yea when ypu take pics of similar lookong people they do indeed look the same
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    • 40oz
      Lol all black people look the same
      40oz 11d
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    • theJonesie
      You just found the 5 white people who look the most alike, that’s not playing the game fair
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    • uItrainstinctshaggy
      Except asians legit look more similar because they're all more closely related thanks to genghis Khan
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    • GrimReaper357
      What’s funny is this post can be compared to every race
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    • DigitalDopeFiend
      They have the same hair cut and suits...
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    • DissDick
      Umm I'm white and I cant tell the difference between almost all of them
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    • darksabrr
      Is this the American Horror Story cast?
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    • Ahern
      Guys maybe it’s because.... stay with me.... people of the same race have common ancestors and a more similar gene pool
      Ahern 9d
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    • MemeLordVakarian
      But not all white people look the same, all prettyboy white males look the same
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    • DentedMilk
      4 out of the 5 were in American Horror Story. At least I think, might’ve just been the same guy
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    • nibba_is_my_legal_mid_nam
      The funny part idk who the fuck any of those guys are
      smile 3 reply 1
    • ramsay822
      Fucking dumb, asians do look similar cause they all have the same hair colour and are generally short, white people have different hair colours and are different heights so shut yo mouth
      smile 3
    • hellotrickster
      It’s because Ryan Murphy has a type though lol
      smile 3
    • Elijah_Jenkins
      Well I think the whole Asian thing comes form the fact they almost always have black hair and brown eyes whereas whites can have brown black blonde and red hair and brown green blue and on rare occasions grey silver and yellow eyes so the white ideal may be those guys above but it is a small number
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    • Chandlerwazhere
      They all look different
      smile 3
    • RIPthisgeneration
      Like if you’re white and look like none of these people
      smile 4
    • blackwaffles
      White people have brown hair, blond hair, and red hair and many different eye colors. We have a lot of variety in how we look
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Dr_Yayman
      I love the part where its easy to see that they r different
      smile 4
    • carguy123
      My favorite part is that Mark Wahlberg was in there 5 times.
      smile 3
    • OhioBoyBryce01
      I challenge you to show me a picture of an Asian with a natural hair color that's not black
      smile 3
    • the_dank_lord_sauron
      Lol I'm half Asian and half white so I guess I look exactly like the entire population of Asia and the us
      smile 3 reply 1
    • LanceMcClainBlue
      I dont know any of em but they dont look the same
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    • MathiasJ
      Eh, white people are muts so we're mixed with everything and can look way different from each other. People from other countries such as Japan aren't as diverse and why they might look more similar compared to white people
      smile 3
    • yayiyoyuyeet
      When you say "all Asians look alike" you're not talking about individuals, you're talking nationally. A chinigga doesn't look different from a Japanigga
      smile 3 reply 5
    • codymichael511
      They took white dudes that all had the same haircut and are wearing a suit and said they all look the same. K.
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