• Why the FUCK are LED headlights legal? I'm glad you can see into the future with your bright ass neon blue lights but i'm about to fly off the road

    • Randomguy754
      Then they drive two inches behind you
    • Dark_princ3ss_slaya
      The only time this is ok is when you're driving down a dark road without any street lights. When you see a car in front of you, turn them down until you/they have passed. People who don't do this need a dildo glued to their windshield to let everyone know they're a dick on the road. 😐
    • theCookMan
      Those lights are for people who shouldn't be driving to begin with.
    • JdAaRvEiDs
      What’s worse is you think that’s their brights, so you turn your brights on out of spite then they turn on God’s beam of light and you become blind forever.
    • ThatRX8Guy
      The problem isn't the LED lights. It's everyone driving these continent sized pickups and SUVs that plague the roads and have headlights higher than my roof. Plus, all those land barges can't get around a slight bend in the road without dropping full anchors and obstructing all the normal cars.
    • byronboss777
      I especially hate when they have blue and red flashing ones and they drive right behind you like wtf
    • hharper66
      If they are too bright they are angled wrong, let them know by driving them off the road
    • curlyfries67
      Plus it’s always the dude with a tiny dick compensating with a truck the size of a goddamn elephant
    • Metal_and_Marines_MHN
      The worst people in the world are those whose normal LED headlights are as bright/brighter than my high beams. Fucks sake guys come on
    • Asianatthedisco
      I ain't gonna lie. when a mother fucker rolls up behind me, obnoxiously tailgating me with LEDs brighter than a flashbang, I just pull over, let them pass... and then tag right behind them with my high beams on.
    • McNerls
      True, at this point I can’t tell if they have their brights on, or it’s those stupid bright lights they have now, either way, they suck and I hate whomever is driving that car
      McNerls 21d
    • LetMeHaveADamnUsername
      was driving one night and this jeep came around the corner with bright ass headlights so i flashed my brights real quick to let him know but then he turned on his real brights and it blinded the fuck outta me i had to stop driving for a few minutes. honestly i was kinda impressed by it.
    • Some__Body
      And fuck pickups that have their brights on behind you so your own mirror blinds you
    • Ghibli_R6
      Cars with factory HID and LED lights don't have an issue with this as they have height cut kff. It's the idiots putting thoss lights in halogen bulb housings that blind people.
    • CatTheKitten
      Any truck with LEDs is perfectly wide enough to shoot their blinding rays of light directly into my mirrors. I've taken to adjusting said mirrors so the light bounces back at them. Cause fuck you.
    • BC1334
      LED brights are fine, just don’t get them for normal headlights
      BC1334 20d
    • ___petergriffin_
      I drive a truck and on the back of my truck I have a light bar that faces behind me so if someone has their brights on I turn that on and blind them back
    • SophisticatedGroundhog
      They really should be illegal
    • Official_PC_Principal
      If you keep high beams on when someone is coming the other way you deserve a slow, painful death
    • WinterOlympic
      There should seriously be laws against the brightness of headlights. I have almost crashed in canyons due to the dude passing me with his sunbeams on his hood
    • Ford_ST
      Almost every modern vehicle has LED or xenon, take it up with the manufacturers. The real problem is people installing HIDs without modifying the headlight housing
      Ford_ST 21d
    • LittleQuickCowsie
      It just makes me laugh that on LED flashlights it literally reads “do not shine into eyes of another person.” AND THEN THEY PUT THEM ON CARS that are designed to shine into the eyes of other drivers. Wtf?
    • CounterLiberalismNow
      I have two small flood lights mounted in my rear window that I turn on when assholes with these lights try to intimidate me into moving while I drive.
    • Darth2theVader
      When you see a car with LED’s on the highway
    • Folk187
      I can't stand that shit and having to wear glasses on top of it all makes it like a magnifying glass.
      Folk187 20d
      No no it’s a good thing.... doctors recommend having your retinas lit on actual fire for at least 8-12 minutes per day
    • Lowrinse
      Whenever I’m on a street with like a hill and see those bright ass light coming up from it I just turn mine on too so we can both be fucked
    • WhiteSparrowGaming
      I have lights under my spoiler for the dick Holes who ride your ass and I got a big led light bar under my intercooler for the oncoming assholes with little dicks. if I can’t see, I turn those on and no one gonna see👌🏻
    • Tornatto
      These mofos looking like Iron Giant driving down the street
    • UnbearablyPunny
      LED headlights exist just in case you feel like killing a random person by blinding them so they drive into a tree
    • WeirdoMassie
      I’m already blind enough with my glasses, and it’s amazing when driving through the night and you see these headlights coming over the hill and your silently contemplating just how you’re gonna have to stare at the white line BUT THEIR LIGHTS ARE SO BRIGHT THERE IS NO WAY TO SEE THE WHITE LINE
    • Springfield
      I have led lights but they're actually angled toward the ground like they're supposed to be
    • _bingOcean706
      Those lights are for when you're on a road with zero man made light but somehow people feel the need to have them on in the city or on the freeway.
