• ZekeTheFreak21
      For those who don’t get it, this upcoming super bowl will be played at the Mercedes Benz Stadium, and they posted a picture of spongebob and the crew in band uniform, to hint fans that they might be the halftime show/performance
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    • necrai
      If this happens (which im still doubtful) this will be the best halftime show in a very long time if not of all time
      necrai 15 dec
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    • Red_Demo
      Please for the love of god
      Red_Demo 15 dec
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    • Boxergirl
      The winner takes all It's the thrill of one more kill The last one to fall Will never sacrifice their will Don't ever look back On the wind closing in The only attack Were their wings on the wind Oh the daydream begins And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah!
      Boxergirl 15 dec
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    • ISSpaniel
      For anyone who is doubtful, the Mercedes Benz Stadium Twitter account did tweet this. I just looked it up
      ISSpaniel 15 dec
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    • Hank_HiII
      God bless
      Hank_HiII 15 dec
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    • Fell
      *palpatine voice* "Do it"
      Fell 15 dec
      smile 445 reply 7
    • Rook_mine_
      They're gonna make it live action. And the singer is prolly gonna make it political some how and it gonna ruin the whole purpose
      Rook_mine_ 15 dec
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    • eagles295
      eagles295 15 dec
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    • Grumptious
      Grumptious 15 dec
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    • plotwisterAF
      plotwisterAF 15 dec
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    • Real_world_pokemon
      If they do this, the Superbowl will have the highest ratings in history, attracting both sports fans AND meme lords
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    • allthenugs
      for everything saying that’s it’s fake, it’s not, i just checked their twitter
      allthenugs 15 dec
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    • SoMyMomWontBeMad
      Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please
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    • GrenadeClock
      Suicide Rates lowered at 0%
      GrenadeClock 15 dec
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    • Therock726
      This will actually make me fucking cry, let's go bois
      Therock726 15 dec
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    • ElJermy
      Yo can y'all do me a favor, that one feature that happened recently that was a long ass story about the deep web. Can y'all reply to this comment with it I cant find it again 😔😔
      ElJermy 15 dec
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    • eljossu
      eljossu 15 dec
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    • Pillar_of_Autumn
      Does this mean that the SpongeBob song from the bubble bowl is gonna be at the super bowl?
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    • i_am_vide
      i_am_vide 15 dec
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    • _TheGovernment
      Everyone I’m high af but what if all our childhood hero’s dying this year is actually the rapture and god is taking all the good people away?!?!?
      smile 10 reply 6
    • Tom4toKing
      Please, please god let this happen
      Tom4toKing 16 dec
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    • RangerGamer
      They better do it or there will be a shooting
      RangerGamer 16 dec
      smile 8
    • Life_of_Potato
      “What’s his name?” Asks the doctor as he readies my child’s birth certificate. “I think I’ll name him....Sans,” I say, tears in my eyes. “No the fuck you won’t” says my now ex husband.
      smile 8
    • Ominous_Red_Balloon
      At this point there’s no reason for them not to do it. It would be SO EASY to do some type of tribute. They could advertise the hell out of it and draw in tons of more viewers than they already get. More viewers just means more money for the NFL.
      smile 8
    • iiLuciel
      checked their twitter so it’s fake sorry lads
      iiLuciel 15 dec
      smile 9 reply 7
    • ev2424
      It’s crazy how much meme culture can influence whatever we want.
      ev2424 15 dec
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    • _FakeTweets_
      Holy fuck we might have done it!!!
      _FakeTweets_ 15 dec
      smile 8
    • bill_wilson_cia
      "You dont mean?" "Oh I mean."
      smile 8
    • seaweed
      YouTube didn’t listen to their viewers, maybe the NFL will
      seaweed 16 dec
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    • TheMorayMagician
      Took home boy's death for this shit to finally happen? Well too little, too fucking late. He would've loved to have seen this.
      smile 7
    • GeorgeW5
      Won’t beat the year we saw a titty
      GeorgeW5 15 dec
      smile 7 reply 2
    • LadyOfGondor
      I will cry if this occurs. My dreams will come true. I’ll be able to die happily.
      LadyOfGondor 15 dec
      smile 7
    • Lunca_Tenji
      This is it chief this is it
      Lunca_Tenji 15 dec
      smile 7
    • thisdudeisstuckonPS3
      This is it, Chief.
      smile 7
    • bobvegena
      content not available more
      bobvegena 15 dec
      smile 8
    • hcrews12
      Bet they ruin it some how
      hcrews12 15 dec
      smile 7 reply 1
    • thegreatyamwar
      We have proof, battlefield 5 tanked, T-series is going down, YouTube rewind failed, the internet community really does control the future, we are the new illuminati
      smile 7 reply 3
    • Lopjing
      Lopjing 15 dec
      smile 7
    • lisp_
      We've accomplished somthing I never thought we would. We did it *whipes tear*
      lisp_ 16 dec
      smile 6
    • Titan1047
      A one a two a skiddly diddly doo
      Titan1047 15 dec
      smile 6
    • DEDDED
      They better not fuck this up
      DEDDED 15 dec
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Attempts
      Marching band is a sport, change my mind 🐸☕️
      Attempts 15 dec
      smile 6 reply 11
    • GravityZero
      GravityZero 15 dec
      smile 6
    • hudjabear
      The only time i will ever care about american football
      hudjabear 15 dec
      smile 6
    • Unholy_Brother_Teresa
      It would be WAY cheaper than getting some super awesome expensive singer...
      smile 6
    • Ascended_Boi
      Finally got a reason to watch the NFL
      Ascended_Boi 15 dec
      smile 8
    • StSentry
      David Glen Eisley (the angelic voice that sung Sweet Victory) actually signed the petition. There's a pretty good chance of it happening.
