• My previous incarnations: surely he cant be jerking off while crying AGAIN?
      4.6K 61
    • 1,300 days on here still no top comment
      821 75
    • I would eat my incarnations and become the one true life
      3 2
    • Yyyyyooooooo that’s fuckin sick I’m down
    • My ancestor:*scoffs* why i walked all the way from paris to moscow and back, and this shit cant even drag himself out of bed!
    • Super successful incarnation of me: “he spent far too much time on iFunny for my taste”
    • Wha-what is that on his computer? Oh god no man why?
    • He's gonna touch his dick again!!! From the back: c'mon man you already did that this morning and last night!
      kremlor 11d
    • “I-is he jerking off to a fucking dog with tits?!?!?!”
    • A room full of moths
    • And they’re all different ages and have different clothes on depending on when they died and what time period they died in
    • Can I off myself in the cinema because I have done some pretty embarrassing things that I would rather die then let people know
    • Is it bad that I would kinda be happy if I got a terminal illness?
      Kenesys 11d
    • Everyone leaves when I unzip my pants for the 17th time that day
    • Hmm well I beat my dick for 3 hrs last night until I could no longer move my arms.
    • Mine would be "WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PORN!?" And another would be "Wow so that's why were all single, we ugly as Fuck"
    • This is where anxiety comes from
      1 1
    • Well....my past lives have some explaining to do....
    • "Jesus that's the 2nd pizza to-OH FUCK HE'S PULLING OUT A 3RD"
    • "Maybe this one will finally kill himself and we can all be set free"
    • It would be cool if they all were from different time periods so there would be a cowboy version, templar knight version, ww2 version, vacuum cleaner version.
      7 1
    • "Is he really gonna jerk off again?"
      6 1
    • Previous reincarnations talking to the next me that dies “don’t worry you’ll never be as bad as the 1997-2077 guy”
    • I was waiting for this meme to pop back up
      Hatred 12d
    • Holy shit I’m going to be judged so fucking hard when I walk into that theater.
    • Sounds horribly, horribly boring. There’s so much fucking monotony in life between all the interesting stuff.
      _Shiz_ 12d
    • It's all good till you see loser in the top row
    • Previous Incarnations:
    • Does mom let me buy a snack
    • Abe Lincoln "not again"
      Daslios 12d
    • My previous incarnations: “damn i wish i was that cool”
    • My previous incarnations: screaming at the screen for me to get up and do something worthwhile with my life. Me: swipes to the next meme
    • My incarnations seeing me reading this post. "THEY'RE ON TO US!!"
    • "Oh, he's masturbating.... Again..."
    • That’d be lit
    • Sooo avatar?
    • a previous incarnation from the early Roman Empire: Back in my day, you usually just ASKED THE GIRL OUT! incarnation from the Persian Wars: shut up, you didn't get a girl till you were 48, you right
    • Tons of fanfiction and gay shit
    • Damn they’d be bored as hell
      cuppy 12d
    • My previous selves- why the fuck did you jack off with peanut butter?
    • “God damnit, this is the seventh time that he’s beat his meat today.... AND IT’S ONLY NOON!”
    • (Middle Ages one) "I was a noble FUCKING hero. A warrior! You spent two hours a day crying in a bathroom! What in the ever loving fuck." (1940s one) "Shut the fuck up Erik. You got killed by a shetland pony."
    • This would legit be so sick
    • Man will I be shunned by my previous reincarnations
    • That would be fucking boring
      Jace_F 12d
    • Me all the way through. "Haha, same!"
    • My previous incarnations seeing me jerking off again for the 6th time this week: smol peen boi
    • Imagine they see you reading this and they get nervous
    • Imagine showing up and they all inform you that you were the most boring 100 years of their lives
      2 1
    • Anyone else watch Legion?
    • Me to previous incarnation: what’d you think of my life? Them: were not going to talk about it
    • My previous incarnations: yo this Loli hentai is surely better than real women!
