• When your class is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and your teacher picks you to read the page with the N Word
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    • Nobody0w0
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    • Isaac_way2hood
      Top cOOMENT
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    • AlexPlus
      this meme brings back a really bad memory of school. i got kicked out of class for saying the n word during reading, and my parents had to come and defended me, and we had to meet with the superintendent, and it was a big deal. which i thought was unfair. i thought it fit nicely in charlottes web
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    • Credentials
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    • Linksys11
      When we read this in class my teacher had a white kid reading it and as soon as it got to that part all flur black people in my class turned to him and one just said "do it, but watch the r"
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    • Ayeayecheff
      I feel that most haven’t read the absolutely true dairy of a part time Indian
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    • coolcool8101
      yo a kid in my class got to that part, and as he was reading it out loud he took a big breath and yelled the n word mad loud then went back to reading normally
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    • Bonus_Ponus
      True story my teacher was reading a passage about the significance of the n word during English. As she was reading she said the n word and all eyes focused on this one very confused and angry black kid in the back of the room
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    • Quantum_Sync
      I remember that shit there was this one white kid that paused when he saw it and shouted it at the top of his lungs and just went on reading like nothing happened
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    • shadow56333
      And then there’s that one kid that still doesn’t know how to read and he wastes the entire class period on one paragraph
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    • SatisfyingScience
      I remember when we had to read the diary of a part time Indian or whatever it was called and I got to read the "Indians are proof that n*ggers fuck buffalo" line in front of my black teacher. I've never had so much adrenaline coursing through me
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    • darkskinnyfigure
      I say the N-word a little louder than the rest of the words
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    • carsonbro14
      I did that in 7th grade except I had no idea what it meant so I just read through it normally
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    • ChickenWangZ
      Reads up to that word...**Stands up, Stretches, does a couple jumping jacks, cracks knuckles, CLEARS THROAT**.....NI....
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    • CIA_Langley_VA
      We read this in high school and the teacher asked the black kid in class if we could read the word. His response: if y’all gonna say it, say it with some guts.
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    • Trespasser
      I remember my teacher starting at me with the word coming up, hoping I wasn't gonna say it, and when it came to it, I belted it out just like any other word. The teacher stopped the reading, and I had to defend why I said it, BECAUSE ITS LITERATURE ITS PART OF HISTORY WHEN USED IN THIS CONTEXT
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    • FanOfDanAviDan
      So, we had the option to either say the N word or skip over it when we were reading aloud in our class, and nobody was saying until one of those slow reading kids accidentally read it out. But this dumbass read it wrong, out loud and he started apologizing profusely as the black kids started dying.
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    • HolyFamily5
      Since when did to kill a mocking bird have ninjas in it
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    • ShadyPlots
      I remember my classmate saying it. He just stopped at the word, and looked up. My teacher nodded and said “Go ahead.” And without further hesitation he said it. N-
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    • bahgus
      bahgus 12d
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    • bringbackqualitymemes
      The black kids in my class purposely picked me to read it because they knew I would say it
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    • MacDoober
      *Twitter retard: "lmao white people are so fragile." "Nig..." *mass rioting, cities burn, Family Dollar gets looted, and three white guilt movies get released
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    • ArizonaWatermelon
      I got kicked out of English cause i had put so much emphasis on n word
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    • cmmrubbergluves
      All the sleeping black kids heads rise up
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    • BLKstalion
      Back when everyone was afraid to say this word I always remember the room would go dead silent and everyone would look at me in approval. Felt like the king of a Roman Empire. Except I still had to pick cotton after work
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    • gm1003
      gm1003 12d
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    • CapAmerica1941
      I played Jem in my school’s play of Mockingbird. I had to say it twice in front of a full audience... three nights in a row...😂
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    • xox_as_xox
      Idk what’s more racist. The fact we weren’t allowed to say it, or the fact we were allowed to say cracker
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    • rudnick57
      My teacher made us replace it with the word neighbor. We were pissed.
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    • NiceKing
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    • youfatlazythot
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    • GayGenocide
      A girl in my class said it while reading to the class and the teacher got triggered and wanted her to skip over the word
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    • Ezzosmasher
      Is no one going to mention the fact that you feel like a god when you read Atticus’s lines in court
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    • LucasAnderson
      I remember when I had to read it out loud. I always emphasized that word
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    • WhipTheBlackz
      More like Of Mice and Men
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    • Joshkashi
      Huckleberry Finn has more
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    • UpscaleThread
      But who cares though, as long as it's not an insult then it's fine. It's just another word, and it only has meaning if we agree that it does.
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    • Fasciitis
      I've had that power, if you ever get the chance, deny it. Power corrupts and makes you beg for more.
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    • hamburgerdog25
      Me, a white person: teacher, I cant read this page
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    • sparticusCult
      She picks black kid
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    • CoolNinjaSharptrucker
      No one in my class wanted to read it (there were like all white people where I lived) so my teacher just read it without hesitating
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    • UnitedStatesAgency
      Im black & lread this shit like a god
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    • GaviniloTheArmadilo
      My highschool teacher just made us say the first letter or say "Ninja" but of course the kid that read it at the time didn't care what she thought. RIP Joseph
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    • succ_chicken_nuggets
      Ahh I wish I had that pleasure but unfortunately there was an N word in my class so my teacher had him read that page.
