• Whenever people tailgate me when I'm going 40 in a 35 I always purposely slow down because it's like I gave you an extra 5 and you didn’t appreciate it so now you get nothing
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    • Ever since I saw this, I’ve been doing this
      Sarahdipity 20 jan
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    • Moan 20 jan
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    • people who tailgate and have their fucking brights on are the worst kind of people. especially if its someone in a bigger truck. and it is happening in the right lane. where they could JUST FUCKING PASS ME if they wanted to get somewhere that fast
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    • If someone tailgates me when im going 10 over then i start going half the speed limit in no passing zones
      Zzing15 21 jan
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    • I was once going 75 in a 55 and a guy passed me and smashed into a tree
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    • 5 over is the golden spot. Police are ok with it, and it's good for everyone. Fuckers who tailgate at that speed deserve to be cucked.
      3840x2160 20 jan
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    • Whenever people tailgate me i make sure i keep the same pace because i know there back there yelling and screaming and thinking i aint even see them. Like what are you gonna do? Hit me? Do it bitch. Take us both out, i dont give a fuck
      KlazeR 20 jan
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    • I'm going 50mph in a 35. You have no reason to tailgate me. Also, those red and blue lights on your car look ridiculous.
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    • I came out of a 60 going 65 into a 55 and an asshole with those super bright lights was tailgating me, I was still giving him +10 but the brights pissed me off so I took it down 20. He couldnt pass me because there was someone in the other lane driving the same speed as me
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    • I remember this guy was tailgating me when there was construction ahead. So i switched lanes He sped off while giving me the evil eye. He crashed into the construction zone so while i passed him i flipped him off and laughed at his bum ass.
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    • Fucking hate people who ride my ass
      passed 21 jan
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    • No it's more like I'm usually going 10 over (regular road not highway) and if your entitled ass feels the need to tailgate me to go faster then obviously you need to slow the fuck down
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    • To the people saying get out of the left lane, she said in a 35. Highly highly doubt there would be two lanes in a 35
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    • Try doing 50 I in 35 and getting sum dumb ass in a black explorer ride your ass with red and blue lights on. Fucking dick
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    • People really out here defending tailgating
      SpaceCowboii 20 jan
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    • My thing is that if I'm going less than 9mph over the speed limit, I'll move for you. But if I'm going 9-15 over and you start doing that thing where you charge back and forth humping my bumper, I'm letting my foot off the gas
      SketchClone 22 jan
      smile 8
    • People should just not tailgate in the first place. In the south it’s always over aggressive pickup truck drivers with jacked up suspension and a small penis.
      Niromanti 21 jan
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    • I was going 55 in a 45 and some ass in a big 'ol yeeyee truck got right up on my ass, and I mean ON MY ASS! So, I got real petty and went down to 35. And they couldn't pass me.
      rosie232 21 jan
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    • Then speed up when they try to pass you
      LifeExpert 21 jan
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    • Public service announcement, if you’re on a road with two or more lanes and you’re in the left lane and not passing the people on the right, you need to get over, it’s the passing lane
      blackmagic22 21 jan
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    • Some people just have no common sense when it comes to driving. Some guy lost his shit and started screaming at me and driving recklessly because “I wouldn’t let him over into my lane”. The dipshit never even once turned on his signal to let me know he wanted over like sorry I can’t read you mind.
      alamandr 20 jan
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    • You know, I get why people feel like this but what is it with people trying to control the way others drive? Like just get the fuck out the way and we won't tailgate you. Let me speed it's my ticket not yours just move.
      breez_E_26 a month
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    • In the south you'll be going 80 on in a 55 and people will still try to pass you
      sidneydrake 22 jan
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    • Guys guys, what if the speed limit was 40 and you actually drove the SPEED LIMIT. They are there for a reason
      RePost_L0rd 21 jan
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    • Tailgating is dangerous and wrong, but if someone is clearly trying to pass you, they might be in a hurry. What does it hurt to give them room? Why stop others from doing what they want unless it negatively impacts you.
      Akhu 21 jan
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    • Seen too many people try to pass on that double yellow and almost head on collision cause their dumb ass needs to go 20 over
      Markdonalds 21 jan
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    • Does anybody slow down when the car behind you is following close and then once they switch lanes, speed back up again ?
      BigBubblyBob 21 jan
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    • If I’m in the slow lane or if I’m on a single lane road doing 5 over. And someone is riding my ass I will slow the fuck down till they back off
      chinadoll_ 21 jan
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    • I love tailgaters, you have complete power of them. You CONTROL them. You slow down, they have to slow down. You brake check them, the accident is their fault. They are your bitch
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    • if im going 40 in a 35 and you’re riding my ass im dropping down to 30 because fuck you asshole wait
      fuckoff_f 20 jan
      smile 7
    • Nah I hate it when you’re trying to pass a slow fucker and as soon as you switch lanes to try and pass them they decide to speed up to not let you in
      Marinesmigis 20 jan
      smile 7
    • Or when someone is tailgating you and you slow down, and when they try to move over past you and you speed up so they can’t get back in the lane
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    • For those of you going on about “going slow in the fast lane”, she’s clearly on a single lane road. If the 35 MPH speed limit didn’t give that away then I’m sorry
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    • I love when people pass me after tailgating me then they get stuck behind another car slow enough for me to catch up while going at a reasonable speed.