    • And one day the show gets cancelled and that's your line ending. I know it's not the premise of the post but damn
      1 2
    • ASK HER THE FUCK OUT YOU LONELY ASS BASTARD oh god you stupid ass bitch yeah right “socially awkward” more like coward
      Corolla 12d
      2 2
    • It's really all the dark voices in the back of your head telling to kill yourself cuz they're all bored...
    • My previous incarnations cry watching me chew the wax from my seventh babybell.
      1 1
    • What if you are the first creation and must watch the first reincarbation alone?
      DoomXYZ 12d
      4 2
    • My past love are wondering why I jack off so much
    • I got really baked one time and came up with this idea. That your gut feeling is your past lives watching and trying to lead you in the right direction. That fucked me up hard.
      7 2
    • *insert 100 avatar: the last air bender memes*
    • “How did I do?”
    • Watches the other life’s recarnations, wow i was a Viking and I was also a ww2 Finnish spy. Watches me watch a YouTube video on how to fart manually
    • Well I was there on the day They sold the cause for the queen, And when the lights all went out We watched our lives on the screen I hate the ending myself, But it started with an alright scene
      3 2
    • Well I’m now a Sales Rep and loving my life so surely they’re cheering
    • Hello people in theaters. Did you like to seeing me jack of for the 56th time today?
    • What if we're just in an MMO game?
    • I like this idea. Who do I give the petition to once I inevitably get the signatures?
    • "Ah, the episode where he sits on his ass playing videogames, riveting, not!"
    • Run bitch! He gone kill you
      IvonneP 13d
    • Not bad tumblr, not bad
    • It would be a living hell for me because I probably would commit suicide 90% of the time and have to watch me go from a happy kid to a depressed slightly emotionless shell
    • *getting ready to beat meat for 5th time today* “yo what the FUCK DUDE”
    • "Guys holy shit...he's he's going to bed early on ti- wait... No no nevermind hes jerking off again" *sigh*
      KowRoo 13d
    • Then I use their power to enter the avatar state
    • They just watched me cum and I'm not sorry.
    • Oh god
      LuciOwO 13d
    • I'd die again from cringing too much
    • Me beating my meat 24/7
    • “Ask her out all ready!”
    • Your past reincarnations are currently watching your last reincarnations life. When they are done watching it. Done going back to any scenes, or skip through any. That’s your time to die, and you all go watch your movie until it’s over
    • This has given the anexiety a new reason to make me freak out over nothing
    • Repost
    • playing 60 hours of Rainbow Six and all of the reincarnations start hearing fortunate son.
    • I actually wouldn't mind this
    • And once they are done eating popcorn and drinks they can go into the bathroom and be reincarnated. Plus ever generation the movie theater gets an update to look like modern movie theaters. Final thing the drink and popcorn is really long so it takes a while to finish.
    • I wanna watch my ww1 and ww2 reincarnations
    • But what if you look towards the back and you see someone who looks a lot like Adolf loser
      3 1
    • I while love to do that for eternity. Bathroom breaks if we wanna pause. Maybe that's why sometimes you don't remember your dreams. They just pause the play when you sleep and only watch the interesting one
    • J o and cry
    • So pretty much the avatar but with a twist?
      Pat_ 13d
    • Who is the first?
    • Wonder what my previous incarnations are thinking when I come 2/3 of an inch away from killing myself
    • Yo can I get an orgy with my previous incarnations? They probably also virgins, so it seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement
    • My previous incarnations probably killed themselves from all the weird shit they've seen me do
    • Man this guy has alot of fucking issues. I cant stop cringing
    • Me: *dies and sees loser stalin and mao zedong
    • They would all look at me in disgust and with shame :(
      eddyjt 13d
    • Why is this one so freaking depressing
    • “Is that loser in the third row?”
    • Previous incarnations: yo, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this one?
      hifff 13d
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