• When humans create vaccines that nearly kill every single molecule of you, but then anti- vaxxers become a thing
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    • Antivax moms are probably that way because they don’t want their kids to live forever they just wanted a 3 year demo
      PottedPlantv1 a month
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    • good morning gamers let’s get this bread
      DragonJerker a month
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    • Yep
      grago a month
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    • I support antivax moms lol. We got to many people on this planet, might as well let this take care of some of it
      twilliams20 a month
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    • TheWhiteW0lf a month
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    • My mom is an antivaxer but my dad secretly vaccinated me anyway
      funkymonkyxx a month
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    • CanIhelpYou a month
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    • Ngl anti vaxxers will keep being a thing but as soon as a "vaccine for cancer" come out they gonna be going "Oh lord why didn't we think of this miracle treatment earlier! This shit is a gift from god amen 🙏"
      Item64 a month
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    • Honestly we need to quarantine the antivaxxers and give them their little "utopia" and let them fucking die from disease. That way we take care of a little of the overpopulation and this retarded movement at once
      BananaK1 a month
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    • RedTheThief a month
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    • Antivax parents should be prosecuted for child neglect
      Yolo_Swiggins a month
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    • Anti vaxxers think it’s okay to not be vaccinated because everyone else doing the right thing still reduces their dumb ass’s risk of getting polio
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    • My little brothers school had a measles outbreak recently and I also found out a lot of the parents with children at that school are anti-vax, and yet they are still questioning how it happened.
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    • Antivax memes have lasted longer than antivax kids
      Randall_Boggs a month
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    • Want abortion but don’t want to be seen as cruel
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    • Anti vaxxers make plague inc way easier
      thighsucker a month
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    • GIJoey a month
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    • AbstractRobot a month
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    • vaccinate your crotch goblins
      alyssandra2 a month
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    • xpxsquirrel a month
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    • Anti-vaxers should be charged with murder if their kid dies
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    • I vote that liberals be required to vaccinate their children.
      ECHO5ECHO a month
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    • IssaTA a month
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    • haha funi anti vax meem DXDDXD!
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    • This > being anti vax
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    • 3year olds when their moms don’t get them vaccinated
      insidejob a month
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    • These memes lasted longer than the kids
      BestXanNA a month
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    • Vaccines dont work that way. Also, you dont "kill" a molecule. Thats like saying you kill a carbon bond
      ketone a month
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    • Vaccines create antivaxxers
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    • That’s a picture of a bacteria and not a virus
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    • Guys my parents use to be antivaxers til they found out I was autistic due to inbreeding 🤣
      Lunar_YT a month
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    • “Molecule” is structure made of atoms... it cannot be killed. I think you meant to say “cell” I guess? Otherwise the meme was funny
      BreakingBalls a month
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    • Daily government mandated pro vax meme
      BigOlGoon a month
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    • Anti vax moms didn’t want to pay the monthly subscription fee for parenting
      Crazycalorie a month
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    • Antivax parents celebrate their kids Birthdays by buying them caskets
      Niggatron a month
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    • Did y’all know that you can still catch the Black Plague like it’s still out there we just have medication that fights it.
      learose16 a month
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    • Important to mention the "kill viruses that kill every molecule of you" only confuses the antivaxxers even more.
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    • What if antivax people are actually controlled by a new disease trying to eradicate humans and this is just the beginnings
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    • KH3 in one week my dudes
      Team3Star a month
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    • Thanks to anti-vax moms my entire area in schools is having a measles outbreak.
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    • I remember seeing someone posts articles about vaccines causing autism and from what I read, it was all correlation, not causation. Even if they did cause autism, I’d rather have a kid that’s autistic than dead from an easly preventable disease.
      SilverBlade21 a month
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    • So what, we're just gonna feature propaganda now?
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    • Never seen something so propagated amongst the youth. Wake up sheep
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    • Not getting your child vaccinated should be considered child abuse
      Dick_in_a_8ox a month
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    • i’m so fucking tired of hearing about this garbage
      Dreamscaping a month
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    • Virus: *mutates* Humans: fuck
      PaVikingtokt a month
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    • Government mandated vaccine feature
      Wxjak a month
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    • I don't understand why people want their kids to die
      Eileeen a month
      smile 4 1
    • “Molecule”
      mortesilencio a month
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    • Refusing to vaccinate your kids should be a crime.
