• white girls be like ew gross computer games haha swords and magic is lame anyway here's my healing crystal collection like bitch wtf you're Iarping final fantasy 9:05 AM - 2/9/19 - Twitter Web Client
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    • Mikescool16
      Thots out there deserve the death of all of the characters that die in ff7 combined
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    • Vlad_the_impaler_
      *virginity increases
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    • Denbu
      “Lol, you play video games? What a waste of time!” - Girls who collect ‘healing’ salt orbs, think stars have something to do with their personality and watch fake reality tv
      Denbu 4d
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    • CatEyes
      I really don’t think that in gods year of 2019 many people are saying “ew computer games”
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    • SkutterBois
      my horoscope says that I’ll go to the bathroom at least once today. And it was right! I already went!
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    • OddlyUnsatisfied
      If a female took Viagra what would get hard?
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    • llliterate
      This was my ex and her friend, fucking social freaks that followed astrology like a bible and would avoid people of certain signs. She also decided she was asexual and pansexual. So she wanted to be with everyone but didn’t fuck any of them. Smh.
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    • Vinnymaze
      I don’t care if this gets likes but there is a jump scare next feature so I’m here to give you a heads up
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    • higherthanamericasdebt
      Omg I have a whole collection of spirit crystals and a birthstone calendar with facts about horoscopes on it. Oh and I love going to earth magic shops and buying overpriced fairy sculptures that bring magical energy in my home.
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    • Yourpalrose
      "At least I dont Roll High enough to bleed from my Vagina every once and a while"
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    • DarkSister
      Bitches be like "I'm so strong and I will never fit into gender roles or stereotypes" then goes on to have 15 hundred hours on mercy
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    • 711_parkinglot
      If a day ever comes when I don’t love Skyrim anymore that’s the day someone is legally allowed to kill me
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    • The_supreme_doggo
      I hate how girls in video game are like I'm a girl don't kill me then I just headshot them
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    • rat_ebola
      For those of you too stupid to realize. A girl will only call your interests dumb if she wants to see how confident you are in the things you like. So accept and be proud of the fact that you like video games
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    • jojosTearJar2
      Super Hero Squad Online gang, wizard 101 gang, flash games gang.
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    • ktcat
      Healing crystals are for anti vac moms lol
      ktcat 5d
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    • ashamedjanet
      Hey, I’m a white girl and I like gaming a lot. I’m not pretty but I’m sure as hell not ugly.
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    • State_Sovereignty
      Black girls be like *screaming chimp noises*
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    • canceroustumorr
      Computer gaming is underrated
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    • DemiGodJesus
      My friend is that type of person who believes in spiritual energy from rocks
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    • jukejokebroke
      Its obvios gaming is more guys than girls been playing games all my life im 16 and ive only ever met 1 girl whos ever been into games nearly ss much as me (she was fucking good shed beat my ass in almost anything)
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    • theacp127
      Healing crystals, horoscopes, and astral signs are fake BS used by corporations to make more money off the idiots that believe it's real.
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    • Saiyan_draws
      My mom does this crystal shit and I hate it. She spends so much money on fucking rocks instead of food. She wonders why we aren't eating it's because we cant because she spends all of her money on fucking rocks
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    • Astral_fns
      Black girls be like "ago nigga I dindu shit free me"
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    • EHP_Alduin_DB
      Next post is spooky
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    • DragonStorm88
      Any girl that thinks swords and magic is lame isn’t worth it.
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    • DrJohnAZoidberg
      Anyone who believes in crystal magic loses all credibility
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    • mobin1232
      In my experience girls tht like crystals generally like video games
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      I have top scientists working on figuring out what the fuck you just said
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    • cathynapril
      Nope. I’m a white girl and gaming is and always will be my way of life
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    • EarthIs
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    • obsolete_will
      Women are hypocritical
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    • DickeaterMcPheeter
      I have a female friend who had a rock collection buried in her closet
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    • MHN_Waspinator1998
      Yeah, I'm into BDSM. Barbarians, dragons, swords, and magic.
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    • sonofasnitch
      This is why commas and periods are important
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    • dazix_gaming__YouTube
      Punctuation is key
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    • lNSANlTY
      Show me what you healing crystals can do for cancer. Oh advance it to stage 4 due to lack of an actual treatment.
