• ovenmitt
      Yes suicide hehe
      ovenmitt a month
    • RIPgoodmemes
      just die lol
      RIPgoodmemes a month
    • StrangeJackal
      Ik it's a meme but
    • mtino23
      You ever look back at all the times you thought about committing suicide and be like damn how am I still in this bitch
      mtino23 24d
    • CruSadist
      All jokes aside, if you're considering suicide please dont do it
    • lambchvps
      I remember reading a discussion about how suicidal teenagers struggle as adults because they never expected to get any further in life, and thus had no expectations or plans
    • bacontits409
      That’s not something to joke about bitch, my brother failed a chemistry test last year
    • rainbowpee
      This isn't a meme I feel as though it's a secret cry for help
    • barstool_sports
      I actually found a guy who hung himself at a park while I was working with a buddy, I was 18 and I had to cut him down and tried to perform CPR on him but it was too late, it was one of the most life changing things, it made me much more compassionate to people who have mental illnesses
    • MickyTheBanana
      This isnt funny. To anyone who is depressed or is thinking of committing suicide please get help. Think about your loved ones. Suicide doesnt fix your issues, it prevents things from getting better!
    • LordMaIak
      Aye, ik this is a meme but if you're thinking about doing it don't. 70% of suicide survivors regret trying.
    • Spartan0C136
      I laugh at these jokes like you but we all know that it's makin some nibbas sad hours more real.
    • MadSnailDisease
      Fuck suicide. Just acknowledge that the world wants you to lose, and say “hey, fuck you, I’m gonna be happy no matter what.” And when things go bad, remember that you are less than nothing in the grand scheme, and that every consequence is fleeting
    • LurRulerOfOmicron
      I’m one ripped garbage bag away from ending it all
    • Ethan21329
      When this might be a silent cry for help
    • ItsStillPasta
      Suicide is selfish. One of the biggest reasons I haven't offed myself is because I wouldn't want to do that to my family. Also I fear what may come after death and I dont want to miss out on good games and movies in the future.
      ItsStillPasta a month
    • dietczilla
      It really be like that.
    • TheSpoi
      90% of everyone here has that as their backup plan
      TheSpoi 25d
    • Exotics
      Exotics 25d
    • memeeessss
      Literally 3 people in my school all died last week in the same week, 2 were suicides and 1 was a heart attack (special needs kid) it’s really sad
    • BuscemiGang
      People who say this mostly never commit suicide and just end up fucking their grade over. I know cause i was one of those fools.
    • JJBA
      This was literally my mindset when I was in high school and let me tell you I never went through with it and it completely fucked me over as an adult. Please don't be like this and actually do as well as you can even if you think you're just gonna kill yourself
      JJBA 25d
    • Komandr
      Do it at finals week so those grades don’t count for other students
      Komandr 25d
    • bri_chan
      Funny, but really guys, don’t do it, know that you’re loved, Merry Christmas :)
    • ixiroyixi
      I'm 27 years old and it's just me and my dog and my dog is the only reason I dont kill myself
      ixiroyixi a month
    • DavidlL
      I enjoy jokes but fr if you have depression get help don't feckin expect help to come to you !!!! Speaking from experience
      DavidlL 24d
    • HOONIGAN_S197
      All of these suicide jokes arent funny anymore, theyre just annoying
    • thatoneguy068
      Suicide of not a joke, it's the goal
    • katie0831
      Mmm not around the holidays.... people are lonely and much sadder so let’s promote happiness and love thanks
    • InkyBoye
      I literally got an F on finals and still have a B as the final grade for that class
    • Take_A_Dank_Drank
      But your mom would be sad
    • thinderkino
      Legit I know exactly what this feels like
    • ToastyTortellini
      But mom would be sad
    • monello
      lol just stop being depressed and live lol 😜🤣😂
      monello 25d
    • iFuck
      I await the day that we all just snap and the government and media fucking freak out because of insane amounts of suicide
      iFuck a month
    • yodelerrr69
      Comedy has no boundaries, or shouldn't have boundaries more rather. To joke about things brings people together if they can keep their offended attitude at the door. Comedy can bring light onto things, especially such terrible things.
      yodelerrr69 a month
    • GotCHAPStick
      Of all the things IFunny jokes about, suicide is the only topic I never understood why it is made fun of. Suicide is fucked up and is never the answer, prayers go out to all who have been affected by suicide.
      GotCHAPStick a month
    • NickFerrum
      This was actually my mind set in high school, and because of that I never set myself for success and am 20 years old with absolutely no plan for my future, and I think of suicide regularly because of it, this isn’t a meme or a joke, I’m serious
    • Cresh_Bendicoot
      But your mom would be sad
    • dqpressed
      I wish there was a way to just die but still actually live like u were never born
    • LuxEtTenebris
      When you get 7K in debt for trying to make something of yourself but you remember you're going to kill yourself at age 25. 4 years to go
    • Sir_Slendo
      Tbh, this was me, then I kept procrastinating my suicide
    • Dutch_Plan_duur_Linde
      But mom will be sad
    • jgirl22315
      Please if your actually thinking about this please dont do it. Keep trying things will get better
    • TyrantIOddyssey
      It should never resort to suicide. I mean where the fuck are your priorities? Homicide comes first, than if you feel a sudden realization that you enjoyed that, go on a massacre, then, if you escape from the police, spend three years in hiding before finally blowing yourself up in a court house.
    • CocktimusPrime
      Suicide is for pussies.
