• Woman who climbed mountains in bikini freezes to death after fall
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    • braders
      I like to call stuff like this natural selection
      braders 24d
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    • TheGalacticRegime
      Nature hates sluts
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    • Code001
      I actually found this article a few days ago, she was an instagram mountain climber, she would climb the mountais in normal climbing gear and then change into a bikini for photos and then change back, and the fall that killed her was she fell down a ravine/casm and started sending alerts to rescuers
      Code001 21d
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    • Dguez
      She was actually wearing appropriate gear. She only took the clothes off when she hit the summit because it was an instagram sort of thing. When she fell there was a storm so rescuers couldnt get to her.
      Dguez 24d
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    • OnoraaJWaffle
      You guys... she climbed over 200 mountains in bikinis. She was a badass hiker, and could have kicked your ass into next week. Buncha fat lazy fucks calling her a thot for doing what she loved in her underwear because she fucking could. And now she’s dead. So fuck you guys.
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    • Bushdid411
      She was actually fully clothed during the fall and actually called her family and told them her location but they couldn't get to her. The media just made it seem like she died in the bikini to get clicks on the article
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    • _kingeman
      Y’all don’t know the full story she was an experienced hiker and when she fell she was fully clothed with the appropriate gear on. She was paralyzed from the waist down because of that fall and rescuers couldn’t get to her until 2 days after she sent a distress signal
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    • cornfrog
      I hate seeing people say shit like “dumb bitch got what she deserves” it doesn’t matter if she was doing something kinda dumb a human died you soulless heathens
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    • DepressingKitten
      She fell 65 ft into a ravine and got stuck. She called her friend and sent out a distress signal but due to bad weather they weren't able to get to her until 2 days later, by which time she had frozen to death
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    • reng_k
      She didn’t hike in her bikini she was just take photos in it. She had all the pro gear for hiking it was just an unfortunate accident. Read the articles about it
      reng_k 24d
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    • blackdiscoscienceman
      She climbed mountains in full gear, then switched to a bikini at the top as an ongoing joke. She also wasn't wearing a bikini when she fell, became paralyzed, and froze to death waiting for help. Big thumbs down on this one
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    • PoInareff
      Imagine hiking mountains while wearing a bikini cuz you like it and it’s fun, then one day you die in an accident only for 12 year olds on ifunny to call you a slut
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    • skiessure
      That’s not even really what happened. She doesn’t hike in bikinis, when she gets to the top she changes for a picture. She ended up falling and they couldn’t rescue her due to the weather. She had equipment and everything but was unable to get to it.
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    • CLE4Life
      I mean, if you read the story, she fell into a giant ravine but was fully clothed. Her injured leg prevented her rescue.
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    • Swagical_Magical
      She climbed in normal climbing gear and changed to a bikini at the top to take pictures or whatever. She fell 65 feet into a ravine and was stuck. Search parties took too long to find her and she froze to death at night when it was 2 degrees Fahrenheit.
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    • He_Who_Vaccums
      Psst, she wasn't in a bikini when she died, that's just what's she is known for. she fell off the cliff on her way down from a normal climb and rescuers couldn't get to her for 48 hours and by then she died.
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    • ShiftyEye
      This is Legit, her name is Gigi Wu, also known as the bikini climber. She fell down a ravine and badly injured herself in Yushan National Park in Taiwan. She died from hypothermia before she could be rescued
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    • uploadedby5
      After the fall I guess you can call it BIKINI BOTTOM
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    • smellmyhiney
      Background info that may answer questions. 1. She was alive after the fall & sent info on her location. 2. She was able to text that she could not feel the lower half of her body. 3. It took rescuers 45 hrs to find her
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    • Geay
      If you guys dont know she fell into a revine, called her friends on a satilite phone for help but the rescue workers couldnt get to her in time and she froze to death.
      Geay 24d
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      she's an experienced hiker. she only changed into a bikini for pictures. She always wears the proper attire while hiking.