    • fuckyoufiona
      If the lights are aimed properly, they don't blind you. And if someone wasn't a cheap lazy piece of shit, and spent a little more for the right bulbs, these aren't an issue. They come stock now on a lot of vehicles and those don't blind anyone. It's the twats with jacked up trucks that's the problem
    • bowsetteisdequeen
      everyone has their high beams on behind me. like bitch the whole road is lit by streetlights what level blind are you mother fuckers. on top of that they right up your ass like bitch if you in such a hurry use the other fucking lane my eyesight will thank you. fucking arkansas drivers i swear.
    • Genky101
      And its always the fuckin trucks that have them. Special place in hell for these people.
    • mystery22
      Some of us are basically pooping together.
    • billbob1
      This why I am putting a light bar on my truck facing tords the back so when they roll up on me with leds on I can hit the light bar lol be like lighting McQueen cacho😂😂😂
    • JoeDelao
      I thought a guy had his high beams on cause of how bright they are so I turned my on and he turned his on and it’s like gazing at a star
    • _camp_flog_gnaw_
      LED lights don’t bother me it’s people in my state that constantly drive with their brights on as if it’s gonna help you see in the rain. Go back to drivers ed dumb fucks
    • ThugNiggaJuuzou
      I don't mind them on cars but on lifted trucks they just flood into regular height cars
    • Zarzuel
      Anyone who disagrees with this or thinks people are just pussies are probably 14 years old and obviously never even touched a steering wheel.
      Zarzuel 21d
    • cheesewiz
      Worse when you have a compact car and a truck is behind you with them
    • Winter_raptor
      I’m going to buy an LED light bar and every time you motherfuckers think your cool and bright... boom fucker it’s daytime and your eyes are melted out ur skull
    • Conqq
      I have a high powered flashlight that i shine at assholes behind me that drive with their brights on
      Conqq 21d
      The worst is when those big F250 trucks are behind you and feels like they got their high beams on and they always tailgate you. They are the worst people ever!
    • vegetable_Spielcheck
      honestly! my car is super low and dick bag trucks get literally in my taint with their supernova headlights back there
    • autisticscreeeching
      Those are HID headlights and it’s a result of people installing them incorrectly, most of not all HID kits come with angle adjustment so you point them towards the ground but idiots think they wanna see far so they point them straight out and cause accidents
    • caesaraugustus91000
      I hate when the car behind you in higher than yours and the headlights are shining right through and it reflects off of your rear view mirror and blinds you
    • injunAP1
      It's not the lights, it's the way they're pointed. Lots of soccer moms drive stupid ass crossovers (I could rant all day on how wagons are objectively superior but that's for another day) that are raised up so those LEDs shine right in your face.
    • Bogwandi
      I'm blind so this doesn't affect me when i drive
    • microspectrophotometrical
      Ok I thought I was the only one who had this problem, I stopped wearing glasses even because I thought it was the glare from them.
    • JShawesome
      Have yall seen LED light bars on trucks? Fuck those guys
    • CigarCity
      If you use those headlights I should be legally allowed to gouge ur eyes out since that’s basically what you do to other people
    • mannyfresh_1990
      South park needs to do a show about this
    • OverSiege
      For real, I live off of a long 2 lane road and it's a pain in the ass when you try to flash them to turn their headlights off of hi beam and then they flash you with the light of 1000 suns
    • FrostedMiniWeeds
      I believe there should be a law that headlights can’t exceed a certain lumen
    • inner_thought49
      It's always a fuckin truck too
    • WhateverMemesIWantToMake
      And they don't turn their brights off either and have the flood lights on so it looks like Jesus is already appearing to take you after you fly off the road and die
    • BaconKiller1
      Just look at the lane divider lines and use them as reference as you go 70 mph torwards certain death.
    • The_History_of_the_SS
      If you drive an enormous pickup that you obviously never haul anything bigger than a weeks worth of groceries in, and equip it with needlessly powerful LED lights, shred your license.
