• Wait so are we allowed to pirate VHS tapes for now
      4.2K 145
    • People who ask for tc are just as bad as porn accounts
      1.6K 108
    • I’m telling you, the government has a car that runs on water man they just don’t want us to know because then we’d buy all the water. Then there would be nothing left to drink but beer and the government knows that beer will set us free!
      234 19
    • And not paying disabilities and fucking with social security. right, you can't shut down the government when people depend on the government like my brother whom has fought over seas for this country and has paid an ultimate price to not be compensated when a jerk off doesn't have money for a wall.
      31 4
    • Man, the government needs to get their shit together and Trump needs to stop acting like a fucking child
    • I don’t care about your political leanings, it’s blatant fact that Trump is to blame. Hate Democrat’s all you want but they aren’t feeding into this 5.6 billion dollar wall to save you all money on something we do not need. Wasn’t Mexico going to pay for it? Why do his supporters not care about lies
      Nintendo13 6 jan
      23 12
    • lol trump had the senate and the house and couldn’t get the wall cuz even his own party knows it’s dumb as shit. Now that the dems control the house, he for sure ain’t getting it
      19 19
    • Government: *is shutdown*...also government: *still operates the same way and nothing changes*
    • muppies 6 jan
    • Fuck the government, when you don’t show up for work, your lazy ass ain’t getting paid. When they don’t show up to serve the people who put them there, we still have to pay for their drivers, jets, undercover vacations, suits etc. Fuck. These. Bitch. Ass. Hoes.
      13 8
    • At least you guys get payed. We dont get a paycheck until they sign off because they are literally children in control. Loosing billions already as a nation. Trump is too stubborn and wants his 5 billion wall
      13 12
    • I’ve seen some confused ppl so to put it simply Trumps threatening the shutdown for months or even years if congress doesn’t add funding for the wall and might even declare a fucking NATIONAL EMERGENCY and force build it without the Congress about 2 days ago. This makes a lot of ppl work without pay
      TheRanger 6 jan
      12 14
    • Maybe if that dumbass Trump could get over his retarded wall, we could end the shutdown
      15 4
    • Trump: boi i am gonna do so much good shit for this country. Also trump: lmao 3 shutdowns in one year
      arganoth 6 jan
      15 48
    • Almost as stupid was when Trump said asbestos has never harmed a single person, but but hey be my guest, do the world a favor and breathe that shit in👌🏽👍🏽
      Topatoes 6 jan
      13 11
    • Black People: Fuck paying taxes! Also Black People: *relies on the government for baby food, housing, food stamps, etc*
      13 3
    • People liking trump at the get go was ok, but I feel like at this point if you still stand with trump, you’re just turning a blind eye to reality.
      15 42
    • This is all political tricks, trump knows that if he doesn’t get his wall most of his fantatic die hard fan base would go ballistic and that would mean political suicide so he’s just trying to front and look like he’s doing something productive even though it’s completely backfiring on him
      12 8
    • How did it go from the first president ever being a general to captain bone spurs throwing a tantrum. 6 year old at the store rolling on the floor until he gets what he wants.
      11 4
    • The woman reporter on tv during the press conference said Mr.Trump youre just going to tell government workers they dont get a check because of a wall? And Trump goes next question i was lmao. Hes hellbent on the wall
      scup247 6 jan
      11 1
    • I can finally remove that tag off my bed
    • Keep it shut down. Stop paying Congress
      GOBUXMSUX 6 jan
      10 3
    • When Republicans run all of Congress and Trump says Mexico will pay for the wall, but still shuts down the government. Whack
      11 6
    • Trump needs to stop being a child.
      roadEgg 6 jan
      17 39
    • when the government is shut down and thousands of people are out of paychecks, yet the senate is still being payed their $100k+ a year salaries
      8 1
    • Well we wouldn’t want any government leaders to not afford their vacations and fancy expensive materialistic things from our taxes that go to government subsidies...
    • Jeffy_SML 6 jan
    • Trump is a worthless piece of shit.
      CoachK1992 6 jan
      11 11
    • The US is trillions in debt. But when you’re in debt the IRS will garnish your wages.
      8 2
    • When you live off the government and still have a vote....wack
      Randus 6 jan
    • thanks trump for making us pay for the wall instead of Mexico that was really caring of you
      9 3
    • I can go to disneychannel,com without my parents permission now that the government is shutdown
      PuppyPage 6 jan
    • midgetZ 9 jan
      7 1
    • I’m so glad I became a cop. My pay isn’t effected by this bs because we are classified as essential
      Kyle737 6 jan
      8 5
    • Fuck it. The wall is basically useless. We should just place landmines instead
      404skin 6 jan
      8 6
    • It takes forever for the government to pay you but when you owe them they’re quick to get your money
    • Even more fucked that people aren't getting paid for their jobs but still have shit to pay for. This horseshit needs to end!
