• Well, see here, the top left is pretty white right, and of course you have your red and blue, but that bottom right, that's about as white as someone naming their dog buddy who has a cop for a dad and a stay at home mom
      BoneChiller 30 dec
      6.1K 419
    • is it the red one
      2.2K 56
    • Jokes about white people: about small goofy stuff they do; harmless stuff. Joke about any other minorities: Hate-fueled negative stereotypes
      14 3
    • Fuckin white people and their... *pulls card out of a deck* group photos
      Stickz99 30 dec
    • Black people: *make a white joke* White people: “DESPITE MAKING UP ONLY 13% OF THE POPULATION-“
      13 1
    • 12
    • Damn White people and their *shuffles cards* photos
      Grenann 30 dec
    • "Fucking white people and their... *shuffles deck of cards* ...suggesting to take a funny photo",
      JesseFyre 30 dec
    • Its kinda crazy looking in the comments and seeing all the butthurt snowflakes crying over a joke. White jokes are funny, black jokes are funny, racist jokes are funny. Everybody needs to stop being offended and just laugh at jokes.
      10 2
    • Minashido 2 jan
    • *joke about white people* "ACTUALLY BLACK PEOPLE MAKE UP ONL-"
    • Fucking White people and their *shuffles cards* group pictures
      rushlakin6 30 dec
      10 1
    • White niggas be like: *Clapping when the plane lands, holds the door open for others, constantly says excuse me, goes to university like a loser, eats breakfast and supper together as a family in a "dining room"* God I fucking hate whites
      10 4
    • the black one: doesn’t know their dad and commits 51% or crime as 16% of the population
      12 16
    • Blacks make fun of white things because they don’t have a family to take pictures with
    • Damn white people and their *shuffles deck* *picks card* group photos
      9 11
    • “Fucking white people and their...” *Shuffles deck* “Group photos.”
    • Racism is the power to negatively effect someones life and rights as a human being it's funny when these jokes offend white people who say "oh but if said blacks are criminals" not one of these jokes like spicy food or dancing will hurt your perception you people are no doubt snowflakes
      Navygrey 30 dec
      7 2
    • wofl 30 dec
      9 2
    • Apparently racism is only funny and acceptable against whites guys.
      Moo_Snuckle 30 dec
      8 10
    • Where's the black one that says, "Everyone in the theater needs to hear my thoughts on this scene"
      AnAtomically 30 dec
    • Olay but fr if you do this with a black stereotype it immediately becomes racist
      PJOFanatic 1 jan
      7 1
    • But it’s racist if it were about African Americans
      M1c5k3y 31 dec
    • Top right is white because white is always right
      Serotonin5 31 dec
      6 4
    • (disgusting violent racism against black people) ifunny: i sleep (harmless joke about white people) ifunny: REAL SHIT???
      makomck 30 dec
      7 3
    • hAhA fUNnY mEmE, lEtS tAlK aBoUt CrImE rEpOrTs
      6 2
    • White joke? Better bring out those statistics
      timmylarren 30 dec
      6 1
    • I’m white, and if this offends you, or you wanna sit there and say shit like “but if it said...” racist then eat shit and fuck off. You’re bitching about a joke, when reality you’re the butt end of the joke of society’s sensitivity crisis.
      RandallBall 30 dec
    • Oh no ... you've pissed off every white guy on ifunny
      6 6
    • Black people can say this but I can’t call them fukin stupid nig monkeys? White people are oppressed.
      7 10
    • Do a black one next and have it get taken down for racism.
      7 6
    • That's more "women" than "white"
      MrJauneArc 30 dec
    • Fuck white people and *shuffles cards* the way they take pictures
      7 2
    • White people seem real offended by this meme. The same people that bring on black stereotypes when the see black people in a video
      crimSonCh1n 30 dec
      7 11
    • "Turn left, turn right, face straight ahead". Black people when taking a photo of themselves.
      eregan73 30 dec
      Ad01f_loser 30 dec
    • Atleast WE have enough of a family to take a family photo
      im_reterded 30 dec
      8 1
    • Which one is black -black -red -blue -high rate of violence
      ___Kachow___ 30 dec
      5 4
    • Since ifunny is featuring stereotypes does that mean we can do this for other races as well?
      username001 30 dec
      6 1
    • White people and there... uh... habits when taking pictures!
    • White people who bitch about jokes like these are just as annoying as sjws that bitch about race jokes, you can't change my mind.
