• When you get to calc and the only thing that you can do is use the teachers method cause you got no idea what the fuck is going on
      1.4K 124
    • When you get the grade for said assignment
      350 8
    • When the book and teacher use two different methods
      Parsian 15d
    • Had to take Algebra 2 again because I refused to use the first teacher's methods (because mine were faster, hers outdated), and she failed me in the class over it that year. No wrong answers, just didn't use her formulas. Should be illegal, I think, for teachers to do that. Limit education like that
      PCat76 15d
      3 2
    • My physics teacher failed my assignment because I didn’t use his method even though I still got the correct answers and all my work was shown
    • When you ask the teacher if your method works:
      3 1
    • My math teachers always told me “you can’t do that because you will never get the same answer for different problems continued doing it. Put stars next to each problem. Each problem was right. She admitted she was wrong.
    • Got a zero on a quiz in college not because the answers were wrong but because I didn’t get the answer the way he wanted
    • One time in 6th grade our math teacher taught us short division and I ended up being pretty good at it and used it on the next few assignments but got fs on them, I checked them and they were right, I asked him why he marked them wrong and he said I wasn't supposed to use short division
      nugs96 15d
    • I broke my math teacher doing this one time. I simplified what took her seventeen steps into three steps for me on a test. She made me explain it on the board when I asked her about it as she was handing the tests back. She stood staring at the board until the bell rang fifteen minutes later.
    • I got an F on an Algebra 2 assignment back in 11th grade because that, even though all my answers were correct
      2 1
    • Whats the point of top comments
      2 1
    • Teacher always gets on your ass about writing out how you did it, like that just makes things 10x longer to do. Its obvious we know how to do them
      Trauma 16d
    • My professor grades and sometime he says (when he is confused aboyt the work) " what is this garbage?" In a Jamaican accent
    • Spur 14d
    • I once did this my teacher accused me of cheating while the girl behind me was looking at the answers in the back of the book. He kept saying i was a cheater so by the end of the year i gave up trying.
    • All that show your work shit even though your calculator did it all in one line
    • I hate teachers that think students strictly need to use their method, even if there’s easier quicker methods out there.
    • I got a D- on my math test just because I didn’t 1. Show my work because I did mental math, or 2. I did the “wrong method.”
      1 1
    • Math is math no subjective human opinion will change that. The universe doesn’t give a fuck what you think is right Karen
    • Hey if there is any teachers in here please read: THEY SOLVED THE PROBLEM NOW GET OVER IT
    • I just took a precal test with logarithmic applications and I forgot how to use log to solve it so instead I put in y1 and y2 in the graphing calculator and found the exact point the two match and the answer was right but I’m afraid she’ll take off points for it because I didn’t work it out properly
      MyGuy5 15d
    • One time I had to teach my CORRECT method to my teacher so he could change my grade
    • Thank you for stealing!!! :)
    • I hated teachers like this lmao. “Use my method or I won’t grade it.” I had a computer applications teacher, I was typing at 90-100wpm on average, and she was tryna make me use the textbook typing form, which felt so unnatural, and I couldn’t do it, she eventually stopped being a dickhead and just
      1 1
    • Back in school when I needed help in math I would have to teach my dad what the teacher wanted me to do so he could understand what I was trying to do. Then would show me a much more easier and better way of doing it. Common core is so fucking stupid...
    • This carried blending of templates pleases me. Continue.
    • Half credit*
    • I almost didn’t graduate high school because of this lol
      alvae 15d
    • How TF do you calculate compound interest rates??
    • I hate that they are forced to solve something a certain way when brains work differently and there are many possible ways to reach the same solution. Like, you will mark my kid wrong for thinking differently?
      1 1
    • Common Core in a nutshell
    • You could've just put "well yes but actually no"
    • 1 2
    • When I use 1 formula that works for every math problem in class but the teacher keeps telling me I'm wrong because I didn't use a very specific method that is specific to a single problem and barely works.
    • He used the correct punctuation. He's a genius
    • That's common core for ya
    • When you’re taking calc and physics at the same time, and you’re learning vectors 7 months later and can’t use the damn physics you already learned. Or when the teacher gives you multiple methods, and you aren’t allowed to use the one you actually know.
      Mesaz 15d
    • Reasons common core is absolute shit.
    • My college professor keeps getting mad we weren't taught to substitute long sections of equations to just letter because you can do that and I remember in high school my friend was sent to the principal's because he kept doing that.
    • There’s a kid in my math class that does that and he annoys everyone by doing it only because he just needs to be better than everyone
    • Tc is mine AGAIN virgins
    • Math teachers are always old and only go by the books
    • Lodada 16d
    • Hentai is dumb. You can see real thottys on this app or go get a gf like a man fucking weaboos
    • Common Core showing every step including 2+2 or you fail
      Shade 16d
    • I never get tc and I'm done trying
    • The teacher:
    • Is the chess board supposed to be that one porn meme with the 5 black guys?
    • I once did my homework with a calculator and told my teacher I did it in my head and that is why I didn't show my work. So she had me do the next day homework in front of her without using a calculator. Figured out I am good at Math in my head and hate showing my work.
    • Chitoge 16d
      2 1
    • New Vegas in a nutshell
    • NSFW Discord my page
      Apevia 15d
    • Well duh she needs you to show you know how to do it the way she instructed
    • Crossover memes are not funny and only make the already stupid and dead memes die quicker
    • Fuckin kiefer
    • Fuck you teacher I’m using my method
    • Then they give you another problem that is long af and it doesn't work.
    • When you lose all sense of humor
    • The US education system in a nut shell
    • I remember doing a math problem my junior year of high school the most unimaginable way and the teachers face of pure anguish and disbelief was amazing 😂
    • I can do a lot of algebra stuff in my head, and i hate when the teacher asks to show work.
    • Like sorry the way I do doesn’t involve 200 steps mrs. Bitch
      ccccx 14d
    • Well yes but actully no
    • I usually never use the schools method when it comes to anything below division level
    • I failed algebra for this reason
    • My teacher's amazing and doesn't care what method we use. We're fine so long as the method gets the correct answer.
    • Who the fuck gon arrest me
    • "You goy go to public schools to get babysat for 12 years, then you realize you learned nothing. So, you go back for another 4. By that time, you're in debt. Not us hebrews, we go to the Hebrew academy, to learn the real important things, the things that matter" -Rabbi Finkelstein-
    • I feel attacked
    • When the teacher tells you that their is a lot easier way to solve the problem but then she won’t tell you how
    • Okay, this is epic
    • Common core sucks stick to basic normal math
    • When you use synthetic division instead of long division bc it's easier.
      Coren 15d
    • Oh holy fuck this happened to me in grade 7 maths. I had this old Bitch of a teacher, just the most pessimistic shithead. I remember when I had a parent teacher interview my teacher left to do something and mum realised that I got all the answers correct, however were marked otherwise all because...
    • Nice putting several popular memes together
    • thats why i love my math teacher this year. she admits that when she sees a method shes unfamiliar with, her first reactions is “what??? no, why??” but then she stops and sees how well it actually works for the kids, has them teach it to her if shes unfamiliar with it, and lets them use said method
    • This contributed to my failure
    • That’s pretty much me :/
    • Try it on acid in front of the whole class. Did it!
    • Imagine taking a theory class and complaining about being tested over the theory.
    • Anyone remember guess and check tables? Fuck that shit took eay too god damn long
    • I had a teacher that almost forced you to choose your own method and she got serious backlash from the students about it
    • If only these were funny
    • Who else think they oofed themselves on the sat
    • Maff yo
    • My geometry teacher didnt give a damn
      Nergith 15d
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