      MaymaySlayer a month
      smile 5 23
    • Osmosis Jones but Thrax kills you
      smile 3
    • Something is fishy about the anti vax meme CNN made an article on it no one opposes it, even ironicly like normal. Also it's gone on suspiciously long
      Zonticore a month
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    • This post brought to you by doesn’t understand biology gang
      MemeStark a month
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    • Theory: Anti vaxxers are people who’re being mind controlled by a virus
      PrinceOfBread a month
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    • My question is why don’t people research anything anymore and just follow whatever is said online? It’s just a weak virus they insert into you so your immune system can learn to fight it
      tylertree98 a month
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    • Saber1347 a month
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    • Lol potholes are just the worst
      chaww a month
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    • Pattwick a month
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    • Vaccinations should be required by law
      Ruby_and_Reya a month
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    • Fuck I forgot to sleep.
      StanIee a month
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    • We should force people to take vaccinations and if they don’t then it should be a seen as a threat to society
      ChaoticLaw a month
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    • I’m 16 still not vaccinated
      JUSTIN9512 a month
      smile 4 18
    • If you don't take a doctor's advice for vaccinations, but then go to the same doctor when something else is wrong, expecting them to save your life you don't deserve it
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    • Literally no one is asking for these memes.
      ECHO5ECHO a month
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    • Let's just make it full blown illegal to not vaccinate your children
      smile 4 5
    • Anti vax kids are just betas, basically early access content.
      oXeXiX a month
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    • Lets go back to sleep gamers no bread today
      Negate a month
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      Boomaru a month
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    • When you play easy mode on Plague Inc.
      smile 3
    • When you swipe once and it skips past 11 posts
      Jake_small_ a month
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    • Naughty a month
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    • I was a perfectly healthy kid. Shortly after I got my MMR vax I was paralyzed, w/105 fever. I couldn't walk for 4 months & had to go through rehab. It's not 100% it was the vax but nothing else ever did that. Since I've stopped getting vaxxed I'm healthy.
      Chandler114 a month
      smile 5 7
    • Since when can you kill a molecule?
      smile 2
    • You did this wrong, all of this is wrong
      smile 2
    • Would anti vaxxers be considered conspiracy theorists? Don't they assume there is something harmful in the vaccines (not the low dose to train your immune system, like autism juice)
      official3D a month
      smile 3 1
    • Vault_Boi1 a month
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    • Theory: some antivaxxers have done research they believe in and mind their business but people have to constantly argue with them, making them look crazy and dumb.
      artdaily269 a month
      smile 7 13
    • But vaccines dont kill, its not a medicine its a cousin of the virus you want to stop. By adapting to the vaccine your immune system will become stronger against such viruses
      the_Red_Aaron a month
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    • You know Japan waits a year or 2 after a baby is born to have their vaccinations, so their immune system can handle it better. Still risky, but after generations, it normalizes.
      smile 2 1
    • Kids that haven’t been vaccinated are just a 30 day free trial.
      Dornado a month
      smile 3
    • My stupid ass cousin is an antivaxxer, i swear her 2 year old gonna die
      eluttrell a month
      smile 2 1
    • I wasn't vaccinated and I'm 21 now
      smile 3 13
    • If you think about it anti vaxers are horable but ok cause viruses having cells to feast on that aren't vaxinated will ensure our medicine will last longer and the virus won't mutate but there sacrificing kids to the virus so...
      smile 2 1
    • I get it cause people want appreciation for doing something theirs masters on tv commanded
      jon_doe a month
      smile 2
    • First, flat earthers and now anti-vaxers
      SilverSparrow a month
      smile 2
    • This format is meme of the year
      Prememeium a month
      smile 2
    • Vaccines are specific to the few strains that they protect against. That's why there is no cold vaccines.
      Reichdeer a month
      smile 3
    • Cockdick says “ have a sex with your children”
      cockdick a month
      smile 2
    • Antivax moms wanted to abort their babies without feeling regret, so they let them grow up and get sick instead
      japaj a month
      smile 2
    • You’re gonna battle, you’re gonna fight. Win or lose you’re gonna be alright. Regardless of the scoreboard, you can do anything that you work for. Lit Schmoyoho song
      StreetPig a month
      smile 2
    • I'm going deep into the comments... If I pull twice pull me up
      smile 2 1
    • Everyone needs to stop being stupid
      TheCryocorn a month
      smile 2
    • It's fucked up because they have singlehandedly brought back smallpox and shit because of their ignorance
      luebay a month
      smile 3 5
    • These aren't funny
      TexasEmpire a month
      smile 3 1
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