• woman: "the Slze o'r your penis IS Inadequate and as a result I do not achieve climax when we engage in intercourse. because of this you are not masculine and you should feel bad.” man: “fat”

    • Shadosai
      I cant believe that kid didnt even make one stair
      Shadosai 16 dec
    • white_bitch2169
      Seriously I'm a girl and it is so hypocritical when other women make fun of men's height or size. All men are beautiful.
    • Denbu
      Women always pull the “small dick”, “you short”, “you broke”, etc. cards while they jobless, lookin like a day gremlin, mooching off their parents and sleeping with every guy that looks at them and they still got the nerve to say “QUEEN! 😜” on their insta bios
      Denbu 16 dec
    • Vietnamemesv2
      Obviously fake, women aren't smart enough to say big words like that
    • Apocaliptic
      It’s funny cause they want something we don’t really have control over since it’s genetics and the other can control weight
      Apocaliptic 16 dec
    • KingOfNerds5
      Men: with your current weight as a human being, I am not interested in partaking any sort of romantic/sexual activities with you due to my own personal preferences in women. Please do not assume because of this, that I dislike you.
      KingOfNerds5 16 dec
    • BRexQueenOfDinos
      I don't care if your dick is short, you got hands, a mouth, and I have a vibrator. We got this together. 🤣
    • jigglelikeajellobooty
      I lowkey have faith that gen z is going to fix all this bullshit culture that the millenials have cultivated.
    • Melanietrancy
      dick length doesn’t really do anything to make a woman orgasm. girth & knowing what to do with the clit is what does it
    • shybabe
      Is it bad that I'm a girl and I find incredibly sexist comments funny? I laugh when I see a "go back to the kitchen" comment on a feminist post, and follow a bunch of feminist accounts because everything they post makes me laugh
      shybabe 17 dec
    • DeadHermit
      Your sister thought it was big enough
      DeadHermit 16 dec
    • ReadyForDeath
      Who says this to their man?? Like honey, you literally have no control over dick size. Doesn't make you less of a man. You're doing your best.
    • daisyq77
      What if I told you that penis size has nothing to do with a woman’s climax. Women need clitoris stimulation for a climax. There’s actually no such thing as a vaginal climax it’s made up to make men feel that their penis is necessary
      daisyq77 17 dec
    • Toshy
      A women can only feel 4 inches of dick no matter what. A women who claims they love long dick is just a whore looking for an excuse to sleep with 100 dudes. It’s not natural to have a big dick and most women can’t even fit more than 7 inches in them at a time. So u got us less inches.
      Toshy 17 dec
    • The_Ghoosh
      I mean, yeah, sex is cool and all, but have you ever had a Dr Pepper?
      The_Ghoosh 16 dec
    • TheGreenTomato
      Bet shes one of those that just lays there too. Makes the dude do all the work.
    • tupper3
      This happened to me. In my freshman year i was sat next to a sophmore girl who went on a rant about how ugly, weird, and etc i am and that id never get laid. I spit back and said that i didnt have to be a slut like her and i got fucking SUSPENDED. Its a womans world now and they cant admit it
      tupper3 18 dec
    • that_1_user
      Also, most women can’t achieve climax with penetration, alone. You’d know if you ever ASKED US
      that_1_user 17 dec
    • choclate_coffee
      "How tall are you" "how much do you weigh"
    • Dovahkiin707
      I don’t give a damn about caption,that poor little guy seemed to be very scared
      Dovahkiin707 16 dec
    • Rockypete
      Can't control the size but you can control weight ya bitch
      Rockypete 16 dec
    • DitWitts
      I hooked up with this guy that had a big dick (8in). It hurt too much to enjoy.. Although it brought him a lot of attention, he said it makes dating much harder because a lot more girls don’t like how big it is! A lot of girls prefer a smaller dick because they can only fit like 5-6inches in.
      DitWitts 16 dec
    • big_haas88
      Its not the guys fault if she cant get off without being violently gangbanged by 3 anaconda cocks
      big_haas88 16 dec
    • pig_from_wimpy_kid
    • myse1f34
      Funny thing is that you can control one of them
      myse1f34 16 dec
    • Unava12
      Honestly, you don’t have to have a big penis for a woman to achieve an orgasm. You don’t even have to penetrate. You just have to know where the clitoris is and you’re good to go
      Unava12 16 dec
    • TheFinaleCountdown
      Women can’t control how tight their vagina is the same way a guy can’t control how small/big his penis is. In fact, the more “loose” a woman’s vagina is, the more comfortable she is with you. Women’s bodies naturally open up more when they trust their partner.