      StSentry 15 dec
      smile 6 reply 2
    • flieswithweasels
      It’s really real!! I just checked my twitter feed. Cool 😎
      smile 6
    • ermahnerd
      Someone said this would be the greatest thing their generation has done... you sir, have very low, probably very realistic expectations of your generation.
      ermahnerd 18 dec
      smile 5
    • Farklhun
      Farklhun 16 dec
      smile 5
    • Cringe__Master
      smile 5
    • Medblare
      I just checked their Twitter they actually posted this
      Medblare 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Ninjarelic
      I really hope they do it... for Steven
      Ninjarelic 15 dec
      smile 5
    • c0rrupti0n
      "yeah, were with the pet hospital down the street ,and i understand you have a dying amimal on the premises "
      c0rrupti0n 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Foxtrot117
      They'd do it because no one wants to play the halftime show. Maroon 5 got the gig after a bunch of others turned it down, and they can't find anyone who will play with them
      Foxtrot117 15 dec
      smile 5
    • AlinaChu
      If Maroon 5 sings this I'm going to bite my uncle's nipples off
      AlinaChu 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Blatant_Idiocracy
      That's his... Eager face
      smile 5
    • CT_2367
      I swear to god I’m bouta bust a fucking fat one if this is real
      CT_2367 15 dec
      smile 5
    • 0218
      Why does this look like MCR???😂😂😂
      0218 15 dec
      smile 6 reply 2
    • ganz_is_here
      ganz_is_here 15 dec
      smile 5
    • politicalmiddleground
      That's his eager face
      smile 5
    • paralyzed21
      Ima b real disappointed if they just have maroon 5 singing it
      paralyzed21 15 dec
      smile 5
    • incke
      If I were to make a 1.7 Minecraft server who would play..? And what type of server would be best? (Factions, kitpvp, etc)
      incke 15 dec
      smile 6
    • LemmeSmash69420
      Wait are they about to make the greatest halftime show of all time?
      smile 5
    • i8b4
      Spongebob is an all meme platform
      i8b4 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Coreydj007
      That's his eager face
      Coreydj007 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Swood
      Swood 15 dec
      smile 5
    • BigPhil_715
      Dude a hologram concert of spongebob!!!!
      BigPhil_715 15 dec
      smile 5
    • thanos_is_thicccccccc
      Foaming at the mouth
      smile 5
    • Zimeatsgirswaffles
      You just know they're gonna fuck it up by putting in a bunch of fortnite dances or some shit
      smile 6 reply 2
    • Banagher
      Banagher 15 dec
      smile 5 reply 2
    • ThatOneSheldonFan
      smile 5 reply 1
    • dyingbreed3
      I sure as shit hope so. That'd be the only reason I watch the super bowl, even if the saints make it.
      dyingbreed3 15 dec
      smile 5
    • PretzelStiks
      I stg if they dont play it ima be mad. There is litterally over 800000 signatures on the petition
      PretzelStiks 15 dec
      smile 5
    • Phill_Bert
      Phill_Bert 15 dec
      smile 5
    • MichaelMyers2019
      Now I’ll finally watch the NFL just for this
      smile 5
    • Drunk_DinosaurV2
      Sweet victory>>>>>Maroon 5
      smile 5
    • My_Dudes_
      I fucking hope so omg
      My_Dudes_ 15 dec
      smile 5
    • MrFish0
      It really would be a great halftime show
      MrFish0 15 dec
      smile 5
    • EmzysHouse
      EmzysHouse 15 dec
      smile 5
    • MrMister
      I will be watching the Super Bowl this year on the off chance they do it
      MrMister 20 dec
      smile 4
    • RobloxGirlfriend
      Take the entire halftime show to play the episode
      smile 5
    • Flash_760
      People wishing for this but there just going to fuck it up.
      Flash_760 16 dec
      smile 5 reply 3
    • garretcarrot
      *squilium faints*
      garretcarrot 16 dec
      smile 4
    • AverageSizedMemes
      I don’t think words can describe how happy I will be if there is at least some tribute to Stephen hills burg and all the other great people we lost this year
      smile 4
    • VEGAS_loving_COVEERUP
      Honestly it would be better than anyone hey would hire
      smile 4
    • senordropshot
      I sure hope so this better not be fake
      smile 4
    • diabet1s
      God Bless The USA!! Best Super Bowl halftime ever coming soon!
      diabet1s 16 dec
      smile 4
    • SomethingAboutReading
      And people say harassing people repeatedly for what they want never works
      smile 4
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