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    • Alan_Akbar
      I go to a mostly black school and their pretty racist towards whites so I would say anything anyone could take the wrong way
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    • keith153
      My teacher littereally cried because she had to say it. And she wouldn't make one of us do it. Dead serious her name was mrs. Eaton. Not b8 or a after pun. Just her name
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    • UnbearablyPunny
      Why is the n-word such a big deal? oH mY goD hE sAId nArwHaLS!
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    • Djaevnindy21
      The first play I was in was Mockingbird, and one of the characters I played was in the lynch mob. I was the one picked to yell "Let's get that Ni@@a!" when Atticus wouldn't let us in the jail. Yeah, fun, anxiety inducing times...
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    • Florida_man1
      No offense to anyone on this app I'm sure you're all funny smart and awesome people but everyone on this app is r3tard3d
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    • NiggaImJohnny
      When I read this, my teacher picked the only black kid to read those parts but he switched roles with another white kid on purpose lol
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    • The_McBucket
      One of my friends actually said it and kept reading and he realized he did it and started to laugh so hard he cried
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    • DannyDeVito2
      Every time it came to those pages my teacher always picked the only black kid in class
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    • RoboRat
      Our teacher made us read it word for word when we did that, and it was fucking hilarious
      RoboRat 12d
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    • Definitely_Not_A_Lizard
      Wait what if you don’t have the N word pass, does the teacher automatically give you it?
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    • LegalCitizen
      Ladie and gentlemen i have held this power. Its a power like none other. So raw in its potential. Like i got struck by a bolt of lightning and only the energy from that transfered to me.
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    • PlayKoga
      Same but with Of Mice and Men.
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    • lxxya
      Schools are too sensitive. It’s in a book written a long time ago. It’s also apart of the history in that context. Just read it and move on. My AP English teacher sure doesn’t care😂
      lxxya 10d
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    • mschilling302
      I read that page. I accidentally said the word not realizing what it was. I looked up, saw my classmates staring at me as well as my teacher and then I profusely apologize while trying not to freak out. Mind you this happened my freshman year and I didn’t want to be known as THAT girl.
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    • xx_sake_xx
      My teacher picked the black kid whenever it came up
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    • xxxbadvibesxxx17
      This is so true tho when I had to read this
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    • Hapsburg_Prince
      I read it in my sophomore year of high school, my teacher was a Bronx Italian and she read those pages for us, lol
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    • TrashDeluxe
      why do white boys like saying the n word with a hard r unironically?
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    • The_Beanboozle
      In 8th grade when I had to read of mice and men, my teacher made us do these daily journals. She decided just to shout the n-word as loud as possible and then asked how we felt about the word because we were gonna have to read it out loud
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    • yourfavorite_kitylicker
      I was that kid and i put extra emphasis on that N word
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    • Hot_Soup43
      Ah yes, the book that got banned in schools for making kids uncomfortable. Innit that the point?
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    • CruzTheSasquatch
      When i was in school i was the dedicated reader since I could express the personalities and voices well. I was especially good with Lennys lines since I too am big and dumb
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    • Emlie
      Our teacher replaced all the n-words with ninja. It was pretty funny cos some kid accidentally said the n-word without hesitation, then said "my bad. I mean n****er"
      Emlie 12d
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    • wahffles
      God I remember reading out loud in class and this one time I read this part that had the word bitch in it. Mind you I was the quiet kid that sat in the back that never talked. Good times.
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    • Homeless2
      God a hate that book. Not because it’s racist. Because it’s not Diary of a Wimpy kid
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    • Laxgirl_mmo
      The kid in my class paused before reading that part and my teacher said it's okay because it's for education purpose. Then the kid read it and put the proper slight emphasis on you would expect anyone from that time period to use. The black kids looked proud
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    • TexasisRich
      The n-word makes liberals and blacks cower. It’s like waving a AR-15 at them
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    • _Volunteer_
      Educational N-word pass
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    • DarKnight347
      Omg I remember it was so awkward because their was a black guy in my class when we read that book
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    • ShelSilverstein
      The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is stronger, says it over 200 times
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    • asapalan
      I read about a whole chapter to say that in class and passed it on after that page
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    • gayfurry_
      My teacher read the sword in the stone and she said the n word, but she was black
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    • Dukey
      Dukey 12d
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      I hate that they banned it for supporting racism even though it actually teaches against it.
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    • MelonDoggo
      Teacher actually told this white girl to say it as she was reading to add to the harsh reality black people lived in and it was hilarious seeing the smirk on her face as she said it
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    • jtroopa
      I refuse to believe that a public school classroom has the balls to read from an uncensored copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.
      jtroopa 12d
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    • roadkill887
      I always looked straight at the black kids
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    • milesofgaming
      When I was in high school we read Huck Finn, and the teacher chose me to read a page that said the word. She said “you don’t have to if you don’t want to” and i dropped the HARDEST R in the history of R’s.
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    • lesbontemps
      In 10th grade a kid was scared to say it so i said it for him. Team effort
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    • Amen_Yashed
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    • Bigority
      Or read basically any page in The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin
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