• When you get back with your ex and your friend who helped you through all the trauma finds out
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    • ImJohn_Wick
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    • Altarios
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    • Gidgetz
      If you get back to your ex after yo friends helped you and cared for you, you’re scum to this earth
      Gidgetz 17d
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    • 13246
      I don’t look at them ashamed, I just leave them be but the next time “they need a shoulder to cry on” it won’t be me
      13246 17d
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    • _delicious_
      When couples get back together, its not because of love, it's lust.
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    • SirenVenus773
      My ex can go back to that mercenary, blown out, leathery, withered up old scarecrow he chose over me because she has money. Good luck making that miserable sad sack happy, douche. May you wallow in the emptiness of your own greed by night and dread each dawn you share with that wretched harpy!
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    • Pride_The_Arrogant
      Remember kids: You make fun of an ex, you make fun of yourself. Your lapse in judgement got you with them in the first place.
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    • HelpMeGetFeatured
      Wendy....you’re a bitch. Token, 🖕🏾 right here buddy...
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    • CptDickhead
      Same here. I helped my buddy after his gf broke it off and said that he was her boy toy. Dumb fuck kept seeing her and bought her jewelry and a bong for CHRISTMAS knowing damn well it wasn't "just a gift". And the fact he hides it from his other best friend just shows he knew how fuckin ridiculous
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    • ArmenianRat
      If you get back with your abusive ex you're a retard and you deserve your close friends who told you not to do it leaving you
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    • America__
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    • lazerbeamzz
      Can we all agree that people are pretty much stupid
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    • E4_Mafia
      My friend did this shit and ended up marrying an emotionally abusive bitch. None of his old friends talk to him anymore because she won't let him do anything without her and nobody likes her.
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    • seamuschicken
      That's the worst, when your friend has this rough breakup then you help them through it and like the every next week they start dating again.
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    • GreyWardenboi
      Can’t be heart broken if I’ve never been in a relationship
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    • KidKarez
      The lesson is, dont get back with your ex
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      Me when I found out my homeboy got back with his girl after she did him dirty
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    • BlackDolphin224
      This has happened so many God damn times, I'm not gonna say any names or anything, but this one chick kept getting back with her ex. They got back together 5 times, first he cheated on her with a bunch of other girls, and then he was fucking engaged to someone else, because he was 18.
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    • Glucose
      The shit mad annoying though you be there like non stop helping and the fucker goes back to it being retarded
      Glucose 18d
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    • MilesOff
      Listen! My fucking BROTHER is hooked on this nasty corner hoe who keeps doin g heroin, stealing his shit, fucking other dudes, and a load of other shit. She’s literally evil and he always says he’s done. Love makes you stupid, but he’s actually autistic and fuck is hard to convince him to let her go
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    • ma5tergamerCaC
      Over a year and a half and I’m still so fucked up by the break up I have ptsd
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    • rockinrollr
      Ha jokes on you, my ex is a lesbian now
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    • rAt_MAn
      This happened 3 times with my friend. I was fucking furious for her each time
      rAt_MAn 17d
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    • HowlingDarkness
      I let go of my friend after she went back to her ex, got engaged to her ex, and was going to move in with her ex, and I found out about it by myself or through other people and she couldn’t tell me because she was “afraid of how I would react.”
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    • mixvision
      My pops help me through that trauma. Months later He caught me plowing her all over again he beat me and my mom so hard
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    • Theonetruegamer
      Even though I've broken up with my ex about seven to eight years ago I do still fantasize from time to time fucking her brains out
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    • AttackDoggo
      They 👏🏼 will 👏🏼 just 👏🏼 hurt 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 again 👏🏼
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    • m1ke2001
      rule number one: never do no old hoes
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    • seaweedbaby
      My friend did some shit like this, her bf would hit her so I would come by and stop him and I officially got her completely out of the situation and I thought things were going great and we met for dinner and she goes I have exciting news ! We're back together I just love him so much. Unbelievable.
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    • Sm0kiaxel
      I hate that shit man, countless nights of no sleep trying to help him out. Had to sneak out of my job a few times so he wouldnt do anything stupid and after 3 weeks of keeping him under control he gets back to the girl who cheated on him and almost killed him
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      I had a friend who broke up with her ex over some fk shit he did an she told me a lot an etc an now their dating again an he’s back to doing it an she came to me to complain an I’m like well you dated him again so you was ready for more fuck shit.
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    • xfamous_
      It's so infuriating to be the friend
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    • TideUltraStrong
      I went through the worst breakthrough last year. She didnt feel the same but we dated for 8 months and was afraid to say it because she was afraid to hurt me and when she did I had no idea she felt that way. It hurt so bad that still to this day i think of her and even have dreams about us together
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    • ChromosomeDeficiantWalrus
      if you are this person I swear to God all that fake ass "trauma" will in some mysterious ass divine way find itself in the spotlight of everyone single person you have ever met. you will make the right choices wether you like it or not MF JONATHAN
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    • oRadium
      oRadium 18d
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    • morsel
      It pissed me tf off when my friends did this shit.
      morsel 12d
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    • Asstek
      Asstek 12d
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    • Thebluesquid79
      My friend's boyfriend is really a fucking douche and treats her like shit, and I'm always trying to make her feel better when he breaks up with her time and time again but she always crawls back to him at the snap of his fingers and I hate to say it but I've given up on her
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    • Meednah
      Why the fuck is this a normal, regular thing? Do people not know that this shit is horrible and ruins lives?