      7 4
    • The fucking government could collapse and they'd STILL find a way to tax us
    • Im one of the 800k people not getting paid during this shutdown...its a pain in the ass..
      10 17
    • BiggD240 6 jan
    • Literal taxation without representation...
      koby2221 7 jan
    • Can someone give the orange Cheeto a baby bottle so I can get my tax return please
    • Taxation is theft
      Bullet 6 jan
    • Thanks to whoever voted for this fool
      6 11
    • Taxation is theft
      9 1
    • I feel like it would be less expensive to just help Mexico out and make it a better country and would help the immigration issue
      9 23
    • Bruh 6 jan
    • My dad aint been getting paid for some time now fuck that stupid wall shit
      7 38
    • Funny how the government shuts down yet congress still gets paid and the cabinet is getting a raise
      6 1
    • They arent sending out refunds till the shutdown is over. FUCK!!!!
    • How does this government shutdown effect the common American? I know a some gov employees are basically on vacation and that number grows but how does it effect us?
      6 14
    • Bastards better not delay our returns if they have no problem taking from us.
      7 8
    • Wait what did this actually effect? Life seems to be going on like normal. It’s not like they ever work anyways. Every holiday taking off ass, close at 5 pm while everyone’s at work ass, motherfuckers.
      Eric972 6 jan
      6 10
    • When the government is "shutdown", but police still stop you from doing illegal things
    • If our government is too immature to come to a compromise then why are they still taking our money?
      _Sora__ 6 jan
      5 2
    • We aren't getting paid rn 😣 #MilitaryProblems
      5 3
    • Im suppose to be moving into a new fuckinh house but because of the shut down i cant. If the government doesnt open by the 15th i lose the house that i spent months trying to get. I have been pissed off for days.
      6 5
    • The wall is utter nonsense
      fishbol 6 jan
      5 22
    • 10 11
    • They can delay our tax returns and not pay people but sure are quick as fuck to take taxes from us.
      mccnb3am 6 jan
    • The thieves still get paid too
    • Lets think for a second here. During a shut down all non essential departments of government are shut down. Why do we have non-essential Departments of government?
      5 5
    • At the same time anyone paid by the government isn't getting paid
      6 11
    • Government doesn’t stop taking taxes, they stop paying federal employees
      Thomasn 6 jan
      5 3
    • That’s the government for you
      iRaditz 6 jan
    • the state govt is collecting taxes bc they have not shut down, not the federal govt
      crooper 8 jan
    • Fuck the government
      Dre123 6 jan
    • But you won’t get any tax refunds while they’re shutdown, right?
      Darther 6 jan
      5 2
    • Wasn’t fucking Mexico supposed to pay for the wall that was part of the deal right. Feel like their just laughing at us now.
      5 6
    • Lol rip our tax returns...still gotta file tho
    • Why not just take out the cartels in Mexico? Isn't that why Mexico is such a terriable place to live and they leaving it to come to America? Plus isn't America's military the strongest
      4 9
    • Not mine tho
      4 2
    • _YoshiBoi_ 6 jan
    • Yeah Trump is saying he's on strike he's an idiot
      kodyzzl 6 jan
      4 3
    • Fuck our government, they’re all just crooked old fucks.
      You_S 6 jan
    • So why are the people who have to work everyday being punished with no pay rather than retarded fucking congress who are still getting paid for doing nothing
      4 4
    • Sylum 6 jan
    • I better get my goddamn tax return
      4 1
    • The government is shut down and they are still collecting taxes the question is... Where is our money going?
      5 3
    • Mexico would legit be a libertarian paradise if it didn’t had corruption and less cartel influence you could build a nice ass 2 story house for less than 100 grand plus taxes are incredibly cheap
      5 5
    • You literally have to be retarded to think a wall around the Mexican border will do anything. Like at all. How about we satisfy the demands of our citizens by PROVIDING CLEAN DRINKING WATER TO INHABITANTS OF FLINT FUCKING MICHIGAN. There's a bright fucking idea.
      Nigbiscuit 6 jan
      7 27
    • Well unless the government completely implodes they still want to take all your money
      SanoBoss 6 jan
      6 1
    • Can we address the new 6% tax on digital goods? Cause its wack af
      4 8
    • DaronPayne 6 jan
    • Is the government shut down? I don’t keep up with the news anymore
      4 2
    • thats because taxes are taken by the federal reserve which isnt part of the govt. even thought it says federal it is its on entity.
    • I mean, problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top. And the president’s the leader and he has to get everyone in a room and lead and he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t like doing that — that is not his strength. And that’s why you have this horrible situation going on in Washington
      4 7
    • The toddlers need their Cheerios, pretending to run a government is verwy hard
      4 3
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