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    • hidudes
      Ok. It’s true and the story is real sad. She was a professional hiker with a lot of talent who scaled 100 of Taiwan’s highest mountains. She fell and survived the fall, but due to bad weather and clad temperatures the rescue team couldn’t find her. Her body was found 43 hours later. Hypothermia.
      hidudes 23d
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    • _Ozzie__
      she was a professional mountain climber and hiked up the mountains in normal clothes, only changing into a bikini at the top for a photoshoot ~ she fell on the way back down and died in normal hiking clothes. Making it look like she died in a bikini was a dick move (but made a good headline)
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    • Seagull
      She fell into a hole and messed up her legs so bad that she couldnt move. She sent out a distress signal which authorities responded to 2 days late due to the terrible weather preventing them from going out and searching. By the time they found her she had frozen.
      Seagull 24d
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    • IWantATaco11
      She wasn’t actually wearing a bikini when she died, she climbs the mountains in normal climbing gear and then takes a picture in a bikini when she reaches the top
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    • lordeandrel
      Do any of you actually look shit up? She changes into a bikini at the apex. She fell and died after laying there for days because it was too rainy to send rescue crews. Y’all on some shit.
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    • VarikstheLoyal
      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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    • KingMidwest
      she would climb mountains in appropriate hiking attire before changing into a bikini to pose for pictures.
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    • JoseCubaue
      I guess she hit bikini bottom
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    • ScottyEngel
      She wasn't wearing the bikini whe she fell. She was a pro hiker that changed into the bikini afterwards.
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    • gizmoguyar
      Died after the fall. That's because winter is the coldest season... Badum tssss.
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    • Iewding
      She didn't climb all the way up in a bikini. She changed when she reached the top because it's a thing she does. She was a pro climber. She died because she fell, called for help, but the help was delayed like 50 hours because of bad weather I believe. Very unfortunate accident, honestly.
      Iewding 22d
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    • Pyah_
      I mean, to be fair, she fell into a 65 foot chasm, and then was stuck there for 2 days. Not many people are going to survive that, regardless of how much clothing they wore.
      Pyah_ 23d
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    • tyranisaurusrex
      God works for thot patrol
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    • TrophyScavenger
      She didnt hike in a bikini. She would do it in normal hiking gear and would take pictures in a bikini when she reached the top
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    • TlEfighter
      Why the fuck would she stay up there until Fall? Of course she'd die that's a long fuckin time
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    • lordalec
      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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    • TheFrenchestFri
      PSA: she only wore the bikini for the pic. she didnt just climb the mountain in a bikini. the article title is misleading
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    • 877kashnow
      Well no duh. Winter is after fall and it gets cold.
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    • ButerNuterTheSciencFucker
      I guess she went to bikkini bottom
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    • MrJack
      Nobody that hot could freeze to death.
      MrJack 23d
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    • TheAngryPilot
      I love how the media makes it seem that it was the hypothermia that killed her. Not the 65 foot fall...
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    • Goatlover_
      Y’all literally believe anything and are triggered in a minute
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    • QueeferSutherland
      Well winter comes after fall so I imagine it was pretty cold
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    • imnotcool69
      She climbed using hiking clothes. She’d just change into a bikini once she reached he top. Still stupid though.
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    • _Whatup_
      Funny ass shit man. Apparently she fell xmas eve and fucked up her legs by not having climbing gear. Then the dumbass goes out again 2 weeks later and does the same shit. lmao
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    • Cojimoto
      Well she did not climb in bikini actually. She just posed on the top with it
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    • DatBoiYaBoi
      Okay assholes she died fully clothed in mountain gear. She changed into bikinis for the photo only. Not the climb.
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    • frnkyglobals
      Clickbait title. She didn’t fall in her bikini taking pictures. She fell during the climb and there was a storm they couldn’t get to her.
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    • ZJD1993
      She actually wore full climbing gear for the climb; then just took the pic in a bikini. She fell during a difficult climb during bad weather (that she actually didnt even have the permit to be making) and response teams were delayed because of the weather.
