• Not gay but 20$ is 20$
      chiefokls 7 jan
      1.9K 98
    • Easiest TC ever
      716 22
    • NewPlayer 7 jan
      9 1
    • There's a difference between 'making a living' and 'working to live'.
      Fair_Nuff 7 jan
    • SaberChan 7 jan
      6 3
    • Foodporn is my thang
    • I worked 600+ hours in a day and 7 seconds in a week. I know what you're thinking, "that's not possible". You would be correct but you haven't experienced pocket dimensions and time loops yet. It sounds daunting but I had lots of free time too.
      6 2
    • Oh no 40 hours a week are you ok do you need to talk poor thing?
      6 13
    • usually people who brag about how unreasonably large their hours are have a job of like wrapping bendy straws and always exclaim, "y i no get paid more!!?!?"
      byugoi 7 jan
      4 5
    • People complain about working 40 hours a week and take the first opportunity to take less hours, but then complain about how the economy is ruining their lives bc everything's so expensive and they cant afford it. Quit being a lazy whore and work for your money.
      6 10
    • I was an altar server at a funeral and got paid $20 bucks
    • Fucked a lady with her husband watching. $300.00. I was 19. They were around 40. 1989
      cwillip 7 jan
      4 2
    • Sucked an old ladies toes
      cwhit23 7 jan
    • Join the Navy
      GayOnFire 7 jan
    • I went from 40 hours a week to 80, sacrificed my time and health for wealth
      3 4
    • #Justdemocratthings
      3 2
    • Joined the army
      SrgRoyal 7 jan
    • Barleyy 7 jan
    • Worked 101 hours in 2 weeks 🙄
      olive4ever 7 jan
      3 4
    • Remember those kids in grade school at lunch who mixed a bunch of nasty food in a cup and called it a potion? I drank that shit.
    • Suck a toad off to completion.
      ______hh 7 jan
    • I got a moth out of my sister's room, she Venmoed me a dollar
      FLVMEHEAD 7 jan
    • I sold my bike to a crackhead for 50 bucks, I'm sure I got some weirder shit than that but that's the first thing that came to mind
      3 2
    • Ate a Carolina Reaper for $250.
      Y0shimitsu 7 jan
      3 4
    • I once had a roommate for a few months who thought having to work 40 hrs a week was unreasonable... same dude wanted more than 13 $/ hr...
      3 2
    • I pimped my doll and she better pay up
    • I nanny for $4 an hour but I can't quit because I'm too nice and it sucks ass
      3 4
    • I became president
    • I'm 12 and I make 25 dollars an hour raping leaves
      3 3
    • That's how a job works
    • The goal is to work less and get paid more, i know alot of ppl with up to 3 jobs and who dont even have there own apartment. I don’t care how many hrs u work a week at fuckn sears u clowns.
      ChiIIin 8 jan
    • 40 hours a week really isn’t that long, you probably just work a shit shift. I get off work at 2pm everyday which leaves me plenty of free time
      2 4
    • Sold my adderrall at school
    • Uh^
      misspaige 7 jan
      2 4
    • Sell my soul to the government for 4 years
    • Jesus Christ you guys are lazy af
      L_OL 7 jan
    • The craziest thing is people who work 40 plus hours for minimum wage and still need to be on food stamps because the cost of living in their home town is outrageous.
      2 2
    • Layed in a grassy knoll and took out some dude sitting next to his wife in a convertible in a motorcade
    • 56, 60 and 80 hrs all fall under the category of 40+ hrs people. Y’all stupid or just fishing for a pat on the back?
      bdbecker36 7 jan
    • 40 hours a week, $15/hr that's really all I need to live.
      2 6
    • 40 hours a week. I remember my first part time job.
      HeimdaIIr 7 jan
      2 2
    • 40 hours is the easy life...
