• We don't do that here, over here moth is life
      1.4K 9
    • Is it almost LÄMP season already?
      1.3K 59
    • You forgot about wasps
    • You forgot to put the blacks in there
    • Hey you forgot to include a pic of me
    • Fuck cyclists
    • Yellow jackets?
    • Don't forget about the roaches... *shudders*
      EiEl 5d
    • What's so bad about bikers?
    • Bottom left is the gay rednecks. The real rednecks are the good ones
    • Fucking bikers...
    • That moment when I'm tired of accidentally thinking the Ads on here are memes
    • Here’s how to get rid of them, lavender and rosemary plants for the bugs. Road spikes for the bikers. And black peoples for the white trash
      1 2
    • Bottom left niggas are just a bunch of taquaches
    • My god the bottom left is my town all the time I want the big die please help
    • O shit my dudes the ŁÄMPŠ are waiting for us to yeet ourselves I to them over and over for no reason
    • Oh the mosquitoes 😩
    • Lmao I actually know who these fuck Bois are too
    • Summer is still a ways away
    • Fuckin June bugs. I hate June bugs.
    • How dare you compare moths to rednecks... it’s not fair to the moths
    • See I live in houston and those shitters on the bottom left are the most annoying out of everything up there
      7 5
    • Hate rednecks
    • Wasp
      Antass 6d
    • Oh yeah it almost Hurricane death season again 👌👌👌
    • Why do people hate cyclists? Is just that a few douches only come out in summer and feel the need to bike on a 6-lane highway?
    • Please be courteous to cyclists. I would drive if parking on campus wasn’t $300.
      1 11
    • May flys
    • Fuck cyclists
    • There's not even like a twist here it's just true
    • You forgot the clouds
    • Shoebies
      WhusUp 7d
    • Earwigs too
    • N0H0M0 7d
      1 1
    • Let those squat truck idiots stay in the Carolinas
    • In Montana all of those things are amped by 10
    • It not summer in fukin Nebraska, literally 5 in of snow is melting and rain came in, leaving the whole east of Nebraska in a flood, first flood in the century
    • It's almost hot landscaper season
    • Down here we got love bugs
    • i saw a wasp yesterday and it pissed me off so much. plus lawn mowing season
    • No quema cuh
    • Puro takuache
    • Fuck cyclists. I didnt have to worry about them until I went to college.
    • I was camping and sitting under a canopy when I heard some loud ass buzzing. I looked up to see a big ass horsefly flying above me, so I left it alone and thought nothing of it. Next thing I know the asshole flys down and straight into my eyelid.Then my eye started to swell and I found out it bit me
    • What about ants, ants always trying to kill me
    • Horseflies can die out and no one would miss them
    • The only thing I like about winter is that you don’t have the 25-35 year old junkies hanging out on the train or around the stations. In the summer time there are groups of them that just ride and smoke pot and deal other shit while riding and always talking about pussy
    • FUCK horseflies man.
    • I'm allergic to mosquitos so fuck my life
    • sandspurs
    • Forgot to add LGBT,and SJWs
      3 4
    • my school is comprised of mostly hicks. they’re not that bad tbh. one of them showed me his favorite lure and honestly i really felt like i was accepted into his life right then
    • Those hicks are still around, they’ve just been up in the mountains in the snow with their yee yee bullshit
      2 1
    • I know, GMs are annoying
      4014 8d
    • Masquitos should probably die
    • Fucking hate summer
    • You fucking listen here feller
    • Those rednecks
    • How are those people hood and hick at the same time
    • Bitch it’s winter and I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
    • All the squat truck fags are gonna be takin my spot at the beach again but that’s fine because I can actually get my jeep on the sand and watch their 2wd pos trucks get stuck
      3 5
    • All these moth comments but these are both flies lmao
      1 1
    • I hate mosquitos so much. A moth got into my house yesterday and I let the little guy out but if a mosquito gets anywhere near me I'm sending it to hell
    • Mosquitoes can go Fucking die in a blender
    • Ah yes. I warn everybody in this comments section, DO NOT come to Wisconsin in summer. It's all rednecks, hicks, and cousin-fuckers. I'm depressed because i live in this idiotic state
    • The ticks are coming. I live in the woods, wish me luck
    • Chads...
    • When I see someone with a username for social media on their vehicle, I like to play a game of how many times I can report their profile before we go our desperate ways.
      2 1
    • Cyclists need to use the fucking bike path or become roadkill
    • Fuck ants
    • Ok I’m offended
    • Just had a blizzard last night
    • Dont forget wasps and fat ass bees
    • Forgot the black people
    • Meanwhile in minnesota we are having a massive snow storm
      1 1
    • Is that Faze Rain?
    • Oh jeez even more cousin fuckers🙄🙄
    • That and half naked thots.
    • Cyclists are by far the worst
    • Jews
    • If you put rims that big on a truck you're gay
    • You forgot tweakers
    • Almost summer? Bitch, it’s not even spring yet.
    • Cyclist outta my road
      EriOka 8d
    • Literally Florida is the only state with mosquitos. I haven’t been bit by a single mosquito in the west coast and the upper east coast
    • J u n e b u g s
    • Love for the country people
    • Trokiando cuh!! Clica shit!!!
    • This is Florida...
    • Basically
    • i hate driving behind someone wearing a skin tight suit on a bike
    • Skeeter and Dale takin Dakota muddin'
    • Are those the flies from the movie racing stripes?
    • There was this kid who died at my school (keep in mind I live in Texas) as soon as he did everyone started saying Yeeyee for Jared and I kinda feel bad for saying this but it is the stupidest thing I think I have ever heard
    • Your forgetting the Mexicans
      1 2
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