      Meednah 17d
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    • Shamefull
      This literally happened to me a few weeks ago I started hooking up with my ex and my group of friends were feeling mixtures of resent and proudness towards me (depending on how much they helped me thru the breakup) but I stopped when she said she wanted to get back together cuz it was hella toxic
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    • That_One_Guylol
      Literally what my friend did, except it was my ex not his. Dick move
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    • AngryOryx
      Exactly what happened to my friend and his ex. It didn't last a month
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    • Badiou
      You deserve the trauma
      Badiou 18d
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    • _wallflower_
      What a dumbass
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    • pandabeater
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    • LeftistDemocrat
      Only comfort them once. If they get back together and have another break up don't even bother
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    • _Volunteer_
      10 likes and I’ll google Trump hentai
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    • Blurify
      Lmaoooo I remember I had a best friend that had a gf since 8th grade and during my 9th and 10th grade (I’m a Senior now) I would help him out and get him out of his depression. They have a kid now.
      Blurify 13d
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    • Super_fun_posts
      God I want my ex back. We’re best friends right now but I’m like not friend zoned either I wanna say. She just needs to see the better part of me because we broke because of bullshit people were feeding into our relationship and it just had to stop at least for a little
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    • MynameisactuallyArt
      Hollup lemme send this to him so he can call me a retard
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      Yeah back in high school like junior year my best friend broke up with his girl cuz she cheated on him and he cried like a baby for a week as we FaceTimed and I would stay up until 3am talking to him making sure he was ok and wouldn’t hurt himself or anything then the fucker gets back with her
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    • HisRoyalDudeness
      2 people in my friend group have each cheated on their partners. Saying the relationship is "toxic" etc. Just end the relationship then scumbag. Cheating will not solve anything. Not to mention one got back with his ex after they broke up and he cheated again.
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    • Samuels2137
      I'm that friend, I was so god damn pissed when I found out. Exactly same thing happened, too.
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    • RoastyToastyShitPostie
      If I ever got back with my ex I’d fucking commit forksocket
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    • Xytern
      She doesn't care about you. No matter how much you think of her you won't be crossing her mind unless she gets bored enough to lead you on again to then betray you once more
      Xytern 18d
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    • GirlsAndLaughs
      I had a friend who was dating this girl, proposed to her, and she gave him back the ring because her parents didn't want them together. It took a long ass time to talk him back to normal and his dumbass gets back together with her.
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    • RainbowSixSiegeUnofficial
      Been there, he’s a dumbass. It’s what he gets for not listening to me
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    • Thomasn
      Why is this so relatable
      Thomasn 18d
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    • ArcticTurtle2
      Buzz word of the month: trauma
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    • lapis_life
      Boi we ain't doing that shit again. He abused you, cheated on you, and you gonna crawl back to him after I spent countless nights helping you realize that and get over it? Oh hell no, you coming with me rn before he do anything else to hurt you
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    • jkro248
      I am that friend
      jkro248 13d
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    • CrystalMethamphetamemes
      Had a friend like this. I told him just don't come to me when it happens again. Because it's a waste of my time. It happened again and he said I was right. It was a really toxic relationship.
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    • A_Bundle_Of_Sticks
      Guys like that really are true homies
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    • RealBroseph
      Its pretty shitty when that happens
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    • Gillianv
      I hate when people do that
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    • Boardgames
      If two people break up for a non-personal reason, such as someone is living abroad for a year or someone just isn't ready for a relationship at the time, is it ok for them to get back together at a later point?
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    • Thatkpopgirl1
      I used to help my friend out all the time with her ex/boyfriend. Now that whore is fucking MY ex instead.
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    • memezrkool1
      My school is closed today and tomorrow cuz of snow haaa
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    • atomicCupcake
      People who go back and forth with someone like that just deep down enjoy the drama of it all. Like for them it's weird to have a calm and loving relationship. look at what was around them when they were kids and you'll see what they'll try to recreate in their own love life
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    • nobody2452
      I punched my friend right in the gut after she cheated on him and told him he was useless. 2 days later he is back with her. So I super man punched him on the gut for being a dumb bastard
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    • ClimateMemes
      The only friend I had when my ex broke up with me was my ex's best friend.
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    • MrSalammander
      I've been the friend who finds out too many fucking times
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    • That_Lad
      The friend suffers the most
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    • Rose_Dawson
      Yup... I was pissed. Because they are disgusting together and always fight, there is no trust at all & she’s literally psycho and they broke up because SHE CHEATED ON HIM. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ugh.
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    • BrianaMorganok
      This reminds me of an episode of friends
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    • Bacco
      When you corner the child sex slave in your basement
      Bacco 18d
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    • SirArtoriasOfTheAbyss
      HOLY FUCK I’d be fuckin PISSED
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    • ginger528
      Imagine being such a virgin that you post anime porn on a comedy app
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    • _OHaylee_
      I finally got featured fuck yeah🥴
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    • oRadium
      oRadium 18d
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    • xxxmalfunction
      Im bouta clap so nigga
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    • savageontheblock
      I do miss her but we cant be together
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    • fourtyclown115
      Nah my friend who helped me get through the trama is with my ex.
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    • Wetmouth
      It's hard being a horney bastard. I fell in love with a girl at a rave. something I haven't ever really felt with my girlfriend but I have a baby on the way so time to be a good boy
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    • adronn
      Saving this to send to that friend if we ever do get back together
      adronn 15d
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    • wellifuck
      My friend never could stay out of her even though she cheated a lot
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    • danodanster
      Can't relate 😥
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    • Paraxenos
      You're scum if you do this
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    • SwissMissInstantPiss
      Oh boy another feature about people with imaginary "trauma" that they post on Facebook about for attention
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    • DannyAndArnold
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    • YungToasterOven
      If I got back with my ex rn then that would make the friend that helped me through the trauma her ex
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    • MoodyBlue
      I've been that friend lmao
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    • Infinitesimal_
      People who get back with their ex’s after a bad breakup are mentally deficient
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    • EvilEmoji
      I'm always that friend
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