• When you‘re at a house party and your friends finds you upstairs playing Lego Star Wars
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    • Nah you play with lego bionicles and steal one of the houses bionicle swords
      GamerKid69 6 dec
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    • friley08 6 dec
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    • Merasmus 6 dec
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    • Whoever knew that a video game like LEGO Star Wars, based off a toy brand, could be so successful.
      MonsterOck 7 dec
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    • General reposti, I see you have left the Reddit system
      mmmmestus 6 dec
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    • I walked into my dorm room yesterday and my roommate was playing Lego star wars. This story has no point other than to say I respect that man a lot more now
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    • content not available more
      wickedmad 7 dec
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    • Bro I'm deadass on a quest to 100% Lego Indiana Jones 2 because it was my childhood and I want to honor it
      BeatsByNAV 6 dec
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    • Are you kidding me? You know damn well all of my drunk friends are up there with me fucking around with the custom characters
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    • That’s a kickass college party idea! Just a old school game fest, set up a huge ass TV and play shit like LEGO Star Wars and Smash Melee and all the shit we’d play as kids. No Fortnite or shit from today, just the oldies
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    • I don't drink, I only do death sticks
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    • The LEGO games were lit before they made them talk
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    • Hey Lego star wars sets were the shit.
      Blankyblue 6 dec
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    • lego star wars is honestly one of the best games ever made
      whitman__a 6 dec
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    • Lego star wars>house parties
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    • Wanna buy some deathsticks?
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    • I've always been the type to play with the youngest sibling at the stuffy adult get togethers. They really know how to throw down with legos and tea parties.
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    • you act like im not going to play it with him because youre wrong i fucking love lego star wars
      Lunar 6 dec
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    • Lego star wars complete saga is this best lego game you can't change my mind
      Ya_Iike_jazz 12 dec
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    • I’m liking these Star Wars memes
      blechajah 8 dec
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    • Thats quality
      Alikaboi2 8 dec
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    • FIND**********
      CSGO_HVH 7 dec
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    • Bold of you to assume I have friends
      GeoStPeo 7 dec
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    • Goes back to his drinks oder 66 business
      smile 1
    • I think iFunny is run by a bunch of horny nerds, all you see is porn memes and references to nerd movies, this isn’t me hating, I’m just putting this out there.
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    • The man in the background is the same guy that plays c3po
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    • Lego star wars is the best game.thats why it's double backwards compatible.
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    • Lol I'm watching this right now actually
      G04T 7 dec
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    • Bruh what if somehow LEGO Star Wars the complete saga went online and people could do the missions/fight each other
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    • Friends finds
      bk_360 6 dec
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    • KOTOR is better
      smile 1 1
    • Friends finds???
      YazziMu 6 dec
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    • i wish i had a gf to play lego star wars with
      BANDlT 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Ah yes a fine quality meme
      Corynthius 6 dec
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    • idiot 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Anakin the type of nigga to finish basic training and ask civilians to thank him for his service while he walks around the mall in his uniform
      smile 2
    • 10 bucks this guy doesn’t like sand
      smile 1
    • Two prequelmemes on ifunny features in a row? I love democracy.
      smile 1
    • Fuck that, player 2 has joined
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    • Your friends find you*
      B_Wayne 6 dec
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    • No furries allowed to see last video on my page. Blocked them all
      donofmemes 6 dec
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    • I'm 20, and I found my friend doing this. I joined him. Thise games are still pretty fun.
      archer08 6 dec
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    • Only real Jedi’s get the kitty
      smile 1
    • Actually me, haha
      vortexomir 6 dec
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    • Day 35 of asking Charlie to put LEGO Star Wars the complete saga on the moist meter
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    • If you’re reading this comment please wake up. You’ve been in a coma for over 15 years and we hope our new methods work. Please, your family misses you
      ISSpaniel 6 dec
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    • This is way too true
      smile 1
    • That game is fun af
      smile 1
    • This is not the rape room your looking for
      jamez1 6 dec
      smile 1
    • no im going to play lego star wars with my nigga
      Lunar 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Data 6 dec
      smile 1
    • fuck that im going to join in on that good shit
      Lunar 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Data 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Iuve 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Wanna buy some death sticks?
      smile 1
    • Lego Star Wars the complete saga
      OneCoolLad 7 dec
    • Ya wanna buy some death sticksssssssss?
    • What they didn’t know at the time is that the real party was there all along
    • Friends find*
      Kozue 6 dec
      smile 1
    • What’s worse killing children or falling in love with your sister
      smile 1 8
    • Oh lawdy
      Vosy 6 dec
      smile 1
    • Jelloston 6 dec
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    • content not available more
      Montana__med 11 dec
    • *cousins
      _Zapata_ 7 dec
    • Ok libtard
      Messi 7 dec
    • Day 52 of asking Charlie to put LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga on The moist meter
    • chili15 6 dec
    • Stop.
    • Bruh.
    • I could say this to anything
    • That would be me
    • Honestly me
    • Subscribe to pewdiepie
      Estoc 8 dec
    • Classic
      Ner0Zer0 7 dec
    • Anthony Daniels :the man who is C3PO himself is in the back
      maylin 7 dec
    • Pretty bold of you to assume i'd have any friends
    • LEGO Star Wars is honestly the best Star Wars game
    • content not available more
    • One friend or multiple? Like, fuck man get your spelling errors correct at least
      Euph 6 dec
    • Accurate
    • Guys, I want to know exactly what the problem is with the attack of the clones, people always say it sucks but never say why, so what is your reason to hate it?
    • friends finds
      riddumb 6 dec
    • Who are you?
    • ............
      x___O 6 dec
    • Hells Club
    • I literally watched this yesterday
      Checkout 6 dec
    • Actually has happened to me
    • Steal the heads
      Details 6 dec
    • True Jedi business*
    • I remember the music being really gr8
      baojc 6 dec
    • I’ve been playing that shit since i was in elementary school...it’s better than fortnite
      Anakin_S 6 dec
    • I literally just completed it like 10 minutes ago
    • Bold of you to assume I have friends or that I’d ever get invited to a party
    • “Friends finds”?
      BigDangle 6 dec
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