• when you had opportunities to cheat but stayed faithful and then they cheat on you

    • Jimmy_Neutron
      Don’t do it! Your dog will never why you left!
    • BlocBoyJB
      men don’t cheat
    • Sosiges
      Just don’t cheat, doesn’t matter if others do it, that shit is so fucking dishonourable it’s sad that people just joke about it in this way, as if “I shoulda just cheated”. Be better
    • Zanezy
      If you cheat, male or female, you are human trash that don’t deserve a relationship
      Zanezy 7d
    • WhaleMelons
    • broken_college_student
      Cheating is the grossest thing you can do in a relationship and both my girlfriends agree
    • GrinningFeline
      Is cheating really this common? Scary shit.
    • Archaios
      Getting cheated on fucking blows especially when they don’t admit even though you know they did. Fuck you Lauren
    • Affiance
      Why is it that no one pays attention to you when you’re single but as soon as you find someone you got several people you barely even know tryna suck your dick? Like wtf is going on?
    • SomethingPR
      You’re not supposed to cheat no matter what, staying faithful doesn’t make you special, it’s the minimum you should do
    • Arsevere
      Don't feel bad for being loyal
    • Slexify
      girls cheat WAAAAY more then guys
    • man_of_england
      Yeah but at least you can live with yourself knowing you're not a lying piece of shit.
    • iLoveMicrowaves
      Girls cheat more than men
    • HeyItzRosie
      Why is it so hard for people to stay faithful? If you don’t love the person, leave them.
    • Akihiko_Kayaba
      This isn't just speaking to me. This is yelling at me. Bitch can stay gone.
    • yourmominabikini
      Not cheating on your GF or bf is the reward, even if they did cheat on you it's them who are wrong, not you, don't cheat mofos
    • TheAnonymou5e
      Cheaters are subhuman and deserve to be ostracized and publicly shamed
    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      I’d rather be honorable then get laid any day
    • ifroake
      Then live on. Expose her hoe ass online. Tell her family so they look down on her. Expose her secrets. The. Go on with your life. No joke.
    • LegalLarry
      Why would you kill yourself? Just kill her.
    • xemantheory
      If you look at it as an oppurtunoty to cheat and satisfy yourself more, you dont deserve to live
    • ChristmasHYPEBEAST
      It's worse when they cheat and then you break uo and then they get mad at you for fucking a tonne of hoes. Bi polar bitches be fucked.
    • Mr0range
      This isn’t funny, just truthful and depressing.
    • no_no_username
      I remember reading about this study (can't remember what it's called sadly) and women are much, much more likely to cheat than men are. Men also feel a lot guiltier and end up confessing, whereas women don't own up to it.
    • dragonnuts0
      Ya but she will put up a fight unless you can get some friends to help hoist her up who can keep their mouths shut
    • AndAgain
      Naw she may have but be proud of the fact that you were stronger than that slut ass bitch whore piece of shit cunt fucker.
    • lamelion
      So? You should be happy that you did the right thing. You have no reason to hate yourself. And someone who cheats on you is a very bad thing, but there is some good that can come out of it. At least you know not to marry them. Also, you’re no longer wasting your time with them.
    • Da_funniez
      Just happened to me. My gf of 2 years fucked me over and left
    • ValkryieCamGirl
      Trash president
    • Vergessen
      This suck because this happened to me multiple times. People aren't loyal at all
    • HKS_302
      Can't relate cuz "I walk a lonely road"
    • n1ck8n
      Why are humans fucking retards that follow an outdated primal instinct while they know they're gonna fucking demolish the heart of someone that cares about them and has dedicated themselves to them.
      n1ck8n 8d
    • Ouran_High_School
      This gave me major feels
    • Galgenwald
      ISIS got one thing right. Death to adulterers!
    • itzelda
      It's called being the better person
    • BcWhyNot
      Same. Except I would never cheat. But I’m great at getting cheated on
    • dead1ns1de
      Fuck dude, this hit way close to home
    • MajinPrince
      My ex cheated on me and now she’s all sad and depressed I left her. I just said oh well should of never sucked on that niggas dick
    • AssandLiberty
      Women suck man. Im not advocating for sexism or saying that i give up but they just seem to fuck with mens brains even though they may not think they do. Just fucking overemotional and people pleasers. Fucking sucks.
    • fuckmaster_0007
      Cheating is disgusting in every way, shape or form. I don't care what the "reasoning" behind it is
    • iNotThatFunny24
      Real men don’t cheat
    • eZaLb
      Men and women don’t cheat, fuck boys and thots do
      eZaLb 7d
    • DaddyShep
      That's when you take as much information of them as you can of them cheating. Post it all on a dummy facebook or Instagram account and tag them. That way itll never go away
    • thecatfish
      If they cheat on you for being a genuine person don’t beat yourself over it. It wasn’t your fault. You’ll find someone who will wholeheartedly appreciate you
    • ohiorawr
      Oh fuck you for digging up those memories
    • Little_Donkey_Toes
      Just don't date or marry thots. You can't turn a hoe into a housewife
    • clack
      We did an activity in my class a couple days ago and it was like, this corner means u agree, this corner means u disagree, and this corner means your not sure. The question that was on the board was "it is never ok to commit adultery", and i stg most of the kids went to the disagree or the not sure
      clack 8d
    • TheNewFrazzack
      My last two relationships I was cheated on, now I’ve stopped looking to get with someone, I’m just gonna wait until I can find a girl worth my time who won’t play games
    • Schmitty_Monster
      That’s why we need to learn how to live by ourselves, I don’t get why people put themselves in a situation that makes this a possibility
    • Bruinsfan96
      If you cheat you deserve death
    • road_kill_ass
      If you cheat you're a piece of shit, end of story.