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    • Testsubject276
      And they question your purchases while they buy 3 of the same kpop album to collect all the trading cards
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    • NotAPedoDotExe
      Alt f4 her ass
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    • Not_Kabal
      I collect crystals. They’re pretty. That’s it. I use essential oils. They smell nice. That’s it. People assume I’m nuts, but I just like geology and nice smells.
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      Anyone actually met someone who does the healing Crystal stuff? Because I havent
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    • FoodOverPeople
      Foodporn is life
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    • IWantToBeAMechaCat
      I don't collect crystals, but I will show off my gunpla collection
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    • Manatea
      Larping= live action role-play, Incase you didn't know
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    • Do_U_Like_jazz
      Jump scare next feature
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    • Rtownhockey_88
      Imagine thinking healing crystals actually do anything lmfao
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    • MailaW
      They think fancy rocks can cure cancer. Bitches.
      MailaW 5d
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    • MasterYumi
      Then there are other white girls out there who’ll beat your ass in Pokémon.
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    • DCLegendz
      Mom said it's my turn to be the next hokage
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    • idiot
      idiot 5d
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    • thecomplimenter
      im a white girl and i like computer games
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    • RajBete
      Jumpscare next feature
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    • rfc226
      I mean this person ain't wrong
      rfc226 4d
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    • Nicklas5477
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    • xgxwills
      I mean if she doesn’t like swords and magic, well hate to break it to her, but she might not like Fire Emblem too much.
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    • ROUGEsniper
      Nah they just escaped SAO
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    • CodyBill
      I've never met a girl that had "healing crystals" and DIDN'T play video games
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    • Jakey__Wakey
      Mine plays minecraft, skyrim, wow and etc. Cute meme gfs are out there just stop being so desperate for thots.
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    • TheDerp27
      Warning jump scare next post
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    • K0SDFF
      Key boy :(
      K0SDFF 5d
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    • Dabiolovr
      Next one’s a jump scare.
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    • twodoorcinemaclub
      sounds like my gf. I don’t even know if I wanna continue on with her but don’t know how to end things. Is this a cry for help? Possibly.
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    • LanceMcClainBlue
      That moment when you like video games and only have a salt lamp and diffusor because you like the light and scents.
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    • LynRaeArt
      Cause if they don’t act like that they won’t get the jock boyfriends who will pay for their Starbucks
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    • Missiletainn
      might as well just equip some cure3 materia or draw & junction a curaga while you’re at it
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    • ninelives900
      I fucking miss FF6.
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    • ladytsvnade
      Ew who would say that. Swords and magic is awesome.
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    • npc453776888767B0
      If you believe in healing crystals... congratulations you’re an idiot and as bad as anti vaxxers ... talking about this purple rock will heal your cancer 😂😂😂
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    • ShipsAndShit
      White females you go for because they’re popular and attractive**
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    • YetiScream
      This dude really out here named Barny
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    • Cori
      How dare you make fun of my crystal collection! 😏
      Cori 5d
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    • DankMemeees
      Larp? Parp!
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    • Tenshi_The_Drawer
      Not all girls hate games and care about makeup
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    • thebesttruckerofthedecade
      Except in video games they actually work.
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    • hxxhman
      Women and there fucking essential oils holy fuck its like there fucking magic shit they think it cures everything
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    • sulfight
      Nobody told me I got featured...
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    • Krapkan
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    • kylorencumbucket
      I mean... I'm a white bitch and I literally coach an esports team and play THREE different DND games a week... So....
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    • ODST2557
      Whatever happened to the great pimps that once ruled the land?
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    • TheDeceiver
      Currently writing a paper that will include the question “why aren’t more girls getting into computer science?” This is a reliable source thanks
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    • Tamale_31
      God this world is so pathetic. Why couldn't we have anything cooler
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    • carlpoops
      As a gamer girl, I can say that what he is saying is not wrong. I will never understand those crystals
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    • Psycho_CatLady
      I'd collect crystals cuz they're pretty.
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    • B_MO
      Jump scare coming up
      B_MO 5d
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    • SpicyMix
      Shes a goddess almighty kill her for the loot
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    • _AHEGA0_
      Didnt know playing a video game is gross
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    • Variks
      The only time they get into nerdy shit is when they intend on being an E-girl
      Variks 5d
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    • centrism
      Those are the literal worst people
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    • AwFr
      Why not both
      AwFr 5d
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    • DarylMasonDixon
      I fucked this chick one time who HAD to rub a pink crystal on my dick before i could fuck her. Shit was wild.
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    • Pacific_pinecone
      The flowers on her boob looks like a dogs face
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