• What even is the point of Jason Momoa's bodyguards
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    • Usernamesanomymous
      The henchmen you fight before the final boss
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    • Cyberpunk_2077
      They protect everyone else
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    • Yatsuto
      They’re used for him to throw at people
      Yatsuto 16 dec
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    • armyman99
      To record him beating the shit out of the person trying to rob him
      armyman99 19 dec
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    • PoopD0G
      He ties them together and uses them as nunchucks.
      PoopD0G 18 dec
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    • Ashton0002
      Ashton0002 16 dec
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    • McDizzle
      So they can carry the guns and he can still say guns are bad and claim he doesn't have any
      McDizzle 16 dec
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    • VIadimir
      he’s antigun so he hires people to carry guns
      VIadimir 16 dec
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    • PhotographyShit
      I don't know if Jason can actually fight or not, or properly defend himself at all. That muscle might just be aesthetic
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    • kickboxertj
      You can be big af and still be shit at fighting. I'm 6'2" and there are dudes half my size that absolutely destroy me.
      kickboxertj 16 dec
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    • USA_Comes_First
      They have concealed carry permits and they be packing
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    • OzzytheMan
      They’re not to keep him safe, they’re to keep YOU safe
      OzzytheMan 16 dec
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    • grant0311
      They probably carrying guns and actually know how to use them, because celebrities know that real threats require more than size and movie quality martial arts.
      grant0311 16 dec
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    • nofukzgiven
      They have guns. He's just a Hollywood actor portraying a "badboy"
      nofukzgiven 19 dec
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    • CAPTD3ADP00L
      He throws them at agressors
      CAPTD3ADP00L 19 dec
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    • CreationSylph
      He picks them up and throws them at potential threats
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    • Gandalf_In_Ooo
      Maybe because he is not a.proffessional security officer, trained to protect people and de-escalate situations?
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    • Dphillips
      He uses them as weapons.
      Dphillips 16 dec
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    • galacticjazz
      They have guns. And actual combat/SERE/drive training.
      galacticjazz 16 dec
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    • Jormungandr_
      Blunt force weapons
      Jormungandr_ 16 dec
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    • mememachinesodank
      So he doesn't have to waste his energy fighting a mere mortal
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    • Jorik_Graeim
      Jason momoas just an actor those guys are probably armed and have combat training
      Jorik_Graeim 16 dec
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    • teenporn
      theyre used as throwables
      teenporn 16 dec
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    • spartan13
      He hires short ones to make him look even bigger
      spartan13 16 dec
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    • Darksythe222
      you think this is bad? Just think about the fact that Keanu Reeves has body guards.
      Darksythe222 16 dec
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    • kalebhominger
      You can see it on his face. His eyes say it all "ya'll best not start shit, I'm tired of getting used as a human club"
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    • AceRaynes
      One to hold a camera and the other to place bets
      AceRaynes 19 dec
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    • Memesurrob
      Im 70% sure it's to keep Jason from literally knocking someones block off
      Memesurrob 18 dec
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    • dylanneves
      The simpson movie had it down u get tough guys and then get weak guys to make the tough guys look tougher
      dylanneves 18 dec
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    • CarsonKelly
      I’m 6’3 and 205 pounds but I probably can’t fight for shit
      CarsonKelly 17 dec
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    • MatthewMercer
      To prove you are a worthy challenger.
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    • Historycanbefun
      Meat shields
      smile 4
    • Alpha8
      To hold him back
      Alpha8 16 dec
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    • alexandergrandbell
      so they can hold off the fan girls and take the blame for rape allegations 25 years later
      smile 4
    • JesusMantoya
      Guns. Their purpose is to carry the guns. The ones on his person not included.
      JesusMantoya 16 dec
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    • EscapeReality
      They stand around him so if he gets attacked he can pick them up and use them as weapons
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    • DevinHollingsworth
      Public relation it wouldnt look to good on him if he fought a crazy fan off or you know broke them in half like a kit kat
      smile 4
    • Skradi
      Fools, they are bodyguards of us for our own protection
      Skradi 16 dec
      smile 4
    • TheHanSamo
      They have guns
      TheHanSamo 16 dec
      smile 4 reply 2
    • thesmileofstuipidtown
      They are his weapons things go south you get hit with a little man in a suit wielded by aquaman
      smile 4
    • asghkvv88
      They’re his brothers and his mom said he couldn’t go anywhere if he didn’t bring them with
      asghkvv88 16 dec
      smile 4
    • Moonbli
      Both of these tcs are wonderful
      Moonbli 16 dec
      smile 4
    • DontStareItsRude
      So he can pick them up and hit people with them
      smile 4
    • Proud_Lutheran
      Guns are the great equalizer
      smile 4
    • Matthias859
      They are there for scale
      Matthias859 16 dec
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    • Generiq
      He dual weilds them in combat
      Generiq 16 dec
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    • alex_Matt
      They’re meant to be used as battering rams, rag doll weapons, and other such tools for Jason in times of need.
      alex_Matt 16 dec
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    • Drakeandjoshseason4
      To hold him back
      smile 4
    • KevinJongUn
      They're just to weed out the low level attackers.