      BurntFrank 7 jan
      3 6
    • Me moma and pepa woek 72hr a week
      2 1
    • Work a 27 hour shift
      2 3
    • I saw a rat with a 10 dollar bill he was probably going to build into his nest and I fought him for it
    • Sylum 7 jan
    • Your mom.
      wijibo 7 jan
    • Well, it's worse for service men and women, and law enforcement. Military is always at work, when they are sleeping they sleep light because they could be called to action at any time. Law enforcement work up to probably 2-3 times what a regular civilian works.
      2 8
    • Test drugs for my dealer “I’ll give you $20 if you try this batch I don’t have a test kit”
      2 6
    • I work 10 to 12 hours 5 days a week
    • I had a one night stand with a really cautious guy once and he said he would be comfortable if I took a plan b pill just in case. He said he didn’t have a full fifty dollars on him and gave me $14 to help cover it. I felt dirty after that and I still don’t know why.
      kittyeong 7 jan
      2 15
    • Sure beats the time I stuffed the family hamster up my ass, still haven’t seen the little guy
    • Work 80+ hours a week
    • Sold fortnite codes when mobile was invite only lmao I made about $40 off of three codes
    • Lmao, try 98.
      Seviren 7 jan
    • I’m not gay but $3,000,000,000,000 is $3,000,000,000,000
    • So? You got paid didn't you? How else are you gonna afford that cracked iPhone X and airpod (singular) you love so much
      2 1
    • You ever suck a digga's nick for a crisp ass twenty
      kronik 7 jan
    • yonc 7 jan
    • Trapsy_ 7 jan
      2 1
    • I work like 60 it aint too bad homie
    • corm_chip 7 jan
    • Called J. G. Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW
      Fudd 7 jan
    • Ate ice cream play doh
      Lowrinse 7 jan
    • Fortnite is a sin in the eyes of the lord
      Skrunky 7 jan
    • I didn’t do it but some guy came up to me recently and begged me to spit on his face for $20.
      3 3
    • Borrow $250,000 to get my masters
    • Huh? I just got off from a 15 hour shift. What's weird?
      2 5
    • Stuck a safety pin through my cheek
      Dagen 7 jan
    • Ate 3 raw eggs, played "bobbing for apples" but with live fish, and snorted wasabi. Cash in hand only
      Memeko 7 jan
    • I get paid 24.50 the hr and work 90 hrs a week, aint even mad about it
      tavoreus28 7 jan
      4 4
    • Drank marinara sauce
      rolfskat 7 jan
    • Its funny when you think a hs education is only worth minimum wage.
      crashdown 7 jan
    • Join the military.
      MemeKillas 7 jan
    • General manager at McDonald's my senior year in highschool so working 50hours a week plus I fixed cars on weekends while taking 5 ap classes
      2 6
    • Sub for daily lewds
      idiot 7 jan
      3 1
    • Asked out a girl for my friend but she refused and asked me.
      Moojojo 7 jan
      2 1
    • Someone I know apparently sold a pound of cocaine to pay off his medical bills
      Argenlus 7 jan
      2 2
    • Don't ask questions that you're not prepared to hear the answers for
    • Not gay but *$20 is $20
    • McDonald’s workers in NYC
    • Not straight but 20$ is 20$
      dedo386 7 jan
    • You forgot the funny
    • Hey everyone, my sister is pregnant with a boy! Just found out. Give me top comment for my nephew.
      GrandPM 7 jan
    • I stole a kids Roblox account and made $20 off of it
      Woman 10 jan
    • My best friend of 4 years brother realized he was gay and wanted me to practice blowjobs on me so hed be good at them when he got a bf. I told him no until one day he offered me $20 each time i let him suck my dick. He asked me because he trusted me and knew i wouldnt tell anybody since im straight
      1 5
    • Buy Options 😂 🔫
    • I'm at 72 hours this week quit your bitching
      Spork1997 8 jan
      1 7
    • 40 hours isn’t that bad
    • My mom works 72 hours a week
      xBengals 8 jan
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