    • sarabuggy13
      I like men who are 6 inches tall with 6 ft long dicks.
      sarabuggy13 18 dec
    • Crimson_Singularity
      Only 30% of women can achieve orgasm through penetration, so if she doesn't cum it isn't cause your dick is too small. Just gotta get a little bit of that clit stimulation
    • xyz0808
      Y’all know vaginas are just inverted penises right? Like a woman when not aroused is also 3-4” deep and 6-7 inches when aroused to accommodate penises, and anything larger is uncomfortable. Also to make women really climax don’t worry about penetration, rub her clit and make the experience enjoyable
      xyz0808 16 dec
    • RoundThemUpRepubber
      We can't control our dick sizes but at least you can control your fucking obesity
    • Joe012594
      Fellas, the national average is 4-6in. It’s ok. Sex isn’t everything either. Don’t make that the primary focus of your life. If a woman can’t appreciate you for more than that, then she isn’t worth your time.
      Joe012594 16 dec
    • Carmen_xD
      Reaching climax isn't even about size. I also hate when women try to belittle men because of their size. Like, bruh....its not even dudes fault - genes.
      Carmen_xD 16 dec
    • IPoliticsAccount13816
      If your dick small learn tongue ninjitsu
    • dcpally
      Size doesn't really matter, not the man's fault you got a loose ho pussy
      dcpally 16 dec
    • SolRaV2_AlKemet
      Women don't climax as easily because in nature they're supposed to be gang banged by like 5 different men for optimal chance at conception.
    • JackBrochang
      Girls don’t like being judged about anything but will say a guy is too short within 5 minutes of meeting him
      JackBrochang 16 dec
    • JoynerLucas
      This is just a more realistic version of the Pikachu surprised meme change my mind.
      JoynerLucas 18 dec
    • ___IHatePeople___
      I don't know a single girl who cares about dick size
    • jacoblussier99
      Is that that hamster that would scream... and this was posted *let me check* hmmm.... before that other meme?
    • CallsignTruck
      If a woman ever calls you small dont worry cause there is more than one way to please that pussy remeber that
    • that_1_user
      It’s not the size, it’s how you use it
      that_1_user 17 dec
    • ThunderstruckGecko
      Honestly all I care about is someone I can laugh with that loves dogs as much as I do, and is kind. Stuff like that is way more important.
    • OneBlackSpiderMan
      You can't help your height, your dick size, that's just it. Women wanna complain about that shit, but don't wanna hear about your weight or that nasty ass make up you got on, shit you CAN fix but seem to fuck up.
    • Naroodles
      When guys height and dick size can’t be controlled but chicks weight can
      Naroodles 17 dec
    • Spartan_Nemesis
      Written by someone who has never had sex
    • Angel_Food_Cake
      Where my small gang at 😔
    • theJoseyWales
      You can literally get a woman off with your tongue. Your dick size is fine fellas, stop being so damn insecure about it. If a girl actually said that to you, its because she hates you as a person and is attacking your insecurities to hurt you. It really has nothing to do with your dick size.
    • Comment_Tater
      And y’all women wonder why we turn to sex bots and anime tiddies
    • _MadisonMae_
      I guy could have a 1 inch peener and I would be happy as long as he loved me and cuddled me and told crappy joked that make me laugh
      _MadisonMae_ 16 dec
    • ShinobiHeff
      The average silver back gorilla has an erection length of 1.5 inches or 4 cm so don’t feel bad boys, some of y’all got dicks bigger than a gorilla😂😂
      ShinobiHeff 16 dec
    • DcentGaming_
      To kukka, since my comment kept getting deleted(thanks) By this logic, if you're lucky and a man lets you have sex with him, be humble and respectful of his genitalia. And if you are not satisfied, talk with him. Maybe more can be done to get you there. Don't be a fat cunt and think you are superior
      DcentGaming_ 16 dec
    • squire_nigganopalypse_lll
      Average is literally 5.1 bitches accept it or get lost
    • NaulafeinHasrov
      There are other ways to get women off beside basic penetration, not every tool in a toolbox is right for ever job but make sure you’ve got the toolbox to begin with
    • lolisandmemes
      That’s why you fuck kids, it’s bigger for them
    • Juvenalian
      Somehow they percieve mocking ones genetics somehow less offensive than something one can actually control and maintain
      Juvenalian 20 dec
    • Tlamacazqui
      All men have big dicks idc if you consider yourself to be micro it’s still big. Y’all need to uplift y’all selves fellas
      Tlamacazqui 18 dec
    • Jay797
      Can’t control the size of our dicks. Y’all can control the size of your bodies tho.