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    • Anyone who tailgates should be hung, exist to sign.
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    • I speed like crazy I do 80 in a 60, but if your stupid ass is tailgating me on the freeway enjoy doing 55
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    • This is actually me. I'll even go up to 7 mph over the speed limit and if someone is tailgating me I'm like "really bro". Then I'll put my car out of cruise control if they tailgate me for an extended period of time and then just go the speed limit and watch them get mad when I was already speeding.
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    • I just wait for them to try to pass and just shoot out their tires as they're going by.
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    • No you stay the speed your going and then when they go to pass you floor it so they can’t pass!
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    • It’s worse when it’s actually a 25 and they’re still tailgating you at 40
      Laugh 21 jan
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    • Y’all ever get those people when you’re driving down a single lane road that pull over and let you pass them for no reason? Legit I don’t tailgate whatsoever cause that’s fucking annoying and yet they still pull over to the side of the road and let me pass them and then continue to drive again.
      A_Cool_Hat 20 jan
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    • From the sound of these comments I feel a lot better about my driving manners. Didnt realize how many people are assholes when it comes to the road
      Rhoasckm 20 jan
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    • I usually shift down to slow down quickly without my brake lights turning on
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    • Lifehack: if you're being tailgated, slam on them brakes at red lights. They'll automatically be responsible and have to pay for their crime (ignore your raised insurance rate)
      Cricketty 20 jan
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    • people in the comments saying to let them pass you don't seem to realize there are places where you're not allowed to pass
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    • Don’t tailgate. Also if you come flying up the freeway behind me I will make it my goal to go the same speed as the car in the next lane so you can’t pass and continue your dangerous driving
      smile 7 18
    • I fucking HATE people that do this. Just so all of you mother fuckers that have the “I brake for tailgaters” bumper stickers know, you may brake for me, but I’m not braking. I will gladly rear end all of you fuckers. I am completely willing to lose my license for this cause.
      smile 9 99
    • One time someone honked at me one second after the light turned green so I went five under the speed limit to bother them, but they ended up driving 10 UNDER the speed limit! Why are you honking at me if you’re just going to drive slow
      _thequeen_ 20 jan
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    • A couple days ago some bitch was tailgating me while I was doing 45 in a 35 so I slowed down to 25. Sure I was late for school but fuck her
      Lacrum 20 jan
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    • No matter how fast you're going some asshole wants you to go faster and is all on your ass
      Goethe 20 jan
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    • Douchebag drivers SEETHING in the comments
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    • Everybody saying “just get over!!!” doesn’t realize that not every road has a passing lane
      Cincinnata 20 jan
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    • I usually go 5 under when that happens, cuz fuck people who can’t handle 5 over and just HAVE to go 50 over the limit
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    • Hate when some asshole tailgates me when I’m going 90 in a 25. Like fuck off dude, you think you’re so damn cool cus your car has flashing lights and mine doesn’t
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    • People who never drive above the speed limit are the same people who told the teacher that the kid next to then said a cuss word.
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    • I find it amusing how many people assume this is someone driving in the left lane. I don't know about you, but usually 35 is road with only one lane for each direction. So instead of tailgating like a dumbass they should go the damn speed limit, or pass them. Simple problem, simple solution.
      RedDevilShot 20 jan
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    • Keep right pass left, cunt.
      Khemmis 20 jan
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    • I go as fast as I can until the other car starts to fall behind. I maintain that speed until I reach my destination or a cop pulls over the guy tailgating me
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    • I had this guy speed up and slow down constantly passing me (I had cruise control on) and eventually I got sick of it so I mashed the gas and went about 3 miles at 105mph, didn't see him again
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    • It blows my mind when I'm going 10 over the limit and motherfuckers are still tailgating and trying to pass
      Lord_Frank 21 jan
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    • Genuine "Im not the only one" moment for me
      smile 5
    • Bitch if your in the left lane, the fast lane. You better be going faster than I am or your ass better get the fuck over.
      cmendr01 21 jan
      smile 5 17
    • As long as you’re not that asshole on the left lane going the same speed as the car next to you or slower, do whatever you want...
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    • I go down to 30 because I'm never in a hurry and enjoy the ride and the asshole on my ass is ruining my chill time
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    • I slow down with cruise control so that they can't see my brake lights... i got ear ended Once.. I'm still doing it
      Kccachito696 21 jan
      smile 5 4
    • I offered you friendship, and you SPAT IN MY FACE
      smile 5
    • Ive done 25 over on the highway and still got tailgated. Shit is so stupid. So i slammed on my brakes and he slammed into me and bought me a new car.
      smile 6 2
    • If you do that in the left lane, then you're a cunt
      VPDbc 21 jan
      smile 6
    • I live near a port so there’s always a large amount of trucks on the highway, when people talegate me I drive a little faster pass a truck until I catch up to it and stay at the same speed, so the person behind me is trapped.
