• I prefer to play capture the fag
      2.1K 65
    • Or you can be at least a little athletic
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    • I miss elementary and middle school. We would play that every other week . Now it's just boring af.
    • Why the fuck do we all have the same memories I'm starting to get pissed 😂
    • Yo this hit me in the soul a little
    • Basically it, same as combat dodgeball in ROTC. If I was last I used my super powers
    • I was the fuckin best at that game
    • some big nigga booked it and almost killed half the class when he tripped into the square jail
      Tewps 8d
    • This was the shit
    • This just looks like the naffy kids in class
    • Everybody had that weird nigga In there class that ran like that
    • PLEASE make this a meme
    • Switch he pictures....I read left to right
    • Convincing the other team you aren't the enemy and putting the flag in your pocket is the best way to win. Just walk back to the other side.
      dlasky 10d
      2 1
    • I’m crap offense but great defense. I’ve guarded flag zones for hours and I’m decent at catching people tryna dodge me
    • I knew I wouldn't make it back without being touched but I fuckin went anyway
    • Honestly, when you knew you weren't gonna make it back but still went and got them
    • When yard duty yells "Walk!"
    • When a runner sneaks to the jail to save you and you the magic phrase: “Jailbreak!”
    • I’m really fast so most time my team would create distractions while i was being an Olympic runner in the background with the other team’s flag
    • i shattered by right wrist playing capture the flag, and 2 1/2 weeks later i broke my left one doing the fortnite default dance... i was a dumbass.
    • My school was too poor to afford a PE teacher so they told the students we weren't allowed to have PE anymore because of our "behavior" just to cover their ass
    • Anyone everyplayed doctor dodgeball?
    • I would do this shit all the time like all but me and 1 kid would be jailed and I'm a big nigga so like I'd have to huff my ass down at light speed get everyone out and then be in jail myself cuz 1 life for like 6 was a good trade
    • kickball>>>>
    • Support Character
    • I was the fastest :') they never caught me
      Remedie 10d
    • Lol capture the flag in hs was fuckin fun not agile but im good at one thing running in a straight line and beta ass mofos would eat my dust lol
    • Never played it. Can someone explain it
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    • i just walked most the time the thought i was caught and just walking to jail
    • Never played it
      A5Van 10d
    • You guys can do that in elementary??
    • Idk how we all have literally had the same if not similar childhood experiences growing up.. it’s cool tho
    • For my eight grade field day we had a massive capture the flag against another class and I went into their side but stood still to make everyone think I was frozen yet I actually wasn't. When no one was looking I took the flag and got back to my side
    • And the one or 2 kids puppy guarding the mf jail or at the line waiting for you to run
    • If non of you idiots out there dont know what this image is from its from Get Out. i know u idiots are out there somewhere
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    • I can’t relate I was the fastest in my grade till highschool
    • I would always bail out the runners but almost never run myself
    • I take my drivers test tomorrow and I’m nervous as fuck...
    • Only good thing that ever happened to me in highschool
    • My strategy was usually this (it only works for new people). People see chubby me, not much of a threat. They’re focused on team. I’m close, about now is when somebody usually sees me. Bolt using all my energy. Get back. Collapse on ground. Die.
    • My sophomore year I needed an extracurricular but there was only one left wilhich was ultimate Frisbee and I was like ok whatever. I thought I would hate it because I was pretty overweight but everybody was supportive and I began to lose weight I got pretty for and got a scholarship it was the...
    • And u imagine the whole thing as u doing cool shit like back flips or the matrix or suddenly going really fast
    • We play capture the flag at my family reunion. There’s a creek that separates the whole area then there’s 3 bridges and we use the center one as jail
    • Little rally my chunky ass
      _Octane 10d
    • This hit me a little too hard
    • That was the best game
    • The power of some dead God runs through you. I have felt it.
    • I wish I could go back to those days
    • Ur a kid
    • JJBASIC 10d
    • That's when you pull out some ninja moves to get them all back
    • I was always a runner. Shit was fun
    • My fifth grade memories are coming back
    • Yup
    • One word: nostalgia
    • We never played capture the flag.
      BIOGEAR 10d
    • I prefer King of the Hill
    • I would sneak behind the dude gaurding the ball (flag) and take the ball from under his legs and that dude would stay there guarding nothing he never noticed until I was on the other side with the ball in my hands. Those were good ass days
    • Get out
    • I remember we did it around the outside of one of the connected buildings and I managed to sneak behind the other team and free everyone since I couldn’t run well.
      1 2
    • I remember playing CTF in elementary school one time. That one time, everybody on the other team was occupied by mine, so I basically just went to the edge of the gym and walked casually to the other team’s flag, took it, and walked back to my own flag without them noticing at all. We win 0-1.
    • Ever play CTF in the woods with like 30 on each side, all athletic, and manage to sneak past the entire other team, then free like 20 guys with one long line of high fives?
    • You were considered a god if you actually saved your team
      NiggIer 11d
    • Smear the queer
      iJewish 11d
      1 1
    • Bruv this is to understandable.
    • I never lost and no one could catch me. That's why I ran crosscountry
      2 1
    • How to become popular for 10 seconds
    • In my school we call it cops and robbers.
    • If we were playing kickball my Hispanic kicking abilities would kick in and help my team win or I would be total shit and kick worse then the girls
      sktlmst 11d
    • Go ham
    • Me and my friend one time clutched and saved my entire class.
    • i was a boss at this, fastest runner and would constantly get the flags. till i got fat
    • Fuck. We use to play capture the flag all the time in elementary school. WHY DIDNT WE PLAY THAT SHIT IN MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL, IT WOULDVE BEEN SO MUCH FUN WTF
    • Faking being in jail and someone tries to save you and blows the whole operation
    • played something like this in gym. Nine cones on each side. Of course I wasn't athletic so no one thought I was a threat. In a big group run I moved to the other side. Didn't realise I wasn't on there team. When everyone was focused on the other team I grabbed 4 cones and snuck them to my side. Win
    • Wait.... Jail??? I don't remember there being a jail
    • This but with dungeon dodgeball 👌🏻 I have a shit throw but man I was a great runner
    • oh fuck the memories
    • We played prison ball which was basically doge balls with war hostages
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    • If you are last every time, you prolly have anxiety
    • This is how I felt when I was the last person on the team
    • Then he goes YEET to the right
    • That moment separated the men from the boys
    • Good middle school times
    • Damn I miss going too school. Never thought I would say that
    • anyone remember how fun freeze tag was
    • I miss those games tbh
    • That was me
      KDY543 11d
    • It's true tho this game is how I figured out I was the fastest in my school
    • Sometimes I pull the acting like I'm tagged already and just walk slowly over there
    • We were playin in middle school one time and this one 8th grader on the other team turned around, and walked backwards all the way to our prison and freed everyone and then calmly walked back to his side and i was so impressed i didnt try to get him out
    • Ahh the good ol’ attack from two sides tactic
    • Why are these images not switched
    • We do it all the time in Sweden
    • We call it jailbreak
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