    • This is not racist. This is a joke
      lmportant 30 dec
      6 4
    • Yeah, we love racism! Except it's not racist when it's aimed at white people
      ProtoQuartz 30 dec
    • despite making up 13% of the population...
      abkdenenekef 30 dec
    • Which ones black? Ahh. The not paying child support and abandoning their children and living off of welfare. I see it.
      5 4
    • smess 30 dec
      6 3
    • Despite what you may think, they are all white! Don't believe me? Take a glock and put it in your mouth and pull the trigger
    • White people: "I love offensive humor" *gets offended by this joke*
      Razzletazzle 30 dec
      6 2
    • God I always hate that. If we must document every damn gathering can't we just be normal
    • No such thing as racism against white people, boys.
      R3D_SPECTRE 30 dec
      7 3
    • That's millenial white. Gen z seems like a pretty redeeming generation.
      5 3
    • Who yells "he din do nuffin" when caught breaking the law
      oatneal89 30 dec
      7 5
    • Oh no enjoying life is now a strictly white thing to do
      5 2
    • which one is black?: 🤛🏿🤛🤛🏽 Im gonna go beat my wife and commit murder, fuck whites.
      7 7
    • I feel like the point of “silly” photos is to try and relieve the pressure that people feel to appear attractive in said photos, if you’re purposely ugly you can’t feel bad about it. It’s still stupid though.
    • Haha, it's against white people so it isn't racist.
      knowaspear 31 dec
    • This comment section is about to be a more comprehensive source on black crime than Wikipedia itself
      Jaehaerys 31 dec
    • White people and their, *Shuffles cards.* Photos
    • Black people: *make a white people joke*. White people: *get annoyed*. Black people: lol White people: * make a black people joke* Also white people: *lose their job*
      5 1
    • So this is okay, but I can't call a black person the N word? 😔
      akko 30 dec
      7 7
    • *claps when plane lands*
    • Which ones black oh wait that would be racist
      BrownsFan 30 dec
      5 2
    • I smell poverty
      Samsung9S 30 dec
      5 2
    • Holy shit this isn’t even racist and everyone’s going ape shit like calm down and take a joke
    • Clapping when the movie ends
    • If ur gonna say it’s ok to make jokes abt white people then don’t get butthurt when people make jokes about black people, as idubbz once said, “it’s either all okay or none of it’s okay”
      4 5
    • Gotta love racism
      4 4
    • It should say “built the entire modern world”
      4 3
    • Black people just mad they dont have families like white people.
      poopieface22 30 dec
      4 16
    • I get it because black people dont have families to take pictures with
      HighThighs 30 dec
      4 1
    • This comment section is hilarious, one white meme and everyone pops out with their crime statistics and Dad jokes
      ewuh 30 dec
      4 2
    • Not as white as having both parents
    • Nothing wundead than having a credit score over 700 amirite
      Hung_lo 30 dec
    • Clapping when the plane lands
      Big_E_50 30 dec
      6 1
    • Sorry we actually have full families to take funny photos with and Daddy didnt run off?
      Kittytravel 30 dec
      6 2
    • As I did for my last feature, lewd shit will be automatically removed, grow up
      smess 30 dec
      5 2
    • red_reign 30 dec
    • My black coworker took a group photo of us and she said to do a silly one, now the statistics are skewed
      Drake_BeII 30 dec
    • Can confirm this as true. I want to kms every time my mom does this.
    • This is a stereotype on white people, but honestly I don’t care because I think stereotypes are funny
      Scrodzic 30 dec
    • “Let me just squeeeeeze right by ya there”
    • Why don't any of these "white people do this" memes say things like work or raise kids or obey the law?
      4 1
    • "Hey dad!"
      4 2
    • Yeah, imagine having fun
    • The black one would be: muhfuggas be crazy! I ain’t payin no baby support!
      Western_88 30 dec
      4 2
    • Saying “ I guess it’s just a box” when they unwrap their gift and there’s an Amazon box beneath the wrapping paper
    • You act like that's a bad thing.
    • Yay! Racism!
      8 11
    • I hate ni66ers
      DolansASS 30 dec
      7 1
    • Attack my mother like that again and you're gonna catch hands 😤😤
      pandaman1109 30 dec
    • Im color blind but I can still see that its the bottom right.
      avacadoporn 30 dec
    • "Careful, I put black pepper on the chicken to make it spicy"
    • All these white stereotypes just make us out to be happy people
    • I fuckin hate the "silly" picture all the damn time
      SaltyCent 2 jan
    • Sounds about white
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