      ZJD1993 24d
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    • barackoli
      she fell down a ravine then called her friend with her satellite phone but there was a storm so they had to wait for rescues. after 26 hours of searching they found her frozen to death
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    • memeaddict1
      That’s gotta be a pretty shit way to go honestly
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    • Khemmis
      You sure it wasn’t the fall off the mountain?
      Khemmis 24d
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    • Bezek
      That’s actually really sad, she seems like a way more interesting and adventurous person than most
      Bezek 24d
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    • falcon327
      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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    • EricEjwitcher419witcher
      There should be a Florida somewhere in that sentence
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    • memereactions
      She died doing what she loved... being a dumbass
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    • guy121
      Go research the event dumbasses. She actually died because the rescue crews didn't have the initiative to rescue her. She was in full gear and on her way to the summit.
      guy121 23d
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    • isaacds95
      I'm confused, she fell off the mountain but died by freezing to death?
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    • McCracken
      How is wearing a bikini being a slut¿¿¿
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    • Lucky_chalms28
      She hikes up normally then changes into a bikini at the top. She fell during a regular hike and died while fully clothed.
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    • angryloli
      she died from her injuries and the fact that response to her emergency call took a few hours
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    • Mindful_Nut
      Did she quicksave first?
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    • MTPnessNRG
      Life is short. Drive fast and leave a sexy corpse.
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    • mmstocker7
      Her name is Gigi Wu and she didn't fall in a bikini. She had regular hiking gear on and the rescue team found her 43 hours later
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    • kagamine_ringo
      She sneaked onto the mountain via illegal routes and fell and couldn’t move so she called for help, but the weather was awful so it took them 4 days to rescue her. She was dead when they found her. Respects paid for she lived her life the way she desired
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    • ripsplicer
      She’s a experienced hiker in full gear who does bikini shoots ontop of mountains she fell 33m into a ravine she got emergency rescue but unfortunatly they didn’t make it in time and she died of hypothermia
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    • FuckboyPolice
      She fell into a 60ft ravine. She would have froze even with clothes.
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    • jonji_66
      Modern idiocy requires modern consequences
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    • DocterOWL
      This is proof that God hates THOTS
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    • TohkritXhaln
      I mean, she fell. Lots of climbers in full gear do the same and die.
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    • MattyJ89
      Well was it really freezing to death, or was it the fall?
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    • TheLastOfMemes
      That's sad, and guys she's just having fun, sometimes people ski in bathing suits. People who live in or near the mountains are a little crazy
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    • tellerjusttelln
      Survived the fall but died from freezing temps. Sucks.
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    • mutecebu
      Play stupid games win stupid prizes
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    • DevinChrysler
      She cant be a slut. Sluts dont freeze
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    • MrCkapm1
      More information: she fell and became paralyzed due to the fall. She then laid there until she died
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    • MasnaPrime
      Mountain: "I'll hit it"
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    • Poppywillkillyou
      Pretty impressive for a dishwasher
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    • phantom_
      If she fell off a mountain I doubt the cold is what killed it
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    • Above_the_Clouds
      Play stupid games win stupid prizes
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    • Dayaholic15
      So... Where's her corpse?
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    • slluttytacos
      This is shit. This woman was a skilled mountain climber and she changes into her bikini at the top. She died because she fell into a ravine and they couldn’t get to her in time because of weather conditions. She deserved more than this.
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    • FunnystuffHQ
      Rest in a two piece
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    • SkodakBlack
      Damn wish i was there to eat her ass before she died
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    • TheSouthernGamer
      This nigga natural selection needs to speed the fuck up
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    • ManUFan6988
      The smartest thing to do was to dress warm, undress for your shot, then dress warm again. Oh well.
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    • Tolkien
      It’s kinda brutal. She got stuck and called a friend in a sat phone and turned on her homing beacon but because if weather they couldnt get to her. She was stuck in 30 degree weather in a bikini for two days
      Tolkien 24d
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