    • Zaccalicious
      Dont commit suicide guys. Wait until you’re a 50 year old virgin
    • I_did_NAZI_that_CUMING
      It’s honestly super annoying dealing with these type of people, constantly complaining about their situation when they’ve done absolutely nothing in order to fix it “I have no purpose” oh so the world is supposed to hand you a silver platter of purpose, go out and do something about it
    • ToeNailGuy
      Oh i get it because suicide is funny. Lol ok conserberal.
    • totally_not_lurking
      Seriously guys, don't do it. It may seem like no one cares about you, but I promise you that isn't true. I know it's sappy, but it's also true: night is darkest before the dawn. It will get better.
    • Bokoblin_Nigga
      Half of you guys/gals are mixing up depression and sadness
    • stale_memes
      It’s ok to joke about suicide if you’re actually gonna do it
    • un1qu3u53rnam3
      Whenever I get too stressed I just remember that I can kill myself at any time and it actually helps
    • AlsomeStode
      I keep pushing my suicide deadline forward. Now I’ve graduated high school and I’m not sure when to do it. Oh well!
    • The_elder_smurf
      "I guess I'll just die"
    • MuscleHypertrophy
      Suicide is good it just means you don't have the balls to handle life
    • Woriez
      Real talk i was going to commit suicide yesterday but my friend stoped me. Bless his heart.
      Woriez a month
    • Rivenant
      For anyone honestly down in the dumps, just know that you mean something to somebody. Your passing would cause pain amongst those that love you. You belong in this world you just haven't found your place yet. Don't give up, push forward and stay strong we need you & want you. Merry Christmas.
      Rivenant a month
    • Bad_ass_Libertarian
      If you’re considering suicide, seek help. Find you care for and care for you.
    • PineappleOnPizzaDaddy
      OmG sElf DiAGnOseD dePPrEsion aNd SUiCiDe arE So FUNNY 🤪🤪🤪
    • BioHazard5705
      Just in case somebody needs help; One eight hundred, two seven three, eight two five five
    • Rainium
      And then you actually don’t so you’re still alive and you’re fucked for life
      Rainium 22d
    • lunarjam
      this actually used to be my plan because i’d fail my classes and wouldn’t try harder than i felt like it always thinking it doesn’t matter i’m going to kill myself anyway. end of the year comes i don’t go to the senior parties or graduation practice i stayed at home thinking about it how i would go
    • vaporwar
      I get annoyed when people romanticize suicide. It has caused many suicides it’s self. Look at 13 reasons why for example. Not that this post really does that too much
    • Mythic_XII
      Suicide the rest of your classm8s too
    • cronch_boi
      This is a cry for help
    • wasabiBiscuit
      I did that when I was a sophomore but ended up not and now my grades are fucked
    • ErikdaRed
      Now I don’t condone suicide, but if you’re going to anyway do it during an exam. Take the L to get everyone else that A
    • MemeEmpire
      Same, but finals still stressed me out (which is why I spent all my free time playing video games instead of studying)
    • spinninggalaxies
      that’s what I told myself and then failed at multiple suicide attempts. now i’m two years out of high school and more depressed than ever lol it doesn’t get better kids
    • chillz_out
      It like seriously this is the mentality that actually makes me less stressed out over unimportant shit
    • coneboy
      Same thought process but not suicide- banking on dying soon somehow
      coneboy 25d
    • whythedarnnot
      Lmao actually you’ll probably end up messing up then having loads of make up work+daily work.... like me freshman year... lol
    • Retardini_Tortellini
      Unless you’re a war vet who’s had friends die in front of you, and every waking moment is a nightmare, you’re a pussy if you kill yourself
    • JeffBoomhauerr
      Low key a cry for help
    • Korakqpwoei
      Seriously though anyone actually struggling it really does get better, I know you’ve heard that a thousand times but life does have a way of just working out naturally, you and your emotions and even personality can completely change through time, just give it a good long chance
    • CrownIessKing
      If I was still in high school, I would've probably killed myself before now
    • Ayame13
      I honest to god might kms before collage still haven’t wholly decided yet though :/
      Ayame13 25d
    • Rheabyn
      No joke that’s how I stay sane but then chicken out every year
      Rheabyn 25d
    • meymeyer
      Honestly, what’s up with these failing school memes. If you’re failing school, try to better yourself. I’m literally the dumbest person I know but I still get good grades just because I take notes and study before tests.That’s literally all the work I do. If I can do it, then you can do it too💫❤️💫
    • Woman
      Hey guys look at me I’m suicidal even though I have a house and basic necessities and every outlet of entertainment and my fingertips hahahahaha
      Woman 25d
    • _Jack_
      Seriously don't tho I'm here if you need someone to talk to
      _Jack_ 25d
    • NerevarResdayn
      Why do these high school kids think depression is quirky and cute.
    • parer
      Honestly this isn’t funny it’s kinda fucked up
      parer 25d
    • Smucksterrr
      I found this shit hilarious last week but when your buddy does it it fucking sucks. Like both top comments are fucked if you disagree suck my dick idfc
    • CowAbuser
      ay bro you good?
    • Drxfluffeeee
      Or come to terms with the fact that everyone has their own shit to deal with but they are strong enough to go on and not complain about it
    • ______hh
      Lmao SUICIDE
    • MrBoobers
      suicide is badass
    • Theyisdead
      Remember if someone dies during a final everyone passes take one for the team
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