• when a guy tells me he owns a gun I'm like uh oh what's wrong with your dick 1mm: AIA nn mm. 10
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    • Liberals are weird
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    • polaris555 a month
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    • Silly hoe logic is for males
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    • When someone breaks into her home and her man-bunned boyfriend is crying in the corner, we will see who's dick she is so concerned about then.
      XeroKill a month
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    • Why is having a gun for protection difficult to understand? Or just for sport? Try shooting one, it’s fun
      Lady_Ren a month
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    • When a girl tells me she owns a car I’m like uh oh what’s wrong with her legs.
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    • When a women is wearing lots of make Up iam like uh oh whats wrong with your face
      Rich_Boy_420 a month
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    • When a woman tells me she wears make up, I’m like uh oh what’s wrong with your face?
      Dr_Paragon a month
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    • I can't stop thinking that this is what happens
      MayaBartram a month
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    • 97.8% of all mass murder has occurred in gun free zones and 500,000 to 3 million crimes are prevented each year by people using guns in self defense. Anyone who wishes to ban guns is tyrannical.
      Classic50s a month
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    • butterbb80 a month
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    • Securing ones own liberty is big dick energy tbh, only a cuck would leave it to someone else
      Dale_Gribble a month
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    • When a woman tells me she's anti gun I'm like uh oh what's wrong with her dick.
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    • Owning no guns is stupid, owning one gun is cautious, owning all the guns is hoarding.
      DarKestDaYe a month
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    • I_SPOT_A_THOT a month
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    • When a girl tells me she owns a car I'm like "uh oh what's wrong with your legs"
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    • This piece of shit snl writer is also offering blow jobs to anyone who assaults the minors from the protest this weekend
      viking762 a month
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    • Trespassers will be violated
      mediocreman19 a month
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    • Enter54623 a month
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    • If you think that the only reason someone would want a gun is to compensate, you're a fucking idiot. Thats what trucks are for.
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    • JADED_Dri a month
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    • Do you lock your doors at night? What're you, a fucking pansy. Just charge an intruder with strong words. They're never armed or anything.
      TlouProfile a month
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    • When a girl tells me she’s a liberal I’m like “uh oh what’s wrong with your brain”
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    • “What’s wrong with your dick” Well it just went soft when you started talking to me
      Naneigh a month
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    • If they break into your house with malicious intent, is it legal to rape them? Asking for a friend
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    • Chase down the home intuder, Naked, with your pubes on fire, and bunny slippers on, swirling your dick in a circular motion
      HatefulHater a month
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    • When I see a girls profile picture like that I'm like uh oh how big is your vagina
      NateVenom a month
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    • UncleBoner a month
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    • My dick is like 8.5" and I own a gun. Women are weird. One minute they make fun of a guy for being a guy and claim they want a dude who's feminine and would never take charge, and the other they want someone to choke the fuck out of them and indulge their other fucked up fantasies. Decide.
      Amatthew1234 a month
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    • I feel bad for this girl when her cuck boyfriend is going to use her as a human shield if an armed intruder ever does break into her home.
      BD101 a month
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    • Not a chance in hell im dating a girl who doesn’t like guns
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    • AdamGreenie a month
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    • I think I get what she’s trying to say. She might be referring to those guys who collect things like guns for the sole purpose of compensating, and can’t go 5 minutes without telling someone that they’re a gun owner.
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    • So I should just be defenseless cause someone made fun of my dick? Liberals are gun shaming now
      404skin a month
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    • When a girl tells me she wears makeup I'm like uh oh where's your personality
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    • I love how girls can only attack a guys dick or height to attempt to persuade them into submitting to their opinion
      Red_Nigga a month
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    • When chicks tell me their anti gun im always like, uh oh, this girl's an easy rape target.
      DirtyFrankie a month
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    • I’d prefer a guy with a gun and a small penis to a guy with no gun and a big penis.... which one can actually protect you if shit hits the fan? Unless his dick is Gru-sized, in which case he can dickslap enemies into oblivion....
      MissMeowez a month
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    • Then there would be a "ban assault dicks" movement
      smile 7
    • pancoast a month
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    • This is the same person who offered to blow whoever sexually assaulted a specific minor
      smile 7 4
    • eorDARYL a month
      smile 7
    • "You prefer to defend yourself in an attack? Must have a small penis." Yeah. Because any man is like "well, I'm shot and dying, but at least my coffin will have a decent penis inside it."
      smile 7
    • When a girl gets plastic surgery, Botox, a boob job, or anything else of the sort, I’m like uh oh, what’s wrong with your self confidence?
      smile 7
    • Politics aside, imagine whipping out your dick and the intruder's reaction. "GIVE ME YOUR MON- what- what the fuck are you- ew dude stOP- fuck it I'm going next door"
      Xyro a month
      smile 7
    • When a girl has her tits popping out of her bra in her profile pic I think "oh no what's wrong with her personality"
      smile 7 1
    • This is the same whore who said she’d blow anyone who punched the smirking MAGA kid
      smile 7
    • Uhoh....what's wrong with her brain
      smile 8
    • I’m a liberal. I own guns. My parents found out and refuse to talk to me now or come to my house lol. It’s insane! If you are stupid and leave your guns around then you don’t deserve them. But if you are a SMART LEGAL CITIZEN fuck off if I have guns or not
      smile 8 6
    • Why is it when a man has something with a lot of power everyone just says it's a dick compensation. I gots a small one. But I ain't got no big truck or 5 guns cause of it.
      smile 8
    • "Omg you own a gun, what is wrong with you're dick" " my dick is the gun......" "Wh- wait what?" *pulls down pants to see kolibri pistol* * cries*
      smile 7 1
    • True men can kill intruders with a single cumshot
      MoistSadness a month
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    • Liberals think that no evil exists in this world, and that if you try to defend your home your xenophobic, racist, sexist of ableist. Like, what?
