• When you leave her place after two hours of only kissing.
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    • Explosivo
      My Bf is coming over tomorrow, do guys like surprise blowjobs?
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    • TheJokeEngineer
      I had never dated before until 2018 (I’m 19 going on 20) and I’ll never forget the first time we made out for like 2.5 hours and I’m not gonna lie, if we could do it for 12 hours but it would never escalate, I’d still take it
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    • TrueAmerican23
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    • HanBurger
      Men have no control over pre. It's your body's reaction to prolonged touch and stimulus, and it tries to prepare you for sex. It's not real cum, it's your body's free lube. You should never be embarrassed by it.
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    • ne_hoy_minoy_hoy
      Anyone else ever get so horny that their hips just move almost entirely on their own?
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    • Joshfish6
      Anytime I think about having a relationship ( knowing I'll never have one), I always see me and some girl sitting on a couch in an apartment, watching some movie, cuddled under a blanket, and there is a low coffee table in front of us that is covered in snacks. That's all I want😥
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    • RizzTheWitch
      Bro if you let kissing happen for two full hours and you don’t try to grab a titty, you doin it wrong
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    • LazySailor55
      Ever cum so hard your balls hurt for like 30 min
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    • robolag98
      I am so relieved I’m not the only guy. I thought I had a problem 😂.
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    • TheJokeEngineer
      This has seriously gotten out of hand, I wasn’t expecting so many people to reply. Thanks for taking my top comment cherry tho
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    • _Phil_Swift_
      i just got my first bj yesterday. Can i get some support😎
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    • Nahl
      Fuck man, I don't even have a girl. I'd take two hours of kissing with pride man. Bout to have the slickest jack session when I get home
      Nahl 20d
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    • Alex_95B
      Bruh I felt this DEEP DEEP down. RIP, all those weekends... 😢
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    • 2018larsoni
      It’s basically a systems check, you get that clear liquid because your body is getting your dick and balls ready for action, that clear liquid removes anything harmful left by urine.
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    • VolarKeito
      Me and my bf cuddle and kiss for like 10mins and then when i try to give him head he's wetter than Niagara falls. Good to know it's not only him.
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    • froggonmines
      This can also be when shes smokin hot and u cuddle for an hr, with the occasional tit touch lol
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    • Cheddarman777
      I’d be fine with just kissing all I want is love anyways
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    • Sea_Of_Darkness
      I'd say it happens to girls about as much though
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    • SoundsAboutRight
      "I'm gonna fucking pre" -Barack Obama
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    • SmokierAlloy035
      Is that supposed to be her dick or yours
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    • Dylicous
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    • BuckshotJones
      Me after a cuddle sesh
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    • osrs
      precum gang
      osrs 19d
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    • PeridotShewolf14
      I'm bad about giving my boy blue balls, we will kiss and wrestle back and forth for an hour. I get tired and he just cuddles me, bless his heart 😆 dont worry he gets good head
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    • PhilosophicalParadox
      Not even a boy but I can relate a little. Then you gotta go home and find something to do with all the pent up sexual energy
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    • hodido
      I once walked in on a Muslim girl with her hair down and it was basically sex for her
      hodido 19d
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    • FraternalNut
      Then your underwear sticks to your 🅱️enis
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    • BeyondSolace
      My ex use to tease me a lot and get me horny just to leave me hanging. I'd get fuckin livid, like she had no respect. I've even make her orgasm just from head, but she wouldnt return the favor. Biggest tease I've ever had. I broke up with her cause that shit was too sadistic for me.
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    • Jayrawdog
      Anybody here ever had blue balls?
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    • hadff
      This reminds me of my ex. I'd kiss her titties and shit but never had sex. Overall, the relationship amounted to nothing and I earned zilch from it. Oh well, there are many more opportunities to suffice
      hadff 20d
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    • Sprunge
      The worst is when you make out for like 2 hours in a movie theatre then you have to go take a piss with a stiffy
      Sprunge 20d
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    • reversebjcowboy
      That's when your best good homie swoops in.
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    • Kacydilla
      The same thing happens to girls
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    • MrToby
      Pre .. ....my boxers get like that all the time lol
      MrToby 19d
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    • RileySmiley08
      This for me is really true and I thought I had a problem or sum, now will this happen with every kiss or is it like a special detector to see if they a keeper for ur dick
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    • LordDickTickle
      I'm not the only one then, wow
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    • RazeHaze
      When you both lose your virginity last night but when she brags to her friend they screenshot the conversation and send it to her mom, who comes and takes her and has most likely abused her by this point. God I’m worried about her, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m so sorry Zoe.