    • JusDont
      Bro I was driving at like 2 am yesterday and there was this big ass truck that was coming and he had some HDs and I thought he was brighting me so I flicked my high beams on and off to get him to turn his off then he flipped on his highs and a big ass light bar and I almost hit a fence fun times 😁
      JusDont 21d
    • Asian_Peanut_Butter
      The super bright ones are illegal. People custom order them, and angle them up, but police don’t do anything about it
    • TheQueenOfEngland
      They need them so they can see their micro penis in the dark.
    • Bitch_Be_Gone_Spray
      My car is pretty low to the ground, so when a massive pickup with his bright ass lights pulls behind me, there's nothing I can do unless I slow down until he passes me.
    • kraken873
      One time a guy was just right to where the headlights were in my side mirror in traffic. So I angled it back at his face until he moved over and out of that sweet spot that was blinding me
    • WarFox17
      It’s not the lights specifically that are the problem. I agree that they are without a doubt far brighter, but to compensate, they need to be adjusted to face further down than normal, which is quite easy to do.
    • nallnatsu
      Worse are those giant led light bars... idiots think they need a super nova mounted to the roof of their junk so they can drive around town with it on pissing everyone off.
    • GoddamnCalifornian
      I have fucking night blindness and for all y’all that don’t know what it is, I’m not blaming any driver for using lights but if you have 6 LEDs and you’re coming at me on a narrow two lane road I WILL FUCKING BE UNABLE TO SEE FOR A GOOD 10 SECONDS AFTERWARDS. turn that shit down
    • DrummerDBrown21
      This is so true the most true thing I've ever seen on iFunny and it's always a douchebag driving with those stupid ass lights and then their headlights go out first fuck those people
    • Boostin7
      LEDs are not for headlights. Stop trying to make it a thing, you dicks.
    • mkkkkhh
      I never realized this until I started driving, but the LEDs fucking blind me
      mkkkkhh 20d
    • Red_Brachydios
      I drive a 2013 Ford Focus, and I never have them on. But when a dumbass truck has bright ass LEDs, I can't see my fucking mirrors without sunglasses.
    • _Rock_Chan_
      Fucking thank you!! im so sick of this crap, every night when i come home, one of the many fucks in a jacked up truck has to ride behind me with his led brights on down a twisted mountain hill
    • CanWeAllJustGetAlong
      Those lights fuck me up when the car is behind me and flashing through my side and rear view mirror
    • Justanotherluser1
      Most new vehicles are coming out with stock bright as fucking headlights. Just head towards them fuckers if you got good insurance
    • DogShitting
      Niggas who dont turn off their high beams and have led lights piss me off
    • PsychedelicJazzCabbage
      Thank god im not the only one. The thing that really gets me is when people with giant trucks that are lifted into the damn sky have them AND light bars on. Stupid ass, u dont need all that.
    • Beekakke
      LED headlights and Airpod owners are the same people
    • YaBoiDubbbz
      That’s why you’re suppose to close your eyes and drive
    • know_your_place_btch
      i thought led headlights were illegal
    • BryceHensley
      That’s why I bought a light bar to get back at them😭😂😂
    • opiip
      The issue is people who “upgrade” their headlights don’t aim them properly. Even shitty headlights will blind you if a novice who doesn’t care aims them.
      opiip 20d
    • superrajab
      It's illegal to riase the light beams more than certain dgree but nobody enforces that
    • MsCarolLeAnnMartin
      No they are completely dangerous. And it doesnt depend on a clean windshield at all. Whether they are behind me or coming towards me I get so blinded I feel like I'll crash. Humans dont have good night vision in general and eyes tend to contrict with light present with blurrs your vision. Its shit.
    • GreatNintendoMusic
      And they always tailgate you if they’re behind you
    • regularpaytonhacksaw
      I live in this area that has 10 foot ditches for kanals and one time one of those trucks that try to show off had those on coming towards me and I just had to stop in the middle of the road until I could see again.
    • ArcticHunter
      I’ve heard some people have bought light bars and mounted them on the back for tailgaters who do this
    • _heyy__
      From personal experience, it’s always the big Ass civilian trucks that have LED lights. They’re like, mmmh, how could we make our trucks more unbearable than they already are
      _heyy__ 21d
    • TheThotBotPolice
      People with bright LEDS and dont have them on correctly to where they dont blind people also have small pps
    • bob2boy
      I'd rather drive pass someone with their incandescent brights on than pass someone with those blue LED low beams
      bob2boy 21d
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