• Washington was the true definition of a statesman. Every world power respected him for who he was. Man times have changed
      278 2
    • I like how France supported the Americans during the revolution, because they just really fucking hated Britain
    • Am I the only one who thinks is wild washington lived at the same time as napoleon??
      Crypt_ 9d
    • I’ve been to George Washington’s house and I’ve seen his bed where he died. It was a surreal experience
    • True legend
    • Wait Washington is dead!?
    • They probably did all of that because he was one of the first to actually unite colonies untrained men and go against one of the worlds largest army/ nation. They owned more then any other country (not Russia) and still growing until after the war. After the war and Americans won, countries that
    • Died of epiglottitis
    • Hold up I'm American AF but from the British point of view hes a traitor right?
      1 3
    • Kinda shitty he died from a leech, or so I’ve hears
      3 2
    • Respect 100
    • He kept that haircut. A man of consistency
      PxCxP 10d
      4 1
    • Unlike Trump, George Washing was loved and respected by many world leaders.
      Jeebuz 10d
      2 26
    • the fuck happened to our leaders
    • Damn
    • Sub to me boys
    • Ha that didn't happen
    • He was good man
    • And liberals want you to think he was a piece of shit.
      3 16
    • Now THIS is showing respect to an enemy. Modern politicians could learn a thing or two.
    • What the fuck Dec 14 is my birthday
    • I don't know why I keep forgetting that most of the founding fathers were brits. Holy fuck we have become so different.
    • George Washington died of Syphilis. His wife didn't die from it.
    • Napoleon wasnt even in charge of france at that time so this doesn’t really seem factual now
    • That would suck, being like 2 weeks away from the turn of the century and dying
      Rheabyn 11d
    • How did word travel that fast
    • Damn, dude died on my birthday
    • Washington died in 1799? Shit, I figured he died some time in the 1800s
    • I got your soul
    • Fun fact: George Washington was an anti-vaxxer
    • Aye thats my birthday lmao
      Track 12d
    • He was a fucking unit bro
    • Trump ordered the white House flag at half mast for 1/2 of a day, when veteran senator McCain passed away.
      fredo99 12d
      3 7
    • Meanwhile the most trump's getting is a meme or two from other world leaders
    • That’s my birthday.
    • He was still British born and general
      5 4
    • Poor man didn’t make it to 1800
    • Fun Fact: George Washington didn’t know dinosaurs existed
      JDemo 12d
    • GW was a real OG
    • And that is part of the reason why George Washington is one of the only two presidents whom I respect the most
      Crux116 12d
      6 3
    • “I declare you must be sad for the next 10 days”
    • And then Britain invaded in 1812
      3 8
    • George Washington knew that political parties would tear America apart, he advised against political parties, and look what happened.
      PsyFre 12d
      123 3
    • The best part was, Washington didn't even want to be president. The people forced him because they loved him so much. He obliged and served the country for a modest time, then retired knowing how power corrupts. Literally didn't deserve Washington.
    • December 14th is just a bad date. George Washington's death, Pearl Harbor, my dad's birthday, all bad shit.
      5 2
    • Why did brits even celebrate George Washington?
      05_13 12d
      1 4
    • 17 days away from the turn of the century. Shit hurts
      1 1
    • Napoleon was a man of class.
    • Americans are more salty about the independence war than Brits even tho Americans won it 😂
      1 5
    • hero of the enemy
    • I wish he came back to us so he can smack the democratic and Republican parties back to hell
    • That’s mad respect
    • 1799? Makes you think how fucking young this country is
      3 5
    • is that a wtf fun fact or is it more just a fun fact
    • Washington got shooters
    • Wtf we legit just finished a lecture on Napoleon like 5 minutes ago
      1 1
    • He died a fucking legend
    • In about 100 years, it'd be Arthur Morgan's turn to die
      6 2
    • When your old home realizes that you where a great leader
    • He was a decent president but the best part is that he just kinda stepped down when he didn’t have anything left to do
    • George Washington would've lived a while longer but the doctors treating him for a simple illness killed him by making him so dehydrated
      3 2
    • Imagine honoring the cat that kicked your ass with an army of farmers and made you the joke of the world lol.
      5 3
    • Washington was admired far and wide as a great General & Thinker. There's busts of him where he is portrayed as Ceasaresque. The guy was a living god. So fuck SJWs and their mom's basement
      12 4
    • This is why it pisses me off when people talk shit about the founding fathers
      FactHD 12d
    • Washington Washington 30 stories tall fucking killing for fun. Opponents beware. Opponents beware. He’s coming he’s coming he’s coming.
      2 1
    • When you're such a great leader even the people you left, fought and pretty much became mortal enemies for a long as time still respect your passing with lowering their flag
    • Fun Fact: Washington was so afraid of being buried alive that he said when he was dead they would have to wait a few days (I forget the exact number) before he was buried.
    • OrcaC4 12d
    • Cabal
    • now THIS is BigDick energy
    • Back in the day you looked your enemy in the eye when you fought him. You studied the generals and leaders till you knew them better than you knew your friends. You thought like him until you could truly understand him. In doing so many enemies gained huge respect for each other.
      7 2
    • Who could hate Washington, easily the best president
    • France: Goodbye, friend. Britain: Farewell, worthy opponent.
      StJamed 12d
    • I've been to his house. I've seen the bed he died in. I've paid my respects at his grave. This man was one of the first great American heroes, and a damn good leader. RIP
      5 1
    • It's actually kinda funny his death is a massive conspiracy
      1 3
    • So you mean niggas had to pretend cry for 9 days
      2 1
    • I know it's hard to grasp in this day in age, but there used to be a thing called RESPECT FOR YOUR ENEMY.
      15 5
    • Wait why did the British do that we just kicked their ass¿theirs is nothing wrong with it just why tho
      2 2
    • i’ve said this once, and i’ll say it again. George Washington was this countries greatest president.
      H_el 12d
    • Why tf did the British care?
      2 10
    • A true enemy garners respect from intelligence, cunning, and honor. While Washington opposed the British in the revolutionary war, he also fought for them in the 7 year war. Proving that when you push an ally to their breaking point, you might find the enemy that is capable of taking you down.
    • Hey that’s my birthday
    • Why would Napoleon do that
    • lmao once george washington was abit sick and they didnt have medicine so they did bloodletting on him (slitting his wrists to let blood out "releasing evil spirits and toxins" or some bs) so much that he died. He had a cold.
      2 1
    • my bday is dec 14th.
    • England be like “this Nibba kept going through 2 wars to help us kick butt, and then to kick our butt. We gonna pay respect.”
      5 5
    • George Washington died on my birthday 🤯🤯🤯🤯
    • I was born December 14th
    • Hey, that’s my birthday
      RELLOH 13d
    • How did they find out? Wouldn’t it take months for information to get to them? Lol
      1 2
    • Can we do this for the 10th anniversary for Minecraft?
    • Why would Britain care about the guy who led the militia that beat their military's ass
    • Hey, respect is given when its been earned. He most certainky earned his
    • Well today I learned that George Washington died on my birthday
      Bright 13d
      1 4
    • Mad respect
    • Back when honor meant something
    • real recognize real
    • It gets better from there, after his death, Martha Washington had his penis cut off, stuffed, and embalmed. She then placed it in her rectum and ordered a doctor to staple her anus closed. She insisted that the seal must be airtight as to not let any of the sauce out and they succeeded after...
      Binky 13d
      7 3
    • Does anyone else wonder how in the world we know that napoleon ordered 10 days of mourning
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