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    • coolestbeaninthecan
      Making out is fun though
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    • bombfacter
      Imagine having a girlfriend or even a girl who likes and/or cares about you. What a feeling it probably is
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    • MeMe__BaBy
      When me and my bf first started dating we were just hugging for a few mins and he had precum all over his pants
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    • NecroAngel
      I did that to my poor husband ( then boyfriend) when we first started going out. Let's just say we were both dripping.🤣
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    • AlexG650
      It is hella hot when a guy has a lot of precum after making out. Hes ready to split my cheeks
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    • Steampunk1
      As a male with a penis, can confirm
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    • _Prison_Mike_
      And now I miss my ex... cool
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    • R0ast_Miser
      Major blue balls
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    • speedlacer0056
      Why is this so accurate
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    • angryloli
      y’all I got fucked for the first time last night
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    • thememethatknowsbest
      I remember my first time getting blue balls... good times
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    • ziggo
      The most true thing I've ever seen
      ziggo 19d
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    • shitbrick0513
      First time I got a bj it was a surprise. My ex yanked my dick out of my shorts when I was half asleep and went to succ and used her teeth.
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    • butt
      I’ve been dating my girl for like almost 2 months and it’s been the best times of my life
      butt 20d
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    • geezer69
      My gf calls me and says her mom is not home. Haul ass over and get each other worked up and the mom shows up.
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    • Nebulous
      No Nut 2019 gang let's go
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    • ifti91901
      God that's a very bad feeling
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    • TheWheezePipeCo
      When you've been watching porn for 2 hours buy can't find the perfect moment to fap.
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    • 88johnnyboy
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    • StrangestQuestions
      This is the kind of comment section you go searching for thots in.
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    • AbstractRobot
      If you make advances while kissing and she stops you. Stop making out. Don't be salty, just be cool about, maybe even tease a little while pulling away. Eventually she'll attack you for even trying to pull away when she's trying to make out and you use that passion against her.
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    • CDay007
      Meaningful cuddling & kissing >>>> premarital sex
      CDay007 20d
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    • Raccoon_Gang
      I like to nut in my own mouth. It's kinda hot to me, I think it tastes ok, and I want to be able to swallow if i need to, so it's good practice. But it kinda gets stuck in my throat and it makes it a bit difficult to get it all down
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    • painfully_average
      Blue balls are physically painful and harmful
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    • Top_10_Music
      Honestly better than sex sometimes
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    • deathw1sh
      on god
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    • SenorObama
      Ive never kissed a girl but i feel this
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    • MrArcanine
      It's funny how many chicks think that blue balls is just a made up term guys use to get laid
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    • Poprockcock
      Too bad I’ll die alone so I can’t relate to this
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    • JakXCombatRacer
      I hate precum
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    • ililliliii
      After doing all the saucy stuff you kinda stop cumming over things like making out unfortunately. I remember the days where a hand job was insane to get
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    • Spiderman4
      I have been single my whole life therefore I do not understand
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    • Czek
      Precum central
      Czek 20d
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    • Daveee
      Wow I thought I was the only one
      Daveee 20d
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    • N_i_g_w_a_r_d
      Great, this feature sparked a bunch of horny 8 year olds
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    • SphynxF
      I fucking hate precum. Shit leaks out the tip when im horny asf
      SphynxF 20d
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    • Jenruax
      That’s why good girls give see you later head
      Jenruax 20d
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    • mylife59
      O yeah the ol dripping dick
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    • JohnnyLongWood
      ah to be in High school....
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    • Xiggles
      Fuck you guys at least your kissing something
      Xiggles 20d
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    • Black
      That pre nut be strong as a mf
      Black 20d
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    • KneeSterJ
      yes it still counts as necrophilia
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    • KarmaIsABirch
      I hate family reunions
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    • Horror
      iPresident I still be like this when we make out smh
      Horror 13d
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    • T850
      Anyone else here 16 and still seeking their first kiss? Yes I know I’m a loser.
      T850 18d
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    • JustAnotherIdiot
      Had my first kiss like 2 months ago. She broke up with me a month later. I was out here tryna make it work and she was like nah bye and I had too much shit going on to actually deal with the end of it
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    • ifroake
      I've had sex in an abandoned building. A fuxking library. My sisters room. An open field. I'm a bad person
      ifroake 19d
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    • Official_Repubber
      I thought I was like the only one, now I feel reassured lmao
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    • TrevortheHamster
      UHU glue is literally the worst glue ever.
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    • MissSwan
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    • FlackAFlackA
      Kick her out after 30 minutes. I dont play that tease shit
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    • D3RCM3RRT3R
      This is painful to look at
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    • Box04Chicken
      I miss her so much....
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    • GodImCold
      Honestly I had a Catholic ex-girlfriend, who was opposed to literally everything except kissing for long periods of time. I never even saw her without a shirt. Bluest Balls I’ve ever had...
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    • hypnotime85
      Then your dick gets stuck to your underwear
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