      Famestealer 21 jan
      smile 5 3
    • I like going fast but I don’t tailgate cause it’s a dick move... unless they’re going under the speed limit, in which cause I will literally push them with my car
      smile 7
    • That’s what you’re supposed to do if someone is tailgating you? It gives you more stopping room, allowing you to come to a slower stop and give the dude on your ass a safer stop as well.
      HelixIV 21 jan
      smile 5 1
    • lmao when people tailgate me for going 30 in a 30 i slow the fuck down to like a 25 or lower and it pisses them the fuck off lol
      Raxe 21 jan
      smile 6 2
    • Are you in the left lane? Because if you are, you're wrong. Left lane is for passing. Move right. In the right lane or its one lane? You good. Keep up the good work
      Cmon_people 20 jan
      smile 5 9
    • People that tailgate others going at a minimum of 5 over should learn better time management skills, just sayin
      smile 5 1
    • This comment section is a literal "who is a cunt driver" and who isnt
      Flownen 20 jan
      smile 5
    • I just throw my windshield spray on and spray them until they backup
      redmitchman 20 jan
      smile 5
    • When they do that to me I drop down to 15, then when they try to pass I speed up. Love to see them get pissed, like fuck you get off my ass you unimportant piece of shit.
      smile 5 7
    • People who tailgate and speed shouldn't be allowed to drive, learn how to fuckinf drive or get the fuck off the road
      smile 6
    • I hate gettin tailgated when I'm going 15 over. Even 10 over. People are ungrateful as fuck. So no more than 5 over for me anymore fucking cunts
      smile 5
    • How is this post relevant, 3/4 ifunny is too young to even drive
      baby_mango 20 jan
      smile 5
    • Never heard it refered to as "tailgating" everyone I know just says "he's riding my ass"
      TheGuard 20 jan
      smile 5 2
    • I normally do 5 under at that point 30 in the 35. Either get off my ass or balls up and go around me and risk a ticket. One dude went around me across a double yellow and sure as shit there was a cop there to see it and ticket him. Wish it happened more
      13246 20 jan
      smile 6
    • Makes sense in a 35 zone. as long as you're not the asshole that does this in the left lane of the highway I'm all good.
      armani_x 20 jan
      smile 5
    • Here's a crazy idea. If the speed limit says 35. Go 35
      Gen_Grievous 20 jan
      smile 6 18
    • Someone was tailgating me when I was going 35 in a 35, so I speed up to 50 and he's still on my ass, so I'm like fuck you and I go under by 10, this Nigga still wouldn't leave me alone
      smile 5
    • Those people are bad but not as bad as the people who go 10-15 under on the highway smugly thinking they are somehow safe drivers even though they are just endangering themselves, everyone in their car, and everyone else on the highway.
      alamandr 20 jan
      smile 5
    • I be going 70 in a 55 and niggas still tailgate
      spongeVRo 20 jan
      smile 5
    • This guy got out of his car today to throw hands after he blew a stop sign, rode my ass while going the speed limit on pure ice.
      smile 5 1
    • I was going 10 over on I-16 and some dude tailgated me with his brights on. I was in the fucking right lane and the left lane was wide open. I just slowed down to 40 (limit was 70) and waited until he couldn't take it anymore.
      smile 5
    • To the people who are mad about this, just be patient you are not any more important
      smile 5 1
    • If you get mad at this person sounds like you need to be a better driver :^)
      Shnitzel__ 20 jan
      smile 5 1
    • In California someone gets mad if you aren’t going 70 in a 55
      going_ghost 20 jan
      smile 5 1
    • I once saw a truck trying to pass me on the expressway when I was going 10 over so I sped up to a car in the other lane and stayed next to him for miles until the truck finally stopped tailgating me and took an exit.
      bluejayssong a month
      smile 4
    • The passing lane is for fucking passing if you drive the speed limit in the passing lane you deserve nothing more than death
      Autismick a month
      smile 4
    • If you're in the left lane going less than 10 over, get the fuck out my way
      yasmars a month
      smile 5
    • Whenever this happens to me I go five under
      smile 4
    • I just did this the other day. Going 70 in a 60, guy behind me was so close I couldn't see his lights, so I want down to 55
      smile 5 2
    • If everyone just drove faster the world would be a better place.
      smile 6 6
    • Exactly like the max I go over is 15. If you’re still riding my ass then you’re the asshole because where I live tickets are $250+ so I’m not gonna risk getting one just cuz somebody behind me decides they wanna find out what my asshole tastes like.
      smile 4 1
    • This is a code everyone should live by, if your bitchass disagrees then you should have some else drive for you.
      Senasthighs 22 jan
      smile 5
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