    • GeassAye
      Cant cheat if ur forever single
    • Youraverageacount
      But that would require two people to be interested in me
    • potitotot
      The second you are cheated on don’t take it so harshly. Consider yourself free of their evil ways and move on to someone who will stay loyal to you.
    • IonyWinter
      I don’t get it. If you want to cheat, why even bother being in a relationship at all? Why not just single and fuck who you want?
    • MrNiceGuyPerk
      Isn’t that the former president of Mexico
    • pimpdaddy360alltheway
      This hits so close to home . My ex cheated on me since day 1 and I treated that hoe like a queen
    • Slurmp_McDragonheart
      Lol I was faithful to my dude for our whole 2 years and I found out recently he'd been cheating on me the whole time with another girl... Like fuck me I guess
    • Markly
      better to be single and thankful you didn’t than living every day in guilt knowing you did
      Markly 8d
    • Offensive_Canada
      People who cheat are scum. You also are scum if you refer to cheating as an opportunity
    • Ohzen
      I honestly dont know how people can cheat and not feel the moral implications of it. The prevalence of cheating on modern society is fucked
      Ohzen 8d
    • lethaljojo
      That happened to me but I stand by what I did even though she cheated 3 or 4 times and broke my heart. She might be a shit person but at least I’m not.
    • Hootis
      It’s sad that the words cheat and relationships are related
      Hootis 8d
    • CyanidePrince
      If a man cheats it's probably just for variety. If a woman cheats chances are she's already left the relationship on an emotional level
    • cripplingdepressioned
      Better to be loyal then a betrayer
    • OldSackishYit
      I get that humans aren't biologically for monogamy, but have the fucking decency not to cheat.
    • miked10th
      I am actually going through this right now. I was married for almost 8 years to my high school sweetheart. Two beautiful amazing daughters and a lifetime of memories. All over cause she wanted some dude she knew when she was a kid.
    • Neobot
      If you cheat, you deserve to be hung at the neck in front of your family and the public. #Bringbackthegallows
      Neobot 8d
    • angryjacks
      You could always try to shove the guy she’s been cheating on you with into a suitcase
    • allyouknow
      This is how my most recent relationship ended
    • ApertureJeff
      That’s the price you must be ready to pay for being a moral person...you’ll continue to do good things even when the world spits on you for doing it, but don’t confuse this for being politically correct, those people are delusional.
    • LobsterMobster
      Good for you. That relationship was doomed then but you left with the moral high ground
    • BubbaLongLeg
      Cheaters are fucking horrible, stay loyal
    • Mythic_XII
      Too real.... literally just went through that..... cept I don't approve of suicide so here my bltch ass is.... on iFunny.
    • autumnmariedavis
      That literally happened to me
    • CarbonBasedLifeForm
      Don't do it! You won't be able to piss on your enemies graves!!! Flourish!!
    • Photose
      My ex girlfriend of 3.5 years cheated on me for the last 4/5 months. All I ever was was loyal to her, and gave her everything. But she was upset we “got boring”; in reality, it’s just the fact that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. I never lost an ounce of love for her; she thought different
    • fern1
      I love how this is the old Mexican president that made Mexico’s economy 10x worse than it already was
      fern1 6d
    • BigFatShibab
      The fact people consider opportunities...
    • islamicbrothehood
      Guys I have no other social media and no friends, like this comment and say nice things in the replies pls
    • umeduna39
      Ha Mexican trump
    • celcisue
      I love it a ex of like two years told me she cheated on me with two guys yet my biggest child hood crush was dtf and I turned her down due to loyalty for my ex (gf at the time)
    • ChubbyBrother4
      Yeah, hang the bitch
    • Asstek
      nah, then you can feel good about yourself when you drop that fuck like a bad habit, harshly denying all of their pleas to crawl back to you in good humor. it’s fun to be mad if it’s justified
      Asstek 7d
    • authentic_shaggy
      Shid this hittin hard rn
      Put her in the noose not you man
    • dunmiff
      i just found out recently that my ex of 4 years cheated on me multiple times.
    • Ghostytoasty3
      Power move:make her man cheat with you
    • abbbaaa
      Fucking everybody has chances to cheat, only scum do it though
    • MemeMachineForFree
      All cheaters should get the death penalty
    • asura1212
      Today, old friend.
    • geezer69
      Met this gal and she moved in. Life was good, we fucked morning, noon, and night. The problem with that I was at work during the noon time fucking.
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