• Loss_detector
      My mom is antivax and I just turned 15. This is a testament to how misunderstood vaccinations are and how you don’t die without them provided your dad sneaks you to the hospital in the middle of the night when you’re 1 year old. Yes her name is karen
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    • TheDevilAmongstUs
      People need to tell antivaxxers it’s not fair to spawn kill
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    • allhac
      The last one to fall Will never sacrifice their will Don't ever look back On the wind closing in The only attack Were their wings on the wind Oh the daydream begins And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah! And it's ours for the taking It's ours for the fight In the sweet, sweet, sweet victory,
      allhac 9d
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    • BunnyBond
      Sad story but I gotta share it anyways. My sister is anti vaxx and she recently had a child. His name was Jim and he was the cutest guy ever. He recently passed away from a strain of flu that flu shots prevent. My entire family hates my sister with a passion now, Jim was only 2
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    • CL0UDY
      How much does iFunny get paid to promote this? This shit has been going on since late November
      CL0UDY 9d
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    • Herobrine_
      Vaccine feature vaccine feature
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    • RoundBoy
      "Mmmm yes goy.... yes I plunge the baby with 60 useless needles goy...... hmmmm yesss..."
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    • TheKingin_yellow
      When your girlfriend is anti abortion, but it’s okay because she’s also anti-vaxx so it’ll just be a longer more expensive abortion
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    • SiltyLoam
      If you're a provaxxer who makes fun of anti vaxxers by saying the kids die and you support abortion then I'm coming for you. You better lock your windows tonight.
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    • Freedomvsfree
      When you ask pro vac people why they insist on open boarders and unvaccinated illegal aliens flooding our country. So shut the fuck up.
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    • TheBooperSnooper
      The last one to fall
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    • just_horny
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    • BigOlGoon
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    • NOtABot11i
      If you don’t give your kids the basic vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella) you should be charged with criminal negligence.
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    • Koala_T
      Koala_T 10d
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    • MNBoy0331
      Because post birth abortion isn't legal yet.
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    • poisonedpoet
      When you ask a pro abortion cunt why they dont just get their tubes tied, or have safe sex, and use birth control, or any other thing ro prevent pregnancy in the first place.....
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    • Geoffrey__
      This has gone on past any natural memes life span. Enough! I’m pro vax but it makes it seem like something fishy is going on
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    • Shredder
      Wow two horrendously annoying memes at once
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    • PotatoMashter
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    • King_ofHorror
      Anti-vax parents: ok, let's try this again, don't know what we are doing wrong, they all keep dying the same
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    • dankestkillermemestar
      The last one to fall
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    • copium
      I wonder why antivax gets crucified but abortion doesn’t
      copium 9d
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    • Scrubicle
      I have a friend with an anti-vax parent, every time he’s about to do something impressive he says “oh yeah? Well could a vaccinated kid do this?”
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    • susbribe
      Imagine being this unfunny
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    • skyguyisfly
      After birth abortions?
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    • cockdick
      Anti vax kids last as long as sweet victory did at the Super Bowl until polio goes sicko mode on them
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    • _The__Lizard__King_
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    • HeavensFallen
      It’s great when memes tie together so well
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    • Gennyy_
      ok this cracked me tf up wow.
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    • Quarrel
      Vaccinations should be legally mandated. I’m more than okay with these “health guru” soccer moms getting polio, tuberculosis, measles, etc. and dying as they are, but these kids who have no power over it don’t deserve to suffer because their parents are fucking mongoloids.
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    • DrObviousMD
      The last one to fallllll. To never sacrifice your will.
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    • Roob
      happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy and complacent happy
      Roob 9d
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    • TomLe
      My grandpa never had vaccines and he’s 92
      TomLe 9d
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    • Alekoensay
      Definitely sending this one to the band groupchat 😂
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    • Oneiroi
      Thank you, Ifunny, for my daily dose of government mandated anti-vax memes
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    • Dronom
      So true, don’t you just love jews and tap water alike?!
      Dronom 9d
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    • Chanceboostamonte
      The last one to faaaall
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    • SqFancySon
      Harper from bo2: Shut up, Clock in, and load up
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    • Assaultedplg
      I’m unvaccinated I’m 15 and healthy
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    • TheHistoryMemeCollective
      That and people that are for abortion
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    • RagDollX
      Then maybe stop popping out children?
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    • acrownamedjim
      100% of vaccinated people die
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    • SupernaturallyYours
      "The last one to faaaallll, will never sacrifice their will!"
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    • JonChristopher
      They say dress for the job that you want
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    • I_Got_What_You_Want
      The last one to fall
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    • canopener
      Man, fuck the NFL
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    • Ramm77
      This antivax meme is getting really old it’s lasting longer than the kids
      Ramm77 3d
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    • dropdabass
      2 memes for the price of 1?? The fuck is this christmas?
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    • Spade25
      I love anti vax and spongebob memes, but... This one is reaching.
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      Unpopular opinion: anti-vax memes are getting really old (please do not reply “unlike anti vax kids”)
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    • thats_wat_she_said
      The last one to fall!
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    • SavageTheUnicorn
      This is a quality fucking meme
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    • Cappy_Cutter
      The last one to fall!
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    • YesImACarGuy
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    • Rusalki
      Now that's what I call a Victory Royal.
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    • Shitnutz
      Wow never seen this before wow vaccines wow must get them for the government or else I’ll die!
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    • StPeter
      It's amazing how humanity survived extinction after the introduction of vaccines.
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    • BillOReilly
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    • Jacob_Brown
      I feel like this pertains more to Abortion
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    • VillageFool
      Vaccine feature.
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    • Bloc_Boi
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    • _DannyDoy_
      Rusty nails joined the chat
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    • Bills_Sabres
      Name of show???
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    • ViolentlyAutisticc
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    • mynameisyourname
      I can hear this vividly...
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    • _petsbud_
      If a child dies due to their caregiver not vaccinating them, shouldn’t they be prosecuted for manslaughter?
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    • BigMac69
      The last one to fall!!!
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    • CursedPirate
      Honestly, did you really expect the party that kills babies intentionally to somehow start caring about their baby's health several years later?
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    • willspanish
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    • HughJass1369
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    • Gamerdude666
      I heard that image.
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    • zxasy
      Best meme lol
      zxasy 9d
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    • eins_kuhler_typ
      I anti vaxx and I'm 17
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      Na life insurance claims is the reason
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    • ShyBoy96
      The last one to fall will never sacrifice their will
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    • HansZeTransmissionBroke
      Me when my r6s teammate asks why I tked him despite it being a 5v1
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    • Kozmo
      Vaccine Feature Vaccine Feature
      Kozmo 9d
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    • Moo_Snuckle
      And this is why polio is making a comeback
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    • Chamleo
      Vaccine feature
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    • BustedSilence
      Can we start getting something funny instead of two anti vax jokes every set of features
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    • mcdonaldscondoms
      Gotta love my daily dose of government mandated vaccine memes ! Thank you!
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    • Gswv_Sheriffmanatee
      Good Goys.... now get your 60 Extra super health injections
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