      Animu_Grills a month
      smile 7 3
    • Haha u wanna protect yourself? Ur pp must be WeiRd
      Shelby a month
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    • Last time a bitch told me she likes to post her thoughts on twitter I asked what's wrong with your pussy
      Star_Fighter a month
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    • You misspelled “he dumped me”
      Gilbey_32 a month
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    • Isn’t that the broad who offered to blow anyone who punched the MAGA kid?
      Sfur_thread a month
      smile 7 2
    • I litterally bought a gun because fuck liberals
      smile 7 1
    • I must confess. I am the intruder that man is talking about. I wish he would have just shot me. My ass still hurts and it took months for the rug burn on my forehead to heal properly. It was hard calling him Dad again for awhile after that. I guess I shouldn’t have been sneaking back in the window.
      NonCensored a month
      smile 7 6
    • Damn shes retarded.
      Ya_boi_Beluga a month
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    • Shouldn't every household have a gun for home safety and defense?
      BallChiniguns a month
      smile 7 6
    • SolidDucky9 a month
      smile 7
    • I'm honestly confused on how "liberals" correlate owning a gun to protect yourself, family, or property to having a small dick or an inflated sense of superiority. I honestly dont understand
      DJ2wyce a month
      smile 7 6
    • I'll bet she doesn't clean her pussy
      SHAWSHANK___ a month
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    • Liberals:"women are more than their genitals" Also liberals:"if you own a gun, you must have a small dick"
      Jordan73101 a month
      smile 7
    • Stfu bitch next time someone kidnaps you he’s gunna come rescue you with his dick how’s that gunna work out? Seriously fuck libtards guns have been part this country since it began that’s why there’s a whole goddamn amendment basically dedicated to it.
      Mrs_Rader a month
      smile 6 3
    • Oh you’re on Twitter talking about dudes dicks and a slutty profile pic? What’s wrong with your pussy? Or no that’s just your ugly personality
      jamesmoloney a month
      smile 6
    • MrKizzles a month
      smile 6 1
    • Liberals want 74258743 genders but won’t let people have guns?
      wowbih a month
      smile 6
    • Only reason I need a gun
      But_why_thoo a month
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    • This is the same psycho that said she would have sex with anyone who assaulted those Catholic MAGA kids
      cashforgold a month
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    • This is the same chick who recently tweeted "I'll give a blowjob to whoever punches that smirking white boy in the face"
      thesithmemer a month
      smile 6 1
    • Owning guns doesn't mean you're compensating. Constantly mentioning them probably means you are
      OnionLad a month
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    • Imagine seeing liberals and conservatives as people
      ToeNailGuy a month
      smile 9 2
    • Nothing is wrong with my dick or my gun, they both work perfectly fine. This chicks brain on the other hand, there's something wrong with that shit.
      AlduinSLAYA99 a month
      smile 6
    • Women who post any “when a guy...” post are just frustrated that they can’t keep a man.
      Garfiere a month
      smile 6
    • When a woman posts things like this I’m like uh oh what’s wrong with your personality
      KuraiRyuu a month
      smile 6
    • I don't think she is bashing gun users as much as people who brag about them
      FEnerd a month
      smile 6 2
    • When she gets raped she’ll wish she had a gun
      smile 6
    • Emerald_ore1 a month
      smile 6
    • A few years ago a good friend of mine moved into my guest bedroom. The first night she was living there, my dog started freaking out and my girlfriend woke me up. I grabbed my Sig from the safe, and let our dog into the hall right as I heard the sliding door slam shut. I honestly assumed it was my..
      Steid55 a month
      smile 6 13
    • "I dont need a gun, thats what the cops are for" is like saying "I dont need a fire extinguisher, thats what the fire department is for."
      _JBOMB_ a month
      smile 6 3
    • When a girl tells me she is a liberal, like huh, whats wrong with your brain?
      smile 6 2
    • You know how they say a woman is never asking to be raped? Yes, this one is asking to be raped.
      LeonaeuReeves a month
      smile 6
    • When any person tells me they own a car I'm like uh oh what's wrong with your legs?
      Uncureable a month
      smile 6
    • Wasn’t there a news story about two burglars breaking into a gay muscular rapist’s house?
      Omega1558 a month
      smile 6 4
    • Guns are fine and all, but just be responsible peeps
      smile 6 1
    • Alexa, intruder alert
      DrObviousMD a month
      smile 6
    • Moan a month
      smile 8 1
    • What does a dick have to do with a gun? Ugh. and she’s cute too. What a waste. I like when the liberals and feminists are ugly.
      Batnam a month
      smile 7 6
    • Then there's that gay registered sex offender that tied up the intruders and raped them for 5 days
      Swebge a month
      smile 6 3
    • Whenever I see a woman with a curling iron Im like uh oh whats wrong with your tits
      Quicken 24d
      smile 5
    • Isn't this that same chick that offered to suck dick if someone punches that Maga kid in the face?
      Metallicock a month
      smile 5
    • Just imagine being a burglar in someone's home at night, and you're sneaking around rummaging through stuff, suddenly behind you, instead of hearing a gun click, you hear a zipper...
      firestorm193 a month
      smile 5
    • I've never heard a true argument against guns that can't be shot down
      Generiq a month
      smile 5 3
    • When a girl has problems with an inanimate object I'm like, "Uh-oh, what's wrong with your brain?"
      smile 5 4
    • Liberal logic: I don’t trust my government or my president. Let’s give them our guns so they can makes us do whatever they want.
      smile 5
    • This woman offered to give a blow job to anybody who would punch one of the MAGA kids. She’s a loser lol
      smile 5 1
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