      Jay797 18 dec
    • thaicha
      Penis length doesn’t matter as much as width. I don’t care if your dick is 12 inches if it feels like I’m being fucked by a pencil. Ur dick could also b 5 inches but it’ll feel amazing cuz it’s thick.
      thaicha 17 dec
    • twoxchromosomes
      Small dick, fine whatever, but you can’t be mad at a girl wanting to cum every once in a while - figure it out 🙄
    • SoccerDude9123
      It's funny how if you ask a girl how much she weighs or how big is her breast cup size then you get called a pig and objectifying women. Yet when women do the exact same thing to a guy's height then it's just "preference"
    • baseballbeast19
      Have you ever noticed that every girl has a different definition of “hoe” and they are never a hoe
    • Psichlone
      This is the new pikachu meme
      Psichlone 17 dec
    • NotFunnyer
      The girl my ex dated before me told him his dick is small and he was so self conscious about it with me what a fucked up move
      NotFunnyer 17 dec
    • KittyKuraMetal
      The G-Spot is 2-3 inches into the vaginal canal. So anything 3 inches or more cuts it. Boys, you good.
    • externalpilgrim
      In 2019 respecting women is canceled
    • Soveitsespool
      You can say I have a little dick. That’s ok. Because I still fucked you and thats all that matters.
    • thelamb99
      Maybe if you saved yourselves for marriage and didn’t fuck every guy on the football team your pussy wouldn’t be so loose and you’d have more pleasure.
      thelamb99 16 dec
    • Lightningmonky7
      Men are gross. Women are too. Everybody sucks 👿
    • BitcoinFundedAssassin
      "You are very fat, and your lack of alternating curves makes it difficult for me to become aroused. Because of this, you are not feminine and should feel bad."
    • theisac
      Women: "I want a man who's tall, handsome, and has a soft spot for animals but also tough." Men: "I want a girl with a nice body, friendly, and can cook." Listen, we all have our standards. No bias please.
      theisac 16 dec
    • hewillslayu
      Half my dick skin was cut off as a baby, woulda felt thicker with it you whalw
      hewillslayu 16 dec
    • Wholesome_orgasm
      Genetics are a bitch.
    • everyusernameistaken
      Yeah this specific double standard is very dumb. Being fat is something we can control, but the size of a penis isn't something we control.
    • LumberDiesel
      It ain't the size of the boat, it's how ya rock it.
      LumberDiesel 16 dec
    • Llamalpaca
      Me, a woman who literally gives 0 fucks: Lol yeah you right
      Llamalpaca 16 dec
    • BongMarley
      Welcome to America where there are double standards so don't think everyone is equally or anything like that and where if a girl doesn't like you she can accuse you of rape from years ago with no proof and still go to jail. Where guys have no chance of custody battles
      BongMarley a month
    • AriaTheGreat
      Honestly, I have the most fun with guys that have small dicks. Half of them are growers not showers, and even if they're small both hard and flaccid, they're usually amazing at other things to compensate
      AriaTheGreat 18 dec
    • Tlamacazqui
      And fuck all that talk about “accepting your size and learn how to use” just destroy that pussy and eat her out. “Every man a king” - Huey Long
      Tlamacazqui 18 dec
    • BD101
      I had a woman who wanted a kid with me strictly because I have blue eyes. Women are crazy.
      BD101 18 dec
    • Daily_Dose_of_Ass
      No one is ever beautiful to everyone. But everyone is always beautiful to someone
    • Just_the_facts_plz
      When I broke up with my girlfriend she said I have a small organ, I said damn woman I didn’t know I was going to to playing in a cathedral.
    • McSpankey
      I knew this rat would become a meme
      McSpankey 17 dec
    • themellowgamer
      "Well if your pussy wasn't so fucking loose and dragging on the ground, maybe you'd feel it."
    • NativePride73
      Jesus, this comment section is so fucking cringe
    • SgtCrossKills
      Is this hamster the next pikachu meme? Asking for a friend
    • sammich_queen
      Size doesn't matter if he knows what he's doing. If he doesn't, it's your job to tell him what you like
    • pressftopayrespect
      After a couple hours of this photo being released I am already extremely concerned about the direction of this meme
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