• Weird AF Comments Part 11
tongue. You better belove stick
every inch in some psy. find me
ya know. Roll her over and ques
\what!??? Damn straight be tongue
that hoes large intestine
'cock can you unsuck
@ s20ty can not
want to impregnate her. the woman is cute too I quess,
Theodore can tell your future by looking at the lines in your serotum,
But I bet you don't, bet you have no job, but I sure as hell have one. What's my job you ask? Sticking my hand up your asshole
So my gitlfriend is actually into oop stuff. ike no joke, for the first time she aid "let me just
'drunk a tie and on your chest" mistakenly said got ok.
'drunk and mistakenly said ok.
don't know if it was the aleohol she was drinking but it was ike gallon of hot green and brown, diarrhea, It bumed and smelled
Idlet that super coochie swallow me
'whole like and 'd walk around in there like museum
'Shipost Ratings
'Agirl at my college put an entice sushi rollin her aaahole.
get verified will post rabbit porn untll ether tm banned or unverified
'Shark tale made me get horny every time walk by a fish tank.
Jerk off with that numb hand..its
called 'the stranger'
@ Dontt be a person in with general. a shit to
personality in general. Learn to
'cook, Read an interesting book,
Slap your nuts and scream lke an ape in the woods at night
Weirdest thing ve nutted to was a black man with tits getting butt fusked by shemale as a gimp has his arm elbow deep up the shemales him as she shits all over him
pees cutely on
*sh'ts on the food
"itis my plate
*proceeds you while you eat*
ts on yourd
(ok this geting tobe bit too much for me)
*proceeds to eat the shit thens
Pigses on you"( ya me too but this funny
'Bro in day 3 of no masterbation
An easy loophole is get a ail to aive you or a hand job. Maybe for ask a friend
Or for assistance.
Shonts Ptr Sh
Give me your darkest dark joke
My first football time game having was sex. like was my first time having sex. was sore and bloody after but atleast dad came.
Dont you just hate when see super hot girl and the officer tells to step away from the playground?
@ Myon
Rhydon deez nuts fot
love prostitutes. In my utopian society all women are prostitutes.
They are not allowed to hold any other job other than being a hooker.
love to daydream.
ddogs got violent and started fusking her and 'mark pl. sed on her to leave their
'Whatever you do donit send me pics of your tits Il freak out
its the thought of an app called ic-m like
its like the beer drinking app cum. but it And looks like instead you'ee drinking cum. And instead the ligntsaber app it's cocks and
\whenever you touch them the cocks
area and ball my torture in your area suck my diek to find were
want tiger to lick my foreskin off
would suck fart out of Aubrey
Plazas ass in heartbeat
My fat fucking nuts have ruptured @ dear god the pain make an air voryex cannon by tickling my gil during sex until she queefs. Shaboigen!!
Go buy a pocket sey itll have the same amount of plastic
'She's Russian? More lke Russian get the plan B after I prematurely ejaculate in her
wanna stick my face in her ars and take deep whiff of her turd closet
uses my amhole as a sauce holder while driving and
'eating MigDonalds
can make you a custom pair of pants to hide your butt, only require booty pies for measurements
Ok hear me out, Tans right? But they
BD ther centatas, rigtting each tner while tel glgante eocks fegs trerynhere destroying bulings and not. Brun imagine the colossal tans cock @ andhe just busted fat uta al over the ety and everyone
named Orm-Pants joe. He got the name because he'd constantly go to the bathroom for 10t020 minutes,
When he would return and sit in his plastic desk, you of could fresh hear cam the in his squlshing sound of fresh cam in his pants and thighs.
She either got ft I'd pussy ora smash fat
& cock, Either way I'd smash
foreskin in the McDonald's soda
Sepene you be
'These lands used to be walked by king hoping to have sex with these individuals now were al just sad he's
'gone maybe he got his wish and got lost in the sauce or maybe the voices
{got to him but elther way god speed
'men iwannafuckAnnaandElsa thank you forthe presence you gave and also the pern to all who followed you
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