      KevinJongUn 16 dec
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    • EmzysHouse
      EmzysHouse 16 dec
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    • James_Is_I
      Jason is their bodyguard
      James_Is_I 16 dec
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    • Wsoh__Rsoh
      Because theyre the ones with the guns
      Wsoh__Rsoh 16 dec
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    • Lost_in_ruins
      He hires short body guards to make him appear bigger.
      smile 4
    • Xundus
      They're trained professionals, he's just big.
      Xundus 16 dec
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    • Pituitary
      Their not bodyguards they’re his ball sacks. He’s so ripped that they have grown into adults
      Pituitary 16 dec
      smile 4
    • The_Mastur_b8tor
      They protect pedestrians from Jason’s wrath
      smile 4
    • srichterss
      For comparison, so you don’t forget why not to fukk with him
      srichterss 22 dec
      smile 3
    • CamBamThankyouMaam
      To keep the bitches at bay. He can’t do it himself or it looks bad
      smile 3
    • FPSdrew
      Protecting those precious ankles
      FPSdrew 19 dec
      smile 3
    • MarkedTree3
      He is their bodyguard.
      MarkedTree3 18 dec
      smile 3
    • sarabuggy13
      They attack while he tanks
      sarabuggy13 18 dec
      smile 3
    • 907Norseman
      He throws the bodyguards as projectiles
      907Norseman 17 dec
      smile 5
    • _Collective_Collector_
      Just in case he needs something to throw
      smile 3
    • The_Entity_DBD
      Just because he's big doesnt mean he can fight
      smile 3
    • Bryce_Irwin
      he's their body guard
      Bryce_Irwin 17 dec
      smile 3
    • Spoodermin_2099
      Distraction. He just throws them at the attacker
      smile 3
    • Goldfish_Man
      They have guns
      Goldfish_Man 17 dec
      smile 3
    • C1ickbait_V2
      The point is that they have proper training
      C1ickbait_V2 16 dec
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    • Pinkguy
      They are not for his protection but yours
      Pinkguy 16 dec
      smile 3
    • Bring_Me_The_Horizon1
      To call the cops to make sure Jason does kill anyone
      smile 3
    • gibgab
      I know it's kind of a joke, but the real reason is- even in spite of the size difference, those guys know how to scrap, Jason doesn't. He'd also probably freeze up and be useless in a dangerous encounter. These guys are prepared to take all comers.
      gibgab 16 dec
      smile 3
    • drex2900
      To make him look more intimidating
      drex2900 16 dec
      smile 3
    • ThatWolf
      He picks them up and uses them as weapons
      ThatWolf 16 dec
      smile 3
    • O_TownCanuck_613
      Fighting 3 people is harder than 1
      smile 3
    • Dawildehoers
      “And I want 1000 small guys to make the tough guys look bigger”
      Dawildehoers 16 dec
      smile 3
    • RobotPirateSkeleton
      To test your strength. To see if you even close to being worthy to fight him.
      smile 3
    • ThoseComics
      Size isn't everything. They are probably very skilled fighters
      ThoseComics 16 dec
      smile 3
    • _Gajeel_Redfox
      Weapons he duel wields his body guards.
      smile 3
    • flimpyshrimpy
      Make him look cooler in comparison
      smile 3
    • Dr_Jack_Bright
      They're professionally trained
      smile 3
    • ICEMAN22727
      cheer him on while he beats the shit out of the guy
      ICEMAN22727 16 dec
      smile 3
    • SendHentaiOrUdie
      They absorb bullets for him because if he got shot it would just bounce off and hit bystanders
      smile 3
      They protect us from him
      DATWIGGLES 16 dec
      smile 3
    • Caleb259
      It’s so he has something to throw at all times.
      Caleb259 16 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • stylusx
      Apparently to make him look taller and bigger
      stylusx 16 dec
      smile 3
    • LaffTrak
      He uses them as weapons against assailants
      LaffTrak 16 dec
      smile 3
    • Jimmy_Testicle
      Jason Mamoa probably doesn’t have a concealed carry license
      smile 3 reply 1
    • hierophant_meme
      He ties em together and uses em as nunchucks
      smile 3
    • The12GageKid
      The12GageKid 16 dec
      smile 3
    • Unknown_UIU_Agent
      To make him look even more ripped by comparison
      smile 3
    • Grolt
      Bullet sponges
      Grolt 16 dec
      smile 3
    • damnman2
      He’s protecting them
      damnman2 16 dec
      smile 3
    • Hipster_Rick
      They're the bois, they crack open cold ones
      Hipster_Rick 16 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • dj200626
      To hold him back
      dj200626 16 dec
      smile 3
    • EpicHoneybadger
      They are better shots. You know not every attack is a fist fight.
      smile 3 reply 4
    • Crux116
      To inform him of any changes in Atlantis
      Crux116 16 dec
      smile 3
    • thehosedotcom
      Meat shields
      smile 3
    • B_rock
      To make him look big
      B_rock 16 dec
      smile 3
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